((( The Great Stab in the Back )))

Trump Didn't Cave to Democrats. He Caved to Kushner

His kike son-in-law is the one who didn't let him call the Emergency to circumvent congress and get us the wall. He's been begging him not to do it. Says, "the democrats are coming along," and insists he's working out a great deal. Really goy, you can believe me, just wait until you see it!

One million legalized illegals is this "great deal." Of course, give it up to the Jew to figure out a way to expedite the demographic decline of the White Man. And Trump is too loyal to his kiked daughter Ivanka to say no to this hooked nose faggot Kushner.

We are witnessing the great "stab in the back," Zig Forums. And it's coming from those closest to Trump. Legalizing 1 million illegals is the destruction of Trump's promises, and a betrayal to his base. A betrayal he may never recover from.

So, Zig Forums, if there's one area we should be focusing on in these next 21 days, I think should try to emphasize the fuck out of the "Kushner Betrayal," and tie him in as closely as possible with amnesty for 1 million illegals. Maybe even go with 6 million illegals just to emphasize the fact that he's a kike.

The backlash needs to be strong enough that it stings Trump to the point that not only does he NOT consider this "new deal" made by Kushner to legalize the 1 million illegals, but that he never Trusts that hooked nose faggot ever again. If we memed Trump into the White House, then maybe we can meme this demon Kushner out of it.

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Thanks reddit, be sure to keep us updated.


you're welcome, nigger.

I'm surprised that the Dems didn't keep the government closed until they got amnesty for 30 million. Where are we getting this "1 million"? I recall way more offical number of DACA adults.

Trump's a cuck.
To his jew son by proxy, to his jew donors, to his jew ideal, dint really care.

He's done. I've already moved on.
Marinate in your ire if you wish, it will serve you not at all.
The question is what comes next.

cuck chan is all sorts of pozzed over this one. tried getting them on board with this and all I get is

useless fucking faggots.

Donald Trumpstein has been a tool of the Jews from Day One of his Presidency.

A cuck who told an entire country that it's okay to call themselves nationalists, right? A cuck who calles out the Lügenpresse on a daily basis, right? A cuck who just lasted 35 days in a shutdown trying to arm wrestle a bunch of fucking Jews, right? Who calls them "globalists" in their face every day, knowing exactly what it means?

Fuck off, moishe.

go chew on some foreskins, faggot.

What comes next? Nothing you fucking faggot.

Trump was the last political option we had, if you're giving up on pressuring him to do anything for us then you might as well kill yourself because it's over.

LMFAO, Schlomo!

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JIDF niggers out in full force playing the "Trump is a Jewish shill" card.

They are truly parasites. Had to be gifted the only country they've ever had, and can't even stay safe from fucking room temperature IQ palestinians throwing rocks. Faggots.

seriously now. any good ideas to materialize a rift between Trump and his Jew son-in-law?

Queen Ann is the only mainstream talking head who is actually hitting this nail on the head. We need to back her up and add fuel to this fire.

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You can tell the backlash got to him. Believe it or not, he's sensitive to it. So if we can divert it over to Kushner so he finds an easy target to blame in his kike son-in-law, then we may be effective.

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Ann knows what's up. We need to push this narrative.

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Well we can do the, 'he his cheating on princess ivanka' angle.

Hi huffingtonpost opinion and buzzfeed layoffs. Who is the one in your discord group that sold out your raid?

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That doesn't create friction between Trump and Kushner. The backlash needs to be directed at Kushner.

learn to code, faggot.

well what else is he going to call all the people in his administration he hand picked?

Cool, more impotent whining.

This is what a magakike looks like folks.

This is what a filthy hook nosed kike looks like, folks.

Where are we getting the 1million illegals? There are more DACA clowns than that.

it's never going to happen, I wish we knew we would get president javanka when we elected trump, I wouldn't have bothered

She's fucking right. Every Trump promises that have been reversed has that slimy Kushner behind it.

Despite all his faults and hindrances, Trump is still the best chance we've had since WW2. Don't be so fucking negative, user.


Might be worth a shot to try and get Don JR on board with this.. He might have more say in getting Kushner out of there than anyone else.

he's a traitorous little snake.

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I love how everytime Trump betrays the American people it's blamed on someone else, like Kushner. All these times need to hang.

Obviously neither democuck or republicucks don’t want the wall/fence to be built on the border otherwise Mr. Trump would have use the military fund to build it. Think about that deeply.

Random shitposter on the internet < the father of his grandchildren and the head of a powerful kike banking clan.

This whole shitshow is pathetic. Focusing on Kushner is like attacking the red flag instead of the matador. At least if you attack Trump, you're attacking an actual elected figurehead, not some slimy Wormtongue that showed up in the background. Trump brought him in, he owns every single failure of Kushner, Bannon, Bolton, Mattis, Mueller, and all the fucking rest. He's their boss, he appointed them, he can fire them. And if he really can't call any shots, if he really is under control of the Sanhedrin which he obviously is then nothing you say will affect him, but only potentially his fans, who are only being strung along. So, attack the one thing Trump ran on: his name.

Trump = failure!

Literally kill yourself schlomo

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You are not wrong, user. If the backlash is harsh enough, perhaps the Donald will learn to stop taking advice from these snakes.

Kabballah is what hipster faggots who want to be "in" do. Doesn't mean you're a fucking Jew. It's judaistic hermiticism, nigger.

It's gay as fuck but doesn't mean jack shit.

Kill yourself Goldberg this was a distraction to bomb Syria and coup d'etat Venezuela for the Mossad

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Trump's a Kike and always has been

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Name one thing Trump's done for White families you fucking QTard

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You're probably right about this. I don't like the Venezuela invasion either, but we are not just about to sit idly by while his kike son-in-law proposes 1 million shitskins legalized.

We can strike at both narratives.

It's Jewish mysticism, nigger. It doesn't make him a practicing fucking jew. People get into it for magic juju to do better in business or some other stupid Jewish trick reasons.

That's the one that has been driving me up the fucking wall.
Why do these boomer shit for brains think the democrats care at all about the precedent? They will use a national emergency if they want to but we can't because they might in the future? Fuck that man.
They can't comprehend that without the wall and mass deportation America is fucking done. No coming back from the demographic nightmare that they have created.

This is Gookmonkey and Jim (((Watson)))'s Zig Forums now


TPP, Nuking NAFTA, addressing the (((opioid))) epidemic, tariffs on China, eliminating protected status from Hatians and other spick groups, destroying the credibility of the kike owned media, making nationalism normal again, and is trying to build a fucking wall.

give credit where credit is due, faggot. otherwise you are just another jewish shill.

The absolute state of Zig Forums

fuck outta here, nigger. do you know how many normalfags take kabballah classes to help with stupid shit like business and (((personal development)))?

kabballah is the jewish version of hermeticism anyways, you mongoloid.

No, I mean they as in the pozzed boomers that think that spics will suddenly support American values if we allow them to stay.

Who cares? The only thing that's important is that he caved again.

The average whites need to die. It has to happen so our race can improve. These people are more dangerous than niggers. The only way subhumans destroy your civilization is if you let them in, and average whites with their 100 IQ a just intelligent enough to value abstract ideals, but just dumb enough to think they can be applied to everyone. Once they're gone we can rebuild and exterminate the subhumans.

Donald has been around kikes his entire life living in jew york city. are you really surprised he took some kabballah classes? he's probably been to a fair share or bar mitzvahs too, doesn't mean shit nigger.

come talk to me if he declares war on Syria. then we know we're fucked. but until then, shut the fuck up.

fuck off, yaron.

you JIDF faggots really need to improve your shitposting game. your fucking noses stand out a mile away, filthy parasites.

I'm pretty sure it was both Kushner and Republicucks together trying to convince him that the shutdown isn't the right way. In other words the backstab has already happened and now the next couple of years is just going to be the usual GOP before Trump's election.

IQ doesn't matter because it is projection which leads to the belief that blacks are "just like us".

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You have to go too redditnigger. You're entire thread is TIDF.

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Zig Forums keeps discrediting itself.

You do realize projection was conceptualized by Freud.

Trump will lose 2020 election, no matter what he does
After that, hispanic migrants will not let republicans get ever elected again unless they adopt pro-spic politics
There is no way to stop immigration by voting (((politicians)))


This is a fact. But he listens to Kushner more because he's his son-in-law. Hell, Kushner is the one negotiating the immigration deal.


We know what the neocons are, and Trump snaps back at them on the regular. It is his son-in-law who has the influence from that side of the field.

The one thing he came up with that has proven itself to be correct.

Maybe the fact someone outed Q as a masonic distraction operation too.

I would rather train.

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Well then there's the second point: projection is limited by the intellect of the individual. Ever wonder why niggers don't project abstract values onto others?

He's a satanist who bought 666 Fifth Avenue, tell the evangelical base about that.

These are jews were are talking about, user.

Even better and likely.

Good share. Thanks user.

It's not made with organ meat, so it's not phallic you faggot.


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Kikes tend to make superb observations but come to fucked up insane conclusions.

Projection was a great observation. Especially since he observed it in his jewess housewife subjects.

Every single cuckout.

its not a stab in the back if he knew it was coming and did nothing to stop it
trump is the jewish subversion of the right wing to placate the only group that can actually change the future of the country, and by extension the world. americans are the only group that have the arms and the will to remove a tyrannical government, and in fact have it stated in our constitution that we should do it.

Trump and his cadre have had some 2 years to do whatever they want, they knew the crimes the deepstate pedo fags have done and COULD HAVE taken them down

But they DIDNT
Let that sink in
He knew, and did nothing

If the wall hasn't started construction before the 2020 election hes fucking done.

No Wall
No Vote
No 2020
Fuck Trump Niggers
Fuck Jew Niggers
Fuck Nigger Niggers

Type the word God you fucking jewnigger

Looks like you niggers got played like a damn fiddle by a fucking animefag of all people lmao

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Trump didn't nuke NAFTA at all. He put a fresh coat of paint on it and pretended.

Kushner is simply Trumps son-in-law. He's Trumps Kabbalah adviser

That book is a collection of business advice from different people. It's Guy Oseary talking about his Kabbalah teacher, not Trump.



He wants $5 - $7 Billion? Can you imagine what sort of budget wall we'll get; if we even get a wall? There will be slimy Brown rats coming thru it by the millions.

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Tucker Coulter 2020

You know I type the word God on a site where everybody already know who I am, because I have been doxxed since 2017.

At least you tried, little guy. Maybe you should give something else another try. The noose is waiting, Chaim. You'll get it this time, all you have to do is believe in yourself and knock the chair over tbh.

Zognald is trying to meme his kike son in law as the resistance so he can live in US peacefully once hes gone.

Trump's role was to bait and switch the white voter base and betray them. He will finish things up by being the old, out of touch white conservative who gets BTFO by a strong, proud womyn of color.

Sure, because Trump needed Jared to tell him it was probably a bad idea to let all the airports shut down, destroying the American economy.

Trump is so stupid.
I hate Trump.
Trump is so stupid.


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Why reopen the federal government for 3 weeksl if all that had to be done was send a cheque?

user, you dumbass, the USA is operating 8 bases right now on syrian soil.

All I've got left for this asshole is a sad sick feeling in my stomach. It's less disappointment or shame for having supported him than it's dread for the near future as we watch the entire shit show collapse into squalor and dangerous wide spread violent criminality and perverse bolshevik evil of the bought and paid for bureaucracy around us.

God I wish Ann was President

Kushner is my role model. How can I become more like him?

You're halfway there since you're already a jew, now you need to work in usury long enough to marry a rich gentile. Not necessarily a woman, mind.

And mind controlling Trump and others? Don't forget about it. Tell me how to do that.

How do I work in usury? Open a bank?