Americans are poor compared to first world countries
average people in 20 countries are wealthier than average american, even in countries like Italy, Taiwan, South korea, Spain, Ireland, Canada. and they work less than we, they have public health care, they have less stress than we.
america is shithole. we are so cucked by the rich jews.

also look at "Ratio (%) of median to mean"
in US all wealth is in small number of richest people. in civilized countries, a lot of wealth is in common people hands.

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Yeah man, no way it could be that you are cucked by the rich. It must be the rich jews. Whitey dindu nuffin.

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Also without a chart showing purchasing power, this is worthless information.

And it doesn't show the wealth that still benefits the workers but isn't displayed, like healthcare as you mentioned.

yes, if healthcare was also counted as "wealth" then america would be on 50th place, not 21th

Sure whatever, I just wanted to point out flaws in your hard hitting dialectical materialist analysis.


You made another mistake too - mean is the average, not median.
I'll leave you alone now.

Trickle-down-economics can be thanked for this shit. And people ate that condescending shit up like the fucking retards that they are.

Trickle-down economics is the rich Capitalist's greatest achievement. That, and convincing gullible idiots that there is a such thing as a private institution that is too big to fail. If there is no accountability then the economy is fucked. Capitalists have free reign to grind the nation into dust.

not just jews, but all members of the bourgeoisie, don't be that guy, user.

We know.

Median is better because mean would be floated by few people like Bezos or Buffet. A compilation of median, mode, purchasing power, and acknowledgement of public benefits with the top and bottom 1% removed would give us a better idea of wealth.

Ah fuck I missed da joo shit. OP stop being a fucking idiot, porky is going to pork regardless if he's your racial boogeyman or Hans Aryanfriend. It's a class interest not an ethnic one.

I agree, but OP said average, not median.

You're right. But Capitalists are the bankers. They are some of the most responsible for our economy turning to shit.

OP image had both median and mean numbers for each country. And the ratio between them, for comparisons sake.

You're right, my bad.

The MEDIAN value is what we are talking about.
Median wealth = 50% of people have less than this, 50% have more than this
Average (mean) wealth = 1 rich jew with billions + 10000 poorfags

There are more non jewish bankers than there are jewish bankers, and only going after bankers is absolutely retarded.

let's kill all rich people

This but unironically.

Median is also a measure of average, along with mode.

This is your brain when it misses out on Statistics 101.


People often say "average" instead of "mean." Hardly anyone means "median" when they say "average."


Euro jails are probably better than American prisons. Also you are guaranteed to not go to jail with a bullet in your ass.

How the fuck is Germany the 29th while Greece is the 27th??

I'm calling bullshit on these statistics.

probably because germans rent houses while greek people own them.

this is not employment table. this is WEALTH table
you can not work for long time but still own a lot of wealth. you can also work from monday to sunday yet don't get any wealth but just spend all money on drugs, partying, rent, etc

WEALTH = what you OWN
you can own things like:
-land, flat, house
-business, stocks, bonds
-cars, vehicles, machines

Jews are preponderate in the bourgeoisie. To deny the racial element is nothing more than pro-Jewish idpol



what was there?

"The bourgeoisie is mostly jews."