IT'S MA'AM part 2: Ghetto edition

Ghetto tranny at airport screeches at Alamo for muh pronouns.
"I'ma ma'am, mah ID say female, it's uh wurl out heah!"

"Know muh pronouns, suck muh dick!"

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Don't be harsh on them my man, they are fragile incels.

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We Wuz Ma'ams

She wasn't wrong about the Irish, they're the niggers on white people

Not one person who uses Zig Forums is white


Peak America.

Just filter it if you dont like it bois, we reddit. Censorship is our bread and butter

Sir, if you went to school you would know, it is not.

I just reply to shills with this now. Keep it up.

This thread sure wasn't started by a shill taking part in a raid. No sir.

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On the bright side, these may be their "falling down" moments. Maybe people are just refusing to let it go any further, no matter what. Probably, I speculate, because even the social engineering perverts realize this is going to result in TOO MUCH chaos. They're probably wanting to entrench before it got this stupid and are backpedaling. Otherwise, Dark Cloud edition, they are still battering their rams at the gates and this is just one of their war machines at work.

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Absolutely Weimar

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I am a very lustful person. My sex desire is at times uncontrollable. Is it strange that I feel nothing whatsoever when I see her nude body?

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She looks like a slave, one would maybe need a fresh batch of corn whiskey on the plantation, when all the pigs are gone to market, to even consider it.

Even worse it's a black tranny.
Funny enough the males are closer to being females, the female nogs are the most masculine.

You can tell from teh fact that the receptionist exited the area and the guards were recoiling from it that they were afraid that deviate shitskin was going to spit its AIDS infected saliva on them, probably trying to hit them on the eye..

Approach that demented piece of shit in a hazmat suit.

I can see Jordan Peterson giving an address at the CFR meeting to this effect; cool it because the entire attack on the white race is going to go off the rails otherwise

We live in a world!

Yeah the problem with the Irish is that they can be really good looking, great hair great teeth but seriously never again Irish. I dated an Irish girl on and off for several years and what a lunkhead. She just kept sinking deeper and deeper into debt no matter what you said to her.

good, gooood, that means that the agenda is taking hold, soon your toxic masculinity and lustful intentions will be nothing but a mere memory
that and that shes is a psuedo-man lol

dayhum nigwa

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No, no isn't you lunatic.

Nogs, never give up on being Jews. You're never going to be White.

Reminder: a thread about cuckchan being shutdown permanently was shoah'd by mods within minutes, but this thread about a nigger freak chimping out in an airport is still up after more than a day.

No faggot, if I saged you wouldn't be reading this now.

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Hollow earth confirmed. We're inside it!


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Yeah, that was fake news. Wish 4chan would go away, but don't really want the rapefugees.

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