Bad goy bravely blows whistle on (((FDA)))

Top FDA Official Blows Whistle as Agency Approves Drug 10X Worse Than Fentanyl, Funded by DoD

>Dr. Raeford Brown, who is chair of the FDA’s committee to review various opioid based drugs before approving them, blew the whistle in an interview with the (((Guardian))) this week.

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I'm not shocked the FDA has been subverted.
After thalidomide I would wager its subversion became a massive priority to the pharma industry.
Capitalists disgust me sometimes.

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Zig Forums 1st post!

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kek, you kids couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag

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lol your posts make no sense and lack any context.

Yep Propecia chemically castrates males and they approved that drug too as "safe".

newfag confirmed

Can you imagine, 1000x stronger than morphine on the battlefield… Your arm or leg would be blown off and you'd feel absolutely no pain. Maybe an itch. Disturbing.

triggered by the lulz

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It’s interesting that they are selling to Americans only. It make you think, I think they are trying to make soldiers stay by making them addicted to dsuvia because of the low recruitment rate.

burgerlards are a testbed for pharmaceuticals. Why do you think they have so many chronic health problems and cancer, genetic disorders and early onset diseases

There's plenty of other/easier ways to get idiots to enlist for Zogbot-hood. The current problems are that the only people who are joining, do it for the benefits, and they've been slowing eroding those for years now. The new "blended retirement" is a total scam. Tricare is more dangerous than a witchdoctor in Apefrica, and more expensive too boot. And Obama's backstabbing officer corps are now in high leadership positions and are a worse danger to the military than any foreign threat could be.

What usually happens is that the economy tanks, forcing people to either become a welfare slave or a Zogbot slave. Or some false flag scenario like 9/11 where useful idiots swarm recruitment centers to catch a bullet for "freedom". Right now, they're baiting kids with enlistment bonuses and trying to trick what idiots are already in to stay. The latest recruitment gimmick is selling themselves to gamers. I don't think I need to tell you how well that's going to work out.

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There is nothing functionally wrong with having 3 penises, 6 testicles and ass pimples. Prove meh wrong.
Protip: Ya can't

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Only thing I see is deliberate destabilization of the whole institution. Females and a racial stew can never been made into a working unit. They want the army to be impotent when the economy crashes. Same thing why they put male and female cops together…deliberately creating weak points. They are staging wars and plan for large scale exterminations.

That’s seriously messed up.

There is no respawns in the real war so this will be a epic fail.

face palm

You have to go into God-mode and set Keep Inventory to 'Y' in LifeCraft. Problem solved. You're welcome

the woman behind you in that Tel Aviv office is farting

Research Agent Orange, LSD prison tests, Oxycodone, or better…go to Zig Forums and ask killcen what the CIA is up to in terms of poisoning the public. No joke, he's gonna flip your worldview.

I am going to ask him now.

Then also check /prepare/ for even more info.

FDA - Big Pharma's Gatekeepers

What about the rest of us? We need to know too.

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Thank user.

Just bombard Zig Forums with questions. That's what it's there for. We have enough knowledge here for everyone, check out /prepare/ and read everything killcen is pushing out tirelessly. BUT don't just believe it, research it yourself and bring your questions and findings back to us until you have the whole picture of what the fuck is going on in this world.

Oh, I almost forgot…STAY AWAY FROM NEPTUNE when you venture out to Zig Forums and Zig Forums it's for your own safety. And if you don't know who he is, you'll find out soon.

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Is he evil?

Please disregard my post. I understand your picture.

I've got to do it.

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Not real antifa.

If Trump wanted an easy target to tackle, he could go after pharma-shills. Both the left and the right hate big pharma. He also has the power to shake up the (((FDA))).

Tangentially, the (((FDA, EPA, and CDC))) are all working in concert to reduce the health of americans, with shitskins as collateral. It doesn't matter how effective your immune system and metabolism is, if you're bombarded with waste, poisons, and eating shit foods, you will have reduced IQ and low energy. Both optimal IQ and high energy are needed to first see through jewish lies and then take action.

If you're ever wondering why most people when confronted with the truth can't process it and can't take action even if they can process it, that's the real answer. Americans, and by extension whites, are unhealthy and thus can't muster the energy nor intellect to fight back. Jews spent the beginning of the 20th century subverting traditonal diets and poisoning nutrtional science in its beginnings with false information. Jews fought a war against food and health before most whites even knew what nutrtional science was, and that's why america is typically seen as amerifats, and people are barely waking up to this, a crucial step before they're able to quite literally digest a redpill.

Propecia is literally tranny hormones. Rogaine is high blood pressure medication, it allows the hair to thrive in a hostile environment.

Do you eat dog food? No. You eat (((people))) food, that's food for cattle.

Find out what your masters eat, since you literally are what you eat.

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This is why niggers shouldn't post.

Yeah nah.

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Get the fuck out of here Liberalistismist/Cuckistani.

Language barrier. I will translate. Capitalism does not mean business. National Socialists are talking about corporatism when they say capitalism. Golden parachutes paid for by government collusion, contaminating water sources with copper or industrial sludge with no accountability… That sort of thing.

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Drugs being the problem is a meme, healthy people with a good family in a tight knit community and good job prospects don't get addicted to drugs. Fentanyl is just Chinese and Muslims taking advantage of the degradation of society to fight a war by other means.

Well at least it's not from gas


Love how they fail to mention that it is approved for use in a clinical setting only.

Just wait until the fucktards learn the FDA approved putting nuclear material into people.

hahahahahahahaha 1000% triggered
thanks for bumping my thread fags hahahaha

This analysis is pretty spot-on, but here's the thing: who's going to be running these exterminations? See what I'm getting at? If the government thought that it would exist and be planning exterminations, who would they use to carry those out with? Wouldn't that be the police and military? So then why would the government deliberately weaken the very instruments it would be using for these exterminations?

The only way I can see this right now is that the government, for whatever reason, is sabotaging ITSELF in order to make our, or more accurately my, plan easier to accomplish. And the exterminations? Those would be our guys running it. See, the government CAN get rid of a lot of people…namely the "people" in large cities. They can do this right at the beginning of the chaos. They can use their shitty troops to pacify cities and establish perimeters just barely effective enough to keep niggers and libshits from escaping. They can cut off food supplies, electricity and so on. But why? That's just doing the job that WE'D have to do later: exterminating shitskins and libshits. They'd end up burning out the rest of their kinetic ability doing what I don't even feel like doing, then collapse itself.

Again, and I say this often: I couldn't do a better job of designing our victory if I had control over every single government agent. I have to, at this point, assume that my strategy has made it up through my network of contacts and been accepted as the best outcome. Which it is, of course. So go for it dudes, I'll sit here and keep designing the path forward for you. It's my most important ability, anyway. To be able to see down various timelines and find the one that leads to the destination. Often the path seems like the darkest choice, but that doesn't matter when all the other paths are dead ends. But even if I'm not being explicitly assisted from the inside, if this is pure incompetence that actually makes things EVEN EASIER.

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It's obvious you're lying about "only pretending to be retarded". Why even try to redeem yourself? Just leave in shame. If that wasn't the case, why wouldn't you just make interesting posts that engage people in discourse. The absolute state of newfaggots


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19/48 posts here are an off topic flame war indicative of shills. good work OP.

Bump for interest! Thanks for post OP.

All drugs should be legalized. Becoming addicted to a substance of your own will proves that you are weak and unworthy of life.

Funny I’m pretty sure one single country full of national socialists required a tag team of all the shabbos goy (((alphas))) to be put down and even in the face of that the ideology lives on to mock civnat cucks and leftists alike.

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They could just do that with another WWIII, the well proven way to cull the best and whitest among us. The real question is that, when the orders come down to start shooting """terrorists""" for the crime of >Wrongthink While White, which army is more likely to decide their loyalty lies with Aryan Americans instead of Uncle Sam?


What a fantastically shilled thread. Thanks you brain dead nadzees for doing da j00z work for them

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shill-o-meter shows they don't want you thinking about the FDA