Will you vote for Starbucks for President?

Will you vote for Starbucks for President?

Howard Schultz thinks politics are broken, and may run for president as an independent. Democrats think that’s a terrible idea.


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excellent thread, thank you for contributing

He's a leftist that is trying to play the ross perot, center-right role, to get the democrat elected.

so fucking transparent.

aka Perot II, electric boogaloo. Don't fucking fall for this shit.

You're welcome, Mr. Salty. Sorry I didn't want to make a 3,000 word essay on the crucial importance of making gay "STAND YOUR GROUND" posters and taping them to grade school building walls in the middle of the night where they'll just be torn down by janitors in the morning before the kids ever see them.

Or would you have preferred a new faux-Nazi FBI honeypot based on the latest incarnation of the NWF? Those are always a ton of fun.

In the REAL WORLD the possibility of a Howard Schultz run for President as an Independent is the most interesting thing that's happened in politics in years and has the chance to significantly change the dynamics of the 2020 election.

Should we be supporting him? What is his platform? How can he help our causes?

Who the fuck cares who the president is anymore? Isn't it obvious that it doesn't matter? The government as it stands only represents kikes, and only kike cocksleaves get to be president.

You're a fucking idiot if you put your hope in this jew stage production any longer.

I'm starting to think Trump has completely sold out to the Jews in every way imaginable in exchange for being able to get another term.

He's pro-gun control and pro-amnesty. He's not going to get any votes at all from Trump's base.

Perot was a weenie manlet. Schultz may be a filthy Jew, but he's much more charismatic, much more successful, and the organization he built is reasonably leftist.

I don't disagree, but what's the alternative? With the immigrant hordes taking over Europe the dream of a White homeland is dead. It's starting to feel like the most we can hope for is try to speed up the eventual collapse in hopes that the next generation can rebuild.

LMAOing at every corporate overlord thinking he can become a politician tbh
Most people from right and the left have a great disdain for average politician, let alone a corporation person.
Trump was a fluke and he will try to imitate him but will fail horribly

I'd offer an alternative, but you'd call me a fed.

You all know talking about who should be President of Israel's favorite vassal state, and what he should do is not going to get us anywhere.

We should encourage this Kike. It will split the lefty vote. Don't attack him too early.

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Would you still give Trumpykins your vote if he amnestied the DACA beaners?

I voted for him because I thought he was going to be an isolationist, Nationalist President. Which is not really what we got at all. I'll vote for him again only if the other option is some disgusting sack of shit like Kamala Harris or Pocahontas, but my vote doesn't matter anyway because I live in California.

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Never post here again.

Yeah, it's basically impossible to connect with The Common Man when your ANNUAL salary is 25 times the LIFETIME earnings of the average worker.

This guy might have a tiny shot if he runs on a "Politics As Business" platform and talks about fiscal responsibility, but it's going to be tough. Americans like to vote for someone who they think understands their situation and Howard Schultz has been a billionaire for far too long to remember what it's like to be a human.

The eventual Mark Zuckerberg run for President will be even more hilarious. Not only is he an out of touch zillionaire, but he's a fucking autistic Jewish lizard person married to a pan-faced gook. Nobody wants that shit representing their country.


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How did the White race in the Turner Diaries end up?

How will the White race end up if we just continue to vote for Republicans?

This is a paid shill.

LOL you must be one o them demoCRAPS. Hillary is gonna lose again, libtard. MGAA

Reminder that this paid shilling is sanctioned by codemonkey.

Almost thought you were serious, until I saw your previous posts.

Satire is dead.

Actually it was dead on. Had me fooled.

Fuck off, retard.

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Here's a secret code that you can add to the end of your post to let everyone know that you're joking.

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This is the difference between nu/pol/ and oldfag/pol/. We never actually thought he was going to be anything more than a fucking stooge, which we were right (nb4 Zig Forums was right again). The only reason to actually vote for the faggot was signaling. It was important to show that there are massive numbers of people who WANT A WALL AND WANT LESS NON-WHITES. So fuck off nu/pol/ cancer.

You MAGA faggots need to go back. God I hate immigrants.

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Unless you live in a 50/50 split area you should NEVER vote for the politician you actually want to win. Any election that is not close enough to be at razor thin margins should be used as a protest vote.

When I go to the polls, when I speak about my political opinions in person or in my community, it is ALWAYS with the goal of dividing the opposition.

In 2016 I was a loud anti-Hillary, pro-Sanders voice that split huge numbers of people off from the Democratic party. I plan on doing something similar this time around.

I don't love Trump but he's better than the alternative.

Just fuck off already reddit.

Of course op is the skitskin that spams shitskins when it starts getting BTFO.

Get the fuck out of here, you midwestern retard.

Armed revolt won't work. Trying to retreat to someplace like degenerate, Jewed Seattle won't work either.

You don't get to sit here and poo-poo people making real suggestions about what to do in the build up to the Meme War of 2020 without offering SOMETHING as an alternative.

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Shultz's purpose is to keep the democrats already purchased, firmly in the camp of the oligarchy that benefits from globalism.

He will be used to draw off votes from any possible insurgents like say AOC and allow the establishment democrats to have their chosen candidate be the one to win the nomination.


Yeah, we have those in Canada too.

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born to a jewish family. forgetting important details here

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Two possibilities here:

1) Jews are nervous that all potential candidates from all parties who are not explicitly jewish are dragging their feet on things that jews find dangerous.

2) Jews are legitimately worried about the anti-israel sentiment lurking in the base of the Democratic party that has increasingly not been hiding its power level.

What source do you need? The American military is literally a fighting force for Israel stationed within the borders of the USA. As soon as we do anything that makes Israel feel threatened we'll be Waco-ed overnight.

Not necessarily. I actually think Schultz could be used to siphon votes off the Democrats, especially since they're having such a hard time coming up with a candidate that the electorate doesn't hate.

Schultz is a kike, created a brand that Democrats like, pushes SJW bullshit with his company, and hires tons of niggers and beaners to work in his stores.

It should be easy to create memes that put down Democrat candidates and promote Schultz. He's younger than Bernie, more successful than Warren, has given jobs to the minority community while Harris locked them up, and so on.

I think there is real, strong potential to use Schultz as a spoiler for the Democrat party.

… because the Democrat party doesn't look reliably pro-israel moving forward and splitting them, by however small amount, mitigates the isolationist bleed off dumping Trump.

well a great promotion for his campaign would be a free coupon for his companies delicious not overly priced coffee i bet if coupons went out he would be a shoe in for the next president Leftys love their status symbol caffeinated jew

Big Business for president what could go wrong

What is he going to run on?
No purchase visa needed to stay in our stores country.
Free water and wifi healthcare and EBT for all.

Neo-liberal economics, sexual license, war-for-israel. Re-branded Donald Trump, since Trump already burned his electoral margin.

Before you get carried away, realize that shultz's purpose in the election isn't to win. He is already being "used" for some purpose. Don't think you can just use him how you want. It doesn't work that way.

Is overwhelmingly right wing. Where is your argument again?

Fuck no. I'm not going to support some globohomo cuck.

"Right wing" by American standards. I don't know how many decades you need to see a pattern of behavior play out before it clicks for you, but since you probably have some kind of emotional attachment to the military [like say you're a ZOGnigger or a real red state Randy] that answer is probably "infinite".

Even if all they are is Pro-Gun, they oppose ZOG

I'm going to pray yellow vest take over the world.

Man, you're dumb.

Man, you're a shill.

Pretty brazen coming from a guy who just claimed the "right wing US military" "opposes ZOG", as if we all were born yesterday or have been living on a completely different planet for the last 40 years. Thankfully, the filter feature exists for just these occasions.

Fuck that shit, we need insurance policies on both major parties that are not complete ZOG fucks

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Here's to having it happen this year by the grace a economic crash.

Both true statements. You don't get out much so you're unfamiliar with normalfag right wing politics. They still don't like fags, they still don't like transgenders and niggers, they don't like common core, they don't public schools. They're pro second amendment and pro familiy. This is defacto in opposition to ZOG.

Also this "if you're not personally building a gas chamber and gassing kikes in your back yard then you're doing nothing" shit is cancer. You're just setting up a demoralization loop whereby no amount of effort is beneficial unless the end goal is immediately realized, this unrealism serves NO OTHER PURPOSE other than to demoralize and spread blackpill bullshit. You're a fucking fag and everyone like you is a fucking fag. You've never been welcome here and you remain unwelcome here.

>Howard (((Schultz)))

No, but I'll shoot the jew.

LOL @ thinking Trump can get another term with no wall, passing DACA amnesty, banning salt rifle bump stocks, and being a racist meanie poo bogeyman to the left.

There is literally no one other than delusional 80 year old boomercons left to vote for him.

The American military literally fights and dies to protect Jews while niggers fuck their women back at home. The American military is the most cucked fighting force on the planet.

Also, Cops and Military are the ones defending all the child mutilators, brainwashers, and abortionists from justice.

"Right wing" cops and military are actually just classical liberals who are 10 years behind the leftists. They're far left compared to us.

That must be the world in which you forget to take your medication.

The coffee jew is a joke. Bloomberg is the more conniving jew but everyoen hates him lol.

You really are out of your goddamn fucking mind. No bitch, we shouldn't support a billionaire jew whose anti-White.

You clearly don't understand the threat we face. Nice personal insight though on how YOU respond to a challenge which is to be, 'demoralized'. FAG.

Got proof of that? Just one will be fine. Know a lot of, 'right wing' cops and military do you? Yeah, didn't think so.

How would you know? You've never done anything even close to what you're dismissing.

Homos doing nothing with their lives all afraid to die. It's inevitable fuckers. Stop hoping to shit in a diaper one day that is changed by a gimp named Jesus.

Haha. Democrats are pissed somebody is going to take away what remaining young, white voters are left in the party.


It was not illegal to just fuck over Bernie like that, millennial goyim! Get over it. Donate now or [other side] will block love forever.

It's an indication that jewish capital sees the Republican party as not just the primary vehicle to advance its neoconservative/neoliberal geopolitical agenda, but perhaps the only vehicle. So they need to neuter the Democratic party. An exceedingly damning statement for the Republican party, "conservatives", and White America generally. I am sure a plurality of the aforementioned don't see it that way, however.

"America is for immigrants, not Americans"

Total amnesty and open borders jewbag fuckface.

By the way when will Bernie get investigated by Mueller for "collusion" with the Russians?


McAfee 2020

Well it's reassuring that the hispanics don't dominate the military yet.

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hello faggot that wants 50 million more niggers in the county

This guy along with Kabbala Harris for the democratic party is being used to get Trump out of office but inversely to how Hillary/Sanders was planned. They (Enemy/Alphabet/MSM) know the public is mad and the public knows about the Sanders robbery of the nomination, they know more people will vote for a male than female. They set up the democratic party to look bat shit, then position a hard liberal with their real agenda as separate from the party to call out the bat shit the Democratic party to garner the democratic and undecided voters, this has been planned since Trump won the question is why?? This is how far they are going to try and stop Trump, anyone saying otherwise is a shill and should realize just how far shills will go to make it look like they are not one. Anyone telling you I don't know what I'm talking about is a shill, real fags know what I am saying is true, the real question is why all this to stop Trump?

p.s. Zig Forums like so many other powerful organizations have been infiltrated and subverted for some time by the enemy of freedom and independence, that is all, shill on you racist, fascist, dividers that are exactly what you claim you are against. tick tock.

No. They are trying to split the Democrat party because they don't believe it is pro-israel reliably moving forward, whereas Trump is. Sanders, Harris, all stooges for israel just like Trump.

Schultz is a kike

You can't help but admire his total fucking disconnect from the world that he actually believes he has a chance in hell at being elected. People pay good money for drugs to achieve what he does naturally.

I'd vote for him for a spot in line for the gas chamber

This guy's company would open up a surplus stores to operate at a loss to eliminate competition.

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Reminder: usatoday.com/story/money/business/2017/01/30/starbucks-hire-00100-refugees-starting-us/97233720/

speech major who does well in (((sales))), then buys a burgeoningly successful kofe store, ala ray croc

wow he is a genius make him president

Is he heterosexual?

Starbucks also hires more American military veterans than any other corporation on Earth.




This is our president for 2020 if Trump does not at least start the Wall. If he starts the Wall by the middle of 2020, then we may see him re-elected in order to secure its construction. But otherwise, please offer a warm welcome to our first female president. The total death of our country follows.

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Only if he promises to give gigety-eight bajillion marillion dollars to Issroyell to make sure that the 6 gorillion are never ever forgotten.


And they haven't won a war in 80 years. You're not convincing anybody, kike.

Ross Perot was right about a lot of things though. About NAFTA, about immigration, about shipping jobs overseas.

its probably going to be bernie of biden, a lot of leftists hate Harris for her pro police way

And this is how I know to never trust a single thing that comes out of his mouth.

Her positions on israel are indistinguishable from Trump's and her firearm policies are a logical extension of Trump's [in the exact same way Reagan/Bush restrictions led to the Clinton ban]. Capital doesn't want you owning weapons.

>(((Howard Schultz))) thinks politics are broken


You are underestimating just how badly the left wants a female as president. It is the same dynamic as Barry Soetoro. Bonus points for Harris since she claims to not be white. We are getting Harris whether we want her or not, and whether we vote on someone else or not.


Is he going to give me a handjob?

Biden/Harris or Biden/Warren.

They can run a woman as vice and wink and nod about Biden's age. I don't ever see a woman ELECTED as POTUS.

In one word…

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I can't afford to pay a million DoD personnel so until I can voting it is.

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