Banned at cuckchan by trannyjanny

the sjw tranny jannie really has its knickers in a twist. It just won't stop deleting this thread

They've deleted this thread 3[EDIT- 4]times so far-

Tranny porn star sienna Grace showing one of the complications of SRS surgery

cuckchan gets worse every day

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Trannies just find more and more ways of being disgusting.
How high do you think the chances of suicide are?

Is that its new vagina?

This really didn't need to be a thread, I agree with the cuckchan mods.

What does this have to do with Zig Forums? What are the implications?

Some faggot does some self mutilation? So what? Maybe when the creature is dead it will be worth a thread.

40%+ of postop trannies end up killing themselves. It's a shame this mental disease is being paraded as the "new" norm instead of being critically researched so treatment can be administered.

politics AND current events, dipshit.

No, it really isn't.

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no, it's a new asshole.

That's gotta be a photoshop, right? right…?

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i saw the video, colostomy bag resulting from srs surgery, I give it 2 months 2 a year before a long fall and short stop

Ain't nothing being re-assigned. It's being re-moved.

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On the bright side faggot, at least you have another asshole to fuck now.

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Is that Margaret?

Ms. thatcher has been dead for a few years now lad.

If you were too dumb to leave cuckchan on your own, we don't want you here.

That pic…did the paki witchdoctor put the pussy hole in the wrong spot or what?

Isn't that a ringworm thats just been untreated?

Has to be, it's a massive gaping wound right? Looks horrifically infected or something? Absolute top tier tranny vag, indistinguishable from women and so completely justified to be applied to prepubescent children that hang out with kikes 60 years older than them unsupervised.

Tell your mom to have her pussy checked. By a real doctor.

people with gender dysphoria are being lied to. transgenderism is an effective form of white genocide and population. the fucking Jews have even admitted it as such and claimed that it was far more effective than using the miscegenation method.

There should be more shitskins demanding free dick chops.

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When you're changing your bag and a turd starts poking out, do you poke it back it or just let it finish?

Yeah, Trannies are officialy the most disgusting shit that has ever walked the earth…

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