Alt-right / Identitiarian = National (((Bolshevik))) shills

Alt-right / Identitiarian = National (((Bolshevik))) shills

Thread revival. See image for more information.
These e-celebs and organization leaders are Mossad spies and probably all cryptojews.

Will post images from PDF in thread.:

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See PDF in OP for more info than the image

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Ordinary white people are not persuaded by ranting about Jews.

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So the dichotomy that you're constructing is
>shilling for jews, defending them from anti-semites, shilling for israel, pushing their whites vs muslims agenda, pushing their (((Eurasianist))) agenda - which is straight from kalergi, being literal Bolsheviks

Identitarian shills are epic

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sorry tldr try again

Oh this is better, thanks. Almost makes me wanna shift priorities. Nope, I still want to remove the filthy kikes at the root of it all. Everything else (if anything remains) comes after that.

idk, this image is pretty damning

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What part of "these organizations are ran by Mossad agents" do you not understand?

Guess what goes in my cross-hairs?

Derailing and sliding threads

What is being derailed or slid?

how about instead of shitpoting you just lurk more newfag

Nick Fuentes is an anti white spic and the GOP are kike shills.

The (((Bolshevikitiarian))) get new Cars from the Mossad like ISIS:

I thought they were libertarians.

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Sure makes ya think

>The (((Bolshevikitiarian))) get new Cars from the Mossad like ISIS:
Sure makes ya think

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lol no one cares Morpheus

lmao, what a hugbox this board is

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We aren't going to stop the kikes by defending them. Anyone who does so is an accessory to White genocide.

really kneads the dough

Sellner's banged every thot in the movement… for the sake of the race of course

Fuck off moshe, you don't control the narrative.


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Dickie spencer had a podcast or a youtube show or some shit, did you hear his co-host has a negress for a girlfriend?

Cool, now what are you going to do about it? Nothing? sounds about right.

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>>Alt-right / Identitiarian = National (((Bolshevik)))

Current year, online faggotry. Just larping shitheads not worthy of a thread unless you're making fun of some of these retarded cunts. Reddit posting, fuck boys.

so your 'evidence' is
1. sellner paid lip service about the jq to some mainstream 'journalist'. probably is even serious about acklowedging jews place in the geopolitical landscape.
2. some of the political thinkers, of whose books they recommend some, do in fact also express 'anti nationalist' sentiments.

wow, what a shocker. mossad confirmed.
and remember fellow anons, every last person who identifies as alt-right, including obvious subversive shills like jack pozobitch or laura's bloomers, is closely affiliated with core around spencer and spencer approves of every last word coming out their mouth.

alt-right btfo. 10/10. today op was not a faggot.

This, I take it back OP. Great thread, if only for the salt mining. We don't even need to go to twatter anymore. They've come here. The levels of salt are becoming unsustainable!!!

Isn't that like $10?

Isn't "anti-shemitism" banned in Europe because of hate-speech laws?

This is a character assassination thread. Do you honestly believe that even if GenID had anti-shem views, that they would be able to express them openly? And that a few Jews having joined (out of the thousands of goys) makes them automatically a controlled-OP group? You are ignoring all of the 'good' things that the group has done. If this wasn't around, I'm sure some of their members would take to arms instead. You deserve a ban.


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implicit dick has repeatedly praised Kalergi on that podcast, validating links in OP, I suppose
its worth listening to controlled opp shit from time to time to see what kikery theyre pulling

many such cases
theres been a few breads like this and identitarian and JIDF same thing kvetching usually accounts for about half of the posts
they've finally learned to sage, normally they just keep threads bumped like retards kek

Are you sure you aren't getting him confused with Dugin?

Even if they aren't controlled opposition, they're worthless, but I tend to think they are.

Plastering shitty merchants all over an image like reddit does with ragefaces de-values everything in the image, you fucking retard.

But you already know this, don't you?

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Congratulations on proving my point. Reddit's self-hatred is as jewish anti-judaism is. Self deprecation is in your nature, but not ours. Kill yourself.

Typical dishonest post from Generation Faggotory, why do you try this when the evidence is in the OP?
Sellner has done this multiple times to multiple journalists, every time someone asks him about jews, he defends them vehemently and instead directs to muslims – just like his jewish masters command him to. He clearly states that jews are VICTIMS of white genocide.
Serious in acknowledging their paychecks into his bank account.
The people who literally founded Identitarianism and are seen as seminal authors by the (((Identitarians))).


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Fucking moarpheus is on once again.

inb4 if you send jews to Israel, jews win

Why would I support richfags? They're all terrible people, raging degenerates, kikes, shitlibs, bankers etc. Seems like your lolberg ideals don't match up with the material conditions of your life. Unless of course you're some trust fund babby who's parents were probably integral in everything that's wrong with our world. Their treason is buying that blow and instagram ass you're eating.

If you're just some poor fag autist that's still hung up on lolbergism then I can only offer these words of wisdome:
Stop cucking yourself. I'm assuming you understand the concept of racial cuckoldry. Well, it goes for economics as well. What exactly the fuck is just about you spending 75% of your waking life serving someone else?

Moarpheus is a faggot but so is anyone who thinks sending the kikes to Israel would work.

Sending kikes to Israel and nuke it will work.

Hell, the problem with western countries are the jews and shabbo goys in power. Get rid of them, in any way possible and we solve 60% of the problem.

Yes, I do expect as much from so-called leaders.

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you need to upgrade your moarpheusdar, it's malfunctioning

that's the best fucking part

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BTW: Does anyone still watch HeelTurn?
I stopped watching after the host sperged on that pinko fuck Striker, and shifted toward becoming the new Baked Alaska.

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Massive cuck.

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Too long and autistic, can I get a

Its 11 pages of a prominent bolshevik being humiliated. He challenged the leader of the Zig Forums group on Gab which has 1k members to a debate and then backed down when he realized he was going to lose extremely badly.

He openly admits hes for Dugin in this, against etnonationalism, 10 other cancerous things that are obvious red flags for any real national socialist. By about 50 minutes in you should be out of hair to rip out.

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Fucking lol. Spencer is such an astroturd.

"Fascism has been relegated to the dustbin of history" is another one of his quotes, in one of those gariepy interviews maybe that one I just posted above.

Instead of attacking shills, it is better to press forward. Truth and GLORY, stand on their own merit. No propaganda is needed, the people only need but look.

No, you need to expose the enemies within and declare war on them as any other enemy, or else they are allowed to do their subversive damage unmolested and uncountered.

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Wow I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post

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it's all so tiresome

yeah i think that's a servant or a maid, not his sex slave

how can a (((eurasianist))) BOLSHEVIK who defends kikes be pro-white, newfriend?

As if thats any better? You let niggers in your home? A white nationalist activist can trust negresses not to stab him in the back? Youd have to be a larper to not realize thats a problem.

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Reminder Spencer openly talks about Dugin all the time and that people who suggest he isnt a Duginist dont even listen to what the guy is saying.

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R.I.P Eugene
AWB did nothing wrong.

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he also talks about Kalergi in a positive light all the time
these eurasianist faggots are a fucking plague, basically the entirety of the alt kike and all of the semi-mainstream supposed "nationalist" right wingers in europe are also eurasianists
fucking bunch of kikes

Now this is what a pro-white leader looks like.

he was a hero

Smashing pacifism is the next step towards ending white genocide. We have enough people who are racially conscious, now they need to learn you can never vote to stop white genocide.

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Hail, oh woman, who was so afflicted,
It was our ruin that you were in chains,
Our fine land in the possession of thieves…
While you were sold to the foreigners!

Oh-ro, welcome home
Oh-ro, welcome home
Oh-ro, welcome home
Now that summer's coming!

Gráinne Mhaol is coming over the sea,
Armed warriors as her guard,
Only Gaels are they, not French nor Spanish…
and they will rout the foreigners!


May it please the King of Prodigy that we might see,
Although we may live but one week after,
Gráinne Mhaol and a thousand warriors…
Dispersing the foreigners!


Well if you want to analyze it, then yes, having a nigger as a servant is better than having a nigger as concubine or a spouse.

You must not have recognized the man in the pic related. His nigger servants beat him to death, he was the leader of AWB. Dont employ niggers, you couldnt support a white worker?

Good old Dugin. My favorite rabbi.

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I would be astounded of Dugin wasn't a cryptojew.

CIAnigger spence isnt going to get get beaten to death by any niggers kek

>(((ordinary white people)))

I think people should stop using this word. Call them what they are: National Bolsheviks.
All of these alt-right, identitarian, new right people are Bolshevik subverts.

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You call them a Duginist because it attaches everything anti-white Dugin said to them. You call them a Bolshevik otherwise. Not Nazbol, that doesnt exist, dont confuse lemmings with their made up bullshit propaganda term. They are bolsheviks, straight up bolsheviks.

We need to start calling them names like the Dolt-Right or the Cult-Right
3rd position is the only solution to saving the white race
Dugin has been quoted saying he hates our race and used Red Ice to shill his ideas

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Theyre more alt-left than right. Dolt-right is a carolyn emerick term and although Im not a Christian myself, National Socialism is Christian. She said communism is great for how it left slavs non-Christian. Shes not Natsoc, she doesnt even call out Jews. Spends most her time attacking white natsocs who happen to be christians.
What we need is not to rebrand them, but to rebrand ourselves…and I dont mean away from National Socialism.
Were National Socialists, and theres simple white nationalists, those people are fine as long as they dont think niggers are based or promote #NotAllKikes, or go around sucking cock.
Theres the far right, the ultras, the balk-right… really, all these people can be lumped under the umbrella of Dissident Nationalism. We dissent from this system and structure, we dont seek to vote ourselves in and become kosher politicians. The only way to achieve National Socialism in a 50% white country is revolution.

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I parsed through the autism and found fucking nothing. Long story short:

literally just make a fake name, get a shitty mic, and join the livestream. No one is going to give you shit for a bad mic. To be frank I don't trust any poster who just sharts facebook-tier meme images and has half of the thread replies. Even assuming he's not a bad actor, shitting up the thread like that is useless autism.

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Yea, this isnt an aut kike bolshevik shill at all.

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He backed out of a debate because he, Heimbach and Spencer have no ability to defend themselves from Zig Forums criticisms. Youre a shill, die.

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Here's what I was talking about
Dugin is a real piece of shit

Attached: Alexsander Dugin is anti-white.jpg (800x822, 244.73K)

Weird how it's always people who close to questionable individuals (like Enoch) who shill for partial jews.

Spencer has never been a white nationalist, spencer has NEVER promoted white nationalism. Spencer promotes pan-europeanism, a type of socialism that like many socialists, coincidentally, does NOT believe in borders and does not believe in ethnicities, to spencer there is no hungary, romania, germany france, england, there's just whites and europe.
Do you see?

Dont forget to share this post on Gab.
The video in the quoted post is from an account that is now being copystrike attacked by Spencer, Ronnie and Striker. They got him with one a couple days ago, trying to hide it.

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Because enoch himself is a jew and married to a jew.
And they all knew about it
Everyone in their faggot pool parties, they ALL knew about at first mikes wife, then they found out about him.