Muslims outraged about homosex being taught in schools

Fulfill your destiny white man.
Conquer the world for the caliphate.
Pick up the sword of God.

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What if we joined Islam but created a sect recognizing Jesus as the Christ?



How fucking bad are things when whites start seriously considering Islam?

There are already Muslim whites, and there have been for centuries.

Pretty terrible tbh.
I know nothing about Islam in all honesty, just that they believe in their crazy shit so intensely they'll blow themselves up over and actually fight back over things. Strange that Islamic suicide bombers attacking us is partly what brought me here in the first place, and now here we are.

I'm just shitposting really, but shitposts sometimes become reality.

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This is why parts of Europe are trying to make homeschooling illegal. They don't want any chance of them growing up healthy and well adjusted.

I dont know bro. Its getting to that point where islam might be string enough to fix thos fkd up situation. Islam is the closest thing to conservatism. Everything has gone full blown left that islam is looking good. Just stay away from white women and maybe things will be ok


Everybody vs: everybody else. Can't wait for the war to start.

Can't have that. Islam is a self destructive enslavement system. It's against all outsiders, which is way they are always in conquer mode, yet when their population reaches a certain size they automatically use this diversion to break free from the ultra strict rules the Koran demands. This pisses off the core believers and so new denominations, brother wars and flight into other countries ensures. This is why Islam can never sustain a stable society and why it's poison to everyone around.

When were you attacked by an Islamic suicide bombing? I live in the US and I can't think of a single one.

Islam and the mozlems are easy to defeat if we actually adopted a total war platform. in fact, you don't ever win any war without using a total war concept. ancient militaries used to take little to no prisoners, if you did survive you were probably thrown into slavery, your entire village was razed.

how you defeat insurgency in the middle east: anytime one of your soldiers is sniped, anytime an IED goes off, anytime someone throws a fucking rock at you, glass the nearest village/town/city. the insurgency stops REAL fucking quick. the only reason various insurgencies in the middle east have any power at all is because we're not waging actual war, an actual war would be against their entire way of life with brutal punishments for any attempt at guerilla tactics, nobody will pull that Juba Sniper shit if they know their hometown is gonna be wiped off the map once they pull the trigger. this is how you actually win wars and conquer lands.

the only reason we don't do this is because ZOG controls every international body that comes up with meaningless "rules of war" to keep our hands tied. wars have been cucked for over a century thanks to them.

what do you think Tecumsah Sherman would do if he was alive today and had access to our modern military? like, holy fuck, we'd have conquered the entire planet by now.

I get that but good luck trying to get normies to fight.

Redpilled men are a tiny minority. We either kick up dirt in tiny numbers, get arrested and jailed or wait for things to get so bad the eternal normie makes a move. By then it will likely be too late.

Were running out of time and options.

Yep. This is just a golem squabble. The kikes don't care who wins.

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It has never happened this way. Most realists are able to acquire allies.

Where are the churches doing this?

Good. Salt the fucking earth. If we can't have victory we'll have vengeance.

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And ZOG are the ones getting us into those wars to begin with.
It's like someone who blindfolds you and then goes over to obnoxious drunk shits at the bar and starts trouble with them, then gets them to fight you instead of themselves. Before the fight starts they're cheering you on but then as soon as the fight starts they start hurling insults at you.

Think about my analogy every time we get into a war, because it's the same thing every single time. It's like they're following a script.
And we fucking fall for it every single time.

Easier to get people hating and picking up arms, than to take out the root of the corruption. It's how they've retained their power for so long. People are really easy to manipulate.

yes, they run "war a business" and with the way we get made to bend over backwards for foreign "allies" who can't do shit themselves is more like "war as a service". the US is the fucking netflix of war.

the only valid use of war is to completely remove your enemies from the planet and stop them from ever spawning ever again. our ancestors were smart enough to know this. they knew you fought and conquered or you lost and died, you lost your lands, homes, families and friends if you didn't brutally fight to protect them.

this has always been the way of the world.



Muslims do this already….

White muslim's should and will be put to death. Treachery will not be forgiven.

Tell that to people that live in Europe you fucking terrorist sympathizer. Get out of the USA or stay so that we can hang you


You might as well if you're a fucking christcuck, lol.

"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action."
Muhammeds last sermon


According to the hadiths that also say he drinks camel piss?

If they disagree, they are free to fly back to the desert. They also have the option to all kill themselve to meet their made up God. May christians and jews do the same. I prefer people in my area to be homosexuals than retardeds who still believe in old stupid made up cults.

Yeah fucking retards sticking with the cult of heterosexuality, everyone knows shooting your seed into another mans ass and girls scissoring is where its at.

Jews believe they can brainwash muslims like they did whites, let's see if they succeed or instead someone is gonna gets his throat slit.

Did they have an intermission during the protest to make sure no nearby goats or white women go unraped?

This is one of the very few things the mudshits get right. The other is dealing with women more or less as possessions. The West fucks both of these up very badly, and is following the globalist kike's plot for the emasculation of men to a tee.

Neo-Weimar, everyone.


Based Nordic dude explains White sharia

This attracts retards who support it UNIRONICALLY, and they flood in hard like the kekistani faggots did in the alt right. You also aren't being explicitly subversive against islam with this, it's purely a defensive coping mechanism to adapt white nationalism to a soon-to-be mudshit europe.

Also this isn't new it came from halfwhite europoors.

Fuck sand niggers and everything but If whites did practice strict white sharia it would save the white race as we are falling apart right now.

Not really. Islam, even if victorious, would not completely wipe us out. Atheists are the ones converting to Islam.

the mooslims will both save and destroy western civ at the same time, amazing.

Look at the people who practice sharia user. Mind viruses are real, and these people are the most inbred goat fuckers in the world. Sure, there are a lot of them but what have they been able to accomplish with high numbers. Quality over quantity all day.

major fucking difference jewnigger

only fools rush to comment without watching the video. if you don't have time to watch the video fool, you shouldn't be wasting your valuable time shitposting fuqqstick

Replace Jesus with Hitler and we have a great idea

It’s because of the indoctrination of fanaticism and also partly to jewish money. National socialist fanaticism is 110% more superior which is why it had to be dealt with immediately

Well it depends on (((official))) narratives and if Bin Laden really got tossed into the sea after they killed him
(He didn’t)

If Aryans once again fail to rise to the GLORY within them I AM ASHAMED TO BE ARYAN.

White Sharia is to Religion, as Eugenics are to Pro-Lifers

Good rundown. 10/10 would follow to victory
White sharia it is

Lel Hitler was the next prophet after MUhamada the sand nigger ==SIEG HEIL== death to the infidel lel.

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Hahaha, yeah things have gotten bad haven't they?

So has this once and for all officially proven homosexuality is indeed implicitly white?

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Is this the point when liberal heads start exploding from the doublethink?

One is race, other is religion. There is no problem there, plus christianity is against gays already.

its either mind virus or extinction user. most people are too stupid to think for themselves

traps arent gay tho

Christianity was a Jewish lie.
Look at its values, the whole new testament is a good goy rule book.
They hated paganism and the old gods because it completely guarded us from the bullshit and usury, so they made everyone "jewish" then realized they couldn't be gods chosen people if they weren't special so they then forced Christianity.

It's weakness and guilt weaponized into kike fuel.