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New character archetypes are being formed! How exciting!

It's a brave new world.

Kill yourself.

I went with NPC Sigma.

Super outsider that doesn't play the game.

it's a strange game when the only winning move is not to play.

Based shitpost OP is not a faggot

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This nose…
Just die already.


Why the fuck would we prevent autistic terrorism? We need a lot more of that if we are going to living in anything but the JWO.

Whew, lad

All of this crap is spoken like a slave cuck of the kikes. You are enslaved to the KIKE patriarchy…these are all THEIR VALUES, not your own. When your thot gfs and wives are cheating on you with a cat turd with hair sticking out of it is it with the very people that you HATE.

I have decided that White males are too fucking stupid to survive (the vast majority of them anyway) who actually approve of the 'Patriarchy' and its role in limiting your freedom and cuckolding you with their own reproductive rights, to be worth 'saving'.

Not one of you is capable of thinking for yourselves without taking your fucking mouths off the Patriarchies (yes the same people who are reaming you for power and access to the most beautiful of your women) asshole to even think deeper about the issues at hand.


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Incel = Ownlife from 1984. The crime of living alone.

The recent Sandmann happening brought up the Facecrime too: a 'microaggression' consisting of a facial expression.

Kikes are a matriarchy.

Collective action?



You let me know how that works out for you, m'kay?

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found the feminist.

at least 75% of Zig Forums users are jews, not huwhites, retard

I can go on tinder or go to a bar or the gym or a supermarket for fucks sake and get laid whenever I want. You are mental, and you're caps lock is stuck. Show tits, you fucking roastie.


Transgender confusion. I understand user…when you are taking it up the ass they are behind you so sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is a troll female or a troll male.

Let me assure you that kikes killed any shred of their matriarchy thousands of years ago. Not a 'bible reader' are you?


You give your 'wives' to them, whomever they choose to fuck. This is an acient practice of 'the LORD(s)'. Enoch wrote about them taking your wives and gf's by force whenever they wanted before the FUCKING FLOOD…and you think that things 'have changed'?

Found the KIKE defender of the rape scheme to defraud and sexually prey on European men's wives and gfs while cuckolding him.

European 'nobility' (read kikes) used to keep all of the most beautiful women of Europe to serve at their estate so that they could impregnate them and cuck Europes men. You are the product of a system that CUCKS YOU BY ITS NATURE and always has.

Yeah, you deserve to die.

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Even kikes are cucked by their own system, although who would sleep with their troll fucking wives IDK…someone who was too lazy to use their hand I suppose. Fuck they are UGLY!

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you sound angry. maybe your wife cucked you?

I'm not celibate and I don't hate women.
I just hate mentally ill whores who are totally worthless, and tryhards like you.

Yes, you blend in.

I bet your girl cucked you with hebrew Tyrone. Is that why you're so angry user?

God forbid someone tell European males the truth about you kikes and your cuckolding schemes? Amirite? I am right. Got to 'defend the Patriarchy who is cucking and fucking them' right, user? God knows you have Tindr now and no need to openly cuck a man by keeping his fertile wife from him and fucking them behind his back now…not anymore when you have Tindr. You can fuck a wide variety of them anytime…and then blame them and call them roasties for your own deeds…in between you punishing them for YOUR ACTIONS and their own husbands humiliating them for YOUR ACTIONS surely no one will notice the sweet deal you have set up for yourselves if you just keep screaming about how much of a 'roastie' they are…while you fuck them and cuck their husbands.

Hebrew Tyrone needs to die like all subhuman trash. If I could only get my own to WAKE THE FUCK UP to who you are an kill you like you deserve.

I'm not a kike, you faggot lizard, and I wouldn't knowingly fuck another guy's wife. Except for yours.


>it’s the patriarchy and the (((elite))) goyim were the good guys
Seriously consider killing yourself your retarded

Learn to speak english.

Not an argument, BTW.

This, thank you user. All the rich and elites do this, they fuck whoever they like. Trump, a goy, ran a beauty pageant solely for the purpose of finding new sexual conquests.

I agree with you there. But you'll notice there are some really great fashy women out there, if you'd just stop focusing on the retarded slutty ones for a second.

catholics maybe? I dunno where to find them.

You mean type it reddit tranny?
Go guzzle some kike cum

I don’t think anybody is denying the rich have massive influence in the sexual exploitation of post modern culture or always have….the problem lies in money though not of a properly established class system. The marital system wasn’t meant to create easily accessible women for the rich it was made to breed soldiers for the state , obviously even in this regard the system can be exploited

Your wife and daughter are too busy guzzling kikes balls for me to get a chance at it.

At least I can recommend that anons go somewhere to look it up. European anons go read Chapter 6 and 7 of The Red Queen. They all but spell out the entire system for you. Read the resources that he cites. The entire system was set up to cuck you.

Religious girls are a mixed bag. Half are great, half are massive party sluts. It's bizarre.
A lot of girls, most girls even, are only "progressive" on the surface and react really strongly to a man who takes the lead, whom they WANT to follow. Become a good man and girls will respond. That doesn't mean "become a chad". Women want a man who both respects himself and loves them for what they are. You'd be amazed at how many women can be guided if they're willing to follow you.

yeah but first you have to screen em somehow.
women are a minefield of feminists and weaponized crazies.
tell them something politically incorrect, and it turns out she's a shitlib prog, and you could lose social connections and even your job over it.
religious girls might be better idk.
I never told any of my ex's any of my thoughts on politics really because they were too liberal.

What does the male feminist ultra-beta-cuck fall under?

all male feminists are creepy rapists.

Sound like the foundations of a great relationship user.

well, some, but I didn't drop any huge redpills, because I didn't think they could handle them.

I just realized the immaculate conception was the first recorded case of cuckoldry lmao


Ok but what does your point have in substance in relation to white genocide and properly functioning national socialist

based. thanks for this, lead me to an interesting video

user, user. You're doing it all wrong.

I'm probably a bit older than most of the other retards on this board, so let it be known that I speak from experience. I once dated a shitlib girl in a shitlib city in California. She was hot, but she was also extremely progressive. As far as I was concerned, those two things cancelled each other out. She was a grand leftist cliche: Feminism, veganism, patriarchy, minorities, oppression, and sexual debauchery were all some of her favorite topics. But the longer we dated, the more she molded herself to me. She became fond of me, because despite all her brainwashing and bullshit, I liked her. I loved her, eventually. And I treated her right, without compromising my own values. I didn't even have any personal agenda to "turn her to my side", it just happened. She naturally and subconsciously changed her opinions, her lifestyle, and her social circle to most agreeably align with who I was, as her man. And that speaks to the essence of masculinity and femininity, as parts of a whole. Like Yin and Yang. Men are solid, women are fluid. Once you understand that along with a plethora of other shit that only comes with experience, dealing with women becomes a hell of a lot easier.

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This is some next level reality disconnected shilling here.
Is this a jew trying really hard, or going insane as he morphs into his final, turdiform state?

Morphs into a state that tells you the truth about the kikes?
You have some White superpower retardation going on there mein nigger. I am telling you the truth as I figure it out. The same way I told you the truth about marriage being a dysgenic practice and Europeans needing to reinstate rape culture to have healthy eugenic offspring.

The man who wrote this is experiencing the ULTIMATE in sexual control. DAMN.
Seriously! What a confession. The comments are interesting too.

Sage because you forgot to list "Feminists / thots / roasties" as a type of NPC

This man speaks the truth. They pivot to you assuming you're someone worth pivoting to. Not even saying that as a "just bee urself :^)" statement or anything, just like. You have to not be a sad sack of shit in the first place obviously. Women that aren't so batshit insane they'll never change, but those are even still a minority are very fluid creatures. The best advice regarding them I can give as another old asshole is that they really, never, ever, ever know what they want. Ever. There are no exceptions to this. If you think a woman knows what the fuck she's actually after doesn't matter if that's for where her life is going or what's for fucking dinner you're dead ass wrong. She doesn't, nothing she says will make her so, and the sooner you realise that and just kinda stop worrying about it the easier your life will become.

Yeah I dated shitlib feminist vegan before. I loved her, despite her retarded values and some of the things she did.
but you don't understand. you probably came from sane household.
My mom is insane feminist shitlib and my dad acts like woman cuck.
I grew up in shitlib cult in shitlib city.
My entire life until my early twenties was spent hiding from crazy shitlibs and playing mental ju jitzu on them and reconstructing reality through all the propaganda forced on me and just trying to survive and maintain my mental sanity. I was doxed and harassed and chased out of a job recently as well as a recreational club. These people have no clue what kind of fire they're playing with. I have no fucking clue how I've survived this psychological torture quite frankly.

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sorry m8 thought that would be redundant

Funny, I don't suffer such delusions.

People are shit no matter where you go. Leftists, rightists, fags are fags. Stay away from them. Don't catch aids

holy cringe.

I'm not deluded.
I can see things perfectly clearly now.
yes, but leftists and feminists are objectively mentally ill and a psychosocial danger to all around them

Why the fuck did you phrase it the exact opposite of EMJ. Poisoning the well much?
2/10 shitpost.

There are people who believe witchcraft will favor them if they cut off the limbs of white black people.

There are also people who believe God will favor them if they punish people for having sex with animals.

These are schizophrenic practices. Harming people for divine favors.

I do agree with you to an extent but… the left as a whole is only a symptom of the disease, the cause lays somewhere else, you guess (((where))).

Harming peoples sexual practices for political favord is no different than burning children alive for praise from pagan gods.

Damn, my character class isn't included in OPs player manual. Do I need to homebrew a new class system again to rebalance things for my group back home?

Schizophrenic authority. Sexual control is the law of schizo delusion.

Girls can be volcel too believe it or not. Me and my girlfriend are virgins saving it for marriage. And guess what, we're both INTP

Could you elaborate on that?

To my knowledge not allowing the degeneracy and perversions to spread can only benefit the people but what do I know, I'm sure that (((you))) know much, much better.

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I’m not sure the nature of women is in question on this board nor is how incredibly feeble they are not their complete lack of integrity. What is probably the hidden topic in this thread is the social expectations put on me through the social order and the unhealthy unrelentless freedoms that are sold to women through the culture and then institutionally reinforced. Men are expected to act like gentleman with no reward. I know plenty of great looking dudes that are sex addicts and alcoholics that net gorgeous women and have them wrapped around their finger, the women crying at the slightest lack of inaffection. The point is that none of this helps form a reliable social order, it in fact reinforces the social order of the jew which is to essentially enslave people to their primitive desires with no real evolutionary or material benefits essentially sabotaging the survival mechanisms to kill the organism.

Knowing much better than reality is a delusion. I prefer to have sex with animals on this planet. Schizophrenia is beyond animal sex.

women are mind-kontrolled by the (((propaganda))) and (((programing))) from the (((MSM))) and (((communist))) (((academia))) much easier than men are

>the (((elites))) are parasites who continue in what they are doing until the host society dies

You know what I think is hilarious? Zig Forums apparently loves the Meyers-Briggs personality type system, which was originally created by Carl Jung. A person lauded by the Jewish community.

The elites produce delusions beyond the scope of reality. This is what is know as the "God conplex" or "creator conplex."
They create problems that did not exist prior to their own delusions.

Jung and his archetypes are favored by globalist Jordan Beelzebub Peniswashing, although the APA uses the big five now. He's an honorary semite.

confining a person to an archetype or classification is just another way of trying to pin someone down so you can destroy them

You're sick, faggot. I wonder what the fuck are you doing here because in any sane, white society there would be place waiting for you in… a mental asylum… The only fagg with schizophrenia or other mental illness are you.

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someone call Mike "turning fruits into vegetables" Pence

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Lol…r i g h t…that is why both kikes and men hate women more than anything else…because we are so 'easy to control'.

I fucking knew it, from your first post spouting muh patriarchy feminist bullshit.

As is the entire field of 'psychology'…can you imagine anything worse than having your mortal enemies in charge of deciding your 'mental health'? That was one of the greatest defeats the kikes ever won on Europeans.

you don't belong here.

Are you finished preparing dinner for your hubby? Because that is one of the few things that you are useful for… Other being child bearing but that would be about it.

ohhh ahhh look its Suredick Fucking Holmes, the wily detective. Piss off you degenerate. Only a shitskin or a nigger begs to see Aryan tiddys.

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sorry, guys



Well, statistically speaking… People who eat food are more likely to be degenerate than people who do not eat food. Therefore in order to stop degeneracy we must first stop people from eating food.

It is also logical to say people who are found guilty of a crime are more likely to become criminals.

Sure thing Freud…you know you want to pound his ass when he is done cooking you dinner.

Mormons. If not, they can become one in a heartbeat

whew, you must be new here.

Zip it nigger. You aren't worthy to kiss my feet.

It is illogical to claim control over sexuality without actually having it first. For if sex is not in ones possession they may not be in control of it. One cannot control something they do not know of and therefore those people who control it must be having it.

Did it hurt? It was supposed to.

Okay, now for real, what the hell you thought when you decided to come here? We do not fall for kike, feminist bullshit here so unless you are ready to accept traditional female responsibilities you can fuck off.

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Very good user. How was dinner and a pounding? I could never get into the fur factor of pounding a guy in the ass, but I sure you handled it like a champ.

The harder it is to change them, the more effective it will be.


Kikes are literally matrilineal but you already knew that, did not you Schlomo?

Yes, because women are naturally the weaker and more emotional sex, they tend to be more conformist and engage in the herd mentality because it keeps them safer. Men, being stronger, and naturally more rational, tend to be more able to break out of the oppressive dominant moralities and think freely and creatively. No amount of social, political, and pharmaceutical engineering will ever change this. That is not to say there are not exceptions, there are certainly brilliant women. But when the social order fills most women's minds with bad ideologies and degenerate ideas, everything becomes pure chaos. Truly great men with strong minds can no longer function nearly as successfully. They always said, behind every great man is a woman (i.e. his wife). This is why society is failing.

You know the drill.

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sorry I don't have a foot fetish, nor a landwhale fetish. MAN THE HARPOONS, LADS!