Covington Kids to sue journalists, politicians, and media a gorillion shekels

>L. Lin Wood, nicknamed “attorney for the damned” by former CBS anchor Dan Rather, visited the Sandmann family earlier in the day, according to a news release from Sandmann family attorney Todd McMurtry.
>Wood “often (seeks) eye-popping damages for those he believes have been libeled or slandered in the press,” according to a 2011 Washington Post article about his defense of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. (Cain had been facing accusations of sexual harassment that derailed his campaign.)

The Covington kids have a really good case on them. It's easy money.

I'm sure they will win it goes with out saying, kike > whisky nigger in the US justice system

This is what the SYG team wants you to believe. They were even brainstorming ways to help the lawsuit.

I can't wait for the Left to watch their heroes marched off to prison for calling for the murder of children.

Just wait until the arguments are heard. My family has dealt with racism for centuries before we converted. We thought we were going to have a better life, a christian life but no, we are reminded again of the holohoax and how we were held to blame for the acts of others, oy to the vey!

You're gonna be waiting a long time my man.

No, it's just gonna be a slap on the wrist. These fuckers won't pay for their crimes until judgement comes flying out of the barrel of handgun and through their skulls. Wake me up when it's time to march these animals into the woods.

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100% not a shill, guys.

100% not a shill, goys.

this is going to be a case study in how worthless the justice system is in terms of exacting justice on behalf of white people
unfortunately it will not be a story that reaches the masses
these kids have infinite armies of people calling for their death and will be left holding a bag of shit after they go through the talmudic filter that is our justice system. he's going to turn 30 holding this bag of shit and he wont have the resources. his parents will be in poor health.
niggers? in and out in 48 hours of court.
fuck me. i hope i die soon



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So wait. If this is a false flag, then is this a case of Jews eating other jews ?

When the media attacks someone, that's your friend.

Even if we assume that Sandmann is white, do you think these white kids give a shit about white skilled or unskilled labor? If they want to MAGA, that means they are in favor of legal immigration, so no, I would assume they don't have any racial solidarity. Racism, perhaps, but not racial solidarity.
But Sandmann is a Jew anyway, so why should anyone be surprised at him wearing a MAGA hat?

The media already knows this formula and uses it to manipulate gullible people. It was the reason Trump was selected as the GOP nominee and later won the presidential election.

Good. I hope they clean out the fuckers who tried to destroy them.

…Not that I have any faith in the justice system, mind you.

Jews suing and attacking other Jews. Be happy., dammit.

Someone's jewdar needs to be calibrated.

No jews demonizing whites, and then the white guy who is really a jew makes his money sneakily while the damage to the white man as already been done, aka Jewish psyops

You're from cuckchan right? Jews will never turn on one another no matter if they're Zionists or leftist jews, read a early 20th century book about jews you moron

People are right about the evil of the leftists who were publicly condemning teenagers, white nationalists seem to have a problem though recognizing that the vicious leftists are mainly white people. There is a moral justification for any people having a ethnostate and self-determination, however white nationalists should face the fact that there is something seriously wrong with a large portion of their race and that this problem runs deeper than jewish activities. I disagree with the way some white nationalists degrade non-whites, but I do think whites who want to have an ethnostate deserve a small area somewhere to have as their own. The truth is though that whites are not victims in this situation, whites are largely forcing extreme leftism on themselves. There are jews who are involved with this but its overwhelmingly due to enthusiastic willing white people viciously going after their own kind. The problem that white nationalists have is mainly a white problem. White nationalists have a right to a small area but they have to take an honest look at their own race. The white race is worth being preserved but there are some major problems there in the white race. There is also good stuff too in the white race.

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We can't expect any solutions from the (((jewdicial system))).

Do you know how many of your favorite journofags, celeb's, entire NAACP chapters and leaders have been doxed due to this and their lies?
Come back talking sideways again, and it's going up 50 more

So, what does that make you?

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