Is AJ controlled opposition?

Is AJ controlled opposition?
Am I retarded for ordering Brain Force?

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Why the raid today? whatcha sliding?

Yes to both.

but why would he allow david duke so much air time?

He's a practicing Jew and Zionist.

Because in some coked up delusion he thought he could just kvetch about eugenics and make Duke look bad.

He tried to shut it down after the fact.

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I ordered caveman because it had some promising benefits. It had ancient super nutrients according to info wars like chaga mushroom powder and bee pollen but it didn't do anything and tasted awful.

he has many videos where he mentions the federal reserve, what about that?

im not a shill im genuinely wondering here

Duke is a faggot

The fed is also central in illuminati conspiracy lore.

what about american blacks? what is the final solution in all seriousness. Does the "far" right plan to murder every single african american in USA? whats the real end game for Zig Forumsacks in reality?

nice try there fellow user.

ive been a Zig Forumsack since 2011
my country is 99% white, i wont tell which one, but im wondering what the americans plan is.

Sage and report

Wait until it arrives and take some before posting again.

thats a cool ID tho

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He says it's controlled by Muslims

alex is either navy intel or cia
nigger levels of retarded

Okay hes not gonna redpill people on the JQ i agree

but is he useful for the right at all or does he do more harm? he does expose the liberal agenda at least


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wow remember when we didn't have 50 low-effort threads per day



Owen Benjamin doesn't think he is an act. Owen's pretty damn smart and really good at exposing charlatans and seeing through their shit.

Controlled opposition looks like Jordan Peterson - they give them media time, loads of money and they sound like neutered Kermits. They tried to silence Alex Jones and don't ever mention him anywhere without discrediting him.

If that doesn't sound like he's our guy I don't know what would.

Wait and see. If he gets backed into a corner I guarantee he will. He already talks shit about ADL.

alex obviously has loadsamone, infowars boasts more viewers than cnn so your points point towards alex being controlled op

and lets not forget alex jones used to be bill hicks :^)

he also is against mass migrations and "globalists" doesnt that at least count as as babbys first redpill tho?
we all know normies arent gonna bite the JQ redpills on day 1

Nigger, if you're citing a racial jew like Oven Benjamin, you're in no position to lecture others on what is and isn't controlled opposition.

Jonestein's entire career has been based around protecting jews and projecting their crimes onto other parties, usually the Nazis, but mostly the "Communist Chinese" now.

Get a load of this kike. How exactly is Owen a "racial jew"?

look at the yellow vests. they are against globalism, (and indirectly jews)

isnt that what beneficial for our cause?

just let me ask you one question.
do good people behave like this?
that all you need to know.

The best thing about Alex Jones is he's there to make patriots look bad but instead he's just making the government look bad.

Who knows maybe one day the religion of government larping will be exposed and apparently people like Bill Hicks will actually have to get to a point where they have to actually explain to the public why it's their religion to lie, or that he has a psychiatric disorder and has to.

He's a quarter jew by his own admission.

This is some pitiful shilling. I demand to speak with a manager.

ill ask again

he covers the yellow vests, and they are anti globalists, and are doing our bidding

is that a bad thing?

how are you disproving that he is controlled opposition ?

hey i got plagiarised by the pope, think how i feel.

Because he's protecting the traditional enemy. His entire career has been telling small truths while lying about the one issue that really matters.

But you don't care, you just want positive re-enforcement, so I'll give it to you: you're really, really smart for listening to Alex, who is 100% on our side, and now that you're buying his brain pills, you're surely end up being one of the smartest people on the planet. Now, please stop bumping your shitty thread.

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