Money as a Product

I had an epiphany which may be obvious to some, but I don't see many posters talking about lofty things on Zig Forums anymore, so I decided to post this.
I haven't finished Mein Kampf, and I haven't read the surrounding works.

Since ancient times, currencies have been used to facilitate the transfer of value between people. In this form, a currency is a service, and the demand for it's service is proportional to the amount of product a people creates.
Since the adoption of central banks in every european country, this order has been inverted. Money has become the product, and it's uses have become ways to advertise it's further use much like a drug.

To prove this hypothesis, you only have to look at the flow of new money from the central banks.
Instead of being issued to factories and small businesses, new money is loaned to banks where it's then further invested in ways to generate money.
Money factories have successfully created so much new money that there's an overabundance of money, and in order to get people to consume their product money they think of new ways to advertise it's use.
The exact same series of events happened after the mass production of petroleum based plastics. Flax seed and vetatable oil producers struggled to sell their products and eventually rebranded their oils as health foods.

But why is the idea that "money is a product" worth killing a thread?

If you step back and view money as a product, then you can see the true nature behind everything.
Race mixing: Not just for genocide. Non-whites breed like rabbits, thus more demand for money.
Niggers: Not just for genocidial rape babies. Niggers and their entire culture is about showing their wealth, which consumes great quantities of money.
AIDS acceptance: AIDS medication consumes immense amounts of money for the life of the person.
Welfare: GIBS ME DAT money.
Live in the city, have no kids: Cities are notoriously expensive to live in, destroy your mental health, destroy your body with pollution, destroy your mind with constant dopamine hits, and having no kids causes people to fill the void with other money sinks.

Looking back on the Rothschilds film, the idea of money as a product gains further validity with the quote, "Money is the only weapon that the jew has to defend itself with!"
Money today is no different than fentanyl, heroine, or meth.

But the real question is: if money is overabundant, and money is being used as a weapon against white people, then how can whites fight back within the existing system?
The only way I can think to counter this weapon is to convert it to actual wealth.
Take the vile drug that is federal reserve bank notes and turn them into fertile land, fertile white women with fertile white children, weapons, and knowledge. Be a gold and silver bug, both have immense industrial and pharmacological value.
Creating new white communities would be impossible because the jews would convince the feds to destroy anything you've built, but you could fill a niche by building off existing white communities.

By buying land surrounding Mennonite and Amish territories you could potentially serve as their buffer in both financial and social areas, and harvest any rumschpringe offcasts.

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Yes. The 4channening is proceeding nicely. More one line OPs. More ridiculous shitposts. More nonsense and stupidity. This was a great post. Complete length and reddit posting while at the same time showing a complete lack of intellect and substance. Soon 8 pol will just be double 4 pol.

You don't loan money, you lend it. Loan is a noun. Lend is a verb.

Usury! A thief telling you a lie to get your wealth for literally nothing. Also jews already own all the money in the world, you are just allowed to use it until they take that right away. One of their biggest usury schemes (debt) is at the end of it's cycle, which is why they threw the entire planet into the pre-stage of war, so that they can hide their involvement into that crime. After all the ensuring bloodshed and horrors they are going to introduce a cash-less currency that will effectively end wealth in the hands of citizens. From then on forward the jews can freely manipulate their fantasy currency to make their human slaves jump through any hoops they want. So after they already tricked you into slaving yourself away for a shitty income, you will now do even worse things out of sheer dependency towards the tokens they give you.

So, what you're saying is we need to carve our redpills into rocks?


I say there is no future for any of us with the jews around. Carve the redpills into everyone's mind. Next time you talk to some fool, ask him who his master is. Whatever he answers, disprove him with all you already know until he says the word jew. It's super simple and will always end at the word money, at which point you can dish out your redpills like a pharmacist on Viagra.

I had one too. You're a jew.

But it's it though?
Imagine if you started making a quality product in a sea of garbage, something that respected the user's rights while efficiently doing it's job.
Now imagine what would happen if your inferior competitors did everything in their power to shut it down.

You don't even need to imagine anything, because it's happening with crypto right now.

Were you taking a shit at the time or jerking it to jew nigger porn?

It's too tiring to get into all your mistakes so just read the classics and don't post again until you have.

money is not the product.
you are the product.
earth is a human farm designed to optimize DNA for the reptile aliens (+ provide entertainment).

Based and redpilled. The only real currency of this world is wombs. Make babies and convert monopoly money fiat currency into things of real value. Also do like Trump does and abuse the fuck out of the financial system using all sorts of schemes that are barely legal. If everyone does this, the schizophrenic fantasy of money will collapse and people will go back to trading goats for women. Fucking based.

go on, what do you know about the pharmacological value of gold?

A few days ago I was thought experimenting my own sovereign nation.

All other currencies will be illegal money, but will have protection as commodities (like gold, or collectible action figures)

From there, the free market would take care of itself.

prepare to get gaddafi'd.
remember they killed him because he tried to establish a gold-backed currency.
there is no such thing as the free market.

Nano particles of gold bound to disease specific antigens, which absorb radiation more readily than tissue.
This technique has been used to treat cancerous tumors that cannot be normally operated on.
Not to mention fillings and crowns.
I have yet to investigate if gold is used for permanent nerve implants.

Silver is the most effective antibiotic substance without serious side effects, and is 100% effective against MRSA.
There are no known bacteria with resistance to silver.

Well that's why it's a thought experiment. It's only fantasy as long as there is kikery afoot

Think of kikes like a gang. Kikes on bikes.
How do you get rid of a gang?

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You have a terribly shit understanding of the monetary system. I'd advise you go research fractional reserve banking if you want to understand more than a trivial pleb epiphany. Money is irrelevant. The entire system is built on debt. You don't even know the difference between money and currency.

make the public think they're all tweakers and vicious killers and that they abduct children to be their cult soldiers
also criminalize their customer base
criminalize whatever they're doing and use a bigger gang (the military, police, etc) to eliminate the threat

Start your own gang?
IDK dude you tell me

Local militias?
I think gang warefare is a bad analogy.

Debt is an ever-enlargening fiction backed up by military might and the petrodollar cartel oligarchy. It will never be paid back.

The only real currencies in this world are:
A) access to wombs (either in vivo or in vitro)
B) control of the NPCs that run the system

Read gottfried feder, watch mike Maloney videos on you tube

Oh also check out Richard Werner and read the creature from Jekyll island

+1 for this

E Michael Jones talks about everything you have brought up in this video. Its Very well done and I highly recommend anything and everything by him.

Shill your civcuck kosher "nationalist" on >>>Zig Forums where you came from.

Christkikes need to be purged.
Catholicism was totally subverted by the kikes and jesuits.
Paganism is based.

Catholicism was never based anyway.

Found the Jew

It was, about 800 years ago.

juice ARE the reptile aliens.

KILL THE FUCKS PUSHING MONEY OP. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Then, let the rest of the planet die off from Malthusian collapse and start fresh. This is the 'only way'. Subhumans (this includes the jews who are part nigger) must be exterminated completely off the face of the Earth.

Then why the fuck are you posting anything?
Its one of the shortest books you can read.
Fuck off nigger.

ehh most jews are pretty bleached.


I enjoy all money and usury based threads, but i always think of one "small" detail while reading them. The jews use money as a mediary between work and products, and they control the whole trade thanks to being intermediaries in any and all trade. Destroing the debt based currency system is therefore a noble and needed cause for our race to survive. But what would happen if we did destroy it and found a new way of exchanging goods? Wouldnt the jews find a way to corrupt this new system? Does it really matter what economical system we have while there are still jews in the world? My proposition is: we take out the jews first(most likely politically and phisically) and then we decide what financial system we take. Im okay with theoretically thinking of the best system even now, but we must remember of our priorities: any system will be corrupted as long as the jews live

In ancient times currency was gold or silver, which are commodities. The use of such money is merely a trade, trading one commodity for another, or for services rendered.
Gold and silver were simply commodities that were easy to carry around, because they were rare commodities, and a small amount of them were worth much larger amounts of other, more easily obtained commodities, such as food or wood, or fabric, or iron, etc.

But please, do go on…

Fucking Jews always get the first post.

Jews are not the only ones that corrupt things. The Rockefeller's, for instance, are not Jews.

A good scenario is this…start a savings and loan that is entirely private, it does not advertise for clients, you have to be individually invited to join, just like any private club, and a vote of all members must be obtained to allow someone in, even one dissenting vote, and he's out.

NOW…I've eliminated discrimination laws from the mix, meaning it can be whites-only.

This Savings and loan loans money at 0% interest, to white people.
You join, and keep your hard-earned shekels in that bank, but you earn 0% interest, as well. All investment proceeds, barring investment in the member's borrowing, go to operations. When a certain "slush fund" level is reached, all monies beyond that are equally divided as dividends, per fiscal year (doubtful there would be much).

How many whites would keep their shekels in that S&L?
Probably none.
People would love to borrow at 0% interest, so would join, but they would keep their money in some other bank, for the interest (which is stupid, as 80% of the country can't keep enough money in the bank to overcome the service charges, as it is, and are actually getting negative interest).
The whites-only, interest-free S&L would collapse.

Everyone is addicted to the shekel-chase, even though it is harmful to them. And, eventually, white traitors would worm their way into such an organization and destroy it, as some whites are far too susceptible to the indoctrination that makes them self-hating.

Human greed and pathetic mental shortcomings are rampant among all humans, even whites.
You'd be better off trying to get whites to throw their TV's out the window, and home-school their kids, and Zig Forums needs to write their history books.

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If you want to understand the jewish money system, you might consider what a jew has to say about it.

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Gold and silver were used to create coinage, which was used to transfer value.
Gold and silver took on value because of their use in the production of coinage.

The currency obtained value by representing the man-hours needed to create product, which in that time was grain.
Currencies now derive their value in how they're consumed, not the act of production behind them.


>oh your making a debunk? Don't mind me shutting that donw on (((jewtube)))
I can see through your tricks schlomo.
Oh jews claimed bobby fischer and their opponents as if they were own?
Why would they do this?

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You played your self

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aaand we're back to trading goats for your sister.

There have been banks that have 0% intrest loans that loan money to people in their country. I know of polish banks before the second world war, and the german landesbanks. Its a great way for our people to save money and afford local investments. But the commercial and private banks have so much power over the whole financial system that they could destroy the smaller ones. Still, its an ongoing fight, i advise you guys how the jews hate the german landesbanks, theres even articles in the "times of israel" about the issue.

I advise you guys to read up on*

if everyone turned their savings into silver overnight, we could go back to silver based economy. people would start loving guns again too, in order to protect against theft.

Sure (((op))) I also am sure he had nig nog genes and was scared of germs. Time to believe the (((planted))) evidence of michael jackson and dudley pelly now.

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I stopped investing in the markets about a year ago.

I've been investing in guns and ammunition ever since.

Derailing the thread but fuck it, MJ wasn't a nig?
I didn't care enough to look into it, chew you havisfaction a singleliscious satisfact to snack that up?

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