ANTIFA is just becoming waaaaayyyy too violent guys.

here are our options/meathods for dealing with them

weaponized autism style (use the internet only to try and fight back)

these seem to be our options for defending against these violent people.
what does Zig Forums think?
what choose?

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If you want to end Antifa, going after George Soros would be a lot more effective.

Doxxing, that's what they do.

t.Not a State-Sponsored Terrorist

Doxxing and murder would shut them up

They're pussy faggots if they aren't in a state that protects them. I couldn't get them to swing.

Can someone make drones that automatically capture an hang people?

How stupid do you think we are, Shlomo?

(op) here
not suggesting any of the violent options

im just asking what people on Zig Forums would choose.

i myself would remain with weaponized autism

call berkley BASED STICKMAN

this thread is so fucking pathetic it made me reply

Work on establishing local bonds, get friends, and do productive, positive things.
Gayest slide thread today, you fucking neet kekfag

op here
kinda a newfag to 8-chin (especially Zig Forums)
what the fuck is Shlomo

how about no.

Shlomo is a jew name. Also there is a rule called lurk for two years. If you did that, you'd know.

Not with those flags you're not. Get the fuck out of here with your larpy meme shit.

anyone have any ideas to fight them over the internet.

You can call him a civnat, cuck, nigger or whatever but none of you fat neckbeards will ever go out of your basement and do anything like him

Shadilay my fellow kekerinos
Fuck off Sargon

its been 2 years yet im still a fuckin newfag.

This. Black lives matter almost disappeared when they went after Israel.

Goddammit who keeps telling the retards about this place?

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Violence is the only thing respectable about antifa. Unlike some anons, they have the physical stamina and courage of their convictions to at least set a few cars on fire. A propensity for violence is their only redeeming trait.

How fucking new are you?

Reminder to always sage shit like this.

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You can't. And an ass rooted to a chair is a dead ass.

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Anti Antifa means anti white

so you better fuck off kike

op here
origonally from 4-chin
didnt like mods and stupid ass captcha system.
moved here
found out you guys and yur mods got your shit together

I say let antifa and the cops go at it and put on some popcorn.

ah, yes. It's you.
you have to go back

just over 2 years.
rarely been on Zig Forums

Now we know you're full of shit, Hymie. What the fuck are you sliding today? Did RBG up and die, and you're in charge of distracting us?

rather not.

much better here.

You still need a based STICKMAN

but with an AR15 and not a 2x4

First off, Antifa has the backing of the government. They are illicit thugs doing the violence the government wants to do. Therefore, Antifa has already won, you can't "beat" or "deal with" them. They are protected by the government. If they weren't protected they wouldn't exist, because they're frail and addicted to drugs.

But there is good news. Antifa are *confetti* totally irrelevant! *confetti*
Antifa are only relevant in shutting down public activism. Public activism was very important in 2016. It was well worth it to put up with antifa in 2016 to get Trump elected. We lost families, jobs, and friends, but few lost their limbs or freedom or lives. A low cost to pay to save the country and avert a much more costly civil war.

But Trump fucked up. No democratic solution is possible now. So public activism is totally unneeded. And, with James Fields and the other martyrs of C'ville being subjected to a brutal China-style gulaging, it shows that simple public activism is now more dangerous than armed revolt. In the United States, you are literally more likely to get away with domestic terrorism than you are with speaking your mind in public with the wrong opinions. They will declare martial law on you and then disappear you if they catch you. Public activism has no purpose now since it's less effective and more dangerous.

Antifa are not relevant. We need to get our own house in order and start thinking about our future in a one-party state now that Texas is blue.

op here
what i said was the truth.

their captcha systems were killing me

and also, i can find the same level of retardedness here (if not moar), than on 4-chin


A whole lot of projection there. ;-)
Been there done that reddit. I don't go around attempting to extract social capital for what I do.

Honestly it's not your fault. This place has really went to shit especially the last two years.

op here,
i dont give a fuck about politics.
i do however give a fuck for people getting the shit kicked out of them for their own polotics.

Just so you know, we have posting ID's here. Look at the top of your submitted posts.

Not sure what to say about this.

What a choice.

In your mind it is, in your mind.

y not spam their sm accounts with:

Too bad. Freeze peach is a stupid meme. No one has a right to speak freely if they can't defend themselves. You only have the rights that you are willing to kill for to defend. Since government lets antifa exist, the government is de facto suppressing your "right" to speak. Since you are unwilling to fight the government to demand your right to speak, you have no right to speak.

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I was thinking of getting some bear mace, going to a commie/antifa meetup, and just spraying the shit out of everyone. Thoughts?

Im never gonna stop being a fuckin newfag

Thanks a lot you jerk.
Violence is the only solution because all peaceful solutions can and will be lawfared to death by the jews.

Why don't you go look up the demographics of Texas. Everyone knows that it will be a one party state by 2024. Maybe sooner.


i niether condone nor condem said action
you do you man.
your choice.


meant to reply to this

Just a thought.

In all seriousness though, the feds aren't going to arrest their useful idiots.

i just used duck duck go images search

Antifa is good because their chimpouts make whites more susceptible to fascism.

Troll them to get them even more violent.
Then FBI-kun and CIA-chan will have to intervene.
And the last straw would be the general population getting pissed at them and will get fired upon on sight.

make it public and they'll be forced to

Get the fuck out.

how do you go about trolling them good sir?


Kekistan was a great thing. Don't act like you didn't like it.

You can't incriminate yourself, don't worry. Every day on reddit, I tell spez (reddit CEO) to kill himself and send him gore. Technically that's illegal.

That's not a bad idea, could be used to sway normie opinion.


what is one thing that could piss off antifa in droves,
just by replying to one of their posts on sm?

Let me just de-soy that OP, then you can post it again with picture attached:

ANTIFA is JUSt becoming a thing, guys.

Here is our only option for dealing with them:

This IS the only option for attacking these faggots.
I don't give a shit about what you think.
I've made my choice.

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you as in yourself*

The fucking hell.

Get the fuck out.

Full violence is always the only option.
Kill your enemies, and you win.
An idea dies when all who support it are killed.

Sorry, I'm an idiot. What is sm?

I put the IQ map of Africa along with Koko the Gorilla's IQ in a jpeg, posted it to reddit. It got upvotes.

Perhaps, I'm doubtful though. That nigger in Charlottesville was on camera cracking that old guys skull. Nothing. Nigger with the flamethower. Nothing. Antifa rioters from the inauguration. Nothing.
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. As the saying goes.

Couldn't hurt although I don't see how it'd do any more than all the other "kill whitey" compilations that have been made here.

havn't touched reddit since ever.

Get out.

Holy shit, you're actually fucking defending it.

social media