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Needs more of the Open Society network

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Cool. Still a work in progress though, many of those organizations need to be fully mapped out. Thanks OP!

check 'em

bumping for based bread

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where will we get all the information about the Jew puppets then?

Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate and Gerry Gables, Searchlight magazine, both got funding from Soros.

Is this freely editable? What's to stop someone fucking it all up? Have you archived it?

Post some images of the list

so whos making this into a pastebin or something?

Attached: 6b964efe926e4803122d1e3ac35d1aff03e378301f39c2e686285eaf6275a085-pol.png (247x255, 14.79K) redirects to I was under the impression that Pegida were /ourguys/. Quick run down, what did they do to deserve our wrath?

Cmon man.

what is the point of this? The longer it gets the more impotent we can feel?

posting screenies

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Hello first blackpill jew of the day. The first step to waging any meaningful war on your enemies is to identify every player in the conflict that you can, as well as their connections to each other. You stupid nigger. Now fuck off.

Make a version without it

Nice, good work.

No. It's to listen everyone that's important to you kike.


That doesn't even scratch the surface.

Warner Bros.
One Drop foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation

it's a long fucking list.

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Forgot the maga boomer targets, Clinton foundation, pozzed politics like obongo, fake jews headquarters and antisocial media headquarters.
Contribute, update

Tesla? I am an ignorant faggot, elaborate nigger.


RyanVaughn mr Comet Stains for life himself

Tesla spends more money on lobbying than other companies spend on R&D. They have an army of lobbyists that lobby for higher gas prices, more fuel economy regulations, etc. They basically run the EPA now, they are the primary force behind diesel gate, regulations on alternative fuels, fuel cells, etc. They get $5000 in taxpayer subsidies for every vehicle they produce. (Every EV company is eligible, but it basically all goes to Tesla) Tesla is not a company, it's a criminal organization.

gay ops

Put Norisk Nickle Chabad Lubavitch in there.
t. slavnigger


That's not really political, that is them seeking to further their viable business. I wouldn't worry about whether I drove petrol or electric if I had a country that was 100% rid of foreign invaders. Provide some ties or proof that Tesla is a destructive element.
Personally Elon Musk reminds me of Bob Page from Deus Ex and is a transhumanist threat.

Aga Khan Foundation

Petrol is the power of the saudi jew.

Is there a list of softer, individual targets?

Elon Muttsks is a criminal deceiver. Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla are quasi monopolies and potential competitors can't enter a market where criminals rewrite the laws as they please. Selling products to customers is the hallmark of a legitimate business; Lobbying congress to pass laws to subsidize your company and make it impossible for others to compete is the modus operandi of criminal operations.

Not to mention that SpaceX doesn't even produce anything apart from CGI and fake news stories. How many times does Lyin' Mutt have to get caught, before people wise up to his tricks?

All Jews, non Whites, the White underclass and the White elites need to be exterminated. White middle and working classes are the Volkish classes



Quantico is nice at this time of year, isn't it?

When do the games, being OP? I'm ready to akbar at a (((Hollywood))) award show and outscore all you mothers.

Top fucking kek the feds are getting lazy

What does listing faceless groups help with? These people have names and addresses. They could be vaguely ordered by importance. I really don't think compromised 8chins is the place to do this though.


This is fun.

There's no need to wet your pants, user. It's just a hitlist, nothing more. Nobody is talking about blowing up federal buildings.

You forgot the sackler clan

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Most think-tanks should be included on the list. (((Influential people))) of all types are members of and/or attend a variety of these groups.

Throw in the shill companies on the list while we're at it, they're the reason why a big chunk of the internet is full of pretentious cancer these days, along with those so-called (((vigilantes))) on twitter responsible for banning thousands of right-wing accounts

Haaretz has redpilled more people than the daily stormer.

What about Ron, Jim, Mark, and all the other vols piece of shit faggots on this honeypot?

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Less talk more posting of updated versions

C'mon indeed.

Hello FBI!

Instead of saying who you hate, how about exposing what they do?

Bullshit. Texas cranks out more oil than Saudi Arabia could dream about.

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Don't post porn, faggot.

Hiya, Rabbi. I guess sabbath ended early for you.

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Bumping. And hey OP, have you checked the census bureau yet? Does a pretty good job listing names in itself.
https ://www. census. gov/about/diversity-networks.html

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The Tavistock Institute deserves a mention.

Anything that displays sexual imagery is considered porn you fucking degenerate kike, go back to cuckchan you hooked nose rat

First pic is art, 2nd is porn. Learn the difference you drooling retard.

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Not dumping full contents of lists of lists because character limit.

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Reported. Neck yourself, you dirty yid.

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Gonna sneak out of your Natsoc colony to do hits?

/fed/ chan = fed colony.



Their mommy's will make then P&B sandwiches and wipe their asses when they come home.

Ikr, why put Haaretz on the list?

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