NBC puts foot in mouth with overt anti-white statements
The media has often gone full mask off in recent times, but this is a pretty spicy one:

>2020 electorate will be least white, most diverse ever

Reminder that kids are the future.

Reminder that kikes are investing billions into brainwashing the future

- nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/2020-electorate-will-be-least-white-most-diverse-ever-n964776
- archive.vn/VFjXV

Remember the classic:
Diversity = White genocide

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And? The mask is off because they know no one will ever do anything about it. You're not going to fight back. No one else will, either. There is no peaceful solution.

One of these statements is not like the other

do older voters ever 'age out'?
i suppose they are afraid afraid to put it so blatantly yet 'white people are dying. yay!', but i don't think it will be long till that point.

Wrong. Fucking jews want to use mixed up ranges and their feelies.
This is correct:
1880-1900: The Lost Generation
1900-1920: The Greatest Generation
1920-1940: The Silent Generation
1940-1960: Baby Boomers
1960-1980: Generation X (Extreme)
1980-2000: Generation Y (Why?)
2000-2020: Generation Z
Dates are ranges of births.

They are trying to call the next generation, born 2020-2040, 'Generation Alpha'. As if to officially start off The Brave New World.

I forgot. 'Millennial' is the name of a generational cohort that includes members from both Generation Y and Generation Z: 1990-2010 i.e., those born within a decade of the millennium.

Not really. They're all truth.

This is true in a lot of white countries. One benefit the kikes get with mass immigration is easy votes.

Been called a millenial my entire life.

Not true. Hispanics are Europeans and are unfairly havong their culture gibsd away to guats and aztecs. However, most of the immigrants to the US are the mayan and aztec people not the Iberian people. What concerns me is how the "dreamers" can vote and have more say in the US than my japanese friend who studied, works, and now lives in the US as designer, and did it all legally and waited his "turn". Now these "dreamers" can have say in vote, an ability they illegally acquired. If someone stole a mansion with billions of dollars in it but gave it to their child it doesn't mean the child gets to keep the property and money because they didn't know better and didn't commit the theft. Further, it should also mean that the money and property cannot be used to influence the nation or state in which the property and money was stolen. This is what "daca" is.
Exemption from punishment for the crime of theft.
Funny thing is most Hispanic people love Trump. Africans and Asians, too. Only media wants you to think all is lost. Trump still might be jew but Europeans will retake their homelands and American freedoms of Speech and Arms will be adopted and the beauty of the European people will not ever perish from the earth.

Barely since after highschool. Some jew tried to coin it in the 90's for kids "coming of age during the millennium" Might as well say "tween".

White birth rates are declining because most of the population use to be farmers.

Cuckservative/rural white birth rates are still 2-3. Libs who live in the cities are barely at one (usually none).
The chaos will come when the money runs out (within a decade) and the non whites begin vying for power for their own kind. Spics will eventually begin voting in their own interests once their numbers are significant enough to tell the nogs to fuck off.

But the zoomer’s are very well-connected and far removed from mainstream media bullshit.

The boomers are so lost Because they all are connected to a television for six hours a day telling them how great israel is

We can redpill zoomers hard

They don’t watch TV. They’re all on Snapchat and YouTube

If you can’t or don’t want to create content just drop red pills on YouTube comments.

This is much more effective than most of us realize

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There's a thread on this site (haven't read yet) that claims that the pewdiepie kid is more watched by these kids than msm networks by millions of eyeballs.

Check'em trips.
Btw speaking of boomers, that image is missing "Transhumanists". Lots of retarded boomers think transhumanists that will implant you RFID chips are the end-all, be-all of conspiracy theories. Seemingly ingoring of the fact that transhumanism is just one symptom of being an international rootless clique.

He's almost 30 years old, grampa. You should subscribe to him, wouldn't hurt.

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Remember to vote Republican so all of this stops, go– guys!

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I thought Gen Z ends in 2015?

u rly hav no idea, do u

You vote on people, not parties.

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I was looking for that source. Putin I know made a similar remark and I think Hillary Clinton did to.

The "it" being the holy land, of course.

Gen Z here. The only ones of my generation who go vote will be white and conservative. All the undesirables (niggers, spics, mutts, shitlibs) are too busy getting high and partying. There won't be some big new wave of browns flooding the polls come 2020.

Even if you're involved in direct action you should still vote. If anything it shows other whites that they aren't alone. Look at 2016. We redpilled tens of thousands of people through the use of social media and we're still coasting off the momentum from that.

Can confirm. But I don't even have social media accounts anymore except for troll sock accounts. I just lurk and contact family and friends over email, calls, and texts like a boomer.

Nah nigger Americans born 1995-2000 are not even remotely similar to even those born 1990-1994. If you were becoming an adult in that time frame you would realize just how much changed from those who graduated hs in 2012 to those who graduated in 2016. Stop applying even numbers to suit your autism.

Good luck with the vote. This will definitely be the one that does it.

Criminally unchecked trips

He's right though
you're just gonna sit here going
till you die, pussy

Sounds like only White Gen Zs with their heads on straight actually bother. I don't know if you guys are in worse or better shape than my gen (Millennial). I was mind-kiked HARD, but I managed to unmindfuck myself, took a long time, though.

The point of white nationalists backing a candidate and voting isn't to undo our ongoing ethnic cleansing or even win the election. It's to start networking with the average joe. To find common ground with the people around you. That's what binds people together, and it's what'll make them more open to your ideas and more sympathetic to our cause. You might not like it but facts alone won't win this war. There's an emotional component and community bonds must be formed.

Network or die. Don't turn in the piece of paper if you wanna be a faggot about it. But you have to network, and you have to keep up with normie politics.

The thing about Gen Z is that we've been force fed enough nigger and spic shit at school that many of us are already redpilled on the race question. All through high school I had to put up with niggers. The lunch room segregated itself by race like a prison yard. I've been put on probation twice for defending myself from violent dindu nuffins. Any Gen Z kid who's white and isn't an outright wigger is almost guaranteed to be sympathetic to white nationalist beliefs. The jewish question is just the last puzzle piece that ties it all together.

Learn political arson, or watch your nation washed away in a sea of brown and tranny kids.

No, doofus, voting shows that you're a good little goy willing to jump through the hoops that the system has laid out for you. Voting effects absolutely nothing. Trump was chosen, you didn't vote him into power.
No politician who CAN or WILL change the system ever passes through the systems MANY layers of vetting and filtering. Only thos who are CHOSEN rise to the rank of chief state ZOGbot

Voting isn't about voting. It's about the connections you make along the way, dipshit. Stop being so thick and do your part or we're all dead.

Do shitskins and traitors not understand without whites keeping things in check everything will fall apart and they'll be suffering? Just like the niggers in Haiti and Zimbabwe?

Of course not. They're high time preference subhumans. Their brains are under-developed to the point that many negros can't even comprehend the idea of the future. They live in the moment.

Oh, it's (((meet the press))). Got it.

funny how how diversity is reduced to skin color instead of ideas.

it is a prison yard.
you haven't been given a choice to go to work your father's land or go to school since early 1900's. you go to school or else and work the land in whatever time you have left if your dad is even human enough to own any.

But user, it is the source of Biden's strength that whites become a minority in their own country…Biden, Trump, Marcon, all these faggots are part of the Patriarchy that wants to genocide you and destroy your nations. So it is really their 'strength' if you and your children are dead and outnumbered. That is the source of their strength. Where is a targeted biological subhuman killing weapon when you need one?


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USA is new Brazil at best.

There is no future for the Aryan without the collapse of the (((gov))) and (((central banking)))

So diverse so different.

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Anyone fighting to defend and maintain the United States is an enemy of all Whites.

This. Four years of public comments because of a lawsuit over the next 50yr comprehensive plan for my county and only eight comments. Two by judges, one by the park services, and another by conservation services. Four by actual citizens. All European. More people vote but the darker your skin the less you care about shit like that. In fact, look at the complexion of all the blm people and the arab/indian immigrant advocates, not the darkest, in fact they are likely European mixed and simply hate it. If Europeans are ded they can't be part European.

Nice try jew.

Funny, though, I can't find a list of jewish accomplishments aside from Beastie Boys track listings and Goosebumps books.

Schools are designed by same architecture firms as prisons.

Asimov was a jew? Hadn’t noticed. Also one guy literally has the name schlmo

Gold star.

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Althought the exact date ranges every wanna be professor in the subject has varied generally speaking millenials were in highschool or younger at the turn of the century. The first time I had the term defined for me I believe they quoted 85-'00 but 80-'00 is widely used now (although technically only a few people from 80 - 82 would have still been in highschool by Jan 01 2001).

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Here is the author of the article:


AKA Benjy Sarlin

850 Quincy NW St, APT 713
Washington, DC 20011-5879

Associated Phones
(917) 679-9305 - Wireless
(212) 877-7980 - LandLine/Services
(917) 690-1090 - Wireless
(917) 514-2697 - Wireless
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Benjamin V. Sarlin is listed as visiting the White House on 4/13/10

Appointment number: U65259
Type of Access: VA
Appt Made: 12/9/2011 0:00
Appt Start: 12/9/2011 19:00
Appt End: 12/9/2011 23:59
Total People: 658
Last Entry Date: 12/9/2011 7:14
Visitee :POTUS and
Meeting Location: WH


Jonathan Sarlin
Age 72
260 W 72nd St, APT 12C
New York, NY 10023-2822
[email protected]
(212) 877-7980 - LandLine/Services

Marguerite L Sarlin
32 Misty Mdws
Irvine, CA 92612-3206
[email protected]
(212) 877-7980 - LandLine/Services
(917) 690-1090 - Wireless
(917) 689-9789 - Wireless

Robert N Sarlin
Age 72
(212) 877-7980 - LandLine/Services
(917) 679-9305 - Wireless
(917) 690-1090 - Wireless
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Jesse D Sarlin
Age 30
82 Glen Rock Rd
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1648
[email protected]
(201) 341-3273 - Wireless
(212) 816-0607 - LandLine/Services

Evan Sarlin
Age 34
128 Remsen St, APT 4B
Brooklyn, NY 11201-4281
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(973) 783-8731 - LandLine/Services

Generation Brown

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Civilizations just as leafs on trees turn brown and die ,,,Zig Forums chapter 3 verse 6million

Yeah, no wonder, Isaac son of Judah Asimov and a mother jewish enough to change her name to Anna Rachel.

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Doing God's work as always. Saved for the rope list.

Picture in your mind, the last white american. Weight several tonnes, literal millions of guns under his pillow. As he breathes his last breath, he throws curses at the billions of shitskins inhabiting his land. He never protested because he had a job to protect, he never revolted because only niggers chimpout, and now he's disappearing forever.


>it's all over, there is nothing we can do my fellow goyim, now lay down and die **WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD YET YOU G-DDAMN GOYIM?!"

People said the same about the nazi party in germany.

Things will need to get weimar bad before we see movement though.

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you mean Aldous Huxleys 'brave new world'?



Gotta hand it to Asimov tho, he was a smart fella and his books were pretty well-thought-out.
I count him among the few jews I somewhat respect along with mah boi Fischer and most kike natural scientists from Germany.

There are no "White" people on the staff of NPC. Prove meh wrong.

in fact; it's a 3-tier system intentionally ensuring a surplus supply of dumb goyim; exactly like the Eunuchs except different

Don't have to prove anything. I know for a fact you're wrong.

Strange thought. There's a species of lizard that has its own rock-paper-scissors breeding strategy. One type of male beats the other and vice versa. However, the females also have a sort of minor last say in mixed communities. With communities that have less of one type of male, females will gravitate more towards it, thus increasing its numbers.

Do you all think that something like this could exist in our minds still, where females would prefer to seek out a form of male that's less prolific for the sake of an unspoken, gene-drive that wishes for higher levels of genetic differential levels?

And yet, here you are, not doing anything about it

fuck off CIA


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XYZ. Gen z the last generation before the country becomes a mud puddle. Cohencidence

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But what if we could change that, hmm? See, the problem with prophecies is the issue of interpretation. What if I told you that we could make gen Zed the last generation of, oh I don't know, all the subhumans? I mean, I'm just spitballing here in hypotheticals, but what would you be willing to pay for that future? Really think about it. What would you offer me to make that future into reality? You don't need to answer, but I would like you to consider it

jews aren't White, pumpkin. jews are jews are jews, forever and ever, amen

Now we know why the production of Hemp has been suppressed for so long. It's primary use is to make rope.

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I'm so OK with this

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I was born in 1987. There is a massive cultural difference between my cousin that was born in 1993. Personally I think that American born between 1985-1989 are a special group that need their own sub-generation. Look at the event timeline. we grew up in school directly after the fall of the USSR, we saw the rise of cell phones despite them being the size of bricks, the fading good times of the 80s leading to the popular dot-com period, formation of better video games, Y2K high hopes……9/11 where we saw the world change overnight from the comfy 90s to the hellscape of today. We graduated high school 2002-2008 - before the recession and sjws. I finished my degree in 2009 during the largest change of culture in US history - to the modern day PC/sjw shit we wallow around in all day. We fall into an age range where the younger kids live in bliss and the older people are well into their careers. We got fucked big time.

The current generation labels are just kike marketing bullshit anyway.

Spics aren't white, schlomo.

>ashes and ((((echoes))) is still here


And where are the videos of you shooting jews?

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This man speaks the truth. YouTube comments section is a fantastic place to drop mini red pills.

an underexploited red pill for normies is the Dalai Lama

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OC 2

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OC 3

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OC 5

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not OC but required

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OC (but might be a bit edgy for normies)

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last OC

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Muh Hitler cucks saving the white race