Parking valet, 27...

Parking valet, 27, charged with murdering nurse at a Wisconsin hospital by 'kicking her in the head 40 times before hiding her body underneath a car

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Since he's black as a crow, that makes him the crowbar?

I got nothin'.

He should be euthanized like a pitbull would have to be after randomly mauling a person to death.

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Hmm, could it be more masonic fake news?

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This is not how i expected Half Life 3. Fucking Valve.



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Link at top of Daily Mail page in OP's link

Jesus fucking jew Christ what kind of shitskins are you breeding down there nowadays? This looks more like the product of some sick infinity chan Photoshop asshole than a (semi) human shat out of a cunt.

And why do these Christians "forgive" when the shit monkey never asked for forgiveness in the first place? he's.

These shit monkeys are obviously at war with whitey and just want to butcher us with the greatest satisfaction. Sending them to prison makes no difference to them since it's like condemning a fish to living in the ocean. It's their natural element. They're probably better fed and cared for in the can than they are on the street.

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Gordon Freeman, 27


Half-life 3 confirmed.

Why are Christians such fucking cucks? So eager to virtue signal even if it means forgiving the very embodiment of evil. Christ told you to be meek, not weak.

my jewdar is going off

Eloquently said. Thank you.

If she was a kikess, all the better.

Virtue signaling to their fellow Christians.
They could forgive in their hearts without a public statement yet choose the spotlight repeatedly.

Naw, "Beaudin" she's a little hard working Franco American nurse. She was getting off after a long hard shift dealing with ugly sick dying people and their bad smells. All she wanted to do was get home on a cold winter night take off her uniform that still had that disgusting sick room smell stuck to it and take a long hot shower then maybe have a snack or a glass of wine and then curl up in a warm bed with her protective loving husband as the arctic winds howled outside. But that will never be again as she has fallen victim to a vicious sub human reptile sadist. Bring back the death penalty, declare martial law, make being a nigger a summary capital offence with plenary powers to all police and national guardsmen to execute them on the spot.

I hope she was a Jewess, like said. But that doesn't mean we can't fellow-white her for propaganda purposes. What normalfag will draw that distinction in practice?

They want to go to heaven. Sit on field under rainbow with Jesus. For them everything is only about ticket to heaven. They don't belive in reincarnation so they don't care about future. Worst religion ever.

Because women are always stupid and say stupid things because men never correct them anymore?

They're retards who only care about expanding their cult's numbers and the afterlife. Their mind has no care about REAL life, only about gaining brownie points for the afterlife. If an action that can gain them makes them feel they'll get eternal damnation they won't pursue it. It doesn't help that all Abrahamic religions derived from Judaism don't have it's intense sense of matrilineal tribalism.

What does it mean not to have Judaism's sense of matrilineal tribalism for non Jew Abrahamic religions? Racial marxism, basically these people literally see all humans as equals because the religion and religious leaders say so. As that one Zig Forums anti /christ/cuck meme says, a christcuk would much rather marry his daughter off to a based holy nigger than a well doing, financially stable white atheist.

Here's a pretty good rant on Christcucks by Dr William Luther Pierce on how Christcucks fucked over the white people of South Africa. Or how Christcucks constantly defend Jews and the "holy land" thus allowing them to be manipulated. Whatever good the churches used to do to white societies are long gone now.

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Pitbulls should be preemptively exterminated. There's no such thing as a good one.

Really makes you think.

Yeah one of the things I'm really sick of with the Jeebus peeplz is the lie that it's good for "famblie values". Uh hello christtard, Jesus said to leave abandon your wife, your children your parents and your siblings if they refused to join the cult with you and accept all the absurdities of this dead jew's vague mumblings. Nothing "famblie values" about it at all unless of course you mean marrying another brainwashed cult member and shitting out as many new little naive recruits that you can brainwash in their turn as their tiny minds develop.

Most surprising aspect about all this

The nigger clearly killed the wrong member of their family.

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mfw when other wypipo attack my religion.
I know it's fun and whatnot, but how are your kids/nieces/nephews doing? Is their faith in God really getting them down? Not the case in my family. The SJWs and other attention-hungry atheists are the ones attempting suicide (unironically failing). This is a badge of courage for idiots, though. Giving up. Hating their history, culture, & their elders.
My epitaph: embed related.

Fuck you faggot. I rescue pitbulls from niggers constantly and after about a week of good training most are fine. There are a few cases where they need to be put down but that is because of extreme abuse by fucking niggers. You should be put down, cocksucking retard.
Sage because nothing to do with thread.

I worked as a prison guard for 6 months back when I was a young student; to you or I being locked up in prison would be hell, but to people at the bottom of society like this shitskin who has previously been treated for mental illness, incarceration is inviting, pleasurable. Imagine being homeless in this kind of brutal winter weather. A nice warm dry bed in a prison with 3 squares, cigarettes, and free coffee and donuts all day and not having to do any work is heaven by comparison. Just hang out with your bros and chill. Read up on this; plenty of prisoners make ridiculously inept escape attempts the day before release so they can get resentenced to another two years for making an escape.

You definitely sound like a typical pitbull owner.

I think this slayer video does a much better job of showing what the Jeebus religion is all about; retard hysteria. The fact that so many great musicians and artists were patronized by the RC church in the Renaissance is something we have to take into account without getting confused about what was going on.

You’re so right. I was in one of the worst jails in the country. About 70% of the black in there didn’t mind, or enjoyed being there. Even the spics I talked to all wanted out on the most part. I literally saw people through out the jail know everyone else in the jail of 10 thousand. It’s like a huge club house for them.

Whether she is a kikess or not; niggers have sealed their fate, just like their overlords turning a once great nation into Weimerica, non-stop wars and debt slavery. Nigger are animals

Plus they don't have to raise any of the 20 kangletz they spunked. Uncle Shem takes care of the "dad" part so that no nigger has to ever raise a niglet. And they conveniently blame their shit-tier actions on Whitey. They must've been cringing pretty hard when Kanye pushed prison reform

pibbles dun do nutin

I unironically support pitbull genocide. It was a huge mistake when the Brits decided to create this abomination of a dog breed.

Clearly the racist bitch had it coming.

Only niggers and jews would want them killed.

You are the nigger of Europeans, user. It's called jew.

Oh look jews getting ready to drown a dog.

No, pitbulls have always been a nigger breed of dog. They were made specifically for the purpose of chasing and hunting large game, and for being extremely aggressive, and blood thirsty. This was back when there were less technologically advanced methods of hunting. Today, they're no longer needed, and children needlessly get mauled by them, because retards like you keep saying that they're safe as long as they're trained and behaved properly. No. The niggery inside of the dog lays dormant, and can appear at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all.

Roastie thot deserved it, I bet she has nudes online.

If my family was murdered like this I would pretend to forgive him and sneak a plastic knife into the court house. You have enough time to get one good stab if you dont telegraph your actions

FREEMAN? so he's a kike rape baby then

illuminati confirmed

Forgot I was on a board with id's, I was just trying to start shit. Fuck both sides, all people deserve death.

lmao u leftypol faggots are retarded
reported for being a blatant shill

To be fair, im not left or right. I just hate, plain and simple.

When I meet someone it only takes a moment to scan and decide the most powerful insult.
fat=fat ass
left= hippy, junkie, lack of personal accountability
right= nazi, homosexual, anime lover
Plays video games= loser, failure
Tries to better self= narcissistic, self centered

I just like to break people down. I enjoy being mean to everyone. I hate music, I hate cartoons, I hate games, I love seeing people suffer.

Anyone doing labor of any kind for spoiled rich plantation owners is a slave. Unless you sell your soul , literally sell your soul to America and Israel Corp, you have to work two weeks, then you have to work two weeks, then you have to work two weeks etc etc then you die. Advancement in your faggot kike prison world is based on how much you suck baby jew cocks at the bris. It has nothing to do with inteligence drive integrity etc.

Killing a redcoat isn't a crime. Anyone who consents to this barbaric world has no value to their life. Most people are reasonable , people are just brainwashed. I'd argue the anti zog movement is probly three billion strong. Nah actually six billion, because anyone who has worked a day in their life while some lazy kike banker or Jeffery pedo Epstein or donald pedo Trump's lawyer get everything knows shits fucked up but they don't know who their enemy is. All the programming can be broken , and I'm creating a new better universe as we speak. I'm cloning this world and making a better one without all the jewry , Christianity, muslimianity, chinkianity, japianity, mafianity, insanity . Everyone ive actually spoken too wants this they just don't understand yet. Isaac Newton was the first one to come up with the umbrella, and he had to explain that water wasn't just appearing out of nowhere it was falling from a specific place. How does one with no understandin of up and down determine that there is a different? How does a slave know he's a slave when stockholm syndrome was the only good discovery academia ever made?

Back to your toons, faggot

I'm literally jesusgodsatan and im going super Saiyan and these cia niggers have tried everything to stop me despite me just being some random homeless dude and failed at everything, literally every single glow in the dark weapon was countered and these fucking George bushian obamian faggot pedo murderer thief rapists hide like little faggots while I get to live in the open. It's fucking pathetic how obvious your techniques are. This entire world is a computer simulation prison world where faggot jews literally suck your energy because they are unfunny ugly rapist Seth Roganbergs and can only get laid through manipulation. Nobody would ever actually love these dirty rat kikes if monopoly money didn't exist. Basically everyone here is just an agent Smith faggot. Yet you niggers still glow in the dark. Fucking billions of Smith's and you can't beat one neo. Fucking sad you dumb ass gay faggots!

Only a gay Zig Forums poster would try this hard. Don't forget to dilate your fleshwound cunt.

Id say their tactics worked just fine, you arent a threat.

What does it do for you to assume im politically active?

I could shoot somebody in the face and tell them their head was in the way. You are a fucking retarded nigger, why the fuck would you admit you are a lazy spoiled faggot who relies on exploitation for this feeling of superiority you get from using a piece of paper that mafias print backed by nothing at will ? How bout countering anything I said you lazy fucking kike?

They weren't bred to be "protection" dogs or hunting dogs. They were bread to fight other (larger) captive animals for sport. Hence their unpredictable aggression and lack of obedience.

Why not? Its the truth, I like fucking with people to see how they react.

I just read that part. I wasnt whomever you were talking too

I am homeless because I don't have a made up piece of paper that some dirty slimey kike spent thousands of years scheming to get people to consent to. You are so fucking sense that somebody could ignore you or not like you and rather than examine your self you'd go IT MUST BE THEM! IT COULD NEVER BE ME! IM PERFECT!

Having more pieces of paper than somebody , especially somebody who doesn't give a fuck about fur coats or diamonds, doesn't mean a fucking thing. Your piece of paper rules absolutely nothing. Like I said I am god, Jesus, Satan, I am the creator of the universe and I control everything and you have no power because you have abfuckint hahahahagahah piece of paper hahahahahahahahah are you fucking serious that's all you got ? I have more likes than you! Fucking kill yourself. I can smell your curly fry sideburns burning from your hot triggered head Adam.

Oh, my family isnt rich, that would be excellent. Im just an abused farm boy who lives in a city now. Classic hate case, fuck your politics.

Im poor


So you're miserable, why not just kill yourself?
Otherwise if you like reactions killing niggers and jews accomplishes that since they whine about what way the wind blows and its funny to seem them chimp out see Ferguson.

Im not jewish or a minority, im European through and through. I had bad parents and an even worse society growing up. I was abused by people of all creeds and colors. Politics mean nothing to me, I say what I have to to get what I want. Its really that simple. Im a poor city dwelling nobody who is slowly working up the gumption to randomly stab people in the blind spots of my city.

In my universe having more pieces of paper than me does not grant you any control over me. Using a fancy arrangement of words like "financial responsibility" to describe your relentless pursuit of pieces of paper like some junkie whore faggot will never change the fact that only in your mind does a piece of paper have any value. Oh wait I can wipe my ass with a hundred dollar bill. Shitty pyramid scheme worlds full of greedy evil lazy faggots like you have such a shitty being they need to try to control the life of some other guy(holy fuck you are gay as fuck) are worthless and go extinct .

Now run along and go listen to your Ben Shapiro podcasts where he cries about financially irresponsible poor people then two minutes later shames a politician trying to block aid to your Israeli kike parasite inbred family

Misery loves company. I want a turn to dish out what I got. Its very simple. 1+1=2 simple. I was a victim so now I want to victimize. Ill destroy myself through my actions

Im poor

Did you not read the part where I explicitly said I say those kinds of things just to get a rise?


Zig Forums gets trolled by a fucking bot

I may be damaged but thank heavens im not delusional

Pol pre election - wtf international Jewry is wrong we need a fair system just like Hitler said!

Pol post election - wtf you don't have a high standing in the jew pyramid scheme? You didn't get rich stomping on you friends and family ? You didn't get people addicted to painkillers? Fucking LOSER!

Hitler did what he did because he was sick of watching people suffer. Only a simpleton or a kike would argue that watching your own friend or family suffer financially is better than a movie, and you should eliminate empathy and point at them and laugh while you congratulate yourself for having more pieces of paper. You are literally a dirty rat kike and I will be hunting you down through any timeline or universe until every germ you brought near me is destroyed.

To be fair, usury isnt wrong. Nobody forces you to take loans. If you are poor its your own fault. I make more than enough to pay my bills but am always late due to poor management of my resources. Im just distracted

Ben Shapiro : If you don't have enough money it's your fault! Israel doesn't have enough money , so send them money. It's not their fault because I can rewrite my values as I go. Now go do my work for me fight for crumbs in the rat race we rigged. Haha! I can say murder of Jews sucking baby dicks at a bris is bad, and then a minute later I can say that in war civilian casualities are fine, because I rule you and youl never figure out how bad you are getting scammed!

I agree kike. In war civilians don't matter. That's why I celebrate the deaths of all niggers, women, kikes, Marines, cops, Americans, doctors, muslims , whites, Asians, Russians. Anyone who consents to this shitty world is worthless and doesn't deserve to live, and I actively push my will towards the timeline where I never have to deal with these npc psychos again.

There are zero scenarios where have a piece of paper that says hundred on it will ever grant you control over me. I control the entire universe, fuck actually every universe. I'm literally playing the sims right now while you collect gold bars .

You forgot about the part where, oh yeah you are right every man for himself. Everyone has to be responsible for themselves. So when I break your knees with a bat it's on you to get to the hospital. Its your responsibility! And without zogbot Marines or cops to impose your faggot will on me, you will have no power and lie on the ground crying like a little bitch faggot wishing you weren't a selfish kike you actively eliminated any methods to prevent useless suffering. Holy fuck you are dumb Seth Roganberg.

Money has no value. Every piece of matter in the universe belongs to me and no faggot zogbot marine or faggot pig will ever change that reality because they have a gun and like to kill anyone who doesn't rape kids or worship television . There is absolutely no value to the United States and the power of the FEAR that I will be shot for not blindly worshiping Seth Myers Seth roganberg and wolf blitzer doesn't exist. Let that process through your little meathead caveman cop or military brain you stupid faggot. The only thing holding your scam world together is your gun, and I don't give a fuck that you are pointing a gun at me and would never wield such a weak ass weapon when I can beat the fuck out of you by breathing

You don't get upset about innocent animals being killed because of idiotic beliefs formed by an over reactive fear mongering media? You sound like a cat torturing nigger to me.

heh for a second there I thought you were talking about the nigger slaves the Brits were breeding down south..

Fuck outta here. One asses and elbows is enough. Take your gay teenage bullshit elsewhere, faggot.

Pitbulls are "innocent" in the same way that niggers who have yet to kill or rape white people are "innocent". Both are dangerous animals with a genetic predisposition to sudden violence. Neither could survive if we returned them to the wild. The only option (aside from accepting white deaths at their hands/teeth) is to destroy them.

You sound like a civnat without the balls to face the reality of what it takes to protect your own people.

Its a shame that that is your best. You would be easy to abuse in real life. Im sure that is why you are here now instead of living your life.

None of us can just simply "live our lives," the kikes ruined that, that's why we're all here.

Thats untrue. You can work and you can choose how use your money. You can raise your credit score if you choose to or just waste your money on cartoons. Nobody is keeping you from living your life but you. Blaming others for not living your life is what sjw's do.

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This is what happens when you let subhumans roam free among us and pretend they are people. This will only continue and get worse as our numbers decrease and it's us trapped in the monkey cage. The young white woman was nothing but a sacrifice on the alter of political correctness that says we have no right to safety or self determination in the countries made for us by our white ancestors.
Only when whites stop being meek and mild will the madness end.

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I hope OP is not trying to be a sensationalist prick.

Nog related, somewhat OT, but needs to be heard about.

Remember that story about a woman in a coma getting raped and having a kid? Didn't hear anything more about it. I wonder why not? Then I stumbled on something yesterday. Yep, the rapist was a nigger.

Look at that ugly fucking nigger. He would need to rape a corpse.

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That article seems to indicate that she's in a vegetative state, not comatose. Disgusting nonetheless. The race of the woman isn't mentioned.
>an Arizona Republic investigation detailed how Hacienda's former CEO William Timmons kept his job despite years of sexual harassment and bullying complaints.
Here's a pic of Timmons, the CEO of the company who, according to his spokesman David Leibowitz, has stepped down. Definitely a kike.

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¡Ayy Hesus Christos! ¡El Goblino! :DD

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Because they're bitches. I never believed the christcuckery meme until I saw them do the same shit again, and again, and again. Fuck Christianity tbh.

That would be the only thing to make me forgive them for waiting so long

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Fuck your rescuing. You should ONLY rescue them to take them out back the shot them, you fucking retard. I hope you come to this conclusion when you're being mauled to death by one.

And where most learn the trade of crime better.

Protect your white women, white man. Don't shirk your responsibility.

He's joking, he's making a reference to a video game character with the same last name.


Pitbull isn't even a breed you retard. Not every scary looking dog is a genetically engineered fighting machine with 'muh killer instincts'.

Get the fuck out and take your toxoplasma gondii with you.

They didn't say she was frozen like an ice cube, they said she was frozen to the ground. As in stuck to it.