Ralph Northam in blackface/KKK photo

It's making headlines across the news.

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dup btfo


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Sicker than your average nigger killer
Twist nigger’s heads off
Niggers fucking stink niggers and gayers
Chicken wing eating players
Triple K hooligans like Moon Man
Dead right if they head right
Fucking your mom every night
Moon man’s been smooth since days of killing jews
Never lose
Never choose to lynch jews who do something to us


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Of course the obsequious nigger lovers in the pedophile network known formally as the Republican party are big chimpin' over this, letting Uncle Sambo's denizens know there is no place for waycism in globohomo capital's plantation.



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This story has been all over, Zig Forums is slow.

Your argument would probably work a lot better without the last 70 years of actual experienced history working against you. But let's be real – you're the exact kind of nigger loving pedophile fusionist sucking capital's dick I'm talking about.

forcing your enemy to follow his own bullshit rules means you're ultimately supporting those bullshit rules. It might be acceptable if the person you're going after is someone who is actually critically important, but if it's just some random useful idiot puppet, all you're doing is helping the real person in charge who's probably more keen on getting the bullshit rules in place than keeping his peon from getting thrown under the bus.

wtf I love Ralpha now

He knows. He's a republican – the party of White genocide from day one. The Ottoman Empire had nothing on them.

Who? Fuck off yid.

Left is ripping themselves apart over this. It's hilarious.

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This is from his yearbook? I wouldn't be surprised if the blood drinking baby murderer released it himself to divert attention from the fact that he just publicly supported post-birth abortions.

or maybe he's secretly a kkk infiltrator and he was trying to get the left to slaughter niglets


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What if coonman is secretly moonman?

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I thought it was funny but have trouble caring. The party will sacrifice a single goy to reaffirm that racism is unforgivable, and everyone will celebrate.

Just because the republicans aren't pro white, doesn't mean we should let the democrats knock out whoever they want for stuff they did 30 years ago consequence free.
We need to hold them to their standard, because we are going to be held to their standard no matter what. Taking the high ground gives us nothing.

Dems always end up dying by the sword they try to assassinate us with.

Aged like milk.

I drove through county roads into Virginia, stopped at an old gas station/general store, and inside were maybe eight older mildmannered negroes. 'Twas a quaint affair, they were all dressed up in their mining garb. Surreal.

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Well that's the end of his career, no way in hell a democrat would ever stand against a collective of niggers

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That was very well worded for the black caucus. Good on them.

Also the stupid bitch who made the bill he was defending in the first goddamn place told him to resign also.

Everyone's throwing him under the bus.

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He emphatically supports infanticide and tips the kike hand too hard and too early, and then immediately an absolute nothing scandal appears to distract you from the fact that he supports murdering newborns because muh sootface and muh bedsheet. Don't let that make you forget.

Its not even racist. So called "Blackface" is an ancient Aryan ritual practice of adorning your face with the ashes of your enemies cremated remains or the soot of their burnt property. The Harii tribe is a perfect ancient example of the practice but examples can be found from ancient Ireland to ancient India.

"As for the Harii, quite apart from their strength, which exceeds that of the other tribes I have just listed, they pander to their innate savagery by skill and timing: with black shields and painted bodies, they choose dark nights to fight, and by means of terror and shadow of a ghostly army they cause panic, since no enemy can bear a sight so unexpected and hellish; in every battle the eyes are the first to be conquered." -Tacitus

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ho ho…CNN is trying to dump this scandal off on the Republicans now…


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Kek. These kid killers always hide in plain sight.

He's the descendant of slave owner (((Levi Jacob Northam))).

His real issue wasn't with white supremacy or hating niggers, it was because they hated kikes and rightfully so. He's a massive kike shill and now he gets what's coming after pushing the furthest fringe leftist policies to advance the inbred tribe of his ancestors.

CNN? Making fake news? No…

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Dude's fucking done.

Imagine my shock.


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Northam was backed by Tom Perriello

underrated. this is how planned parenthood was started

Is this political tit-for-tat for his recent approval of late term abortion proposal bill? If so, good. But still, I hate this clownworld.

Oh that's cathartic

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10 more years of democrats being the REAL racists

It’s a Bait and Switch, each time I post the obvious (below) it gets Shoahed on HalfChan.
•Get your hoodwinked cuckservatives to dislike you with abortion comment
•Apologize for Blackface KKK , then unapologize while apologizing
•Wait for SJW (Soros) Army to materialize protesting
•Resign letting Obongo 2 Justin Fairfax be crowned Governor just like they wanted
•Get good goy shekels as the plan works out

Northram is just a sock puppet account created to draw in the post Obama “white vote” when they want Justin Fairfax who was Virtue Signaling just a few weeks ago during General Lee Day or whatever.
Democrats were well aware of Northram’s KKK Blackface picture and used him with his consent to beat Gillespie. That’s why to keep the sympathies of “that was 40 years ago” he intentionally praised Moloch last week saying infanticide is okay.
Bait and Switch

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This is what it looks like when you hold the Left to their own standards. They wanna play dirty, then opponents should do the same. The moral PR cuckery needs to end.

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Coonman, Coonman, where is the remix? Let's milk the fuck out of this one. Such good salt to rub in lefties dumb faces. Show them how it's the history of the democrat party and how it's never change. Rustle some blackies while you're at it.

wew now he's using the "it wasn't me" defense after admitting he was the one in black face

You tell em tripmaster.

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Useful idiot, nice job reinforcing their narrative that racism is ebil and simultaneously not focusing on the fact he literally supports the murder of newborns. Solve yourself.

This. Between this and the NYS law, people were starting to get pissed at the Dems over abortion, so they threw one of their own under the bus to distract.

havin a laff

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WTF I love Old Dominion now.



This is the second time I've seen a screenshot of this forum. What is the source?

Anyone talking about the latter over the former needs to be viewed as either an NPC or an actual kike trying to cover it up.


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His favorite pantsu.

The left is using this to hide bury and distract from the obvious backlash over their stance on abortion, they want to be seen as fighting against racists instead of being fucking baby killers.
It's a total kill shot to their PR front.
Whenever confronted about this clear example in Virginia, they'll wave it off as "oh that thing done by that horrible racist" and move on.
Guarantee it.

Just got Shadowbanned on Twatter (again) right after posting this (pic) , thread gets shoahed after posting it on Cuckchan and this shit is getting the Shareblue slide here.
The most obvious Bait and Switch In political history

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This is really getting the shit slid out of it

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Okay , Fuck it , My final word before I go to (((Church))) . Doesn’t anybody look into shit like this anymore, we used to have Great Investigation threads on here and now it’s all like muh Racemixing and /news/ tier shit with followed by low energy posts and the mandatory shilling

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The funniest part was during the presser where a journalist trolled him with "can you still do the moonwalk?" and he bit on it and was about to start. Luckily for him his wife intervened an whispered to him that "its not appropriate to do that right now". He looked like a hurt, guilty boy and wisely didn't moonwalk across the floor.


What will this evil house negro do to Virginia?


Found the emotional nigger. Don't forget what AIDS is anons, Angry Insecure Darkie Syndrome.

The lying and dying mainstream media sure is desperate for a distraction to get the pleb's attention again.

Virginia will turn into a Virtue Signaling Soap Box So Dems can hump Identity Politics into the next decade.
Blacks have been clamoring for a Real Black American to run for President. The knockoff recently imported half white Kenyan really didn’t cut it, do Democrats are answering the call by propping up …..
Justin Fairfax who will turn VA in a National Stage for a 2024 platform assuming Trump wins 2020


And he likes BEER as well.

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He keeps spaghetting over his interviews in one he called blackface "face paint" but reporters correct him by saying blackface then he reaffirms by calling it "face paint". He knows he did it, he knows why, he hates niggers but like any soulless politician he likes money and power more.

Doesn't matter, spics still hate niggers. If they can't run a spic then they're completely screwed but it looks like the DNC already threw niggers under the bus for spics by suppressing how spics BTFO niggers in every single infamous nigger area like Compton by firebombing roasting and chopping niggers up with machetes.

Pity he wasn't wearing the hood good find user.

All politicians are cowards.

liberals are the real racists

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Use this for memeing to black people. Here's an example:

libs/dems are the real racists is either a useful meme or a poisonous one depending on your audience.

>He's the descendant of slave owner (((Levi Jacob Northam))).
notice how shills ignore this little fact

I think that's a noteworthy fact. Do you have a decent source that's easy to copy/paste so I can use it?

Everyone is racist, it's just one side treats them like pawns and keeps them on the plantation.

I've been saying for years that society views "racism" as worse than murder. This incident confirmed it wbeyond any doubt.

Shit if I was Clark Kent at the Daily Planet I'd write Koonman Kills Kids

Truly he is the pride of the Democrat party.

I used to be a chump for Trump, but now I'm a Moonman for the Coonman.

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Neolibs niggerbrain, not libs. It's more right and seizes narrative.

Need sauce with meat that red.

Racial user, racial.
That's what's racist. Seize the narrative user. Everyone is racial, but nigger hating neoliberal commie leftists, Talmudic child raping kikes, and sodomites are racist.

Better messaging unifies the races against the degenerates of all stripes and gets us to where we can live to our own people faster.

It’s the dance Jews do when the first new shipment of child slaves comes in after the shutdown

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What's worse: Northam making himself look like Michael Jackson or Michael Jackson making himself look white?

Is there a Justin Fairfax Rape thread up yet?

Actually looking more like a RAPE AND SWITCH now,
Where’s everyone at anyhow, we could have a salt motherload on are hands here?

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What in tarnation is goin on in the state of Virginia?

Read the thread , Rapes , Whippings
Dems trying to pull a bait and switch to get their Progressive Obongo Crowned Governor but Fairfax Raped Women

It's clear now the GOPe cuck he beat wasn't really trying to win. The election was all a big nevertrump show. Checking the yearbooks is opposition research 101. Those $1000/hr gop election consultants sure are doing a bang up job.

CNN called Ralph a republican. That's all you need to know about CNN being Fake News.

Baby killing is hip and cool now, according to liberals so why not nigger face?