The art of propaganda

Something I’ve noticed is people forget that the Cold War was not long ago. Communism was taught as the our mortal enemy for the longest time. What’s changed? Only the teaching of it, not the stance on it! And that is great! All our enemies are communist. And thankfully (((they))) instilled this for many years in the West eyes. Make them eat their own shit. It might be not okay to say “it’s okay to be white”. But it’s still okay to say “Desth to all communist!” It wasn’t that long ago and it’s still in peoples minds. Targeting and shaming communism is still very socially acceptable. And it’s the last bastion we have that is still PC in the normie world. Even boomers are anti communist even if they don’t know what it is today. So the plan of action? Go on social media spreading communist hate. Post signs that say “Death to all communist!” Yeah it’s a dog whistle for us to know it’s death to (((them))). But it would be so great if the media jumped on it and tried to say it’s a hate crime of some kind. Use this tool our enemies made for us. Use it against them and make them regret all the anti communist propaganda they made. Let’s see them try to justify communism. It will just bring more masses to our side or at the very least help wake up the masses to what is going on.

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unsaged and heiled

I’ll be as low effort as you.

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I’ll add more. Most people are dumb as fuck and don’t even know the correct political ideologies. People think Nazism=Fascism. Though similar they are not the same. I for example changed my political affiliation to National Socalist on some of my social media platforms and no one even noticed. I am literally announcing I’m a Nazi and they are too fucking stupid to see it. The left doesn’t even know what communism is so do you think they know what a Nazi is? By doing those type of low key dog whistles we help normalize the Nazi cause. Like how Hitler memes ended up being a lot of us here.

joan, please.

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This is a literal untapped goldmine. Boomers might be like puppets. But also realize they were brought up during this era. They will emphasize and relate to it. This is a war of the hearts and minds. All these leftist groups are openly communist. If we can get the West back on the anti communism bandwagon. We indirectly are getting them against schlomo and crew.

I will be bumping this thread until it gets going. I know this has potential. Think about it who are our enemies? (((Communist))). And we get a free pass to call them out. We must start before it’s too late. In 5-10 years the red menance will all be but forgotten as they will be talking about “How to make your family more diverse” and “Encourage you daughter to diversify her relationships”.

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There has been a decided uptick in posters that argue in bad faith and attempt to derail threads (shills) arguing to recast our enemies as "communists." Very consistently across the board these low quality posters have been trying to call everything "communism" and get everybody on the bandwagon for shilling against communism. I know shills when I see them based on the timing of their postings and how consistent yet outnumbered they are across multiple threads.
Perhaps this thread will have something interesting in it, but everybody keep a high level of suspicion in mind.

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Bro they are communist. Antifa gets their logo from a communist organization. I’m not on here 24/7 but I haven’t seen it. It’s not a relabel. It’s a broad term for all our enemies. I have never gotten in trouble on social media for saying death to communist. Say Hitler did nothing wrong and see how far you go. All these leftist groups openly spout communist propaganda and philosophies. By bringing for back into the spot light we are showing that the left is full of traitorous communist. 30 years ago they would have been shunned and black listed. Now they parade in our streets like they own them. We fought the Cold War, won the battle but lost the War. Once we bring back anti communist sentiment in the spotlight. We will also bring into the slight who the (((communist))) are.

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I see so first like a slippery slope kind of deal correct? Like communists and once the enemy is dealt with we can use propaganda in our favor to point out it was the jews?

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Exactly. You name the Jew you’re a racist piece of shit that will be doxxed. You point out how the West fought tooth and nail against communism. People will be like yeah that’s good, I NPC like to parrot. If we can bring back the red scare. We can then point out who is behind ((( the red scare))). We are losing the propaganda war currently. We have to play by their rules to an extent. What more perfect than to point to finger at communism? Let’s see them defend it. Or try to distance them selves from it. Either way it’s a win for us. My main roots are of German heritage and it disgust me what is happening to them now. My Great Grand Father fought communist and lost. Let’s not make all the great men that fought them die in vain. Too me exact they’re (((Marxist))) but communism brings up the past. A past we want brought back.

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I already see a major technological cold war with China emerging and is slowly escalating. You might not even need to do all that much, as the U.S military might initiate a new red scare campaign to bolster up innovation, and consider a more nationalist approach to secure their interests. Even with both sides manipulated by (((them))) taken into account, subordinates are still going to fight over who's going to be on top regardless. I'm anticipating a new form of red scare to peak naturally in the early to mid 2020's.

Point is conditions are naturally heading for this. The real advantage is leveraging this emerging propaganda to point people to the real (((enemy))) in the process.

China, though probably not our friend. Is not the problem. At the very least it’s Zionist to most all Jews. China isn’t run by Jews, correct me if I’m wrong I don’t really know? If the red scare is put all on China that will divert who is really the red scare who is (((Israel))). The Jews started modern communism and are the ones that continue to push it. We don’t want our cause hijacked. If anything we could hijack the military propaganda machine. But can’t have it the other way or at the end of the day the (((Zog))) wins. China isn’t even traditional communist anymore. They’re essentially National Capitalist. China is just a Paper Dragon. They have lost every major conflict since the start of their current regime that I know of. Vietnam handed their asses to them so badly that they made it look like we still won Vietnam. All their technology is 3rd rate forms of ours. I wouldn’t be too threatened by them either way. Plus we need to pick and choose our battles. We don’t want to take on the world again you know?

> My main roots are of German heritage and it disgust me what is happening to them now. My Great Grand Father fought communist and lost. Let’s not make all the great men that fought them die in vain. Too me exact they’re (((Marxist))) but communism brings up the past. A past we want brought back.
The axis powers losing didn't only affect you, it had affected the whole western world and maybe the whole world to an extent.
Also here a good speech from the fuhrer.

Yes I’m fully aware lol. But my point is I wasn’t brought up to love my enemies. Let’s try to get back on topic though. Let’s say we start putting up Anti Communist posters everywhere. Who is going to stop us? Who is going to question us? Who is going to call us out? Realistically no one. This is why this is such a untapped opportunity. I’m all for pro Nazi propaganda but it won’t fly and you could go to jail for it depending on how and where you do it. You won’t be getting arrested for anti communism posters. This is why this is such a untapped resource. We can fly our colors proud while no one is allowed to call us out. That’s what makes this such a good tactic.

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Lets start with something simple like it's okay to be white.

That’s not the point of this thread. Sure it’s a great idea. But it’s something that’s already been pigeon held into a certain view. It’s seen as white power and shit to some retards. Not saying give up on it, because it is extremely successful. But bringing back the (((red scare))) is the point. It’s been socially acceptable for about 70 years. Why let it die out? This is something we can do with impunity. We get to call out for the destruction of our enemies in the open and people can’t question us. Just as we can’t question (((them)). It’s using their own tactics they created against them. That’s what is so great about this. All the propaganda has already been made for us. It’s now up to us to put it out there. Bring back the old Cold War feelings. Once we bring back anti communist sentiment. Then we can name who (((they))) are.

Okay… DO we spread the posters that we already have now?
Also antifa did exist back then there has to be posters of them back then as well.

From my understanding the original Antifa originated in Germany as a communist party. This is this thier logo. You might be able to find old anti Antifa posters but they will likley be of Nazi origin so we want to avoid that. As far as what kind do we post now. I’m not sure if new made ones or the old nostalgia ones will be more effective. Probably can do both but if I was to guess the old ones would be better as it might trigger anti communist memories in the older generations which we want. We can probably post them everywhere but places like Synagogues and Church’s as it might tie it to hatred. We want this in no way to seem as if it’s a Nazi movement, because it is. ^_^ Any official narrative is “We are trying to stop the spread of communism because of the 100+ million it killed.” The other thing is we use the exact same style as before. Like “The only good commie is a dead commie”. The goal is to do exactly what they do in calling for our open destruction, but it’s against them now. Don’t even debate because as far as we are concerned there is no debate. We lost many lives fighting it and they will not die in vain. Use schlomo’s tactic of support our trooos and such. Not that we are going on camera with this. But I’m trying to explain what ever we push it’s a Hard Liner angle only or there is no point in this. it’s (((The red scare))). Not the disenfranchised and miss understood soyboys. Remember this wasn’t up for debate years ago. So it’s not going to now either. I’m going to sleep soon so don’t think I left if I don’t respond timely.

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Good night user…. May we continue our discussions tomorrow.


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The USSR was portrayed as our enemy post 1965. Communism was protected by "our" government. Hollywood was always red.

Good video related, ignore the eccentric presenter. His sources are rock-solid

When I said leveraging the propaganda, I meant getting the focus shifted onto domestic issues which hinder U.S innovation from within. When it becomes a serious race, all sides will have to shed off dead weights in order to accelerate their development to compete. Considering a lot of (((their))) subversion negatively impacts this pace of development, it'll be targeted first.


Watched a little of it. I’ll give it a full watch later. Weird how we were mortal enemies yet this was allowed to go on in the open.

I see what you’re saying but the military industrial complex realistically is just communist that don’t like the other communist. They will never point out the domestic issues. Just go “Meh China is bad!!!!”.

Bump for interesting discussion.

So what I’m trying to get at people. Is 30 years ago people would say death to communist!! And people would all agree. Obviously with how pozzed society is this isn’t the case anymore. But you can still say it without repercussions. Imagine this getting big enough where the (((media))) pick it up and try shaming it. Saying you can’t say that about communist! They’re people too. It would just help drive the narrative that our system has been infected by them. Because it has. When people see them defending communism more likley than not they will think something isn’t right. It’s important that we push normie narrative like this because saying “Death to all Jews!! 1488 now!!!” Simply won’t fly. Think back to when you were schlomo’s pawn. Anything extreme seemed grotesque and readical. I wish I still had it but it was lost with time. My mom would troll me and my brother by showing us a black and white picture of her Nazi Skinhead cousins. With Swastika and all. Back then it bothered me. Now I wish I was like them sooner. My point is we have to appeal to the masses as schlomo did. Or we are doomed for failure.

The nazi skinheads are feds mate.

They were my literal family and I believe they were in Germany still. The photo was black and white so it was from the 60’s or 70’s. I highly doubt they were (((feds))). My Grand Father was Hitler Youth which is pretty cool. Was he a fed too? Lol

There are communist institutions all over the USA.
One example is the International Rescue Committee. It was founded as the International Relief Association by Bolshevik jews in pre-NatSoc Germany. They try to claim Albert Einstein as the founder and relocated to Paris.

The International Rescue Committee is one of the largest NGOs that are "re-settling" refugees all over the US while many of its citizens starve in the streets.

As you can see, it's still a very jewish organization to this day.

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Not surprised. Every time something is afoot it’s a Jew. Literally every single time someone tells be something shady about an organization and I say it’s probably Jew run. It is. The last time was (((23 and me))). Tried saying my mom is part nigger. There were no niggers in Germany a few hundred years ago. As you know everything on here is a work of fiction. And everything below I say is about a book or some shit.

The best way for real change besides propaganda is assasin killing them. You kill all these Jews that run these things. And the Jew politicans. Only real way for change. And as long as you tell no one and prepare properly. It’s almost impossible to get caught.

No your grandfather is a hero.
The reason I said skinheads are feds was to stop the current rising of national socialism that was during the times of william pierce.

I doubt my cousins were but I wouldn’t be surprised most of those groups were honeypots. Feds really do go out if there way. Years ago I was posting anti govnerment stuff on normie sites. This guy goes up to me and my friend in the worst disguise I’ve ever seen. Dressed in all college clothing. From head to toe. More clean cut than a Marine in uniform. While the guy looked about 30. Tries buying weed from me and my friend. Calls it “Ganja”. Didn’t even know that was a term for it at the time. We call him sir like he is a cop. He says you don’t have to call me Sir. We’re like no sir we have nothing. Leaves all flustered. Man some pigs are really dumb.

Yeah just kill jewish people that will solve every problem present in rapid technological advancement.

Were they always this incompetent?

Hey (((Moshe))). I’ve studied strategy for years. Soft targets are the best targets. And though that sounds nice. I was talking about (((Ring leader Jews))) I’m more than sure if we killed enough it would help. Now do you want to gtfo of my thread? Do understand for personal reasons I hate your kind.

At the time yes. I saw a unmarked cop car parked in front of my house around the same time and ran up to it. Both cops were wearing the tactical uniforms that say only police. They literally floored it away when I got up to their window. Cops never run from people even when they are in the wrong. So clearly they were up to no good and stupid. They can only catch you if someone rats on you or you join a honeypot. I also saw like a billion under covers around me too. Maybe they were trying to intimidate me or something? Or they’re just that dumb. 98% of police have no idea what the lingo is or how to act like they are one of you. Even my friend who got raided by a (((task force))). He ratted to get out of it but he was giving them advice on how to do proper dealing. Even though this task force is a local, they’re worse than DEA. Every dealer I’ve known to get caught was by them. And they’re connected. I know this because my friend who was MI. Asked me some questions about them. Implying they do business with them. And my friend would brief (((Top Brass))) of southcom. So that’s how I know they’re (((conmected))) Id name names but you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you. It’s a very small world and you never know who is dealing with who.

USSR was an American creation altogether