Graphic novel I started making

Making a Graphic novel based around the group Qanon.
Work in progress. Any opinions?

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It's a fun little project, and I always enjoy alternative mixed media that isn't absolutely pozzed. We need more right wing artistic media.

Additionally, you may want to just double check your spellings. Page 3 top section Hillary line should be "were rigged" not "where rigged". Either way, keep it up!

Thank you. This is all rough right now. I can't believe I missed that. Pages are subjected to change as I progress untill I finish the first book. Aiming between 30 and 60 pages for the first book. If people like it share, I will continue with the second book. As for now, I have nothing better to do on my down time

I would suggest you keep at it! Do not let anyone discourage you from using art as a creative outlet. We need more right wing artists to influence the cultural consciousness. The left has shunted us out for too long.

But I am doing this by myself. I notice that we have no actual illustrated literature. At least nothing to the extent I want. I hope to make this into a physical paper back.

We need to create our own illustrated literature.

You are a hero and a visionary.

Thank you for your hard work. Have a bump

It's very true, Graphic Novels have always been on the right side of the spectrum, but are drying up in the age of comic revival. Self publication isn't a pipedream by the way, I would look into this if I were you.

Watch those spelling errors, give it more of a "punisher" vibe, and eventually you'll have something to rival Marvel comics.

Honestly, I have already been banned from all art and literature boards on Reddit. Except for a low-sub Qreddit. Even there I am getting shilled hard by new accounts. I want to give the feeling that you are the fly on the wall…or Hillary's face. I want it to look and feel like you are in the middle of a Hillary spirit cooking ritual but still leaving a little to the imagination.

Nice work user, have a bump.

You can publish a webcomic for free in dozens of ways, and the image files don't take up much space.

If it came down to it, you could even distribute it with an email list as attachments.

I want to give it a punisher vibe with a walking dead continuous story line and will be very graphic when I start going into FF's, paddock Comey connections, bones men, user ops etc. This is good for me because I have to go back and re-research everything but luckily it won't be that hard because an user gave me some docs a while back basically an archival of every dig in chronological order from political corruption all the way to human trafficking rings and pizzagate.


You are right. I see wannabe rappers all the time riding around in decked out vans giving out free mix tapes all the time. Essentially, I could do the same thing with paper back copies of the first book with a link to the next book online. Does anyone know of a good website for having books printed?

Good work user. Go for it. I don't like font you use by the way. Maybe try to fix this.

Traced black and white photos works well. enough.But stuff like bricks on walls don't. It would looks better with more clean background. Example of this is page with Obama and Hillary. Page with Trump and Pence looks good.

Good luck and don't give up.

Fuck off back to hell, Satan, and take your nigger children and their kike overseers with you

This is a fantasy of so many on the right, feeling shut out of secret meetings and conversations behind closed doors. I really am happy this is the feeling you're going for because it will resonate.

Also, while Reddit by most is seen as the main medium of communication and information dispersion, there could be something said about plastering your polished work on places which you wouldn't otherwise consider. The way I see it could be summed up as, "You don't need to catch the big fish, you just need to cast a wide net." Deviant Art, art forums, political forums, smaller art communities, even look at dumping on boorus, chan art boards. What you'd want to do is have all of this seeding across different internet pages have a common thread that can come back to your homepage or main content hosting site, generating more webtraffic and a potential increase in search ranking.

Guerilla marketing options could work as well, mass mail dispersal and such.

Additionally, as far as the style goes I get a gritty pulp-real Frank Miller vibe, I really like what you're going for but I would also look around at comic fonts used in similar published works which went for a gritty real feel.


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What happened to that christ-chan comic? It was garbage but it made kikes so butthurt they had to ban it on 8/pol/

Man, I haven't heard Chris-chan in awhile

I take everyone's opinions and criticism into consideration. I usually screenshot the best responses and save them into a folder. I want to have a good collection of input so that I know what details I have to pay special attention too. Despite anyone's political dogma; Qanon is the most epic fact based story I have ever encountered and it deserves more attention.

Have you considered changing the font. Looks like the same font in all of those boring leftists "memes"
But good work regardless

You couldn't pick a more stupider topic than that cult of "truthers" but your style and skills I like.

straight outta leddit

This lot will suck your cock more to your liking >>>/qresearch/
You're on the wrong board.

this is the correct response for any non newfags in Zig Forums

Look up the graphics methods used on Operation Blackjack#3 (4:28) video comic - you're trying to do the same and failing. Your panel border selection is shit, your balloon selection is shit, your font choices are shit, your image scaling is shit, and you don't know if you are doing a graphic novel, Marvel, or manga. Too much nigger ink, I could print 3+ redesigned copies for the price it takes to print one of yours without much effort. Other than that, keep it up.

Guy who made it was mentally ill and denounced the entire comic and only did it for shekels

Kill yourself.

Oh..and another thing…work out who your audience is. Preaching to the choir? Redpilling NPCs? Triggering SJeW faggots? All are different.
..and do your research - Seth was murdered via MS-13 hit done through the trade unions SEIU, people connected to the bar were meeting in the Oval office with Obama in the run up to the hit after Seth leaked. He arrived alive at the hospital and was expected to recover, but (((didn't make it.)))

skill? where? OP is at the summit of Mt. Stupid and needs to get to the valley of Despair as soon as possible. Pic related

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Somebody is cheating.

It's very hard to look at. But I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to upload it to webtoons

Excellent rough draft mock up, OP.
Looks very zine-ish (that's not necessarily a bad thing).
Could definately use some polish, but if can just get your initial premise fleshed out, you can always redo the elements that don't work / fit.
KEEP AT IT! You're on the right track.
Hell, I'd even suggest that you could retell the same story from different viewpoints to get the overall storyarc.
Take the constructive criticism under advisement and maybe get a thread started to take suggestions(?)

I look forward to seeing your final product, user.

all that talent wasted on (((qanon)))

Clean up your fonts and speech bubbles. Some are hand drawn scribbles and some are graphic clipart looking. If you are creating a style you want to solidify those elements as they help the reader identify clear elements that overlay your art/filtered photos. Look at something like Wolverine Meltdown. Even if your imagery is raw it needs a counterbalance that us clean, lest it look like a zine. Rhyme not intended.

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OP, how are you making these?

Please share your methods so other anons who want to make graphic novels can learn, and then we can all have more authentic Zig Forumsack produced media.

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This thread is proof that the Qlarpers are still a strong contingent on this board, and I take this opportunity to tell all you 60+ boomers to head on back to Gab and leave us alone.

We don't want to interfere with your flight plan, but you're not in charge here. Go be trusting on a site more appropriate to your age demographic, like maybe

What is your workflo here? I appreciate the 90s indie comic photocopied aesthetic

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*snap* this is going into my cringe compilation


Great work my dude, keep it up! Whatever you end up doing with it, drop a link and I'll be sure to check it out. I normally don't buy stuff like this anymore but if you were to sell this either physically or digitally, I definitely would as long as it's reasonable.

1- convert photo to black and white.
2- increase contrast enough to have just to colors. There tools like tone curve to set contrast.
3- save it as 2 color black and white picture
4- use trace tool to convert it to vectors( i use Corel Trace )
5- import result to your vector editor ( illustrator or corel )

You need right tools ( i use old Corel 12 version ) and it is easy as fuck.

Look grandpa, we don't care about your trump fanfiction. It's great that you're passionate about something. It'd be nice if you were passionate about something that wasn't so harmful and kiked, but you're old and you're doing the best you can. There's only so much that people who love Amnesty Reagan can do.

We just don't want you doing it *here.* Don't you have some Q websites you could use? Gab is big on Q, I just don't see why you can't go there and be with your own kind.

It was pretty cool. I don’t care that the autist who made it sperged out later, content is content, and it was great.

Is this thread real btw? It’s so weird to see a congregation of Qboomers in the wild, out of their little hole.

Hey, did you know that making decentralized media benefits you too, regardless of what form of non-SJWism you happen to believe?

Did you know that because OP dumped his workflow (see ), you are now equipped to make comics that shill whatever YOU happened to believe?

The creation of right wing comics and music is more important than whether or not they shill the exact version of it you feel is important.

Thanks for posting these fellow patriot, I'm going to send them to my grandson . He's who redpilled me about Q and the plan ! He's the smartest person I know , but the school claims he has a ""disability"" because he doesn't accept the leftist cabal's MK ULTRA mind control . Hopefully one of the sealed indictments is for his principal ! ! !

I am not OP. It is just simple graphic trick to make cheap black and white posters.