Things You Wish Trump Would Say

What are some things you would like Trump to say in the state of the union address?

Make it interesting.

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"i'm cutting aid to Israel"

I am watching gay porn right now I hate my job because I love gay porn

I want him to live tweet a visit to Epstein island

"White people"

"Day of the rope."

Euphemisms for das JUDEN , nazi propaganda, race baiting words , something bragging about how he helped the niggers and its black history month so therefore = good, talk shit on foreign cuntries to build nationalistic feelings in the drone masses, mention automation of jobs, redpill everyone how we print money backed by literally nothing than a group of oligarchs plans out everyone's life in a socialist hell that is just capitalism with more greed but the pawns are all the same


Good point . What's even worse is chump was a democrat and became a republicrat and nobody noticed due to sub 90 iqs

The amount of shit threads on Zig Forums right now is making me furious.

Might as well hijack the golem pedo for our own goals though

Make on jakob

What israel?

No real quality thread you have here. Enjoy it.

You fell for me hook, line and sinker.

He SAYS plenty of great stuff. The problem is DOES jackshit.

….. You guys realize this whole trump
Thing started as a joke right?!? He won’t help you, won’t help others, won’t build a wall or whatever the fuck. You guys realize your president is a conman, fraud and a big joke? BRING THEM JOBS BACK, YEAH!!!! MERICA!!! USA, USA,USA!!

“I declare ‘Holocaust 2: Electric Boogaloo’ now underway!”

"Day of the rake"

I could actually see it happening as well.

"I support that the United States of America remains a White majority nation."

"fuck Israel"

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"Mrs. Clinton, I sentence you to hang by the neck until you are dead. Ladies and Gentlemen, the storm is upon us."

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"Macron's decision to allow France to have referendums was based. We should compete with them to create a more based system."

Your impotent rage is amusing.



Some good ones here. Ill toss in another
A man can dream

"I'm sorry to say this folks, but the jews did 911. I know, I know… it's heartbreaking. It really is folks. But it's even more heartbreaking that we haven't nuked them for it yet."

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"I pledge to support the 14 Words and the advancement of a White Ethonostate within the borders of the continental US."

touchy, touchy Chaim.

Today I'm ending the fed

Four Chaplains


George Lansing Fox, Alexander David Goode, Clark Vandersall Poling, John Patrick Washington


"Immortal Chaplains" or the "Dorchester Chaplains"

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I recently discovered the first image related- hidden on a dying hard drive on my old computer I handed over to my father, this hard drive contained an archive of dozens of images similar to the first one pictured above. I recently posted this image on social media prior to the church service this morning.

I find out this morning that the original commemorative stamp my congregation member had would contain this exact same quote and be read aloud the next morning in complete coincidence. I believe these two isolated events are a coincidence that is incredible to say the least. If anyone here is first hearing this story, I urge you to think about the rest of the OP's that shit up this board and ask yourself what you believe really works for you?

Do you stand by the friends you've made from the onset of your childhood and developing years to this day? Or do you find yourself struggling to make new friends and find comfort in meeting new people each and every day? What is it that makes us so selfless and what is wrong with directing that energy for the cause of improving the lives of your personal in-group? Do you believe that it matters whether church or god is involved in this story? Or do you think you would do the same whether you didn't believe or believed in a different god than your fellow country man?

I personally think this is what makes our country the greatest country on earth and I'm going to point out that these four men were devoutly religious, two being Protestant, one being a Jew, and the last being Roman Catholic.

If you think I'm just shilling up the board, then go fuck off, this board is already trashed up with plenty of garbage posts and I never get to make OP's so how about you fags start making better ones? It's fucking pathetic that I have to post in an already existing thread because this board is being raided.

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"I do actually love myself."



I'm rather upper class high society
God's gift to ballroom notoriety
And I always fill my ballrooms
The event is never small
The social pages say I've got
The biggest balls of all

I've got big balls
I've got big balls
They're such big balls
And they're fancy big balls
And he's got big balls
And she's got big balls
But we've got the biggest balls of them all

"White people"

"My fellow Americans, and when I say fellow Americans I mean citizens of pure European heritage, …"

He'll never say that though.

Check this out.

"We're going to build the wall, but it will be a wall of radiation because we're nuking Mexico"

This is a country founded by anglo primarily Christian people and the rest of you are guests, be grateful or go back to your brown sewers.


You know that it's time for a new puppet when they are getting this desperate.

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i want to get involved in this but honestly it just makes me sad to know he'll never be real and if he ever does say anything it will be

1. Boring
2. Him hyping himself up
3. Using a rent a crowd to support him on something stupid or a backflip
4. Just outright stabbling his base in the back with barely a straight face



You are unfortunately correct. We have a tendency to project what we hope Trump will do, but all we're doing is setting ourselves up for disappointment. Nevertheless, it has been entertaining.

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Wouldn't barely a straight face be mostly a non-straight face?

Dear God that video is the most cringe-inducing thing I've seen in a long time.
It has been entertaining though. Best part?
Think about what's gonna come next.

You were banned for a reason.


"Hey user. Your shills threads are pathetic. Kill yourself."

"Ruth Bader Ginsberg was an old Jew, and deserved to die. Sad!"


Gas the kikes, RACE WAR NOW!

this explains why they enabled anonymous posting on GLP and in less than 48 hours were banning everyone again

the site got sold and everything back to jew as usual

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"Some of you guys are all right. Don't show up to Capitol Hill tomorrow."

My fellow Americans… The storm is upon us.

Get the fuck out of here. Now.

I appreciate it, user. There are many shills nowadays, but it's good to see a good post.

Christian here. It's very important that people come to know God, but you can't force people to do so. You love people, do what you can, and hope they make the right choice. Even love your enemy. In loving your enemy, you try to do the same as you would for your friends. You want them to know God and live good lives as well. Get them to stop doing their bad behaviors just as you would help your friends to do so.

This is at the expense of no one. Don't allow them to harm others either, and feel free to prevent if by force if you have to. It's not loving to allow someone to be harmed.

"I'm actually building a wall, it's an executive order."

I mean Obama did this shit way more, so yeah.

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I do believe in fact if Trump were to bring this up it could make a point about what America is truly about. As much of a irl shit poster that he is, and how he appeals to emotions lately. I think if this was a part of his State of the Union it might have an impact. But it also might be completely out of place. He tends to focus on pro-life issues and this is one of them for certain. For all people that believe one side is right compared with the other, I don't think either side of violent killing is ever really satisfied. This story should demonstrate that point quite clearly.

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"cfade5 is a faggot larper"

Israel is our greatest role-model.

(As an excuse for a wall and to get lefties to counter-signal and piss off Jew donors)

That picture is so fucking stupid, we used to use it in our powerpoints instructing the Privates what NOT to do if a Sniper hits one of your guys. You DON'T go try to immediately rescue him.

"Paid shilling is now illegal. Vans in 30."
It would really reduce the anti-Trump posts on here.

I would agree with you but that's not the point here, lol if you think about it, the image is stupid but why does it exist ? It's not like I made that image or know where it originated, I was more focused on the bible quote than the actual practicality of how the image works. I do believe it originated on the chans and that again re-affirms my point that there's a lot of stupid shit on the chans. If you're military well good for you but good luck saving your guys in a real situation.

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(((organic modposting)))
Low iq maganigger.

I would hope so, on all points. It's really not about race. It's about behavior, belief, and so on. In other words, it's software that determines good or evil, not hardware. Hardware comes with issues too, of course. Different hardware has different configurations, so the software is easily replicated, but not all hardware can run certain programs, or they have to use workarounds, or emulation. It's kind of a mess. In the end, it's the what they're doing with their hardware that really matters.

I've always honestly thought of the dynamic as "we'll trade Israel's safety for US prosperity" there's no doubt that America has been less fucked since he got elected, even though there are still kikes in power that still seek to oppose and undermine America wherever possible, but that's neither here nor there. A temporary repose to avoid the tumult that would come with a Democrat having to answer for the Palestinian genocide to their voter base, which would have red pilled the fuck out of an entire generation of voters.

Of course, "serves him right, he trusted a jew" but this plane was going to crash with no survivors within eight years if shillary was elected, you have to admit that the trade wars and military beefing up is a big economic boost. YES, we should NOT be fighting for Israel, but again, it's just a gamble against time - a race between America's complete destruction, or the potential of redpilling enough people by the time 2020 comes around, in which case after reelection so much shit would get done that there'd be no turning back.

Fuck me, wrong thread
Ad nauseum.

"It's about time to end WW1. Lets finally negotiate a legal peace-treaty with Imperial Germany and resolve the UN."

My real Jewish family name is…..

Come out all cryptojews. Zionist pride worldwide.

Because after he says it, everyone can say it constantly like "shithole".

yee yee
absolutely right my favorite thing about life is everything is a choice and if I make the choice to say nigger or do a sieg heil, it's just freedom of expression. If we live in a world where certain groups are barred from their freedom of expression but others are not. Then is it really a world at all ?

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Would do 3 things:
1. Upset the zionist christians
2. Perpetuate the myth that jews hate jesus/christianity - they don't
3. Narrow the problems with jews down to "they hate jesus so they're bad," and frame everything to be about that, and subsequently loop back around to the truth that they don't hate jesus thus weakening the case against jews.

i.e. if you build your case against jews off of alleged jesus-hate and then it's revealed they don't because christianity aids jews, then the case implodes.

I really hope this isn't another stealth Zig Forums astroturfing thread, but if it is then oh well.

Not at all. Though, in regards to freedom, it's not really about "I can do whatever I want" but rather "I'm not a slave." You can choose to indulge in extreme pleasures, but you're enslaving yourself to it. For a picture of freedom, it's about doing as God would have you to do. God is the one who gives freedom. And this makes sense to those who know God. For one thing, God is literally the truth. We've heard enough that "the truth shall set you free." God is also literally good. Sin enslaves, and God frees you from that. God doesn't enslave you either. That's why you have the option not to follow God. It's really rather simple. God is literally good, so when you don't follow God (which is another way to say that you're not doing good), then you are doing evil. There's no in-between. So, to be free, follow God, who even frees you from death. What's there to fear at that point?

If black people can say nigger, then everyone else should be able to as well. Besides, etymologically, nigger just means black. I'll let you figure out the implications of being offended by that.

5 minute talk about the Rhodesians and South Africans, followed by a rant about fellow white people in the govt trying to destroy us.

1488 boots on the ground gas the kikes racewar now




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"I'm resigning"