Fag Plebbitor Harrassed by NYC Shomrim, Begs /r/legaladvice for Help

The game is afoot down in the cuckverse, with plenty of onions and white guilt dip to go around. It seems that a certain reddit user of homosexual persuasions has acquired an apartment in an area of NYC infested with those lovely vermin known as the Hasidim, and has been shocked (shocked!) to discover that they are intolerant, hateful, and completely above the law.

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Living in New York in general is retarded. Why do you think Long Island took off as fast as it did?

This looks just like the mansion from the Wolf of Wall Street btw

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Jews are scared of fire.

Because it was hyped by richfags.

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bump the thread




Archive before the plebbit shorim show up.

They sound like they want a bribe.

Another anecdote about jew yorkers: someone I knew went to a NY airport; while everyone else had to wait for the TSA to molest them, kikes in full regalia were freely passing through without so much as a glance

Incite more to harass and kill faggot abominations.

My father says a few yiddish words always greases the skids. Pretty sad we have to larp as kikes.

You have to go back, torpedo.

(BTW, this is the perfect type of story for soft-selling the JQ for the Qcumbers, so I posted it there.)

Nobody's going to visit your plebbit link. It's cancer enough and you can't even be bothered to post a screenshot. Into the trash… you go.


I mean, {shrug} he could always follow in the footsteps of Saint Roof. I am sure that would cut down on at least a few of the people harassing him.

Note the immediate airdrop of kike damage control posters into the thread.

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And my favorite - "we don't care about / fuck off with your Reddit shit", meanwhile every thread has scores of (probably the same) posters whining about Reddit soyboys ruining society. It's so strange how they don't care when they're talking about it, but they screech and whine and attempt to steer conversation away when someone else brings it up outside of one of the approved narrative arcs.

and so it begins….

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The Redditor began to hate.

Yeah, they are probably on the phone to reddit right now trying to shit it down.

"Go back to reddit" only became a thing because of Trump, but keep in mind that the analysis and reports these shills are working off are from the 2016 election. It's like saying "you're a faggot, you probably shot both JR and Lennon LOL" and expecting us to think it's relevant in the CY+4.

Reminder that it's mainly whites who have never had to live in close proximity to, or even had to deal with, minorities that constantly screech for equality. Reality is the great red-piller.

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Yep, awful lot of comments getting deleted, and it's barely been two hours since the thread was created. Shlomo's hard at work shutting it down. Won't be surprised if the thread just vanishes in the nearest future. Screencap, record, archive.

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Quick, someone try to file a report and just put "testing" in the captcha space.

…and I began to hate them

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Is this that Jew thing where you say what you're doing in a sarcastic manner while exactly doing that thing? Asking for a friend.

Look at one of the comments from the OP that got removed. Sounds to me like he is getting what he deserves.

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What are the "jewish police"?

Looks like a taste of his own medicine to me.

Are you for real? The kikes have their own police forces in most western countries. (lurk 2 years)

lol, stupid reddit fags are confused that the law doesn't apply to kikes.

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isn't that illegal or some thing? It doesnt seem right to have a law enforcement group made entirely of a single demographic policing an area primarily inhabited by said demographic. I don't know of any other racial/religious identity allowed to do this.

indeed, work for a kike be subjugated by said kike.

have another one

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God this kind of stuff pisses me off

really? who knew
or maybe everyone here that isn't you knows, kikes are above the law as a result of their domination of politics and media

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no shit but is it really to a point where they can appoint them selves as law enforcement to the public and no one bats an eye?s one thing to manipulate form the shadows not every one pays as much attention to these things as people like us do. But to openly go on goyim patrols is another thing entirely. It shows things are beyond a point where going through the system can now be seen as ineffective for even a normie. And yes it was never an option given what we all know. All I know is dotr cant happen soon enough.

jews aren't above the law you dumb jews

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your men should have killed more jews and blacks … ur men failed

I work in Jew York and let me tell you no white guy in his right mind would live in Crown Heights or be able to get friends to come over there to visit him.

There is a reason why they have Shomrim all over the place. Their area is surrounded by nogs and South American hoodlums.

Living outside of Manhattan = risking life and limbs for cheaper housing.

Only jews will put up with that and they rarely leave their area.

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Fuck you idle nigger. They won, we lost. We and our faggot parents who pretended niggers and spics are human.

They are probably not sworn officers and have no authority. I wonder what civil suits against them and their contact people for the "public private partnership" would do.

What's that jew with the flip phone and the stick in his mouth doing? Is this some talmudic shit like the kosher light switch where he thinks he can pull one over on his god if he doesn't dial with his fingers.

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For some reason they prefer to live among a buffer of blacks than among whites that are much less likely to throw a chimp out and murder them.

And two people murdered (one jew, one italian looking like a jew).


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cry baby … you failed us, our parents failed us … no its on us to not fail our kids.

I wont deny my responsibility , dont deny yours

Your christian faith and nigger loving ass definitely takes some of the blame Tom.

Thread is locked now. They're getting very nervous, because I didn't see anything warranting it.

Kikes are above the law.

There's nothing wrong with this. What's wrong is that this same type of policing would never be extended to whites or any other race. I don't want niggers policing my area, and I don't blame niggers for not wanting white cops in their areas. That all being said, fuck jews. I can live with other races but jews need to be baked alive in a giant oven.

The more images you post, the more questions I have. Is that some new ultra-portable gas chamber?


Why are redditors cancer again? I can't remember why exactly any more.

sage for offtopic

"gb2 reddit" started around the same time they got popular which was 2012-ish. If anything they've got even more pleb since le bacon narwal days

It was interesting dude. What do redditors choose? Homosexuals or Jews? Who wins the oppression olympics?

it's jews

Because they're highly politically correct, herd-driven morons who wouldn't dare dissent from the status quo.

Only if they fart.

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It used to be that way. never again so long as the long noses get their way.


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They're glorified neighborhood watch, not actual police.

They just harass goyim so nobody fucks their women

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Neighborhood watch that’s been given a license to harass goyim by the nypd. They are acting above the law. Nobody will touch them because people like lawyers and cops don’t want to be labeled anti Semitic and jews have control of the bureaucracy


No amount of money would get me within 10 feet of jew pussy.

How about a taste of the Alpha+ leddit life?

now in an old mother goose story there was a line i never understood, it went as follows "dead shomrim can't act like cops"

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Her face is a 5/10 at best and I bet she's the most annoying cunt on the planet. Every jewish woman I've ever met was an insufferable piece of shit.

And it's thoroughly cleansed of all anti jew sentiment.

Here's a jewish law maker from NY

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I laughed out loud. Is this what has become of America? Is there no way out?

You're not on cuckchan.

moderators working overtime.


orthodox jews are so retarded and annoying that they're even hated by the other jews in israel.

Comments are locked.

Only the jews can get away with such kikery.

can't you see the black yarmulke on his head? that looks like an entirely orthodox flight. If anything the photographer is a goy and he's wearing that expression because how dare you goyim phodagraff us while we are praying

You must be fun at parties.

apparently duh

reddit is crap, and you can see the brain drain in all of the subs.




Just so you are aware, they are allowed their "Shomrim" police force legally in order to "defend themselves from (((antisemitism)))" due to their (perceived) status as perpetually victimized underdogs, when, of course, they are the exact opposite: perpetually victimizing (undeserved) topdogs…

While passing through Montreal I have seen one of their synagogues (Montreal being probably second most kiked city in Canada, in pure numbers, after Toronto - most kiked per capita) and they literally have dozens upon dozens of not only Shomrim police, but regular Montreal police as well as RCMP standing guard (paid by the goyim taxpayers, of course). It's absurd and disgusting…

Shit, apologies, meant the above post for you.

You are wrong. They have legal authority within their areas of major population, to a (still unreasonable) point - sadly.

Supposedly is legally allowed to protect themselves from antisemitism, because of course.

Fucking truth….

Gave me a giggle.

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Seriously giggle-worthy.

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Some interesting follow-ups.

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You beautiful bastard

The jew is infact, jewing the jews now. Lovely

You missed out the part where the cultists milk your balls dey as you walk to your terminal, and then let you nap until your flight is boarding

You don't want to be firing live rounds into the female attendants after all.



Your exchange rate is garbage. Most of you are the stairs that get walled on.


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The absolute state of reddit. Anyone still hanging about on that website is basically a lost cause at this point, or they're doing very little to convince me otherwise.

Search "oral suction" even fag vice calls the chosen - "the child rape assembly line"

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Only the chosen have the legal right to suck child cock. Burning down synagogues looks like something more and righteous to do everyday.

Lurk more newfag

"Go back to Reddit" has been around long before anyone thought about Trump in politics