Middle East Pullout Canceled

Trump: We’re going to be there and we’re going to be staying. We have to protect Israel,


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Coulter was right. Deport (((Kushner))).

If this nigger doesn’t build a wall we should all just write in Hitler for the next election. He is such a disgusting schlomo tool.

So now Trump has no moral agency of his own? He can't be blamed for his actions because theres one stinky jew married to the daughter he prizes so much?

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Write my name in, I will get things done.

Somebody is keep track of my score right? What's up to now?

Delete dis, now.

I saw a pic of American soliders flying to Venezuela, they are mostly white people. Enjoy dying for ZOG. Again.

You could have prevented this

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I mean Donald has how many kids? Clearly his pullout game is weak. What the fuck did you expect?

Don't forget hime and Michael "Bomberman" Bolton just sent 2.5 times as many troops to Columbia for an impending Venezuelan theatre.

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Zognald is a TV rating whore, what did you expect.


Wow, what a brain fart. Yes, thats what I meant.

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retards, we have thousands of soldiers in Japan doing nothing

Yea, and they shouldn't be there.

You think you can contain this? I have branches everywhere.


I posted this video as it's own thread last night and the mod's deep sixed it. Too bad…It gets really good in the middle…

Doing nothing is better than active warfare, the kike OP tried to imply we'll still be rolling heads in the desert.

Albeit all of it is meaningless, if you faggots turnt your eyes to Venezuela you'd notice trump is just moving his pawns to our next oil field expedition.

This is fine kike tactics right here. I think we should all still vote for maximum entertainment. A vote for Trump isn't a vote FOR Trump, it's a vote AGAINST the leftists. But yea, it won't make any difference as far the how fucked this country is. Trump getting reelected would likely completely set the left off and we can finally get the happening we all deserve.

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Embarrassing at this point.

Then I should vote Democrat? Okay.

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Maximum entertainment is watching the leftists go insane and cry.

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Wait, you're get paid?

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No its not.
Maximum entertainment is the state failing completely and civil unrest ensuing, such that ZOG can be dismantled.
If you just want to 'own the libs', well, that's your business, fag.

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I don't see you doing anything about it Fagtacus. What other option is there really to maximally piss off the left?

They are all on the same (((team.))) China Russia USA EU.

It happens to the best of us. No worries. Plus its early/late in the night/morning so you get a pass… But so help me God if you fuck up my name again kid, I'll scramble the fast movers and send sidewinders down your chimey then send your parents the bill for it. #voterepublican #buymybook #iamtherealjohnbolton

I'm with this user:
Don't care about the Right VS. Left false dichotomy. Just want to see kikes get rekt.

How genius? You got a plan or just more larping?

Not just Venezuela; Nicaragua (can't have the chinks building a rival canal to the Panama Canal) El Salvador and even Cuba. It's going to be a big war, a long war, with millions of refugees (and where will they run to?).

fucking baste

Making my LARP into simply LA is my plan.
I'm going to vote Democrat. We tried your way, with all this attempting to save a sinking ship. Now I'm taking her into the rocks m8, and I'm gonna try to make off with whatever I can from the wreckage.

Cling to those sails if you like. No skin off my back.

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I still don't see a single fucking strategy or plan from anyone here.

Like it or not, yes we do have to protect Israel at this point.
This is called being a STRATEGIC THINKER and Trump is simply setting a trap for the jews.
He wants them to become complacent and let down their guard, before the U.S. military turns and conquers Israel later this year.
All you kikes acting like this is some big win for Israel are about to be sorely disappointed.
Bibi will be held in captivity without trial in Guanta-Ramon Bay in Puerto Rico soon enough.


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Do you even hear yourself faggot?



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Also this.

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well someone needs to tell god to hurry the fuck up because it's getting cruel

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Fuck the wall, what about the H1-Bs and naturalizations?

mfw the commie democrats are doing more to oppose the kikenvermin than the supposed right wingers.

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Dems are going to win 2020. America is fucking dead.

Dare I say, oh I do say so:

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Just wait.
DACA is going to happen. Trump's just waiting, salivating, at the prospect of being Reagan 2.0 leading the US into becoming Brazil 2.0.

Thats quite a semen demon.

They'll get shut down by kvetching and cries of racism faster than a kikepublican.

Jews already tied playing the "anti-Semitism" card.

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this is my face when I know you will never ban me for 4 months again for quoting Trump in his own interviews
kill yourself Kampfy
it can all be over right now if you try

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You don't have a chance

Nobody who votes for Democrats gives a shit about Israel.

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They'll succeed. That bitch will be shut down faster than a kike reaching for a dropped penny on the ground.


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You know what the cost of this is, user? Russia and it's allies are going to go to war with Israel and America is going to get nuked.

Fuck you and your delusions.

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Probably not. Then again, shes probably a blue haired lesbian by now.

Awesome. Take this diseased shitpile down.
4th Reich to follow.

t. American

Personnel is policy.

…wtf happened

No we don't. You are a liar.

Not a few years ago, no. But the new Democratic party which is replacing the old has made Israel it's #1 focus.

Nah. She just claimed they were being Islamophobic and it shut them up. Had a news screenshot somewhere but cant find it. Pretty lulzy

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Yeah, sorry, I don't see it.
Show me someone under 40 who gives a shit about Israel and who isn't a Jew or a Christian fundementalist.

Yea that'll work, literally sitting in a room full of kikes. They'll jew her ass from the shadows like they do everyone.

Pic related. New generation dems are turned against Israel and this will no doubt pour over into their support base, which happens to be younger Americans.

Is that why she was elected to the House? American Jews and political Zionists are losing power. Democrats aren't our saving grace but they will be a footstool.

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Christian Zionist not Fundementalist.
Get it right.

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The wall is a fucking meme. It won't do shit. When are you going to realize this?

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Didn't she recently admit she's a Jew?
Fuck this communist hag.

Again, show me someone under 40 who gives a shit about Israel and isn't a kike or a christcuck zionist puppet.

All the Christian fundamentalists I've ever seen were also Zionists.

How many have you "seen"?

Seems doubtful.

Evangelicals sure don't.

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A fair measure.

Yeah. She's one of those liberal Jews. You know, they kind that will rekt Israel and also open our borders… effectively redpilling white Americans on genocide and turning them against both Zionist and Liberal kike. Gotta start playing the chess, my dude.

Cortez is under 40.

Granted, I suppose you could get into a semantic argument about which variants of the cult fall under that nomenclature.
I don't care to participate, if that can be avoided.

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In December, yes.

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And her base doesn't give a shit about Israel.

All jews, material and spiritual, are jews to me.

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Also this.

What games are these from and where can I get one?

You have something against Democrats turning their base against Israel?

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Not in the least. Do you?

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Nah, man. It's no coincidence that Dems take a hard turn against Israel in 2016, are now rising to positions within Government, and beginning to talk about Israel. Young Americans are embracing Palestine over Israel. So why not allow the Left to rekt Israel, now that the Right has rekt itself, and then we can rekt the Left and Reich?

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Oy vey you wouldn't want the goyim to own the golan and its oil do you?? MAGA!

How is anyone falling for this?


I'm not completely convinced Gabbard is what she gets trumped up as. In any event, the general sentiment is what is driving third party exploration by Howard Schultz [spoiler] and "grassroots/woke" twitter hype [the same twitter that is censoring pro-government feeds coming out of Venezuela at the behest of the US government they purport to be "#resisting"] for proven israel stooges Kamala Harris and Corey Booker.

One game. Here's the page for it.

For sure. Gabbard seems to have flip-flopped on the Israel issue. Who knows. Politicians are all garbage.

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Sure, why not.
Better than supporting Zionist cucks because "owning the libs, fuckin' EPIKIKE!" or some retarded shit.

As soon as the election starts ramping up, this place is going to be full to the brim of reddit niggers supporting Trump.
We have to be ready to counter-shill against them.

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