"Mary Poppins is racist" says (((white man)))

Look at the image. You're imagining the hands, aren't you?

In an op-ed in the new york times, (obvs,) Daniel Pollack-Pelzner (dead giveaway) kvetches on about how innocent family entertainment is actually full-fat racism, shut it down etc.
The spectator does a good job of pissing all over his opinions, but failed to mention he's a third generation illegal immigrant from the arse end of europe, or that it's a bit daft writing contentious pigshit for the jew york times when your CV is public…

Spectator archive.fo/3yaK1
Oregon live archive.fo/RaIqk
CV archive.fo/GiTrp

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How the NYT has fallen. For them, this is what passes for journalism now.

Really? goyim being made to slave like niggers is racist? I… agree? Filthy fucking yids need to stop. It's ain't blackface, it's called getting your fucking hands dirty.

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funny. even a very old lady knew what she was dealing with
This episode proved so controversial that the book was banned by the San Francisco Public Library, prompting Travers to drop the racialized dialogue and change the offending caricature to an animal. (A number of British authors built on the tradition of turning American minstrelsy into animal fables: Beatrix Potter and A. A. Milne both cited Uncle Remus dialect stories, including “Br’er Rabbit” tales, as inspiration.)
In Travers’s 1981 revision, the “negro lady” became a hyacinth macaw who speaks genteel English. Travers, who was born in Australia to Anglo-Irish parents, claimed that black children loved reading the “pickaninny dialect” in her book, but that she made the change because she didn’t wish to see “Mary Poppins tucked away in a closet” by meddlesome adults.

btw, as always the complaint in not made by actual niggers…
jews can't really help themselves from poisoning wells, can't they?

yeah. besides, working classes had never had it fun back then, but i always felt that brits,despite being ahead of the curve in industrialization, or maybe because of that, had always felt for having it particularly dreary.

At this point what's not?

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Kids these days think our industry is dirty now when they have no clue what it took to get to this clean point. Mary Poppins gave children a taste of it without ruining the movie with kids dying in the alleys with black lung. Work is dirty unless you're just a fucking babysitter working in a house.

Good, I am glad she is seen as racist.

For a country with so many racists, we have too few death camps. You'd think there would be one on every street corner the way the press talks about it.

no, because if you had not niggers and all that kind of stuff you would not be racist…

If he really wanted to attack an inherently elitist grovel to the upper classes and an attack on the proletariat he should have chosen the Harry Potter novels.

Harry is born to the elite (wizards) but his parents die and so he is cast down into living with ugly fat retard assholes who just happen to live in a working class neighborhood, talk with working class accents, and wear execrable working class clothes. Harry dreams of escape from this hell, and the escape turns out to be what is essentially the archtypical "public school" in the manner of Eton or Harrow. There the children who all speak with upper class accents and are educated in "magic" by their Oxbridge trained schoolmasters.

What is this "magic"? They learn to speak in arcane languages filled with mysterious knowledge that gives them power. In other words this stupid Rowlings cunt gazes up at the oligarchy and their training schools and sees them learning Latin Greek and Hebrew, and with this hidden gnosis they are magically given riches and authority.

The only death camps I can think of that were ever used by the Brits were for Boer women and children after the red coats got their asses handed to them at the Battle of Moder Rivere by a force 1/3 the size of the British force. Then they responded by rounding up the Boer women and children and puting them into a cholera ridden concentration camp where 55,000 died of that disease. And those were all beautiful blond haired Dutch/French Hugenot Christians, not niggers.

So once again the Anglo Jews murdered nordic christians while inviting in all the shitskins on earth to the British Isles.

Stop, just stop it.

"Anglo Irish" my ass. Almost as stupid as "judeo-christian"

She was an Ulsterman.

Do we really need to explain what a pickaninny is? Has the proper term for a dirty little nigger child fallen so far into disuse?

They operated something similar in Germany at the end of World War 2.

Why do kikes have a middle tooth?

No you fool her father was born in Aus to Anglo-Irish parents. Anglo-Irish =\= "Ulsterman". Its not even a man you idiot

They do?

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Well of course it is racist.
Written by jews.
Starring jews.
Musical score by jews.

Crooked nose, middle tooth.

I always laugh when someone brings up 'white supremacy'. My go-to answer is to suggest that if we were living in such a system then why are they here, or better yet, why are they still alive? Never gotten a proper reasoned argument yet.