Who Murdered Ruth?

A "reporter" claims that they saw Ruth at a darkened theater where no photos/video were allowed.
Only one family member claims that Ruth is in good health, by stating she is walking a mile a day.
No further proof by video or photo has been provided.

Did Ruth upset some powerful people, and they had her killed?
Are they now trying to distance themselves from the murder by "finding" her body when they have a more solid alibi (out of town/country)?

I think we need #Justice4Ruth and to find out #WhoMurderedRuth

If the "reporter" did not murder her, or aid in the cover up of her murder, then they'll easily be able to provide proof of life by doing a video interview with her. As they already have friendly contact with James Ginsburg, from this article.

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the shills obviously don't want you talking about RBG, and I appreciate what you're trying to do with the doublethink but there needs to be a public outcry demanding proof of life and proof that she is still suitable to serve on one of the most important branches of our government, not sympathizing with her, even if it is facetiously

Okay, we don't care.

No, we just don't care about yet another thread about this bullshit when
1. There are plenty in the catalog
2. No one is ever going to do anything about the fact that the US has literally become the Soviet Union, which refused to announce deaths until they had a successor in place

And this fucking bullshit is still up.

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Go back to reddit, boomer. They're not conservatives at all. Trump's appointments explicitly say that the constitution doesn't exist.

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do you have a source for that moshe?

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Put a fucking bullet in your head, subhuman. Kavanaugh explicitly said that ANY GUN not in "common use" can be banned by the government.
>Kavanaugh wrote that the Supreme Court in Heller determined that guns in “common use” and not “dangerous and unusual” cannot be banned, but those that have been traditionally banned, such as short-barreled shotguns or automatic M-16s, can remain prohibited.
He's not a constitutionalist. None of them are.

are you arguing that Kavanaugh is equal to Ginsburg? How about Clarence Thomas? He's a kike shill too I bet

Okay, run along.

I'm just trying to understand how someone can think that replacing a liberal lunatic like Ruth Bader Ginsburg with anyone would make no difference in lawmaking. Do you understand how the supreme court works?

1. Because no one said that.
2. Because courts don't make laws.
3. Because the SCOTUS is entirely staffed with people who don't comprehend what the constitution says and actively work against it
You sure as shit don't. Your next line is "It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is." and you'll think we will accept this.

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Nice strawman, moishe. You're done here.
You realize that even she voted unanimously that "hate speech" does not legally exist, right?
Hey, thanks for admitting you know nothing about history and that you were proven wrong! Go home, fuckface. Worship your civnat god somewhere else.

what would your motivation be to blackpill and derail a thread like this

One thread per topic please.