No end in sight

Census Bureau: 75 million more immigrants by 2060, 95% of future US growth

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Yeah jews tend to do this quite a bit. However, if the US is so great, why they don't take their new educations and go make their countries not shitholes.

So we all get girlfriends then?

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by 2070 my county predicts a growth of ~3k people. That is their 50yr projection. Wish all states and counties thought like this.

Damn those women have seen some shit

Just look at all those doctors and lawyers and engineers. I bet they all know how to code.

Then they pushed their kids into it.

What is the demographics change in your cunt? If you lose 5 mil whites and gain 5 mil nogs, then its not a win

It's an increase in Europeans moving away from the cities before race war. We have seasonal migrants (mexicans) for the forseeable future until boomer farmers die off and their kids hire locals (europeans).

Implying the United States will exist in 15 years much less 40.

I see balkanization in 7 years

This country won't last another 10.

I'd neck myself.

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this meme gets more and more retarded


America won't make it that long. We almost balkanized in 2016, you really think unlimited brown people is going to work without them going full authoritarian???

That application of it was actually funny though.

And if we vote for Tulsi Gabbard it'll be even more accelerated

Tulsi G will be pushed forward because she will do exactly what we order her to do. We will seat her as president because she should be our choice for president.
Hey nbc you should all get raped by a pack of wild buck negroes

perfect trad waifus tbh, 10/10 would baste. assuming they accept our greatest ally jesus of course :^)


Keep telling yourself this.

The narrative around Gabbard is identical to the one around Trump. Funny, the money is pretty similar, too.


We get white Male feminists to procreate with them and then we fuggg their daughters (Aryans with permanent summer tan).

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I we don't fight, we die out.

It only stops when ((immigration proponents)) respect the US. It only stops with outright literal civil war, the bloodiest ever in recorded history.

Can't say we didn't warn ((you))…

Not my problem, I'm killing myself.

By 2060 KEK. There wont be a country left by then.