Masonic origins of the Amerimutt 56% meme

Masons are the kike's street team, which makes them even more important to scrutinize

The Yellow Kid by Richard F. Outcault is a direct reference to Chinese bugmen that not many people know are a masonic creation (except they're not too bright for golems).

Just another mere cohencidence…

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Weak shill thread is weak shill thread.

more like russian jew origins like most of the forced memes between 2013-2017


They should be grateful it wasn't more savage than that.

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Even if Kikesons were behind that meme it doesn't make it any less true.

Cuckchanners always reveal themselves. And I mean you.

Go back to half chan.

Fuck off jew.

You will never be white.

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Sad to see this board is infected by the same cancer that ruined half-chan Zig Forums.

I blame the American's who keep on feeding them lulz instead of ignoring this shit.

No user, you don't know what you're talking about, half pol died around 2012 and the ones that killed it were the hate baiters and the low IQ retards like this OP posting stupid shit on a well deserved meme.

Too obvious, kikes.

This is a paid jewish shill.

I don't know why other Americans get so assblasted about this meme. There are plenty of eurotrash jokes, fair is fair as I see it. Plus it's not like you won't see these abominations irl. Just look in any walmart.

this is an unpaid jewish mutt(american)

…MUTT breath MUTT breath MUTT breath MUTT breath MUTT breath MUTT breath MUTT…

For me, I lose all respect and trust for people in my social circle who post the amerimutt meme in the context of D&C against Americans being European. Against actual mutts it's okay, like that David Hogg spic girl, that was funny.

The amerimutt meme was created and launched simultaneously to (((Weev's))) plot to cripple the hard right with in-fighting, popularized by his (((Daily Stormer))).

Just PSA: if anyone here posts the amerimutt meme, just drop out of pro-white politics because you lack the IQ to keep yourself from being turned against us and will just end up harming your kameraden in the long (or short) run.

Just ignore them. Any criticism of the meme only draws it out more.


i know why it makes you guys so angry, is because it's true

I'll always be whiter than you, Moishe

That's a good thing. You should make people double down on it, to out the people who use it as D&C.

t. spergook butthurt that Zig Forums destroyed his ass again

You don't fight a meme by replying to it.

CM sure as hell won't ban its posters, so just ignore it from now on.

You're an eternal newfag.
protip don't feed the troll

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on this "redpilled" board I see the exact same posts from obvious americans that led to the explosion of the "meme" in the first place, namely the same attacks to the purity of Europeans that eventually led people to call them out on their 56% mongrel "purity"

Zero effort.

Except it isn't true at all, and the whole thing is a fabrication to divide.

I see the new tactic is to blame your attempts to d&c europeans on americans, so as to gain justification to d&c americans. Playing both sides against each other. Well played, Rabbi.

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We've been ignoring it for like a year and a half. It's not going anywhere whether you reply to it or ignore it. You don't destroy the memes. You do the opposite and give it form. You make it own its position and calcify it as being an inherently anti-white position. It's easy.

Amerimutts who don't realize that it's mostly Euros making fun of them regardless of who created this meme. If you are so insecure about it, maybe you are the problem, my almost white friends :>)

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No one cares, moishe.

When has your tactic been effective against an effective meme before?

Want to know a fact? you wouldn't have any amerimutt meme if you Amerifats stop shitting in everyone else, you're even more obnoxious and unpleasant than brazilians.

I'm not sure of any specific examples, but I practice sincerity online and it really tends to take the wind out of the sails of ironytards. When you discuss a taboo topic with irrepressible sincerity. I think that's where the phrase 'clear the air' comes from. Irony cannot withstand sincerity, and you can demystify a topic and make conversation about it possible for other anons who might have felt similarly but didn't know how to address it until you spoke up. Many such cases.

I'm sincere to you, your anger just makes it stronger

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I want to believe you. However, I've never seen a thread that rallied against the meme. I don't think that sincerity can affect either the Americans who react to the meme or the posters of the meme. We must either ignore it and hope others follow, or make a better meme.

It's not effective outside your efforts. It obviously isn't organic, is obviously being pushed, and is inherently repulsive.

In your either subhuman or dishonest mind, I guess everyone who is against this meme must be an american themselves. I am not. And you should know, that on a non-jewish mind, which is able to care about people outside its own little tribe, that this meme belongs in the garbage.

That's not a fact, rabbi. Even without americans, you subhumans will create anti-europe posts and blame it on the americans. You will then do the same to other side, and say, "If you europeans didn't create the amerimutt meme, americans wouldn't shit on you. You are as unpleasant as africans." All while you laugh your way into the synagogue.

It's the standard Jewish tactic of "fellow white people".

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americans live under the delusional assumption that Europeans should somewhat like them because they are "white" and forget their role as golems

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It is, i find it extremely funny how mad you mutts get for this meme
Why would you care, it's not like this meme will touch anyone else, also i find it good as it serves as a wake up call to the few surviving whites in america
Nice projection

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Well, you're thinking in terms of single meams and I'm thinking in terms of taboo subjects. Memes that I hate strongly are almost always associated in my mind with the enemy. Optix being the most recent one. I disassociate with those who use enemy memes.

Think of it more like sharing an unpopular opinion. Maybe you do this from time, maybe you feel that sensation you feel when you think you're going to get banned for posting something. You can probably remember a time in your own past when you spoke up and other people joined you, and then it slowly grew into a stronger minority position in the board culture.

I can only think of petty opinion mongering I've done on /a/ to bust up their worship of toonami block anime like "oh the dubs for that were actually pretty good" (they fucking weren't, they just have nostalgia goggles on) or CODE GEASS WAS A TOP 10 ANIME. I don't know, it's specific to my own interests and it might not mean anything to you so it doesn't translate well.

This meme was always shit.

"White" is all they have left. Earlier generations of Americans mixed their unique and timeless groups until all that was left was "white". Instead of rubbing it in, we should focus on the bright side: it could be worse.

You don't even know what projection means. Unless you are saying that I am projecting my desire to create anti-region posts, by speaking out against anti-region posts. Which is retarded.
Sure, just keep telling people that a psyop designed to invite infighting among each other instead of focusing on the jew won't affect non-Americans. I'm sure some people are dumb enough to believe you. And your misinformation campaign designed to erode racial identity is a wake up call. And wake up calls are good. So your misinformation campaign is good. Well fucking played Schlomo.

I think it's too easy to blame Jews. Jews are behind the meme, of course. You have a large population of Whites on one side of the ocean and a large population of Whites on the other side and they dehumanize one half to the other half just as you say.

But we shouldn't forget that there are very very stupid and gullible white people who pick up the jewish meams and run with them, which is why they call us their gullible goyim. It is quite possible the person you replied to is a White person with a low IQ. More likely it's a White leftist or apolitical troll who thinks he's making people angry online (and therefore wins – at what, I wonder?) and least likely that it's an actual Jew doing the grunt work of posting. They have golems to do that for them.

I honestly haven't. Be it the mutt meme, the boomer meme, or the christcuck meme, any attempts to go against them were met with more posting, not rallied opposition to stupid memes. Look at this thread, the posters aren't so much as fazed.

classic Stormtard

It doesnt even matter, we'll need to change it to 46% in a couple years

Wew. You defend boomers and christcucks? But then, defending against a meme isn't really what should be done. You just make it own its position clearly and succinctly so that it has to rise or fall on its own merits.

Anti-boomerism and anti-christcuckism have genuine merits, even if there are fringe NAXALT cases within both. On the whole, christianity ennervates and weakens the white race and makes them docile and domesticated against their aggressors and have empty congregations and no longer supplies young men with wives, so there's nothing in it for white people to be Christians. Boomers legitimately have created a political system that disadvantages and robs the young before they're even born, leaving them with nothing. They quite literally created the political system that we all suffer under.

Whereas the Amerimutt meme simply says Americans aren't White at all. It's not a meme that says "America poisons global politics and exports fag rights, abortion, and open borders to Europe." That would be a legitimate meme and no one would question it. The amerimutt meme is inherently anti-white and has no underlying merit or legitimate grievance.

Alrighty then.

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Ignoring them has always been bad advice. The purpose of fighting back isn't to prevent the agents from posting. We aren't trying to faze them. We are trying to show any observers that what they hold is not the popular opinion.

People are idiots. They are vulnerable to the bandwagon fallacy. If they perceive that what is being said is popular, they will parrot it, and the simple act of disagreement reduces this effect.

This has to be a migrant shitpost to distract from the border crisis.

Hey, an user gets it.

When you enter USA, you start mutating into a brown mutt even if you don't racemix. You also start becoming morbidly obese. Such is the effect of the warp. No, we are not kikes, nor does this meme make us any less sympathetic to other whites abroad, we just love mining American salt and have been doing it since early 4chan days. Lurk more newfag.

Having some self-criticism wouldn't hurt either. It's your delusion of grandeur that makes you such perfect kike puppets.

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Ok lets see;
Swedes: go prep the bull sven
Germans: whatever you say Achmed
French: Le surrender meme
Spanish/Portuguese: Moors
Italians: Non-whites
Greeks: Turks
Poles: toilet cleaners
Russian/Finland: Asians

JUst for the bigger countries in Yurop, i'm not only going to talk about the american behaviour against small european countries.

You burgermuttwalmart jewish puppets are the biggest D&C n the internet, in fact, Jews couldn't do shit without their amerimutt colony

Nothing baits to goons quite like it.

It's weird to see someone in the middle of D&C come out and accuse a large unnamed group of people as being the biggest D&C as part of his attempt to D&C.

Woah. Accuse them of the crimes you are committing indeed.

Try harder, moishe.

I get what you're saying. Just like you successfully fought against Code Geass dubs, the only way to beat the false meme is to attack the underlying ideology is the only way to change it. In the case of the amerimutt meme, we would need to convince Americans that being "white" isn't enough. I'll elaborate. As it stands, the term white in Ameirica is a huge black hole where unique and timeless cultures go to mix together. Americans do not shame or condemn the actions of earlier generations who mixed them into the "white" mongrels they are today. In doing so, those unique and timeless cultures are lost and only the black hole of whiteness remains. To fix the situation, Americans would need to look back on those "white" groups who mixed and absolutely shame them, remarking on how bad they are as often as they remark on how bad other mixers are. But Americans won't. Americans will continue to defend the idea of a mongeralized white race being "okay" because they themselves are mongrels and won't accept that they are not ambassadors of the unique and timeless cultures once championed within their own borders in Europe. Americans are too headstrong to realize the wrongness of a one white race, and that is why they will never be convinced, they will accuse anyone who accuses them of being nonwhite themselves, and why this meme will live on forevermore.

And you were doing so well, Schlomo

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bump so the shills get reminded again lol

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There's a lot more pan-Europeans in Europe than there are in America. It's quite the opposite: Americans cling to their heritage and get mocked for doing so. If I say I'm Norwegian I'd get mocked. If I say I'm Norwegian-American I'd get mocked. If I said I'm 100% northwest european, I'd get mocked. Even if I just say I'm European or European-American I'd get mocked.

The Amerimutt meme has no grievances, no demands, it exists only to D&C against 150m Aryans.

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Daily Reminder that 8ch is a Mossad/CIA Cointel Pro operation

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lol even more cringe

Found the AltKike

Have fun in your anchored thread

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There's a segment from that interview where he talks about how beautiful the "ladies" are on a board dedicated to very underage Asian models. He insisted they would never delete the board.

Jim is absolutely 1000% unabashed pedo.


Ron would make such a delicious trap if he took hormones early.

no homo

We should start adding the prefix Masonic to every thread to trigger the MIDF

To be fair he killed hebe because he thought they were badmouthing jews and there's only room for one Zig Forums kek

European racial nationalists won't admit it but there's A LOT of gene flow between their nations, and has been for as long as Americans have been mixing. Talk to the average European and they'll also tell you about their German father and Czech mother, their Danish grandfather etc. Transport technology changed all whites in more or less the same way.

Upshot: Euros are just as much mutts as American whites.

The Amerimutt meme is about nonwhite peoples. Because if you have any nonwhite blood you are by definition white.

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Yeah, forgot to say NOT.

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not nearly as much as you may believe, especially depending on what country you consider
a study addressed this years ago, the famous Ralph&Coop one studying the degree of shared ancestry between different areas/countries in Europe
in the case of Spain and Italy for instance most of the shared ancestry with other Europeans was found to be older than 2500 years ago, even France seems to have little degree of shared ancestry with the rest in the last 1500 years
most people back then after all mixed with peoples from the nearby areas of their country, and the flux at the borders was essentially not great enough to "penetrate" so to speak

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Chief Wigwam. Your people are a very kind and entertaining group though, and I am sure they will entertain you well into your later years.

Me likum whiteman's firewater. It thin blood, make me whiteman some day.

This goes even further than that. Hollywood is successfully convincing normies that Iranians are white. Hell, some of the most liberal normies already think that East Asians are white. This is the downside of using the blanket term. It can and will be co-opted. The only way to reverse it is to use a specificly defined race, like "Scottish" or "German".

Elizabeth Warren will be overjoyed by this comment.

You will never be white.

Case in point. Any American who might be excluded from a robust definition will call the proposer nonwhite. Pottery.

This board is a cesspool in league with 4/pol/
Disgusting, no point to even coming here anymore. Pretty much every thread is either ragebait clickbait or stale memes.

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