When will Zig Forums finally admit that patriarchy and discrimination based on sex is an actual issue...

When will Zig Forums finally admit that patriarchy and discrimination based on sex is an actual issue? Even if it’s a symptom of capitalism (it’s not), it’s not “muh idpol” to address such issues. I know it’s hard being an incel unloved by women, but women are discriminated against in our society. Housework is exploitative and as Richard Wolff says, a feudal remnant in our society. Women were the first exploited and will be the last to be liberated

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When they get a gf, so probably never.

Sex-based discrimination is an issue. It's just that literally all of it is against men and women have not only never been oppressed, they use false accusations of oppression as a method of controlling men.

I already do though.

Mods, this is your chance to shine. Make one of the sex threads cyclical, and lock every other lazy bait thread like this one.

This illogic is only slightly less wrongheaded than "my revolution/your revolution" rhetoric. The point is that explicit sexism has been legislated out of existence for decades, leaving behind only implicit sexism that is impossible to legislate against, because it is legally indistinguishable from the (idpol or non-idpol) oppression capitalism itself requires capitalists be given the arbitrary power to commit.

Such sexism can not be solved under capitalism, meaning any efforts to attack it are pointless. Only by eliminating capitalism, and the pretenses it provides for idpol, can implicit sexism be attacked meaningfully.


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Asserting this is, unironically, MRA101.
Take "sexually harassing women" as an example. On the one hand, it's the western equivalent of throwing acid in peoples faces so they wear a burkha (d_b_o_s). On the other hand, it's shutting down your chances of getting laid to "prove" your heterosexuality under threat of violence for approval by the same sex - patriarchy eliminating the competition along the violence of internal heirarchy.
…and I need feminism because age of consent laws and harassment of sex workers denies and suppresses the agency of women and girls.

Fair enough even though I don't believe Patriarchy is the cause of it-
Get out.

If it isn't a symptom of capitalism then it's something we shouldn't care about since our struggle is to tear down the capitalistic economic system and implement socialism on top of it. Anything not related to the economic system isn't of our concern.

Wrong, read Marx you fucking imbecile.

Patriarchy is a floating signifier, but yes discrimination is an actual issue. It is largely dependent on capitalism though.
You can have capitalism without sexism, so it's not a symptom. Sexism does depend on hierarchy, which capitalism provides currently.
I agree. Enforcing discrimination is idpol. Opposing discrimination is anti-idpol.
Yeah, here's the rub. So are men. The idea that men oppress women is wrong. Just because the people with the most power are almost all men, that doesn't "empower" men as a whole. Bezos having more money doesn't make a janitor's life any better. And men don't face the same discrimination that women do (because that would mean they're treated the same) - it's a whole different set of discriminations. The much more accurate description is that gender roles oppress or restrict all people including men, women, and people who don't completely fit as either. Gender roles are not a class system a la capitalism or feudalism where one exploits the other. This is the exactly the kind of "see class struggle in every situation" bullshit that right wingers think we do and call "cultural marxism."
So is being a wage slave, which is necessary for doing housework to be possible. Housework maintains the wage system, but it also sustains it. You could have someone doing wage work without supportive housework but not the other way around. Here's a clue - men get paid more money than women on average, yet women spend more money as consumers on average. Which way is value being transferred really?

Capitalism is masculine though. If you ask a random person on the street what it means to be masculine, what a "real man" looks like, they will describe capitalism personified in the mythical entrepreneur to you.

Nigger you fucking what.
How does some Martin Shekleli looking yuppie represent masculinity?

Even assuming that is true what is your point?

take your meds.

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No, capitalist hierarchy cause sexism, a working class woman can't working the same like a man and that's why womans get less wage, but a bourgeis woman, don't depend of sexism because even not work and still get money from his husband. Because biology, a woman can produce like mans, except when is a intelectual work but Is isn't working class. Marx expresed in Das Kapital the problem of childs when this happen. So no, sexism is explotation of womans, womans should raise her childs and not working but if they working, Would not in the same production of mens

Friedrich Ebert is that you?

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…getting paid according to your labor is sexism?
But that's literally depending on sexism. The idea that you don't have to work, don't even have to own private property yourself if you're a woman is a sexist idea.
How is intellectual work not working class?
I mean you could have professionals raise kids so that it becomes paid labor instead of unpaid housework.
Are you saying sexism is when women aren't forced to be homemakers?
Are you saying biology is sexist?

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A better question would be… why are you still here? You're still trying to fool us, Zig Forums, and trying to subvert our board to the same cringe status as yours.

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Before you're a woman or a man, you must always first consider: are you a prole or a bourg?
All proles deserve to be freed, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.
And all bourgs are shit, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientatiob etc.
And sorry to break it to you, but yes it is a symptom of capitalism. If it wasn't, I wouldn't care, like

Can tankies stop whining and bitching about this please? It's just a fucking symbol.

This is the most important sentence right here.

The only reason there is so much hate against women's liberation here is not about doing liberal and capitalist militancy, it's because people here are alienated by the internet.

I mean, if all those posts about not caring about the patriarchy were true, posters would not feel the need to post and this kind of thread would fall in oblivion.

no, they're not. doesn't matter though this thread is anchored anyways.