Karl Marx's Grave Desecrated

It's Hammer Time

The tomb of Karl Marx at London’s Highgate cemetery has been vandalised in a targeted attack that means the Grade I-listed monument will “never be the same again”.

The suspected vandal damaged a marble plaque which was taken from Marx’s original 1883 gravestone and incorporated into the 1954 monument.

Images of the defaced memorial, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year, show what appears to be damage done by a hammer to the lettering of Marx’s name and the marble on which it is mounted.

Ian Dungavell, the chief executive of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust, condemned the attack as “an appalling thing to do” and a “particularly inarticulate form of political comment”, warning that the tomb would be permanently scarred.


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"oohohnnjmn ohhh how could they do such a thing ohnh oh my like like oh myjnhgmk"

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Excellent. Moar.

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And they need capitalism to fix it

I'm actually disappointed at this low-effort desecration. There are a lot of clever things you could have done with a hammer and chisel, such as chipping out selected letters to re-write the message, or carving a swastika and filing in the newly-exposed surface with India ink to make it indelible. And that's just off the top of my head.

In fact, this is so insipid and chaotic that I suspect Jews flase fagging. Just like they do with their own cemeteries.

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They tore down a stature of so e of America's most influential people because of slavery over a hundred years ago. That's all you've got?

Keep Going

That's not desecration. Real desecration has never been tried

A quarter stick of dynamite would also do wonders in "fixing" the (((monument))).

wew, well played

What? You have pictures of me getting raped by gay people in broad daylight from a year ago. You think you can shame me now? LMAO.


To bad they didn't get some kind of electric battery-powered chisel drill or battery-powered hammer drill with carbon steel bits. This would have knocked big fat chunks out with quickness and ease.

The Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust is just really passionate about this because Marx contributed to the thousands of boneyards all over the world.

And yes, anyone can buy these things for around $100 at any local hardware store.

Good job, Bong-anons!
Why is this not done more often, is the real question.

Too loud.
Should have just used a sledge.

Threadly reminder, Karl's real name was Chaim Hirschel Mordechai.
Rumor has it that he was a (((jew)))…

Do that to holohoax memorials.
And kill jews and leftists while at it.

People can only watch so many confederate statues desecrated.

As a response and as part of the upcoming Holocaust Space Memorial, the Moon will be carved in the shape of Karl Marxes head. That way he will always look down upon the goyim.

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I will never tire of watching Marxist shit get destroyed

Reminder that commies actually make pilgrimage to to his grave.

It's always disappointing how little people are resisting ethnic extermination.
These tiny, minuscule acts of resistance. Maybe it's necessary because Germans have been so traumatized by the last 60 years that they need o take baby steps before putting on their adult pants and killing these soulless anti-White psychopaths and blowing up their goddamn banks.

It's a cult


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It is a fact.

Gotta do something if you are too assed to get a job.

That's nice reddit, let us know when they get it, bring lots of pictures.

god shut the fuck up you faggot you say the same exact thing in every thread. reported for spam


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It's called cognitive dissonance. Whenever a thread is mocking his "idol", it hurts his pride. So he resorts to reverse psychology. A typical automatic behavior.



Fresh OC

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Theoretically, what reactive agent could cause significant damage to this statue so much so it's unrecoverable? Purely for conjecture purposes of course.

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I'm not sure why but I like this. +10 internets user.

Theoretically, thermite can be easily and safely made with common items one might have in their garage.

Jews keep telling me to not go to college. To chase nonWhite women, and to stay away from women that are younger than me.

Can thermite drill through marble?

No but it could do serious damage to it.
On the otherhand, don't obsess over thermite. It's overrated and mythologized by movies. It's actually not as destructive as you think it is.

I don't know about marble, but I'm sure it'll do a number on the giant bust on top

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user be careful what you mean ffs

the soviet union was usury free


…ruled over by jews who ruthlessly exploited the people and squeezed every last penny out of them before abandoning them like an empty husk.

Why do (((you))) need ursury when the government is a jewish corporation?

But it's OK when they do it to statues of white historical figures

What is this expression!?


Not everything is a kike false flag, faggot. This is how I would do it if I was in a hurry or didn't know what I was doing but wanted to fuck it up.

I hope they don't add any (((security))) so more people can do more damage to it. I hope there are copy-cats inspired by this.

That's it? A hammer?
Come on. You can do better than that.
Thermite isn't that hard to make.

This is England, they're lucky to still be allowed butter knives


All you need for thermite is magnesium, aluminum and rust.
There's even a WikiHow article on how to make it, ffs:

yeah and who wants to do that huh
your mum and 6 flatmates are going to let you mix that up in the kitchen oi?

Me and an old friend made it when we were teenagers. It's not hard to make nor is it hard to hide. Granted we're Americans and used to shoot guns all the time and make bombs both big and small for the fun of it.

How do you guys spread butter on your bread? With spoons? x D

Prob with the Queen's dick.

This is the only one I know of but this is not the movies it will probably just clean it really well is all.
Marble is soft whoever hit that did not put much effort into it. Marx face should be rubble on the ground and strangely it was not touched?

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The stone was already cracked across the middle and they just wanted a free replacement. Maybe when they get it restored they can fix his nose.

His ideology was responsible for millions of Ukrainians who starved to death (Holodomor), not to mention all the other many millions of deaths around the rest of the world. This is excellent news. I really needed this today. May Karl Marx, that despicable kike, rot in piss for all eternity.

I agree. But the Karl Marx memorial is in London, not in Germany. The kike died in Britain.

Jesus fucking Christ, be careful what you joke about. That meme is goddamn dangerous

Oy vey!

Can that be safety transported in a plastic squirt gun? Purely for testing in Minecraft, of course.

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Yeah, that is my mistake. I realized immediately after posting that this was the british one. There is also one in Germany.

Don't bother with the hydrochloric acid. You'll squirt your eye out, user. Instead, try muriatic acid, also known as pool acid, for marble.

For granite, fuck it. Thermite, and be prepared for a huge fire and cracked stone all over.


All this is theoretical, of course.

Forgot the quote from the source:

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Except when the left does it, of course.

I just looked at the picture here the statue is granite and pretty much out of reach unless you bring a ladder. Granite is harder to smash but is still smashable marble is way softer though.

It will in all probability melt the squirt gun and burn you. if you want to spray it find an all glass syringe, for minecraft of course.

Muriatic acid is just dilute hydrochloric or acid plus water equals weak consumer grade acid rather than lab grade. It will work but is slower and needs more as it is just diluted hydrochloric.

so this is the power of the right? lazy vandalism and shitposting?. t.Zig Forums gang

most likely a false flag.

yep, that's it. No need to worry

Reminder that Marx was a failure that lived in filth

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Fucking hell, Satan. The least you could do is be careful what you meme!

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oxy torch mein negers
I doubt it's solid bronze. cut that jew cunts head off

Anything with a diamond tip will rip marble to shreds. Most marble workers use diamond blades because it is incredibly hard

Don’t forget he also lived off inheritances from family and supported his family off them for a good while yet he wrote a manifesto for a political ideology that seeks to stop small business/working class goyim from passing down property and businesses they have worked for to their descendants. What a deceptive little kike eh?


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Confederate monument gets destroyed: "Good! No platform for racism! No nazis, no kkk, no fascist usa. Kill the white people! No debate with fascists!"

Marx's grave is marred by a tiny hammer: "umm This uh isn't an…appropriate way to voice your political concerns."

Fuck this guy, fuck liberals, fuck these people. Fuck them HARD!

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You know that in the UK dindus and sand niggers steal motorbikes with powertools in broad day light, alarms blairing, spark flying, shoving the cuck citizens to the ground because no defense laws….

You could literally rob a bank in that country and they would HELP YOU load it in the van….

Ye, fucketh them. It goes to show that despite the appearance they put on, at the end of the day all they want is to kill white people. All their bullshit rhetoric is just disguising their true motives, although they're coming into the open about white genocide themselves recently

Also theoretically, a soap+oil+petrol mixture like that found in a malotov cocktail would adhere to, and to serious damage to a polished marble surface. In theory you'd want to go heavy on the soap to make the mixture highly viscous, so it would adhere better. Also in theory you'd want to dispense it from the mouth of a beer bottle pouring it along the upper edge of the polished surface, allowing it to coat it completey before igniting it. You'd also want to handle the bottle with disposable gloves, so as not to leave fingerprints when you ditch it at the scene.

All speculative of course. This is highly illegal and I don't condone criminal behavior.

No thanks man

Nigga what? Muriatic acid is 6 Mols, the maximum molarity of HCL is 12 Mols

"desecrated???" … its karl marx , its already fucked

How many states and companies did Plato and Aristotle run? Or Sprengler and Evola?
Didn't Germany end in ruin?

Yes, HCl usually does not react with plastic. It is sold in large plastic jugs at pool supply stores. which is why you should not attempt such a thing, it would be very dangerous and you could burn your hands.

Luckily they charged $6 a head to visit, so they won't be needing (((donations))) to fix it.

but user, we have better technology.


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where's /b/ when we need them to dig up a century old corpse and truly defile it..?

I mean, if it's at 500C then yeah, maybe
Feasible but impractical imho, especially since the kikey fuck can just be moved to a new rock

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Have you seen /b/ lately?

It was always a youth board and now zoomers are the youth. They have almost no inclination to do anything but post porn.

huh /b/ has been dead for 12 years and a social experiment fbi… its filled with redditfags , retards and dataminers posting porn 24/7. Porn passives the mind too and any lulzy raid threads are instant deleted.

Drawing swastikas only benefits left-tards