Karl Marx was not a genius philosopher who saw problems and had shitty solutions


This kike never left his study and only associated with other "intellectuals". On the rare occasion that he actually met working class people, he hated them and derided them. Nothing more than a kike trying to suck away the prosperity of the west.

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archive.org/details/rancollection/The Psychotic Left by Kerry Bolton Part 2 - Karl Marx.mp3

Vertigopolitics is unironically one of the most (if not the most) well spoken white advocates.


been binging his content lately. Straight to the point

Why are you disparaging the proles, nigger?

He invented a propaganda tool which helps jews gain control of important corporations by turning its own employees against it. I think that counts as evil genius.

He was a fucking jew.

He didn't solve problems, he only created them.

No shit, Moishe. Just like you.

Shill your shit elsewhere yid.

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Same here. Great stuff.

Nigger, I'm not done Zig Forums

And the same characteristic that the current commies share, not a surprise.

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The revolution is always started by bourgeois "radicals" and finished by the actual proles. Bored rich kids are a threat to society.

Herpes are really well-known, too

Let me guess, a cop thinks he's working class. A politician thinks he is they are working class. An illegal immigrant that sells drugs thinks he's working class. A CIAnigger thinks he's working class.

Imagine being that mad at a guy because he is in a different situation than you that you go out of your way to steal from him, and then pretend like he was triggered when he gets pissed off you keep stealing from him. As if he didn't actually earn what he paid for.

Imagine being that diluted.

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Nothing has even changed since Marx died. Commies are the same idiots and secretly they hate the working class because they don't fit their preconceived notions of how the world should be. They're delusional idealists. And their idea of their own self-importance is still so great that they're still willing to use their own working class men as total expendables. Look no further than: immigration to kill whitey and replace him with third world morons to take down the white patriarchy.

The angry gay men do more damage to society than anyone else.

Communists are that mentally diseased, yes.

Marx was a shitty economist. But he was a pretty good historian. Das Kapital is unreadable shit. But his biography of Lord Palmerston is excellent and so is his history of the Paris Commune.


All written from a study, faggot.

Try harder, Herschel

Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not only for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake. And above all the principle: Common good before own good. A struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. And we were aware that in this fight we can rely on no one but our own people. We now believe that socialism in the right sense will only be possible in nations and races that are Aryan. And there in the first place we hope for our own people. And we acknowledge that socialism is inseparable from nationalism.


Actually most of his writing was done from the reading room of the British Museum, not a bad place to do your writings. If the writers of today worked there I have no doubt their writings would improve.

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Still doesn't change the fact he refused to meet with working class people and preferred smoky rooms with detached "intellectuals" - and when he rarely met the proles he hated them.

>"Take capital, goy, and give them to the (((party)))."

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So just like today's trustfund starbucks commies. Some things never change.

>Oy vey the Rothschilds aren't kikes like us and aren't aiming for the same goals of universal poverty and radical egalitarianism! I mean, (((bankers))) aren't like us in the (((inner party)))

Reading the Communist Manifesto is like reading some low IQ "PHD" level paper who can't write.

I was not that impressed with Mein Kampf overall, but it had really good sections, and had far more philosophy in it.

Commie Manifesto. I remember opening it an a bookshop one time. It was like reading a pamphlet written by some weed smoking antifa loser. It's a piece of garbage.


Proles are deprecated factory equipment.


I'd rather have lazy farmers, than hardworking burglars

Jesus fucking christ on a stick marx still wont fuck you, let it go ffs.
You're not his type anyway, he preferred raping his retarded slave.
Oh wait…

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This is what (((leftypol))) unironically believes

t. trannypol

Sven Longshanks reads on Karl Marx

archive.org/details/rancollection/The Psychotic Left by Kerry Bolton Part 2 - Karl Marx.mp3

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Amazing. OP calls out Marx for not associating with working class people and you respond by shitting on a working class job. Defensive and oblivious.

he was a luciferian pedo kike


He didn't invent peasant revolts, he invented a Casus Belli for them.

how does someone have this little self awareness?

stop shilling him jew

thinks that they are not "racists" should read Karl Marx - the Racist by Nathaniel Weyl. This quotation should suffice: "Publicly and for political
reasons Marx and Engels purported to be friends of the Negroes. Privately,
however, they were anti-black racists of the worst sort. They despised the
whole black race; and they regularly equated them with animals and idiots.
In their private correspondence they constantly used the designation

vant", and compared with such progressive people as the Russians they
were "far behind".

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Every communist I've ever met is a bitter loser who refuses to work. You're the author of your own pain.



Actaully he didn't see any problem in how to solve central economic problem. He thought that is solved by default. Big mistake for philosopher.

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Any idiot can identify a problem. It takes a genius to figure out the correct solution.

he's a commie proto-neet smooching off of a kike with money to burn what do you expect OP

4th pic is great, saved.


So? The jews, of which Marx was one, definitively won both the 19th and 20th centuries, so their International clique must be somewhat genius and Marx contributed heavily to their understanding.

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Deception is often mistaken for intelligence. If they truly were the average 115 IQ supermen they describe themselves to be, they'd have changed up their tactics and MO - but no, they're inbred, scheming, deceptive rats.

This is a pathetic attempt to fit in. Zig Forums is fucking retarded.

I mean, they did run away from Zig Forums and start Zig Forums because they could only make emotional arguments which got tossed in the trash. Not the brightest gaggle of niggers on the banana boat for sure.

The Rothschild's were all over this guy. Is there really any proof that Karl wrote it alone, or without out the influence of other?

Is that you /pol? Dont you have some faggot movie to watch and rot your brain?

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You just have low standards

Boredom and distraction are both threats to society.

Marx was a peice of shit Jew who'd never worked a day in his life. Rather than get his shit together, or make any attempt to identify with the rest of the whole, he instead sanctified his flaws and instead tried to convince everyone else that he was inherently valuable and therefore entitled to free shit.

This would be like if an unattractive transsexual were to vow to subjugate attractive people under the Hon Imperium. His ideology would be therefore attractive to other, similarly revolting people, even though it's pants-on-head retarded.

Marx's critiques and ideology are the lamentations of a fundamentally worthless person. His ideology is only attractive to people who are similarly worthless, self-loathing, and have feelings of inferiority. It seeks to devalue the successful and goes against the healthy promotion of a society's best and brightest, it is like a caravan of weak, feeble people saying that nobody can run faster than their limping gait, so everyone has to walk instead of run.

tl;dr All this Marxist dialogue in the past few days has been the effort of a singular Zig Forums user becoming severely bootyblasted enough that he spent all this effort attempting to pretend like he's not a retard, in a vain attempt to win approval.

To you, in particular, stop being a piece of shit and do something better with your time.

Love, Stirner

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The leftist intellectual is the greatest enemy of the working man.

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So much wrong with that picture. lol.

Pol Pot was right

The depressing thing is that it took so long for his content to permeate. Its still not widely known. Low viewcounts, low follower numbers. Compare to millions hanging on Paul Jewseph Watson's every low IQ civnat word

Okay, nigger.