Ever taught at a high school, and realized they're doing psycology experiments on you?

I'm not saying the people you work with are doing it, but the people who watch the spy technology, and map out your personality behind the scenes. That kinda thing.

I'm sick of being under the microscope and poked. I want out. inb4 you say I'm paranoid. It's too obvious.

Give me some hope that there is an escape from this dystopia, soon. I can't just pretend I'm like everyone else all the time. I'm too aware of how fucked up it all is. People wonder why I'm retarded, but I'm not retarded, I've just got probably 20 scientists fucking with my head all the time, I just seem retarded if you don't know that.

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That's what you get for not worshipping Satan in clownworld.

Faggot. You are either retarded and imposing redpills on youngsters without providing necessary context to your claims for them to understand - and are in the picture because of that. Or you are actually retarded. Either way you should not teach.

Slide threads again…

Do not fear OP as there are many just like you in similar circumstances. The Jews and their goyim in the alphabet agencies wish to make you feel isolated, and further push you into degradation by many means of applied pressure. But it is only you who can help yourself against this scourge. It might not seem like much, but, to be stoic is one of many forms you can take on to combat against tactics used to personally attack you and your self.
Of course leading by example is the best way one may go forward. Reading and working on oneself before you attempt to work upon others is of great importance. How can you conquer another man if you have not first conquered yourself?
Worry not about their flies that come to pester you. Eventually you will swat them away without realizing they're even there… Should you find your means that is.

I live boldly and without regret. Those I encounter who are clearly out of their element as they glow quite like a spook in the dark. I treat them as I do everyone else! They cannot move against me like they'd wish to do if I take my steps slowly and carefully. Though our positions our different? Our mission remains the same! To route out the tyranny that has taken hold within this old nation. It is not an easy task as even the forefathers has snakes among them. But it can be done as some of our predecessors have shown. It will take great lengths to go forward without fear.
There was never a time where sacrifice wasn't made in order to secure the interests of the people and the greater good of their liberty. You must understand this greatly and so as an influencer you must be kind and be mindful.
Remember that you are not alone and that your kindness is not a weakness.
For those who do not deserve it will surely show themselves as they always do.

fuck off. im valuable to know so much, instead of brain dead normies. Just normies have claws man, its a job just watchin out for that

Lul what a coincidence that a faggot comes out to play with words. Manipulation of the language is key and trying to isolate others by identifying them as something as silly as psychological jewry is laughable

Interesting how this was the one post that irked you enough to respond. You also seem to completely miss my first point: You are imposing redpills on people that have no way to register them, inviting yourself to be scrutinised by the system you try to rebel against. A rather low IQ approach, dont you think?
Your arrogance stems from stupidity, not intelligence.

Interesting how much of a faggot you are, ehhhhh.

I don't impose redpill. I just try to act as normal as possible all the time to not attract attention. It is DIFFICULT to maintain that façade.

Don't listen to this mongrel as he probably hasn't tried to educate anyone a day in his life. Considering he is here on our great Polynesian wood carving board. Trying to pick fights on the internet without any real critique.
It's harder to educate a mass of people in a room about something. I have more success with people whether they are young or old on an individual level. Though I've never had a room before me to try and convince of anything. I wouldn't be opposed to trying to do so either as I do not fear to talk about topics such as the National Socialists. It helps to talk about the central banking system before you get on to the big picture, eh, moishe. It really clicks in their heads when you speak about the colonies too and compare it to certain problems of other countries. Oh my favorite one that makes em go "Wow" is when you mention how the last three countries on Earth without central banks are the three countries constantly in the news that they wanted good Ol yankee USA to go to war with.

You dont belong here, lurk two years.

Fuck off nigger, no one is watching you beyond the test results and the nigger core propaganda you push. Take your fucking pills.


he didn't forget to switch ids. you read it wrong.


It's just weed, bro.

This, pretty much.

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True but only you have the power to stop it. Ban devices from your class. Get fired for your concern trolling over the privacy concerns of public education.
And get even. Fix the problems you encounter. It is your duty. Don't wuite, make them fire you for your high anti-surveillance standards.

You have to go back… to the kibbutz.


Reading comprehension is hard isnt it nigger.

I'm not even gonna bother replying to any of the faggotry directed at me. But I will say this, if, you are out there intending to influence.

I leave you with an important phrase that a female history teacher of mine had said to my class when I was in high school.

"History is written by the victor."

This phrase is important if you intend to be on point in your aim to convince others.

Any faggots who intend to counter me by saying their experiences while doing this went badly are either shills or intending to downplay me or are simply foolish.

Make haste, user.

OP, this is Agent Green, your case officer. I need you to stop posting here and go back to your job. Wear your red polo shirt, it messes with the feed less than the green flannel you also like.

End communication

Remember to take your pills.