National Libertarianism

My political theory is National Libertarianism—an idea that focuses on the libertarian ideal of a small government and virtually unlimited personal freedoms for citizens of a nation, as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s rights. However, the “National” part comes from the fact that, differently from the U.S. Libertarian Party, National Libertarianism focuses inwardly (Nationalism) rather than outwardly (Globalism), and outright rejects anarchy.

We believe in personal freedom, but we also believe in law and order. If you abuse your freedom and screw with someone else’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, we’ll throw your ass in jail. You want to smoke dope in the privacy of your own home? Have at it. But if you give dope to a 10 year-old who can’t make an informed choice, you’re a monster who’s going to a cage.

We believe in national self-sufficiency; the idea that a great nation should be able to provide and manufacture what it needs from its own resources.

National Libertarianism. Liberty for all the citizens of our Republic, and a rebirth of our national consciousness—only greater than ever before, because no one who can call themselves an American is excluded, like was mistakenly done in the past. Free speech, free expression, the unfettered right to bear arms to defend your person and your Republic from tyranny, social deviants, and external enemies. The Constitution as it was intended, Federalism as it was intended, Justice as it was intended, and every adult who is willing to put in an honest day’s work should have the ability to earn an honest day’s pay, because the globalists can’t send their jobs 10,000 miles away anymore. (They can always send themselves 10,000 miles away, and find some other country to ruin.)

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Imagine not understanding the concept of 'nation' is based on ethnic community
You are describing what we already have–a degenerate mass of mutts for Jewish overlords to exploit
die in an oven

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Fuck off jew.

Oxymoron. Give business all the freedom they want, and they WILL import foreign invaders as cheap labor.


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At least its not another Zion Don thread

Pick one.

It falls apart when you enact laws to attempt to preserve the nation which naturally fly in the face of "libertarianism"

Libertarians are for open borders, therefore libertarians != nationalists. The proper ideological phrase should be "American Nationalist"

Is fiction.

People need to stop coming up with gay titles for their 'super unique and not retarded' belief system. Just call yourself a Nationalist, or a Libertarian. You fuck.

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Don't bully OP, he's probably a nice guy.

OP you need to kill yourself immediately

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Not your blog faggot, go back to kikechan.


Zion Don threads are important because they help people understand that playing (((democracy))) is a loser's strategy.

This is the cringiest shit I've read all day. Zig Forums is a NS board, you absolute fucking chode.

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All that and $0.50 will buy you a cup of coffee.

Your super unique political philosophy doesn't matter, it's fantasy roleplay.



how about you fuck off, capitalist scum

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You have the big gay, Sargoon.

He played video games with like-minded people and concluded that people will be cooperative in a libertarian utopia.

I wonder what he'll think when he turns 16.

Is it me or is this thread full of bots. No one even refuted or really responded to what OP said…

Because it's tired libertarian, civcuck trash. We don't want to spend our time discussing shit we left behind years ago. Lurk more.

Sounds like a reaction to something you can't even refute

If it was such a waste of time, how come there isn't a single shill even trying to bump this thread to slide anything else? Something like this is just impossible to process for most it seems.

I'll the jews themselves tell you why this hands off approach is worthless.

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So you're too retarded to articulate anything for yourself. Gotcha

Whatever end goal you have in mind for your magical enthostate in America, this is the only viable stepping stone.

What do you want me to do, just repeat verbatim what is already written in these screenshots? Fuck off, idiot. It's your turn to make a point.

What you have is a strawman. Try to show that it's not a strawman.

We've been over this already too.

Libertarianism is jewish as fuck and obsessed with liberty over duty, a methodology via which no nation can endure.

And that's the end of our exchange.

So you can't show that it's not a strawman. Okay bye.

'National Libertarianism' will just lead to 'National Socialism'. The reason for this is that whites will see the ethnic minorities going tribal in this lawless(er) system in this limited government/republic. Without any intervention many companies will replace their workforces with cheap minorities, blood will hire blood, and many outsiders will grab (or create) many more government positions for power despite being in a 'libertarian system'. At that point most whites will want to take back their nation and territory. So, I unironically support 'National Libertarianism' as an accelerational, or transitional period for the West's collapse. It lifts the veil off the (((zog))) republic and lets whites see jewish supremacy and ethnic tribalism without the government and law smokescreen. Quite frankly, there will be no need for degenerates and arbitrarily defined freedoms when everyone wants the same things, basically when everyone is clamoring for survival. What is ultimately healthy for a nation, whites will want and have again. National Libertarianism is just a meme for the eventual collapse. The liberty meme is as powerful as the Constitution or the Magna Carta. It is just a made up agreement to keep whites, that are not already on board with National Socialism, together when it all comes down. It's not necessarily a bad thing to have this cohesion of liberty, but they will eventually learn that freedom alone can't save them.

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Would, oh I dunno, say, a woman who decides to change her race be able to do so under National Libertarianist rule? Because this shite needs to stop nao

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Oh forgive me, her name is now Malaika Mkubwa and she's house hunting in Kenya.

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I though this was relevant given the Ralph Northam controversy.

You mean like this?

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You can't believe how many time the shillmods have deleted that picture and banned my ID for it over and over and over.

What are they scared of?

Better logo

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What the fuck is this gay as shit
Where da [email protected] brothers at?

Better logo for what?

I agree with you, user.

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And look where that got us.


Don't worry OP. While everyone else might dismiss you out of hand and scream for the mods to protect them from having to see opinions they disagree with, *I'll* call you a faggot based on your (horrible) *ideas.*

Such as the freedom of a white woman to fuck a nigger. Whoops your country is a mixed hellhole like brazil.
Or the freedom to do hard drugs. Whoops heroin crack and meth are distributed in order to addict and corrupt your people as the British did to the Chinese. Hey it's fine if the child consents right?
Or the freedom to teach feminism and genetic egalitarianism to children in public brainwashing centers.
Freedom sounds real nice until someone with bad intentions gets a hold of it. You can keep your freedom to fuck niggers and have feminism, I'll keep my racial purity and male privilege.

Protip: look up autarky and palace economy on wikipedia. They are fun reads and might be relevant to your interests. Autarky is what you're describing, and it's way better than whatever (((capitalist economics))) you've been brainwashed by in the past.
But consider the following, goy: Why have manufacturing and mining and all those happy capitalist consumer goods at all? Do those iToys really make you happy when you don't have a wife and kids and a homestead of your own? Don't you think the priorities of this society are a little tiny bit completely utterly insane? Why not have everyone living in Yurts eating mutton cooked lovingly by their state-issued submissive feminism-free wife, suffering under a tyrannous child-making quota issued by your despotic king? Nazi-Mongol economics beats libertarian economics all to hell.

This is called Civic Nationalism. The belief that as long as you have your Holy Spell, "The Constitution," you'll be great and powerful from the magic of "liberty." But what if "liberty" is not a source of power, but a reward of power? What if america's former power came from its people - the genes of its Dutch-Anglo founders - and liberty was the reward they reaped from mowing down injuns? What if 62 IQ Kenyans don't become just as capable of greatness as 115 IQ dutchmen when they set foot in America and breathe in its ConstitutionAir:tm:?


Why do people like you assume that abstract principles will somehow keep those who want us dead and gone from working toward their task? Your ideals have already failed, you idiot.
We tried your way and it sounds nice but only leads to reworded marxist excuses when the ideals falter in the face of reality.

Ackshually, lolberturdianism has never existed in any form, like ever.

Yeah, that's pretty close to what I believe. Racist blood and soil libertarianism, but I'd probably make a few more things illegal than you would and I'd primarily use the death sentence because people are largely born rather than made.

Like NatSoc Germany but with free speech and very little tolerance of freeloading.

Fair enough.

I recommend Propertarinism since at the very least that makes sense rather than libertarinism.

It did look up cultured thug.

I like those ideas.

Here's my problem, there's a trend where the system has less government control the more it expects of an individual to be aware of their own actions and others. This is not bad because it can lead an increase in quality of the average person. I would be for small government if people voluntarily chose to act in accord with NS (moral) principals and therefore coercion by an entity would not be necessary. However people are not perfect and their nature does not change. Some will inherently act against their own best interests causing chaos, let alone the idea of external threats. Also if everybody thinks the same even by choice then is it liberalism? I guess that rant is more against anarchism, but, does a system exist where the improvement human behavior is its greatest focus?

I'm at the point where I don't think the gov't should have any control.
If you think the gov't should have power over us b/c other ppl might do us wrong and the gov't needs to be there to right those wrongs then realize this:
The gov't is composed of the same type of ppl who might do you wrong, except now you've given them totalitarian powers.
Now a battle will play out for control of those powers between all the ppl that exist who wish to do you harm.
The winner will be the strongest faction who is willing to do the most evil things and compromise zero in defeating their enemies and will then turn their attention to other threats to their newly attained, god-like power, namely: you.
Now their monopoly on god power will solely be used to oppress you and all society so that they can dictate tyranny into perpetuity.

I hate the idea of anarchists, always said i'm libertarian, but i gotta tell ya. the anarchists where right

But of course these people in power will also be hypocrites and cowards claiming to do and be the best. If we went to every crooked thug in the government and asked them individually if they ever have killed or stole every single one will say no. These people will also think criminals should be punished for such deeds. Yet collectively when all these thugs became an entity known as the government they are somehow relieved the conscience and responsibility of the individual and therefore when do say no, do it with passion.

I agree with your comments, user.
Centralized power is not good, especially when it has the "authority" (by virtue of the very laws IT makes) to dictate "justice" to all of us, but not to itself.
I'm having the realization that a society based on individual justice, rather than government justice, is the most morally Just option.

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Whatever happens, be it NatSoc paradise or whatever, better protect the god damned right of citizens to bear arms. I’m so damned tired of this right be trampled on.

Libertarianism was a jewish invention. Designed to deconstruct ethnic identity to a nation, and to create a safe haven for the jewish perspective on reality, which is an end to all races but the jewish one, and the ability to make depravity legal in all forms.

Whatever you say schizoid


I am certainly closer to a 'National Libertarian' than an orthodox Hitlerist nya~

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sounds like america in 1776, we tried it, then we let niggers and women vote and it died

These are truly niggered times.

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Based and yellow pilled tbh

national socialist germany had more freedoms than america ever did

people don't realize national socialism and libertarianism are inherently compatible

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The philosophical principles that make up libertarianism inevitably lead to civic nationalism because it is a rootless and naive mindset. Libertarianism denies the natural hierarchy of men. "Rights" are myths – there are only privileges, and only within nations (ie: extended families and tribes with a shared history and shared destiny) and only because the nation sacrifices for the sake of the individual, and then the individual must also sacrifice for the sake of the nation. There can be no "do whatever you want" mentality that exists for any length of time, because it obviously breeds egoism, which is the polar opposite of self-sacrifice, the highest human virtue, that all civilization is built upon, and of which heroes are made.


I'm all enamored by NatSoc Germany, too, but you know fuckall about it but what you've seen in memes, and propaganda like TGSNT. Read books. NatSoc Germany had major restrictions on individual freedoms likely to negatively effect a nation as a whole, which is arguably a great thing (I think it is). It also had tremendously unpopular abuse of power, wherein a newspaper editor - who only had his position because the fuhrer and others high in command approved of him - who didn't like someone could lie about them where Hitler would see, and cause the person to be thrown in prison without trial; someething that was no more ok then than it is now.

NatSoc Germany was no libertarian wonderland, and libertarianism is the weakest position in the world. The philosophy exists entirely to create power vacuums that can be filled by jews, because libertarians don't seek power, they only seek to undermine it. It's a poison philosophy that serves only to make us let go of the tmost effective instruments of self preservation, and protection against jewery.

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Free markets for Americans ONLY. Protectionism for everyone else. Heavy tariffs fund the government, no need for taxes on citizens.

Government provides courts, police only for dangerous criminals, builds roads, provides for common defense, and then leaves you the fuck alone.

Successful nations/empires composed of different ethnicities:

Alexander the Great's Empire

Ancient Rome


Mongol Empire

China (for 5000 fucking years)

British Empire



You're confused because globalists push race-mixing intentionally to destabilize the nationalists that threaten them. So you think that it's impossible to unite different cultures, when it's quite easy if you have strong nationalism.

Literally every single one of those collapsed from internal conflict between opposed ethnic groups.

oh wow, look! it's OP trying to peddle his garbage, nigger-tier """national""" libertarianism AGAIN despite being BTFO every fucking time his shitskin ass tried before. your shitrag of an idea does not even understand what fundamntal elements constitute a nation, and yet you slap it onto what is in reality some garbage variation of multiethnic hyperindividualism. eat shit, and shove your abomination of a system up your non-white ass

Except for China, which assimilated different ethnic groups of same race into one group, the Han, effectively getting rid of all the others.

The different ethnic groups weren't as utterly disparate as you see in Burgerstan. Plus the Han aren't really that amazing.

What a surprise that the catgirl degenerates don't want to get sent to camps.

No. Alexander the Great and Mongol Empire fell due to the deaths of the strong ruler, Rome fell due to invaders being let in, China and the British Empire never fell, and America has not irreparably fallen. USSR did not fall due to ethnic conflicts, it fell because of economic pressure from the west, who bribed all the leaders. You're wrong on every single point, and the fact that you didn't even try to explain details indicates you're a wedge-driving shill.

Libertarianism is based off of selfish materialist falsehoods so no. It's not conducive to nationalism. You can't sustain a people on a thought system that is engineered for the benefit of sociopaths and loners. That just can't happen.

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Insults, vulgarity dissmisals. Jesus this board has declined intellectually…

Not an argument.

On the contrary, we've evolved to the point where the only way they can try to contain us is with an army of full-time shills.

neither is simply stating your bullshit system without justification, nigger

Daily reminder that your kosher philosophy isn't even slightly threatening to the kikes. On the plus side it lets you remain popular with your homosexual friends since you aren't saying anything remotely controversial.

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