Aborted babies’ BODY PARTS fused with mice to ‘humanise’ them for grim ‘Frankenstein’ experiments

ABORTED babies are being used in macabre experiments in the US that involve grafting dead fetus parts onto mice which are then used to test drugs.
Documents seen by Sun Online outline procedures that involve cutting out glands and livers of unborn children and then fusing them onto lab rodents.
The use of aborted baby body parts and stems cells has sparked anger among anti-abortion groups in the United States and it has been dubbed “Frankenstein” science.
And shocking undercover footage has led to the Donald Trump administration to reassess if the practice should be continued at all.
Clinics are supposed to ask if they would like to donate tissue but it is unclear whether the parents are aware their dead children's bodies are being used in this way.
But what is known is that abortion clinics are supplying the fetal body parts, although they are not allowed to sell them.
Phelim McAleer, who has produced the film Gosnell, about a rogue abortionist, told Fox News: “Aborted babies bodies are a very valuable commodity in today’s America.
“Research institutions, elite universities, medical centers pay a lot of money for baby parts."


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and? who cares. Keep morals out of science, kike.

Yeah not really bothered about this at all


Corporate Globalism pushing abortion on the pollution for their profit. Sounds wonderful. Meanwhile the taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood so they can sell the aborted fetuses for cash.


Satanic Kikes

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I'm not defending that kikery, theres simply wrong with what they're doing in experiments. I'd prefer we abort all spic and nigger babies and use the live ones as medical experiments.

no wrong*

Filth getting rid of future filth for us helps us out
Still perfectly ok with this

( ( (satan) ) )
Bet you're a Christ fag too aren't you? Queer

Gee, smells like a lot of bug influenced No U

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

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True. And let's use you for experiments while we're at it.

When are you headed out to Natsoc colony to never be heard from again?
You know there is no power out there or phone lines to get your posts out right? Not to leave out the Bears on meth that could eat you for a fix.

These are the people who're horrified over Eurgenics, elimating genetic disorders through gene thearpy, and attack conservatives over stem cells.

wow this post really triggered the jews

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It's an unfortunate state of affairs where Zig Forums gets to poison potentially interesting topics and the thread is filled with retards of their own sort.

That quote from Revelations is referring to jews that don't worship yahweh, as satan is a label given to non-jewish deities so that jews don't say the name of them. This is consistent with other jewish conventions about addressing things by their real name or not, such as spelling God as G-d.

In the old testament, and reaffirmed in the new testament, anyone who worships yahweh is a jew, making christians honorary jews. Conversely, if you don't worship yahweh even if you are ethnically jewish, you're no longer recognized as jewish.

It's pathetic that you think quoting the bible at posters means anything. It's explicitly dishonest that you think pasting a bible quote without its authentic context is acceptable. All the more revealing is that you did both and expect people to accept it at face value. It's on the same level as Zig Forums namedropping books at people and feeling they've won the argument.

It's too bad for you that that overrated bible quote means something else, but it says a lot that christians rely on it in a desperate attempt to try and blend in.

If eugenics were a national policy, the medical industrial complex would have far fewer hopeless causes that the public would be forced to pay them to care for.

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Shills have FLOODED this one. No positive outcomes from this practice will ever be revealed nor applied to anyone but jews.


Another interesting note: this is exactly the kind of thing jews and the allies claimed Germans were doing. Really makes you think.

you're talking about the spic-nigger cycle specifically?

I'm talking about the medical-retard cycle.

Quit slacking off.


If we gave "personhood" to niggers, when we decided they were only 2/3's human, I don't see why some Frankenstein mayonnaise midget mash fest shouldn't be granted person-hood.

It's almost like projection is the constant companion of the Jew.

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And how, prey tell, does that not exactly describe the hooked nosed plague currently infesting this planet?

If not enthusiastically cultivating such absolute wastes of existence with a totality of conscripted exuberance was a cultural policy, such national policies wouldn't be explicitly necessary.

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Exactly. This board is officially done pretending to be Republican

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Satan means opposer in Hebrew

Unethical to test on children? Why, not if you kill then first and create chimeras from their DNA. Fucking kikes.

I am unable to start new threads anymore for some reason, and I am hoping some user would start a thread about this story for me.


Don't you see that the entire planet is a giant Lab rat ?

Well we already have Human-Ape hybrids…


I remember once hear Jones say that the elites already have labs with living human-goat chimeras inside. It sounded far-fetched at the time and I brushed it off. But today, I believe it could be true – simply due to how bad everything is becoming. Even if it isn't true, without doubt I believe that the sheer degenerates that moderns are is enough to have them already looking for a way to do this, if only for the hell of it. We truly live in a Judaic hell.

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I'm waiting the day when hybrids will be part of our society.
user will mate with mix cat/woman beings, hahaha.


What a very jewish perversion of the bible. It says a lot that you keep spreading this perversion in a desperate attempt to blend in.

What a load of shit. The rest of your reply is a hamfisted claim, which the jews like to make, that judaism and christianity is the same thing. You are either a jew, or a jewish puppet they are using to destroy their long hated enemy, christianity.

Holy shit, these jewish tricks.

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thanks for letting me know kike. glad there's lot's of Hebrew speakers around here.

Look in my second comment even national geographic admits this is going on.




Being a jesusnigger is even worse.

Exactly how much is the dead baby parts industry?

Bump for justice. This is a part of pizzagate

The fact that blended up babies are being used in experiments is not nearly so horrifying as THE FACT THAT BLENDING UP BABIES IS OKAY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Once you hit peak molochian clown cult planet, you flatline on additional horrors.

Though, the creation of human-animal hybrids is actually important new desensitization. What I suspect they're doing here is created quarter-assed chimeras by just splicing in some human genes so that, later, when they start creating authentic hybrids, they'll say "this has all been done before and it was never a problem then, goy." That's my prediction on the purpose of this particular molochianism.

Yes, but what if they are NIGGER babies?

Than what is satan's real name?


To all the haters of

If you don't support using nigger babies to further medical science then I don't think you belong here.

Personally I think liberals get the rope first and nits make lice but if you want to ban doing this to white children I would not oppose you.

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So US spent billions on bio engineering to create a hohol?

Hey why did you delete my post mods?

If I let you we'd have 3x posts of people re-hashing old arguments over religion as we do on topic posts. This thread is not a pagan vs atheist vs christian thread. It's a thread about how we can use dead niggers for science.

I'm not saying religion is 100% off topic, but you'd better make it pertinent, perhaps bible quotes about killing babies or whatever. Not calling each other Christ cucks or arguing if Christians are Jews. Post that shit in some more relevant thread (or board).

I deleted a shitload of off topic posts, now that your warned I'll start issuing bans if you keep it up.

-Your friendly neighborhood mod.

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Oh. Just saw this. That's reasonable enough.

What of Messianic Jews, then?

Get your positivist ass back to plebbit.

yeah the kikes sure are known pushing for ethical standards.
holy shit blow your fucking brains out you unbelievable retard.

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Did anybody analyze the audio on this one to see if the demon actually communicates something while hissing ?

It's still disgusting. I get that the shill line is to pretend that letting kikes ritually murder nigger babies for Molech is okay just because we hate niggers, but anyone that can't see why you'd want to continue this in lieu of just removing or sterilizing niggers outright is a retard.



*dabs on your moderation*
*(((globals))) delete an actual helpful and informative post*
Nothin personnel, kid.

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dafuk dats really some fucked up shit man o_o

i mean what goes into the mind of the surgeon who nonchalantly glues those bits together???

his mind goes I have a very high paying job and my medical work would and can possibly help and advance modern medicine into the future if i glue a dead baby to a mouse and watch as this Abomination get Super powers i can call into the dark ones office and he will reward me for muh work then he washes his hands goes out into the parking garage starts up his 2019 Sports car drives home to his Castle for his weekly blood covered sex party and profits

There's a lot of Anons freaking out about "human hybrids" like and so I'd like to introduce some new data.

What the "human hybrid" articles are talking about is called "Transgenics" and it's an attempt to solve the tiny supply of organs available for transplant using genetics. The idea is you take an animal that's biologically very close to humans like a pig, and you splice it with Mr. John Doe's DNA while he sits in the hospital. The pig grows up like a normal pig in a clean lab environment, except it grows a human liver with the specific protein configuration of John Doe's cells. Since pig livers are already very close to human livers, there are very few compatibility issues. Then they slaughter the pig, harvest the mature liver and implant it into John Doe. Not only did Mr. Doe get a new liver way faster than the multiple year long waiting list for donated organs, but it's genetically his own liver and thus he won't have to stay on heavy immunosuppressants all his life to keep his immune system from attacking the organ and rejecting it.
Unfortunately when you say "human animal hybrid" around here Anons tend to freak out and envision some horrible (((Hollywood))) horror movie creature being all gross and creepy. That's not what these "hybrid" experiments are.

Now back to this article, yes this experiment is horrible. Not because they're using dead tissue, but because that dead tissue was obtained from the murder of a defenceless human being. Just another day in clown world.

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Clown World indeed ' and all this for not if the ones behind it are going to use this Scientific breakthrough for anything but the betterment of humanity ' and we all know there will be problems not only Ethical moral and religious beliefs by doing things without seeing the pros and cons..aka playing god you can get as you said a possible (((Hollywood))) type Jurassic park Zombie apocalypse an Outbreak of disease and the state of the way of the world it shouldn't be messed around with especially when bad men are running the show but in for a penny in for a pound we came this far let's just let the Scientific community do what's right and hope they don't doom us all for (((Reasons))) other than benefits to us all