The Way to Victory of Germanism over Gingerism

Could curly-haired gingers be exempt in the case of Nuremberg laws? If a national socialist government is successful, would Ireland be nuked, and the ginger gene would be shoah’d once and for all?
If Hebrews can denounce Gingers, would Gingers be below Jews in the Fascist racial hierarchy?

Heres a article related to the Issue -

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My new band name.


Is gingerism even a white trait? Or is it a nonwhite corruption? Why is it so common among jews? Why did the Inquisitors consider red hair to be a jewish trait?

Varg Vikernes stated that red hair came as a result of original whites (who were all blond) mating with or being raped by black haired nonwhites, specifically negroes.

Do note how many mulattoes have that weird orange-brown hair. Could Varg be onto something?

Wonderful thing about genetic testing, we don't have to use merely visual distinction to identify Jews.

No, Gingerism is not a white trait at all. Most gingers are Jews yet not all Jews are gingers.

Why do you think Murdoch-Chan's voice is nasal as hell? Because it is accurate to the Jewish genes in most Gingers today.

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Hmm, ironically, is super pale skin with the inability to tan also truly "white"? Most gingers get burnt in the sun while other whites can at least tan, and many jews, in addition to many of them being swarthy or having grey/green skin, can also be unnaturally pinkish pale/near paper white, like the Polish-jewish owner of Zig, who was also a redhead.

Hello JIDF
Jews stealing white genes does not makes white genes jewish

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Are you actually trying to argue this in seriousness? Red hair comes from the fucking Vikings. Their settlements on the British Isles are the reason why red hair is so common among the Irish and Scottish. Most Jews have fair skin, and a lot of them are even blonde and blue-eyed. Are you going to say those aren't white traits either? Take your D&C elsewhere.

Nice derail attempt, Shlomo

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No it doesn't. Know who had a lot of red, picts. know where they got their genes? Phoenicians.

Wow. The amount of chutzpah in your post is astounding.

For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of inter-marriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves. Hence, too, the same physical peculiarities throughout so vast a population. All have fierce blue eyes, red hair, huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion. They are less able to bear laborious work. Heat and thirst they cannot in the least endure; to cold and hunger their climate and their soil inure them.

The fact that you kikes are trying to claim credit for red hair is astounding. I know you fuckers are natural thieves (even your own religion is stolen from better peoples) but damn. Even I am shocked at your arrogance.

Nice D&C, Shlomo. This entire thread is about as subtle as a fucking nigger eating fried chicken.

Varg is making shit up because redheads ruin his "muh blonde hair/blue eyes are best adapted to the north" narrative. Redheads, due to their MC1R genetic mutation, which is what causes red hair in Europeans, allows them to produce vitamin D internally in low levels is light, i.e. in forests/cloudy weather/winter. The same cannot be said for non-redheads, as they require a lot of sunlight to synthesize vitamin D.

Red hair is found in Ashkenazi Jews because they have European admixture, not because red hair is Jewish, because it isn't.

Are you even trying kike?

It's caused by a recessive gene, meaning both parents need to have it for it to express, so populations with more inbreeding will have more of them (jews, islanders).
There are posters here that will post redheads exclusively when posting pictures of white women.

"ginger" hate is basically the same as "dumb blonds".

If red hair is so white, why did the Holy Inquisition consider it a jewish trait and single out redheads as suspected jews? Why have jews been depicted as red haired in many European anti-jewish charicatures?

Yeah just like blue eyes is a jewish trait because a lot of jews have blue eyes

Against gods direct orders Joshua raped and murdered the red haired giant race known as the Anakim; later known as amekelites. They now parade around their "nephilim" DNA and chosen-ness when there are plenty of non-corrupt RH- descendants of this race. We don't need them

But most whites don't have red hair.
In fact there are more Ashkenazi jews with red hair than Europeans (by percentage).

Unimaginably low-effort bait.

Sage and report the kike shill threads
Sage and report the kike shill threads
Sage and report the kike shill threads
Sage and report the kike shill threads
Sage and report the kike shill threads

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Druids larping as jews, though just as dangerous as any real ethnic jew, is the one who think themselves jewish but is really not. Though perhaps the "real jews" are the Druids and the Semites took it all over, lel.

so ireland is the third most jewish place on earth then?

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Because they're child molesting, kike worshiping spiritual kikes, jackass.

Do you believe in witches as well?

You know what comes in at #2.

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I mean, fuck, they didn't persecute blue eyes you retard.

An absolute soundcloud slapper in the making.


Why do you call your ancestors pedophiles and jew worshipers? Sounds like you're the kike here, shlomo.

Hey guys, you know what else is a common trait among Jews? The ability to drink water. When a National Socialist government comes to power, we should kill everyone that drinks water

The Inquisition was a political tool, who didn't only target Jews and Muslims. They weren't also the brightest bulbs on the tree, they were known for killing random people. Also citation needed. And even if citation is given, the word of 500 year old political thugs isn't very convincing

Why is it that only Jews with high European admixture have red hair? Maybe Ashkenazi Jews have red hair because morons like you make shit up about red heads so some ended up flocking to a people who accepted them, much like the morons in the UK who joined Islam because whites made their lives miserable because of their red hair, while the Moslems have accepted them. You're nothing but a D&C troll, and if you're white, you be ashamed of yourself for attacking your people. But honestly, I suspect you're just a filthy fucking kike.

low quality (not 600mb) upload of ama2 where

Priests are not my ancestors anymore than Marxists are my ancestors. They're just dumb fools who fell for a jewish book.