The Federal Reserve Just Released US New Coin Designs

What does Zig Forums think? Have you pre-ordered your Drumpf Shekels yet? I think it will be an important part of history when trump is revealed as the jewish messiah and rebuilds the third temple. What do you guys think?

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What does this have to do with Trump?
You discord trannies need to find a new hobby.


If trump was assassinated I would feel nothing

flushed mine down the toilet

This is some Dune level shit.

the third temple was already built and destroyed

That looks photoshopped as shit, nigger. Stop being such a faggot, OP. Holy shit.

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it's real! you havent boughten some drumpf shekels yet? enjoy being poor goyim

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Provide sauce, then kys.


What source do you need friend? They are real

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This is the content Ronald "Codemonkey" Watkins wants on this board.

You have such delicate hands.
Provide source for this claim:
Sure, someone made those coins, but the date is 1917-2017. Hardly proof it's a new design from the Fed.

Ḥutzpah, it's crazy how they get away with telling everyone their plans before they actually do the thing
Start of WWII in 1933, continued WWI's stated objective on the Allied Side

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kys /ptg/

I just got one as change down at Walmart. You haven't seen these things yet they are everywhere

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Go fuck yourself back to pissrael jew.

In the meantime, ISIS is destroyed, Assad holds Syria, U.S. troops are pulling out of Syria, and the EU is continuing to break up.
AND…people are becoming more and more aware of the travesty that is the central banking cartel.
OP, we're gaining ground. It may be incremental, but Trump is a stepping stone in those gains, not because he "hates Israel" but because he's anti-globalist.

You don't really think Trump is the end of what we're doing, do you?
He's just the start.
To radicalize the right, all you need to do is tell the truth.

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Tbh, Trump was stupid to do the 'MUH HOLOCAUST' or the 'MUH LEGAL IMMIGRATION', but if the U.S. removes the Jewnaulists and makes peace with Israel, I think he's doing mighty fine. Except for the 38 billion, why the hell do we need to pay that many shekels?

Kill yourself.

There's more than one. Looks like they have about 5 USD of silver in them.

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Oh it will be peaceful after the flash.

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Oh, we put in 5 whole american dollars worth of silver and you can but them for 25! A deal!

Because it pisses off American workers, who make less, on average, than the Israeli worker does.
Everything that red-pills the NPC's serves our cause.

Also, love how they need to practice killing shit for their demon god.

You are such a fucking bad liar, they have a site where you buy it, all proceeds to the Temple Foundation or whatever it's called

Sounds entirely Jewish, to me.
Put Trump's image on a commemorative coin, sell coin for 5 times its real value, then wait for all the Jew-cucked Americans to stupidly shell out for it.
Sit back, rub hands, and profit.

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This should be the solution to Jerusalem priding itself on being the center of the world. Jared Kushner will be the next attempted messiah.

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So why are you bumping this shit nigger? You know it's a jew trying to shit up the catalog before temple.

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Most commerative coin sca-er deals are no where near as trustworthy as this one from your friends in pissrael my friend. Those do not even give you zinc! The frauds! Buy in bulk to get ahead!

Notice the SS ready to run over with that BP glass in case some crazy kike gets ideas?

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If yous want a Trump coin get one of these. Don't deal with those desert peoples.

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How about neither?

Wrong. Trump was put in place by the kikes (reminder that the elections are a sham from the bottom up and your vote isn't even coutned) to tamp down revolutionary potential in the right. Now people are more invested into right/left politics than ever before. Trump is also a globalists.

Why would anyone but kikes want a trump coin?

Its a boomer.

Oh, just for fun.

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Ostensibly true, patently false
He's pro immigration

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What horrible site moderation

Probly cuz OP couldn't contain himself and funposted about the coins being FED currency instead of symbolic Israeli temple coins.

If anything, it's reminiscent of an Israeli shekel design that has Trump's image over King Cyrus the Great.

You got this from the same source. Fed Reserve isn't making this, Israel is in response to growing embassy strength in Jerusalem.

You faggot them coins have been around for a long time