A great way to start redpilling normies en masse. It's stylish and provocative and appeals to our innate desire for the truth. Some will argue that it doesn't go far enough, but I think that is an autistic expectation. Once you direct someone towards the truth, it is up to them to decide how far they want to pursue it.

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Oy vey, (((Cernovich)))'s shiity docu will free the white race, surely it isn't more limited hangout Jew tricks.

Blatant shill.




is most likely lots and lots of dead leftists

Off to temple yid.

What makes you think this applies to leftists and the like?

absolutely fucking kill yourself

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Dershowitz wrote a book defending trump

This thread definitely isn't normal.

cernokike lying through his kike baby penis sucking hole as usual.

Kike Thernobitch is a shitty filmmaker and all of his work is underwritten and produced by hardcore anti-White zionist jews. Hard pass.

To be the only non shill here, thanks user i heard about this else where was told it was worth a watch. Forgot the name until now.

why are all these faggots making shill threads… is reddit down?

Right? Fucking sliding hard today. Probably cause AIPAC got called out.

This thread reeks of Jews.

Red pilling the masses won't do shit, they won't watch your garbage documentary, if you've actually spoken to a person who is only aware of the mainstream history ideal then you'll know how fucking stubborn they really are about even accepting such a concept that jews controls the world never mind actually making them start a revolt against the kike masters you basement dwelling idiot, best thing to do is to start a movement with a small but highly devoted and skilled group of individuals, we don't need quantity we need quality