The Prophecy of the Black Sun

The Prophecy of the Black Sun

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Quite interesting.
So is this based on the metaphysical truth?

Yes, but the divide between the Metaphysical and the Physical is only a thin veil of imagination. Many minds imaging in kind will create it.

So when does exactly the kali yuga end?
Don't know much about this stuff in comparison to history.

Kali ends in 2025, and we will gradually begin the Ascension into Dwapara a Yuga which is gradually improving.

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QUite interesting where should I look for in the web if I want to learn more of this stuff?

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Ariosophy is the study of Aryan Meta Physics, and Guido von List and Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels are both Prophets of ours. Also is a great buffer to Aryan Vedanta

Also the Slavic Vedas tell of our roots on this Midgard Earth 50,000 Years ago. Hinduism has been culturally appropriated, from Aryan Vedanta.

I love being 100% Pure White Aryan.

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The Mormons will return to their Nature of Aryandom as well, they will lead the way in the USA. It's in the White Horse Prophecy

Bretty gud bread.

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So once we enter 2025 what will happen in the next age or era?

There will be a 300 Year period of transition, where we are still emotionally and spiritually connected to the Dark and Material age of Kali. Each year, things will get better.

As the time progresses, we will begin to understand the Magickal nature of our souls, and the ability to manifest reality from our Psyche .. During this time a Priest Class of Aryan Brahmins will reemerge, these are Men who have known Brahman as their own Soul.. They will Say "Aham Brahmansi" [I Am Brahman] These ones will teach the other Aryans that Material is illusory, and the Truth is within the Spirit, and all is Electricity and thought vibration.. We will move past Dogmatic Religion, and Secterianism, and return to True Yoga (The struggle to unite with the Divine)

After Dwapara will be Treta , where we have begun to leave our material bodies, and we will be partially Aetheric.

Then in Satya, we will be like gods.. needing for nothing, Life will be Paradise again.

After this comes the fall again, and we return to the descending ages.

From the sounds of it, looks like we will be forced to destroy certain technology that consume so much of a person's time, in order to regain that reignited spirit or it will happen in moderation.

I think that we will still use Tech, but we will use it for the advancement of our people, and of acquiring wisdom.
Now , tech is used against us.. But, with our Worldview resurrected, we will see ourselves, and our purpose as it is, this will enable us to use Tech as a Means, and not as a method of Escape.

The Ancient Aryans, were very technologically advanced, they even had anti gravity flying vessels, and other means of instant communication.

I would like to point out that 876 = 21 (3x7), making

Effectively 12777777

OP, You are not alone in your thought or spirit. I have been self-aware of our task since adolescence. Curiously, I described a plan very much like yours to a friend the other day, including the use of a new currency (not 100% sold on crypto yet) to be used to build new institutions and communities.

One way to achieve quick, local political power is to find counties with low populations and move a few hundred or thousand people there. Georgia has 8 counties with less than 5000 people.

Anons may well not like this statement, but in order for this to be successful, we must not fear being open about who we are.

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

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Bump :)

This the shit they're coming up with at temple?

It might interest anons to note that the beginning of the last descending Dwapara (Bronze) age, is at roughly the same time as the Jewish year of creation.

At the grand solar minimum? When we're facing starvation and freezing? Sounds fitting.

Are you sure-certain-sure of 2025?

World Wars have lasted between 4 and 7 years.
I can't see Kali Yuga ending sort of peacefully.

About PDF file:
It's cute but nope. I'm done with Aryans taking care of other people.
It's stupid. Talk about misplaced feminine virtues.
Sorry, we don't foster.
We either ignore or destroy. Anything left, we loot. I don't see why we should share anything, even in our leading skills, our capacity for greater visions and of course, all the science that comes with having Whites sharing a territory with non-Whites.
This is absurd and detrimental to our interests.
If India were to be ruled by Aryans, we would have to remove all the mudcurry populace.

These Hindus simply see, all around them with the ruins they can't repair, and through their older texts they can't write any longer, that something great existed a long time ago, because they had been subjugated by a superior race. And what good did it do?
Even whatever remains of the highest caste is made up of mongrels and hang to whatever miserable white admixture is flowing in their veins.

I've been thinking about Islay, and the other Scottish Isles, for this purpose.

Islay, pics related, is right in the jet stream making it a lot warmer than it should be for the latitude. This combined with extremely high light levels in the summer (because of the high latitude), plus high rainfall, would make it exceptionally good farmland if protected from salt by tree lines. At the moment it's kept barren by EU subsidies for sheep grazing, but it would be very easy to reforest as its natural state is atlantic rainforest.


Also the UK is near collapse so you'd have a good chance of being completely ignored and left alone.

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Talk to me Hudson. What's about that story bro?

Woops, sorry.

Sounds like late-hindoo rubbish.
It's a very absurd, binary approach to the universe.
We are already well aware in alt-science of the importance of electricity in all things. It's already growing. But there's no point rejecting the real world because pie-in-the-sky vacuum cleaner is going to suck us all back into the Initial Godbag of Eternal Dust.

Reminder: Only retarded MAGAniggers believe in fantasy and untruths.
None of this is real. What is real is fire and steel. Arm yourselves and prepare to fight those who have destroyed your people and cultures.

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bump of cocaine.

Sci-fi entertained images of human or alien societies seemingly primitive, living on pristine worlds and occupied with obscure spiritual practices the space invaders couldn't understand nor cared much about. Then the invaders try to rob the planet and enslave or eradicate the locals, and have their asses handed to them by locals' much superior yet unobtrusive technology. Supposedly, sufficiently advanced societies might just ditch the modern society's drudgery (the Butlerian Jihad from Dune was about that - a religious revolt against enslavement to technological society) and return to their native lifestyle of small communities in pristine nature - while keeping the tech at hand, but not obsessing over it nor butchering themselves to fit into a digital gulag.

Maybe the future Golden Age society will be like that. Europe will be one big forest, seeded with small homogeneous communities in Eco-friendly housing (read - log cabins) leading lives of rewarding labor in youth and spiritual labor in elderly age. The local spaceport, easily mistaken for a glacier or a pretty rock, would just gradually fade into a mountain it is built upon.
Maybe even the Nigs will hunt in the savanna like they always did, blissfully no longer a bio-weapon to shady international cults or dupes to exchange ancient White weaponry for pretty stones.

I've been suggesting this for many years now.

I had thought about putting all of the crimes of the jews in the ethereum blockchain so that it could never be tampered with.

/pol is now bowing to poo religion

Why is Trumpkike still alive

Werewolves of WW2

Noice noice noice

I'd suggest British Columbia Canada. Yes there are already a million or more shitskins here. But it is one of the largest untamed land masses on Earth. It has the greatest natural defenses on Earth outside of Switzerland. It contains every single ecological zone within it's borders including a high altitude tundra and a low altitude desert.

It has vineyards, fishing, hunting, traditionally rich soil for farming and some of the oldest trees with the best wood in the world.

And the best part is seceding from Canada could be done very easily if the US didn't intervene.

And there are dozens of bre-built ghost towns all through out some that even have working electricity.

Nothing ends peacefully.

Please elaborate, I was already thinking of moving out there.

On the West the Province is flanked by an Island (bigger than England) blocking Tsunamis and the Pacific ocean. Up North is nothing but no mans land and vast vast tracks of uninhabited wilderness with the sprinklings of small towns and reservations. To the East are one of the largest mountain chains (The Rockies) on Earth creating a perfect natural border. And the south while the natural vector for any invasion, the terrain is broken up by peninsulas and rivers making even that disadvantageous.

He means it is completely full of chinks so no humans would ever want to invade it.

Another bump for more discussion

This, along with the Pacific Northwest of the US. This should be the location of the ethnostate. We could start in Northern Washington and British Colombia and work our way South down to Oregon, and then as far East as Montana. What we lack in numbers we can make up for with balls of steel and devotion to the cause. Just thinking about creating pits lined with spikes in woods for loyalist scum to fall into gives me the biggest hate boner.

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Despite all the shilling against the Northwest Front and the outright spam, it's amazing how Anons are finally waking up to their ideas all over the board. So many people are going full accelerationist, saying "It all died long ago" and "burn it all down." And now Anons are catching on to the nature of the pacific northwest as an ideal empty-yet-developed homeland for a new age.

It warms my gosh darn heart. Hail Victory.

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Fuck you.


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Nice book collection and it can be completed with mein kampf.

Heil brother.

kaliyuga is fake niggers look at history many kingdoms lasted over 250 and many didn't even last 50. dumb jew npcs

Hope your jew neighbors don't report your homeschooling to the authorities and have your kids taken away.

Bumping because we’re the best

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But user, how would we organize collectively without being sued for discrimination?


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That's faggots, not Freedom. I don't have to pay for what I was born with.

I wish I could move to a Volk community.

You get chink infestation that way.

Do you remember when the sky burned, too, user? Do you remember riding out?

No, it's a shorter transition period with each Yuga. This one is only 100 years.
It's a single force on a polarity spectrum. It's just gravity… as we define it now.

Georgia is also have niggers.

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almost all I've heard of put us right in the middle of the kali yuga, giving us another 4 or 5000 years to go

Stop reading the works of kikes then.

I like this. “Prophecy”. If that doesn’t remind people racism is a shallow lie, I am not sure what would.

They are brainwashed.

take it to /tok/

Meh. They say this every time that things get "this bad", and the "improvements" are not only "gradual" (how gradual? who says?) but in fact are engineered in order to barely suffice to reprogram the cattle to submit nevertheless, and are illusory in essence.

By the way, what are your thoughts on the metaphysics (philosophy) of time? What "is" time? Can the record or flow of it be falsified?

Can someone redpill me on Vril? Did the Vril Society even exist?

Nigger, learn to read. Based Prabhupada said this before your worthless ass was even born. For that, he was murdered by the kikes.

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its a late addition, not even real vedic shit
oh bother

kommandant gang

There are at least 5 Known Substances in this Universe, and Time is One of them.

The Substances are :

1. Awareness
2. Aether
3. Time
4. Matter
5. Information

Time is both Objective, and Subjective.
It is Objective in the sense that the Mechanisms of the Universe rely on it to know when to execute certain functions, however it is Subjective as relates to the Awareness, the Awareness can slow down or speed up time, it can also visit the past or the future. Often times when time travel takes place it is to a different time stream, so altering the past or future of this stream is rare. I have only Time Traveled once, but it was a passive exercise, and I had no power to change anything, only observe.

We tend to contemplate everything from the stand point of Matter, however this is not possible, Time does not share anything in common with Matter, and as such it is very difficult for us to properly comprehend it.

Vril is another word for Aether, from it comes all Manifestations of Matter, it can be altered with the will, and the imagination.. But this should not be attempted by many, especially if the intention is to harm another. It's best that most leave the Vril alone.

Yes Vril Society did exist, and still does exist.

Please consider reading one of these Books :

1. The Holy Science
2. Autobiography with a Yogi

Both authored by the Sage Yogananda, who claims to have received his Wisdom from an Incarnation of Shiva.

He claimed that Kali ended around 1799, however further research determined that Kali ends in 2025.. It turns out that the Hindu scholars we're likely way off in expecting Kali to continue for 10's of thousands of Years.

I trust Yogananda's line of reasoning, since he uses Astrology to arrive at his theory.

Are we Ready?

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Haha, no. No way. Kike calendar 6000 year cycle ends 2240. We still got many generations of assfucking to endure.