If Hillary Won

We all have an analysis of what the situation would’ve been. Two years into the future we experienced the happenings and have seen the (((agenda))) . Post what you think the past 2 would’ve been and the next 2 years would be with Her.

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None of these shit slides because the world would be burning.

The establishment of the establishment would have won.

She'd be dead and the country would be a year and a half into a glorious race war by now.

We'd be in a state of civil war

My own bold prediction is that we’d be in WW3 right now fighting the Russians , Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. The draft would’ve been reinstated, that would’ve pissed off a lot of Millenials into voting for further left candidates, we would’ve had a Socialist Wave in the Midterms promising free gibs for everyone.

One thing that isn't really clear is the competing notions that Hillary sold out a massive chunk of America's uranium reserves to a "hostile" Russian government and simultaneously was going to start a nuclear war with Russia. Doesn't really make sense – but then it comes from the same people that swore up and down Donald Trump was friendly to Russia, whereas in reality he has been one of the most extreme anti-Russian presidents we've ever had. Probably because he fronts for the same Billy Browder crew Slick Willy did.

If Hillary had won:

She'd be the most unpopular president in United States history from Day One. Aside from media, everyone hates her. The Republican Congress would have stopped her from doing much of anything except for troops in Syria. Like Trump did. Mid-term elections, Republicans would have kept both houses of congress.

That's the reality, as opposed to the fantasy where presidents can do whatever they want and there is no pushback.

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nothing different except people may have still supported Trump for the next elections

I looked at the bump threads and the new threads , there ain’t nothing to be slid today. Plus, we’ve all thought about this and I’m sure 1 or 2 anons got a complete “What if…” analysis of the Clinton Presidency.
Might be some red pills to be shared or we may even enlighten ourselves to what’s next in their plan.

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About a middle between your two posts. The civil war and race war fags are delusional.

The why and the how user, I’m sure you got a complete short story in your head

Remember those leaked Soros Foundation docs that said #BLM was going be used as a pretext to federalize all US police forces?

She actually doublecrossed Putin with the UraniumOne deal. You'd have seen another color revolution attempt in Russia and possibly "kinetic military action" in Syria (and probably Ukraine too) by now.
Make no mistake, Hillary and her cabal want Putin gone so they can rob the country blind like they did in the 90s.

We already seen with TPP these Republicans were one way with Obama in public and another behind closed doors. HRC had lapdogs throughout the Bureaucracy that would do anything she wanted including blackmailing or character assasinating Legislators and killing lesser known opposition

That's funny, retard.
That's funny.
That's funny.

Trump would’ve been heart attacked by now after kicking off the Trump News Network

Found the magacuck. Do you prefer two nigger dicks or three? Do you pay above 500$ too see your wife fuck shitskins?

Hillary Clinton would have taken office to roaring acclaim from the judenpresse superpac that carried her.

Scalia's replacement would have been Merrick Garland and Kennedy wouldn't have retired, but Ginsburg would have. The supreme court would pretty much be irreversibly communist.

That's it. Everything else would have happened exactly the same. Except instead of Trump failing on Obamacare it would have been Clinton failling on free college. Clinton was the status quo candidate, promising more of the same. What we got under Trump was more of the same. So to think it would have been dramatically different is just stupid.

Ginsberg and Breyer are both very likely to die within Trump's first term (if Ginsberg isn't dead already, of course), and Clarence Thomas should really probably retire as well. So, seemingly by dumb luck, Trump's election will probably end up packing the entire supreme court with baste neocon chucklefucks. But this is probably how it was intended to happen. Trump carries out a milksop neocon agenda that betrays the working class whites of America one last time while the demographics slide quietly past the point of no return, and the neocons in return for relinquishing power permanently in the executive, get granted an overwhelming conservative majority in the supreme court to secure their interests through the transition towards full socialism.

Clinton was never going to win, because this was all part of the plan. Trust the plan, goyim.


Very Vanilla user for a woman that had an Empirical Globalist Agenda , she would be a single term without something dramatic and you lost me on Trump being part of the plan.

I wish I *could* lose you good goyim open borders neocons.

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Civil war and extermination of Democratic-Republicans, together with their nonwhite and race traitor hordes.
Yep, Trump is a release valve, and Hillary nearly caused the pipes to explode.

Why do you respond to a nigger tier response to two other nigger tier responses with a nigger tier response.
How was your race/civil War supposed to start? Are working white men going to drop their hammers, shutter their business and then pick up AR-15’s , start blasting cops and blowing up federal buildings ?
The story user , what would build up to that point?

Why you posting faggot Kyle Griffin, who’s next Tea Pain or Ellen Degenerate ?

We are seeing all of that, just minus the color revolution part because the Russian liberals are completely loathed and have no credibility since Russian nationalists aren't morons like Americans.

All the energy from the election would have been channeled into armed uprising.
Instead we got "trust the plan", civic nationalism, based niggers in maga hats, and gibs for Israel.

Which would you have prefered?

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How are we delusional? All those Trump supporters, or a significant majority of them, would have gone crazy. Trump said he wasn't going to concede the election. Trump was set up to give white Americans false hope.

I fucking despise people like you, who fell for the Jewish scheme. Trump was a Democrat before running for President, with ties to Jews. He loves Israel. Netanyahu said he's a friend of Israel!


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Conservative Whites are the most repressed group of people in America. No other group is attacked and suppressed by the jewish media as viciously as we are. Trump gave us false hope for political change. A Hillary win would demonstrate that the leftist establishment is impossible to resist peacefully and thus, more and more White men would start to resist it the only way that works; violence.
One thing would lead to another. Stochastic terrorism leads to organized terrorism, leads to race riots, leads to guerrilla warfare, leads to defections from the military, leads to full blown civil war and the collapse of the Zionist political structure.

Those are some Dank Ass Memes my very true (((White Nationalist))) friend , I’ve only seen them posted on like a dozen other threads. Tell Jonathon Morgan he needs to pay his New Knowledge niggers more money for OC

The Soros Riots the day after the election were planned to peer pressure Trump into conceding.
“Trump’s tearing this country apart”
and “concede” turned into “impeach”, “resign”

No one likes you stormfag degenerates

Nothing more Jewish and damaging than you White Nationalist faggots.

I think it was somewhat good that he got elected at 2016
now we know for sure that average conservative is a zionist civnat cuck is as much as an enemy as the leftists and should be only used as a tool until we have dejudenized them completely


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I'm not posting Kyle Griffin, I'm posting Trump caving to democrats. If you're implying it's not true, we know it *is* true because he *did* cave and signed their absurd wall-banning spending bill.

Open borders neocons don't belong here. You belong on Gab with the other 60 year olds who love Amnesty Reagan and George Dubya Bush.

You are what you support, and you support this.

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This is what low tier shilling looks like.

So when did jews abandon joos for nadzee?

Justin Trudeau and his wife would rush to Washington, grovelling before her and begging to suck the liquid shit out of her colostomy bag and ostomy. They would shout out hosannahs in gratitude as she poured the vile liquid filth into their infantile suckling mouths, praising it's sweet fragrant bouquet and it's delicious saveur.

They ain’t even , they’re our new friends , the D&C , “Dont Vote” , Black Pill, “yous a Magakike” ops from New Knowledge . They were easy to spot when they came from Reddit a few months ago. They’ve did their research, picked up on the lingo and unlike the Shareblue fags they don’t have a problem throwing the word kike and nigger around like it’s for free. The same people that hand over reports to the Senate Intel Committee about Russians, ran Roy Moore’s Campaign into the ground with openly admitted fake Russians, hang right here with us.
Bravo Jonathon Morgan

Your lurking MSNBC Literal Faggots to shit post Trump , good job (((white))) friend

Save the White Race retard? You cannot even get laid with a White women.

Actually a possibility.

Hillary would do to the United States what merkel did to germany. We would be thrown into a war with Venezuela and NK. Tons of sand hooks to take away guns.

Imagine a woman version of this mutany scumbag.

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I was taking out my computer case when George H.W. Bush was being taken out his hearse.

Based and redpilled

White power. Sort of. Fags kept deleting other threads, so I had no choice but to post it here.

Everything would be the same, just slightly worse. Republicans aka the controlled opposition party, would run congress but give in to all things democrat.

So the last 4 years of king nigger?

Is this how you post to prove your a white nat

Zig Forums has always been pro trump and it was in 2016 when the shills started coming over here and trying to subvert it by saying it was actually (((National Socalist))) or (((White Nationalist))) and he was a jewish shill. The shareblue psyop is failing and now slide threads like these show how desperate they're getting and forgetting that without Trump there would be no wall, illegals would getting amnesty or citizenship, and wars would still be in the middle east. some degenerates who love to loose, would want hillary to win so a civil war would start but that's exactly what the democrats would want since they're the real racists. If hillary won then this board would be run over with the racist tools of the democrat party and Zig Forums would be lost.

I like these guys doing AC/DC Thunderstruck

All we need is just more social division (which is happening) and that police and the army will become incompetent (like in Western Europe). Then we can just provoke a racewar by the fear and anger of shitskins
If they get that shitskins will kill them otherwise, they will and if they don't there is nothing else to do anyways

Why even bother anymore. Nobody ever gets convinced and admits defeat in arguments. When was the last time you saw someone respond "Okay, you were right and I was wrong"? It's pointless. CIA, JIDF, FBI, TRS all defeated 8/pol/. We are in a ruined city, a pile of wreckage.

The time for debating has passed. Buy a gun and ammunition, or call me a federal agent. Whoever has the most bullets will win, not the strongest arguments. Start killing.

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I like that analysis as pertaining to Zig Forums
It’s like White Genocide Wears Blackface

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thanks, glownigger.

I know , they can’t help themselves but hope they can provoke some retard into losing his shit and shooting up some retirement home or some target even more expendable

You sure about that path? I'm saying, buy a gun and ammunition before it's too late. Are you really going to keep dismissing all calls for violence as being from feds? Better get armed for the race war sooner than later, or you'll be the one getting ventilated.

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"maybe if i reference myself but deny my motive they'll believe me"

Well said, the time for arguments has passed.
Its time to defend our people or die trying.

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Oh, wait action would require getting off that fat, Ameriburger shart in mart ass. Meanwhile over in France people are fighting back without need for firearms. Filthy


Thanks for sticking to the Thread Topic, notice how I start a “What if Queen Cunt Won” an army of Shills descended on it turning it into Orange Man Bad thread

Don't mind me showing some archives that contradict this statement (((torpedo)))?

Stop trying. Just buy a gun and ammunition, the only way to "convince" him is with a lead supplementation.

Yes Yellow Vests are very Grass Roots , it’s just coincidental that it went into action after Macron started mouthing off about building a European Army to defend against the Americans

This is some awful awful shilling what the fuck happened to you guys? Did you get demoralized or something.

Yes, that makes perfect sense. They want to depose him and restore NatSoc for France, right? With a united European Fascist military?

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I am not trying because the shills stopped trying long ago.

If he means "post kikey, pre-November", then yes; those mods were natsoc. If he means pre-kikey, that's also true. If he means kikey, there's nothing that can save his retardation.

Go get them , go get the entirety of the archives from summer of 2015 to November 2016 . We don’t have to because we’ve been here for more than a few months

Hello spastic mutt. You don't have any concrete values or ideology, correct?

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You think that’s what is going to happen, Macron will be replaced with a good little French Poodle that sits in Uncle Sams lap while it barks at you snail eaters “Vive la France”

or terrible satire ;)

Who knows. But now they call you kike and nazi same time. They usualy have no arguments, only lame insults.

How you can tell the classic subversive. They demand to know what you believe, what your values are and which ideology you ascribe to.

Not because they are actually interested in you, because they clearly aren't by their initial phrase being an insult.

They merely seek to control and manipulate your motivations and the outcomes of your efforts.

I grew up with a master manipulator.

Uh huh. Asking for what you believe is just subversion. Wondering if someone is only on Zig Forums because some friend on The_Donald told him about it is manipulation.

I want to know : Are you pro - white, or not? Because being a Trump supporter doesn't mean you are.

Then the jelly like slime slipped through my fingers and reconstituted itself into a different argument


I guess answering a simple question takes too much effort, because apparently you can't do it!

You will never be white moshe.

"whiter than you muhammad"

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Who exactly are you to question y motives and interests though?

That's like walking up to a stranger and calling him a pejorative because of some random rumor that's likely not even true.

You can be whiter than me then faggot.

Who is he to assume we're from New Knowledge because we tell the truth about Donald Trump?
I'm assuming he has no concrete ideological foundation, because Trump supporters usually lack one. It's all about MAGA and triggering duh libtards instead of actual pro-white action.

Let me ask you this : Why aren't you bothered by Trump's history of supporting Israel plus his ties to the mob and Jewish friends?

What 2 years? There was only one after she started nuclear war with Russia.

She want to kick off World War 3 with Russia on her first day in office.

And then the tumbleweeds rolled, and my enemies vanished. Just like on many previous days.

Which is why I say, buy a gun and ammunition. Argument doesn't work. We need to start killing.

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I just owned your ass over the “I’m going to get the archives post” and now you want to go into another off topic argument of which you just got called out on by two other anons.
Anyhow this White Man has to go to work , thank you anons who stayed on topic and I’ll see you Shills in a few hours.
This thread topic is obvious something (((they))) don’t want us discussing

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Go to work? On a weekend? Pfffttt, sounds like you might be working a very unique job. Maybe shilling on the internet? Leaving so soon to another thread I see.

I'm not the one making attempts at silencing discussion. If I was trying to slide this thread, i'd be saging. Yet another underhanded deceitful lie.

this here is an example of how isis has infiltrated maga and is trying to incite violence for the liberals to enact censorship. if we want to surrive we should work with radical islam's biggest enemy, the jews, and use the adl to deplatform them. the deep state is us against our greatest ally in the information war but never forget that this is a limited hangout.

That's the dip stuff sold at the grocery right?

It is infinitely better that Trump won.
You lost, leftists. You always lose. Hillary will never win. You will never win.

>they are using us against our (((greatest ally)))
You guys should fucking stop and leave.
You suck!

One Parthian Shot , you Shills used the same technique on the Leftists that hated Hillary’s Guts
The Bernie Bros and the Greenies
“Vote her in and then we’ll hold her accountable”
We’ll bring her to justice after we make her POTUS
(I know , my friend was a Bernie Bros)
Sounds the same as
“Don’t Vote” or vote to what’s diametrically opposed to your interest so we can start the race war

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Go fuck yourself.

I seriously hope you die in an automobile crash. In an extremely painful manner. With eyes punctured by glass shards, all the way through and into your brain. You are a vile, worthless untermensch which belongs in a zoo, getting fucked every day by a gorilla.

You probably believe Hillary is in prison and the wall is already built. And Trump is waging a secret war behind the scenes, and we need to trust the Q plan. Die, die, die!

I'd be living in an off-grid Earthship by now in the most remote area I could get to by car, generating my own sources of meat and produce.

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ok everybody here is another mad dnc shill, Hillary was put away at a CIA black site along time ago but Q told us she's been replaced by deep state animatronics and Bill has been given hush money. right now they're a stalemate because Ginsburg has been dead for years and replaced with an animatronic and at the same time so is Hillary so the dnc can't call for impeachment and the trump admin can't replace the dead judge.

You just had my hopes up you nigger.

Everything would literally be the same.

The only difference would be there would probably be more retards shooting up public places in an average week.