I feel ashamed of my nation and me itself. I see that Hitler was right about p*les...

I feel ashamed of my nation and me itself. I see that Hitler was right about p*les. Our history is literally a great amount of luck not a reasonable work for better future. We stole a acomplishments of many and claim that is our pride. We are behaving like a mixture of niggers and kikes painted white. Occident and entire world will be better without polish nation. Let's face the truth. Poles are vermin, subhumans. And i'm ashamed to be polish because thank to this i am a subhuman like rest of my nation. I want next genocide to that idiot of Europe.

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At least you can admit it. Not fuck off and stop making nigger-tier threads.

Good now redeem yourself and reopen the camps.

Stop chomping on the blackpill. You are what you are, now rise above it. Forgot about that (((politician))) that got offed live on stage? We haven't. You think western countries don't have white people acting like kikes or niggers? Lead by fucking example and lurk two years.

personally i blame your kings who took in half of the world jewry, and allowed them to do their thing as long as they had their share.
or at least that's how i understand your history before the russian-german gangbang in one brushstroke.

But all poles are kikes or niggers and there is no exceptions. There is no other choice than killing all polish.

ur a mental midget at least get a firm grasp of history first, go read Norman Daives or whatever

(((Hello my fellow Poles. We should be ashamed of ourselves, fellow Poles. We should feel guilty. Poles never did anything great. You…er, I mean, we should welcome your impending genocide!)))
Whachya doing rabbi?

>(((my fellow poles)))

I'm not a rabbi or other schlomo. I am simply a pole that understood his and his own nation inferiority.

This entire thread is just Jews jewing each other. The moderation on this board is shit.

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Was Poland built by them? Is the Polish nationality even remotely jewish or african? Are you a fucking kike yourself or what?

Fuck off jewish vermin. Someday all the tricks in the world will not protect you from our wrath.
Long live Poland. Long live Europe.

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Muslim brotherhood can solve this in near future.

Anyway. I hate how poles basicly start WW2. Get beaten by Germans for Daznig massacres and than be Soviets. And after that play victim card. Euroweek is another example you only pretend to be tough guys. You can't even beat 3 shitskins and nigger who use your kids as fucktoys.

Poles are pretty cool, it's Jews who have stinky long sideburns

and no one is even saging

that's the spirit, champ!

But Poland and Poles is another type of subhuman. Long live the Great Europe without jews, muds, niggers and poles.

Second Turkish siege of Vienna, the pole cavalry was decisive.
Also today you are destroying Red Army symbols and statues.
Wish Russia were that based.

If you've got hot white girls, you can always unsuck your country.
Plus Nietzsche wished he'd been a Pole.


Brit here, get your 1,000,000 or so poles out of my country, return to your own and build something that doesn't look like shit. As it stands with most of the 18-35 age group in western Europe, Poland has no future.

That charge was not decisive. Imperial forces alone can defeat Ottomans and save Vienna and defenders of the city. Demolishing the statues of jews is quite good but in reality it looks like poles pretending to be civilized which is not true.

Why you just cannot kill them (and other subhumans) for your Fatherland?

Obvious jew is obvious.
Let me give you a bit of advice, you subhuman piece of shit. When you try to D&C, coming at it from a (((Hello, my fellow Whites. Let's hate ourselves!))) you give yourself away instantly. Real people are proud of their ancestors. Only leftist shitheads like yourself are not proud of their glorious history. Masochism is only prevalent in leftists and (((fellow Whites))).
We know (((what))) you are.

Diversity for IsraHell.

Because you lot aren't that bad, you're just not us. Your people don't fit in here, but I'd take 3 poles for every paki in a heartbeat.

I'm not a jew fortunately, i am unfortunately a pole which means vermin.

You are joking?

>(((I'm not a jew, I'm a fellow White! That's why you Whites should consider yourselves SUBHUMAN)))
Long live Poland.

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Death to pooland. Long live THE GREAT EMPIRE OF EVROPA!

You're not a real person, disgusting kike.

Expansionists get no luck. Your luck is justified. Trust me.

Think of the treaty of Trianon :^)


Władysław I the Elbow-high, who ascended the Polish throne in 1320, endeavored to establish a uniform legal code throughout the land. With the general laws he assured the Jews safety and freedom and placed them on equality with the Christians. They dressed like the Christians, wearing garments similar to those of the nobility, and, like the latter, also wore gold chains and carried swords. The king likewise framed laws for the lending of money to Christians.


1500 Some of the Jews expelled from Spain, Portugal and many German cities move to Poland. By the mid sixteenth century, some eighty percent of the world’s Jews lives in Poland,[2] a figure that held steady for centuries.

1525 The first Jew is promoted to knighthood by king Sigismund I of Poland, without being forced to leave Judaism.

1547 The first Hebrew Jewish printing house is founded in Lublin.

1567 The first yeshiva is founded in Poland.

1606 Poland first described as "Paradisus Iudaeorum".


"Paradise for the Jews" (Latin: Paradisus Judaeorum) is a phrase pertaining to the Golden Age of Jews in Poland.

The phrase derives from a 1606 satirical Latin epigram about the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth that has been described as "critical of everything in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth—foreigners, immigrants, “heretics,” peasants, burgers [townspeople], and servants, and also Jews."[2] The epigram—"Heaven for the nobles, Purgatory for the townspeople, Hell for the peasants, and Paradise for the Jews" (Latin original: "Clarum regnum Polonorum est [The illustrious kingdom of the Poles is] coelum nobiliorum, paradisus Judaeorum, purgatorium plebeiorum et infernus rusticorum")—satirizes the sociopolitical system of "Golden Liberty", or Nobles' Commonwealth: a system viewed in the epigram as favoring the nobility (szlachta), less so the townspeople (mieszczaństwo or burghers), and much less so the enserfed peasants.[3]


The Jewish dress resembled that of their Polish neighbor. "Reports of romances, of drinking together in taverns, and of intellectual conversations are quite abundant." Wealthy Jews had Polish noblemen at their table, and served meals on silver plates.[52]

During the time from the rule of Sigismund I the Old until the Nazi Holocaust, Poland would be at the center of Jewish religious life. Many agreed with Rabbi David ben Shemu’el ha-Levi (Taz) that Poland was a place where "most of the time the gentiles do no harm; on the contrary they do right by Israel" (Divre David; 1689).[55]

By the time World War II began, Poland had the largest concentration of Jews in Europe

According to the 1931 National Census there were 3,130,581 Polish Jews measured by the declaration of their religion. Estimating the population increase and the emigration from Poland between 1931 and 1939, there were probably 3,474,000 Jews in Poland as of 1 September 1939 (approximately 10% of the total population) primarily centered in large and smaller cities: 77% lived in cities and 23% in the villages. They made up about 50%, and in some cases even 70% of the population of smaller towns, especially in Eastern Poland.[84] Prior to World War II, the Jewish population of Łódź numbered about 233,000, roughly one-third of the city’s population.[85] The city of Lwów (now in Ukraine) had the third largest Jewish population in Poland, numbering 110,000 in 1939 (42%). Wilno (now in Lithuania) had a Jewish community of nearly 100,000, about 45% of the city's total.[86] In 1938, Kraków's Jewish population numbered over 60,000, or about 25% of the city's total population.[87] In 1939 there were 375,000 Jews in Warsaw or one third of the city's population. Only New York City had more Jewish residents than Warsaw.

Even if i'm not a filthy kike, i'm still a something equal to them, and this is called pole.

No one believes you. You gave yourself away the minute you spat upon Europe.

At least Poland will be full of poles in next 30 years. Unlike your colony. It doesn't even matter what you do, because brits already lost. It is no longer your country. Britain belongs to pakis, poles, somali and poo in loo.

no, niggers are not civilized. poles are definitely not that. still haven't found a nigger conrad.

Anorher joke, poles are more related to jews than Aryans or Europeans.

Have you seen a pole IRL? Our nation is disguisting piece of shit

Wow, (((they))) are not sending their best.

First off hitler only hated you for being susceptible to communism and the leader before that has great relations with germany even though you fell for anglo kike trick.
You can both like what hitler tried to do and disagree with him. Just because he js the best leader of recent time does not mean he is right about everything.

Hitler never said that.

Not only, Adolf Hitler viewed slavs in general and especially poles as a lowet kind of human than Aryans.

But this is truth.

This is only one of dozens of reasons that poles are not deserving to live.

Roman Dmowski on the Jews

"[ Poland's last pre-war Premier General, Felicjan Sławoj Składkowski] Having vehemently opposed any form of physical attack, he was asked if economic discrimination was permitted [against Jews], and he replied notoriously, "owszem" [naturally]"

Poles are Aryans.
Now kill yourself.
Heil Poland.

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Poles are definitely not Aryans.

Kys you fucking jid nigger.

You're just fucking up at every turn.

As half slav, half german i admit he was right about that.

Bumping this excellent thread.

Everyone sees through your (((fellow Whites))) ploy, you disgusting yid.
You hail from a mongrelized, soulless stock of thieves and cowards. Even the one place that you have managed to steal some land for your "own" your soldiers are forced to wear adult diapers to prevent them from pissing in fear when the Palestinians fight back.

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Finland is the home of the purest aryans.

millions of shitskins and kikes could learn from this poster/post.

Poles remind me of armenians.

Found the Jew.

But there are many pure European Polish people.

I am too. And you disgust me, you blackpilled son of a bitch. We did have some great accomplishments, we contributed to European culture, even if it was less than Western Europe. And that's a not a sign of shame, but of duty, now, as Western Europe is being destroyed and outbred, we have an obligation to save them and our whole civilisation. All white nations do have that obligation and those who did less in the past will have that much more glory to gain. So get lost in your defeatism, give in to the kike propaganda and stop reproducing, there WILL be better, stronger and more disciplined people to take your place and ressurect our culture, whether you like it or not.

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oh look more of this shit. next thread.

Der Fuhrer himself deemed the Slavs subhumans fit for extermination except for the few who were actually descendants of German crusaders and thus not truly Slavs at all. They are essentially race mixed monsters, because they have a few drops of Mongol blood.

poles are gypsy tier. stop intentionally muddying the waters, pole scum.

POLAND IS PURE ARYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Behead those who insult Poland! They aren't mongrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But besides that point, Poland is basically a golem for Jews. They can either turn on their master or free themselves.

*protect their master or free themselves

But poles in general are troublesome for western civilization. We doesn't have any achievements that are fully ours and those which we take pride is basically stolen from othet nations. West can won but without poland.

Poles are equal to jews and niggers

Hitler hated the kike commies controlling their state more than anything. A good ol fashioned gassing was inevitable.

(IP hopping kike)
(IP hopping kike)
He learned this from watching the (((History Channel)))

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true slavs were not considered aryan, however intermarriage was not illegal and the children had full civil rights.

is this irony?

You took it the wrong way around man,right now Poland is kind of like Zig Forums ,the worst scum being the only ones still willing to fight.Do you think niggers care that they are belowe whites ,does that sadden them.No it makes them hate us even more and makes them willing to kill us even more.You might think other countries are better or more white than Poland but unless they are willing to fight for that whiteness they surrender their status
Poland is simply the East Flank and just like before in history we will defend Europe from falling to invaders but Europe has more than one flank and we can't be everywhere at once
When Pope told us to accept muslim immigrants we told him to fuck off
If we are the last people to defend this land then so help us God we fucking will

Dear diary,

The day of the rope was a bad day to be a pollock.

Filenamespeaks for itself

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Occident sooner or later will wake up and clean the mess and it will be a great opportunity to end Hitler's job in poland. We were never bulwark of civilization.

Finland is based as fuck. But they are not pure Aryans. They are white though.

I think you have a few drops of piss in your genepool bro.

Based whitepilling brother.

Small tweak - the term is champing. Horses champ they don't chomp.

Some Finns.
It's the country that recently came up with the laughable lesson video for street survival against potential rapist showing how a woman can save her life by showing the palm of her flat hand and say NO.