Anti-BDS Bill Passed Senate, but Trouble Awaits in House

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Some Democrats are convinced the decision to tie the controversial bill together with motions on aid to Israel and Jordan and sanctions on Syria was designed to spark intra-Democratic fighting

>WASHINGTON – The (((Senate))) passed a bill last week that encourages state governments across the U.S. not to sign contracts with supporters of boycotts against Israel and its settlements in the occupied West Bank. The (((bill))) has since been introduced in the House of Representatives, but Congressional sources from both parties told Haaretz in recent days they doubt it will pass the House any time soon.

>The bill in question is called the Combating BDS Act. It passed the (((Senate))) as part of a “package” of Middle East-related bills after being introduced by (((Republican Senator Marco Rubio))). The other bills in the package deal with non-controversial, consensus issues such as military aid to Israel and Jordan, and sanctions on the Assad regime in Syria.

>(((Rubio and Senate Republicans))) added the anti-BDS bill into the package, setting the stage for an intense fight about it on Capitol Hill. The reason is that civil rights organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union are concerned that the Combating BDS Act is unconstitutional and harms American citizens’ freedom of speech.

>Such a vote could take place in the Senate, where Republicans hold the majority, but not in the House, according to the Congressional sources who spoke with Haaretz. Democrats are convinced that the entire purpose of the (((Republican decision))) to add the anti-BDS bill into the broader Middle East package was to orchestrate an intra-Democratic fight over the issue, and force many Democrats to choose between their position on the free speech criticism of the bill, and their general opposition to BDS.


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>While the other bills are probably going to see quick and easy approval, the anti-BDS bill could be up for a lengthy period of debate in the relevant House committees. There could also be an amendment process. In the Senate, for example, one Democratic senator, (((Gary Peters of Michigan))), offered an amendment that would make it absolutely clear that the bill only refers to large companies, not to small businesses or sole proprietors. Another amendment offered to distinguish in the bill’s language between Israel proper and the settlements in the occupied West Bank.

>Lara Friedman of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, who is closely tracking the legal efforts against BDS across the United States, told Haaretz last week that Democrats in the House “can see what happened in the Senate and take a good guess that it will be even more controversial” in their chamber. Friedman, a former State Department official, strongly opposes the bill and has been warning ever since its introduction that it will harm free speech. “The only ones who benefit from seeing Democrats fight amongst themselves on this issue are the (((GOP))) and folks in the U.S. and Israel who want to see Israel turned into a weapon for partisan gain,” she added.

>AIPAC, the powerful lobby that supports the Israeli government, is urging Congress to pass the legislation. The organization wrote in its monthly publication, the Near East Report, that “Congress should take up and pass the Combating BDS Act as quickly as possible. This important bipartisan bill seeks both to protect states against claims they are preempting federal authority, and to demonstrate Congress’ strong support for state measures consistent with Congress’ historic commitment to oppose boycotts of Israel.”

by John J. Mearsheimer Department of Political Science University of Chicago
Stephen M. Walt John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University

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thank you for posting this user. i posted it in one of my threads on the Jews, since I hadn't seen it discussed on the chans in a very long time. Wherever you got it from thank you and I'm going to make an effort to post it more often and hope others will join in:
very good documentary featuring Walt and Mearsheimer :

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Another decent book is "Against Our Better Judgement" The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel by Alison Weir

Patrick Little 2020

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Does anybody have the audio version of that? It's the only one of the mainstream anti-Zionistaudiobooks books I haven't been able to find. I want to make a MEGA of Zig Forums-related audiobooks at some point.

Weir lecturing on this subject (83-minutes).

downloaded all @ 720p
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Did she ever get to make her full documentary "If Americans Only Knew?" Recall the trailer, but never full movie…

she has a trailer….

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