Aggression in black females

Is there any scientific data on why black females are so aggressive? I'm genuinely asking to try and understand what I need to do to get along with my supervisors and coworkers better, because right now my job is a living hell. I work in a call center, so almost everyone working there is a black woman. I'm one of a handful of white women (the only ones in my department are a couple of single mothers obsessed with new age neo-pagan bullshit, uck).

Fighting and theft are pretty common. It's not unusual to hear two black women screeching at each other in the parking lot when you walk out at night. Even when I hear their conversations with their baby daddy, friends, etc. over phone in the break room it seems like most of the conversations are fights.

I guess I'm just wondering a) what are the scientific causes of this insane behavior and b) what can I do to cope? Idk where else I could ask without having the post be taken down immediately.

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Find a new job, you don't belong there. Go somewhere they hire mostly humans.

There's your answer

Gee, I dunno.
A picture of you undressed would help me focus (it's the law around here).

I would say a good half of the reason is their high testosterone levels. The other half is because they're niggers.

At niggers tend to keep to themselves most of the time but spic women and niggress make everything their business. leave op before a niggress makes you their bitch.

Because niggers are impulsive and impulsiveness makes them aggressive
Living in the jungle means you have to make decisions fast and thinking is quite useless
Sage because OP is a retard

Gorillas are peaceful, intelligent creatures. Niggers are far more similar to chimps - aggressive, cruel, easily excitable and erratic.

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Black females have significantly more testosterone than females from other races.
Because black children come from black females they have higher testosterone as well. Which is why they are more agressive and impulsive. And do worse in school.
Black men start to fall behind other men in testosterone as they get older. A 40 year old black man produces less testosterone than a 40 year old white man. Black men are less prone to prostate cancer and other diseases that stem from having high testosterone.

Black women dont fall behind other women in their testosterone level at any time.

I hope as a temp job cause you know.. people who only finished highschool end up doing those jobs for life. As in uneducated people and the trailer trash of society.

My idea is that they are so aggressive as a consequence of having no authorial figure in the house. No one ever told them they were rude or punished them for being so and if you don't do this at a young age people grow up entitled, narcissistic and aggressive specially because everyone around them is like that so it becomes a competition. Mom's too young to be raising kids and doesn't behave like a proper parent, kids left on their own with no dad around grow up acting like shit and have kids when young also not because they have a loving stable relationship but because they fuck around and oops.

Get yourself educated OP, callcenters are a dead end job.

Blacks have some specific genetic marker that makes them go off the handle easier than other races. I forget the exact code, you can google it.

The same reason black men are so agressive. They're violent animals that a bunch of dipshits thought would vote their way over a hundred years ago so we got stuck living with them and forced to act like they aren't violent animals.

Seems to be in line with how babies age between whites n blacks.
Black babies learn to hold their head up earlier than white babies, they also stand earlier than white babies, they also enter puberty earlier.
Which is why theyre so stupid.
Entering and starting all of those things is like plucking apples from a tree, if you do it too early, it wont be ripe, which is why blacks are fucking dumb, cause the earlier you enter puberty, the lower your IQ will be.
Niggers tend to see it as a positive thing tho OOGA BOOGA WE FASTER MATURE THAN THE WHITE MAN.
No, youre dumber faster.

Anyhow OP,
get the fuck out of there.
Callcenter is not a good job. I did that for a year and it was horrible.
Find something better something where ppl cant shit down from above.
Some good advice: Do something that you can see, Im a stage technician, I see what I do everytime I work, at the end of the day I go "I built this".
Seeing the progress and result of your work is more satisfying than sitting in an office allday.

user, I know exactly how you feel. I used to work with non-Whites in the tech industry. They were absolutely terrible at their jobs and displayed the worst of human behavior.

As you understand it, they are "insane". This, however, is a vague description of their actual cognitive traits. If you were to have the scientific literature on the specific mental features of niggers, it would drive you to hate them even more and give you such absolute certainty that they aren't like you, that you'd scarcely be able to hide your power level.

I ended up moving to a new city to avoid them. You should do the same and also have kids.

Tits or get the fuck out

Complain to your supervisor, inevitably, the niggers will hassle you about it, then file a racism complaint.

In the harsh jungles of Africa, mindless agression probably is a major benefit.
With such an abundance of natural resources available, you dont need to be intelligent or resourceful to get to the food thats on the bush 5 feet from where you slept. You simply need to be violent and aggressive to scare off a rival person person from getting the food.

Its more about being suted to the environment you find yourself in.
In olympic sprinting we are quite happy to say that black people naturally have an advantage. That isnt controversial.
But if you said that the same black people have a natural disadvantage in chess, that would be an outrage. Even though its equally supported by the facts.

Read these. Then get a job in a white environment.

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But black women don't have as much testosterone as white men, yet they are far more aggressive. I think that testosterone only plays a small factor in it.

I think it's just in their dna.

Statistically, darker skin tones and low IQ are both strongly associated with propensity for aggression and violence, whatever the evolutionary reason for it is.

True but remember that in general men are much better at getting along with other men than women are at getting along with other women. Particularly in stressful situations.

Biologists have theorised this is due to the fact that men can do each other much more physical damage than women.
So there was an evolutionary need for men to develop conflict resolution mechanisms that avoided violence and all the damage and devestation that would involve. Which women (no matter how high testosterone) obviously dont have.

a) They are niggers.
b) Stop having a job obviously, if you are really a woman you shouldn't be working.

"The Narrative" has silently pushed them to the bottom of the totem pole, right under us, while everyone else whined about their political identity.
Blond women are resented, yet gilded on high as a trophy.
Black men are all Wakanda super-heroes now.
Aryan men are Homer Simpson.
African women are all, fuck, I don't know, Big Mama, or something? I don't watch that shit, but I know the head rolling, finger-snapping, nagging archetype (((they've))) created though.

…and then DNA, and nogging.
But I do give them a little sperging room for getting BTFO'd.
I can relate.
They can be utilized as a wedge between all the Commie SJW groups if played right.

A couple months ago somebody here posted that testosterone is the man indicator to violence.

A white female is a 1
A white male is a 30
A black male is a 90
A black female is a 30

So you can expect the kind of propensity to violence in a black female that you'd get out of 18 year old white males.

Good luck reading the ant thumbnail on #3.

Niggers have extremely low test though. Sure, pure African nogs have slightly higher test but as a whole American nogs are lazy and lethargic, and rely on drugs to fuel their activity

you might be thinking about sperm count though, since nogs are r-selected they do have a higher count

That's complete and total nonsense though. Black men do not have higher testosterone than white men:
And while black women have more testosterone than white women, it is still much lower than men. Niggers are aggressive and violent because they evolved to be aggressive and violent. They lack the intelligence to solve problems in any other way, so they needed to be aggressive and violent to scare off other niggers.

It depends on the age.
Young niggers are born from high testsosterone nigger females so they start out with high testosterone compared to other races.
But as you point out black men actually produce less testosterone naturally. Black males start to fall behind white men in testosterone about age 30.

Stop playing fucking guessing games and look at the actual data. You can measure testosterone. People have done it. There's no difference.

Third one blows my mind.

Race sexual dimorphism.
Asians have the second least.
Africans have the least.
Europeans have the most.
Afican men actually have less testosterone on average than any other race.
African women actually have more testosterone on average than any other race. African men have random and unfocused aggression due to high estrogen levels.

Testosterone makes a man able to respond accurately to a target of anger.
The European man will target the liar, the scammer, the thief and punish him.
The African man will get mad and hurt his own woman.
Asians have the longest gestational period among humans and the womans hip to body ratio is largest.
Africans are the opposite with the shortest gestational period and womans hip to body ratio the lowest.
Notice skinny African women have almost no hips identifiable compared to men.
Notice thick African women have curves from fat and strangely proportioned buttox not from hip bone structure.


What I said aligns with the data that we currently have.

What kind of scientific data do you need to figure out that the only solution is not to spend all day in a room filles with black women getting disrespected and even abused by people they're talking to on the phone?

Hi moishe.
Posting up false claims again?
Notice how most african men have either excessive fat (estrogen) or lack of any musculature (low testosterone).
If you want to look at roided up freaks, you can find them in any race and all celebrities and athletes partake.

No it does not, learn to read.

OP please do milk. Please, please please. Just once.

She's a women. If she applies herself to be not shit, then she can easily marry a white guy who will take care of her. Worst she has to do is pump out a kid or two.

You may want to read the whole thread. We have been talking about the significant differences in testosterone in women. And you posted a study on men.
Heres a study from the same site which contradicts yours:

We have already covered how age is significant. Because black men produce lower testosterone but they are born from black women who obviously have higher testosterone.

No Tyrone, you very clearly said "black men" and "black males".
That is not a study, it is a meta-analysis of other studies. None of the studies selected control for weight, activity, smoking, or alcohol.
No, you have claimed it is, based on your "common sense", which has no actual evidence to support it. Even the trash meta-analysis you just posted contradicts your hypothesis.

Apes are aggressive and territorial, nigger.

You better learn how to wear a mask (work personality / actual self). That or quit that place.


Whats important about the meta study is they bothered to adjust the data to account for peoples age. Because as you get older your testosterone production decreases. I dont think you are wrong to say that black males have on average the same testosterone as white males. Younger black men have more, older black men have less. Middle eage Asian men are measured to have the lowest of all groups.

In men, age is the key thing. Look in to that and you will learn more.
In women, while the levels of testosterone also vary by age they dont cross over. At no point will the average black woman have less testosterone than the average black man.

lol I meant to say

Black women and black men have considerably more testosterone than women and men, respectively, of other races.

You don't seem to understand what that means though.
Except both the study I showed you, and every single study in that meta-analysis you linked to contradict your hypothesis, like I told you. It very clearly shows identical total T across all ages, and the same amount of elevated free T across all ages.
But at every point she will have less than the average white man. Which is why the testosterone red herring is bullshit. Blacks are not aggressive and violent because of their hormones, they are aggressive and violent because of their brains.

It goes much deeper than testosterone levels. White women and men with higher testosterone aren't more violent. The negroid evolved in completely different environments than the Asian and European that selected for aggression for both males and females. Most subsaharan tribes lean towards being matriarchal. Matriarchies are not peaceful. The females are aggressive and cruel to children and men.

Higher testosterone is directly correlated with higher aggression. Biological truth even in non-human animals. That is why bulls are much more aggressive than steers.

Fuck off shill. First of all keep dreaming, your degenerate nigs always had squiky voices and have been weak as the shit they resemble, clear indications of low test.
The reason why this myth is propagated is 1 because the jews want idiots to believe it thus propagating the muh strong nigger myth and 2 because monkey men athletes inject so much steroids it looks like they have high test. Without the white mans steroids they would still be effeminate, cowardly shit skins.

I have little experience in dealing with negresses. I generally avoid them and since I live in an all White community, I never need to deal with them.
However, my grandmother told me how she used to deal with them and that was through a show of force. She demonstrated that she was in charge and wouldn't put up with their shit and they instinctively recognized this. Use your head though. Don't try to fight them, but always be firm and 100% confident in everything you do around them.

Hope this can help you.

Blacks have tremendously more testosterone from the beginning of life, but it drops off steeply after 24 compared to White men, who start with less and decline less steeply. That's why Black crime rate are astronomically higher for "youfs".

That doesn't mean testosterone is the reason. Even a small child should be able to use basic reasoning to understand this:
Just because test is *a* cause of aggression, does not mean it is the only one. Female chimps are more aggressive than male gorillas, even though they have lower testosterone. Aggression is hard wired in the brain, hormones simply moderate that base level.

Nigs nog because they evolved to. It is in their primitive brains. There is no testosterone difference, no amount of jewish "well if we just assume my hypothesis is true" bullshit will change this.

There is a difference. Blacks not only have greater testosterone (while young), but higher androgen receptivity. Trees aren't mammals, you disingenuous kike tier fuck.

They don't. That's simply false, repeating your jewish beliefs won't turn them into facts.
You have no evidence for that either.
That's the point you fucking retard. Using an obviously insane example to show you why the logic in your example is wrong.

It's a fact proven by countless studies. Black men in college have 20% higher testosterone than whites. Blacks also have 2.5 times the incidence of prostate cancer, which is directly linked to testosterone levels. White men's testosterone levels don't exceed that of Blacks until the 30s. All the studies you have claiming otherwise used Black men in their 40s to gather their data to say "there's nothing to see here goy".

Higher testosterone levels always results in higher aggression within the same species, full stop. This is why males are always more aggressive than females. This is why castration reduces aggression. You're literally dumber than a nigger if you disagree.

ya, black athletes look like an entirely different sub-race for how much shit they jack into their bodies.

No, we can count the studies. Zero. There we go, all counted.
And yet you don't provide any evidence for your jewish belief. Hmmm..
No it is not, that study was already posted Shlomo:
Read the thread before you post the same shit that has already been covered.
Nope, aged 20+ rabbi.
No it does not, it correlates with higher aggression, but is not even close to 100%. But let's leave your ignorance of basic statistics aside and focus on the fact that you just admitted your kikery. Negros are not the same species as whites, only jews and the most bluepilled retards believe that. Negros evolved in tropical rainforests. They evolved to be aggressive, violent, rapidly breeding, low investment in parenting apes.
Except sheboons are generally more aggressive than white males. So your two jewish beliefs contradict each other.

Nigs have extremely high instances of dysfunctional versions of the MAOA gene. These gene variations are responsible for the utilising of violence generally and even more brutal violence.
Niggers can never be fixed. Only about 30% can function on a reasonable level but if they have children chances are they will fall into the 70% that are born with dysfunctional MAOA genes.

All women are aggressive. This is a well known fact.
Why? Low testosterone, high estrogen hormone balance causes irrationality, and they know that society treats them as untouchable you can't hit a woman courts favor them in nearly every instance.

File sexual harassment complaints against all the women being aggressive to you, or quit.
Call the cops and use bait.
See the first part of this post. women are women, and society treats them like sacred cows
Fight like a woman.

all iv noticed is that 75% of black girls look really smug all the time



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They'll probably just fire her instead

They are chimpanzees user. Do not expect them to act human, that would be a mistake that got your balls eaten off (the man in Los Angeles whose balls were eaten off of him while he was held down by two male chimps at the Chimpanzee wildlife center). Blacks, niggers, and niggerettes are both 80% chimpanzee. DON'T EVER RELAX around them and if you see a troop of them hanging out in the parking lot after work, DO NOT GO OUT THERE, read Le Bon's book, The Crowd and understand that they will kill you, 'coworker' or not because their mind is totally subverted by the consensus reality (that of the chimpanzee troop mind) when they are together in a pack. I don't even think I would feel safe in a call center with them. The best possible thing we could do for the planet is EXTERMINATE THEM COMPLETELY since they live a 'half-life' trapped between being human, which they are only in part 20% and being 80% animal. There is a REASON why zoos have uncrossable barriers that separate HUMANS from animals. Niggers have a fucking muzzle and no frontal lobe (the place where higher level reasoning and analytics take place)…you are just basically playing Rapefrican roulette every time you go to work, user.

Oh trust me, I'm trying. Currently learning CSS and Java, I already know HTML. Hopefully I can be out of this shithole within the year.

I have worked with all flavor of minorities before (none of them are 'better' than niggers, outside of the fact that niggers will be more likely to kill you if they are overwhelmed by their animal instincts), luckily in small numbers (corporate minority quota hirings) numbers rather than in a troop…how does ANYTHING get done other than lots of 'oooking' and dindu calling/hair pulling in that environment? I can't imagine any corporation being functional with niggers at the helm of anything. We were all very careful to keep any REAL work out of their hands as they would do things like 'accidentally' throw out three weeks of team progress if we let them have access to the real files. I always used to wish that we could just give them like a 2nd graders 'dummy computer' you know, fake icons that looked real but were not and then access to all the social media and porn they could handle so that we could keep them from destroying company property and technical work. Most of the time there were HUGE internal fights in HR over who was going to be forced to 'work' on their teams…aka be sabotaged with their incompetence during the next project phase. It was like a punishment to be the one who had to work with the minorities…you KNEW you had done fucked up and insulted someone if you drew that lot on a 'team' project…and you better get significantly better at kissing ass so that this wouldn't happen on the next round…but in the meantime HELL had descended onto your project and there was nothing you could do about it.
Working with poo in the loos isn't that much better…you just have to wonder when they are going try to rape you, are trying to sneak in the woman's bathroom (install cameras in the stalls [through the drywall]) or follow you home wanting to see your vagene and bobs.

took the learn to code mantra seriously then.

here's a few graphics you might not have seen yet.

on a personal note, never joke with blacks the way you can with whites, niggers can't spell rolodex but they have one chocker full of grievances fluttering inside they head.

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They're subhuman apes.

It's just like in one of my Japanese animes.

corrections to the third and fourth images:
Nogs don't understand the concept of viral diseases, they rape babies not to avoid aids but to cure their illness. They rape goats and other docile animals for the simple fact that they can.

In the fourth image they have been in their current form for the past 30k years not 4k. They are truly the most indolent, fruitless, horrifically ugly animal this planet has ever spawned.

they rape babies to DEATH user. I think South Africa has the highest murder via rape to death statistics of all nations…something absurd like 300,000 rape cases per year and some astronomical number of those are infants who are gang-raped to death by adult large groups of adult males. I want to say something like 60% of the cases that are 'raped to death' are infants (but I no longer have the exact statistics and I don't give a fuck enough to be horrified by again by looking up their animal/nigger behaviors up). I used to have a bookmark to the article that protested the vast numbers of nigger infants who are raped to death in SA by packs of niggers, leave your baby unattended and a pack of niggers would steal it and rape it to death to 'cure' themselves of AIDS. It was this article that 'in protest' of the vast numbers of rape/murders, the niggers were protesting by stringing up endless clotheslines of infant underwear…it was a really 'informative article'. I sure someone else can find it on the web…

Violent behaviors are a sign of either anxiety or low test. High test causes lethargy and relaxed states, ask any dude running cycles or on steroids.

Seriously you deserve the niggers.

Says who, and who are you?

I have never worked in a call center, so can't really understand.

You cannot fix them so the solution for you is to change the job. They will never change for you.

Also, black men have the same testosterone levels as white men, but have higher estrogen levels. That is why they get prostate cancer more often:

Heads up: Pretty blue eyes hypnotize the average black woman.

Pretty blue eyes hypnotize all women…but grey are the most beautiful and rarest of all.

Yes, but even more so among women who have no light eyes in their family.

Any light colored eye works, really. It helps to be charming as follow up kek

tits or gtfo

Says the Jew.

u fokin wot m8?

All I can do is laugh…I don't know what you intend with this comment, somehow I doubt laughter was the goal.

Charming…yes, this helps as well. It would be wasted on a nigger though…

Time and place, user

My testosterone levels are just as high as any niggers. I simply choose to express it passive aggressively on an anonymous imageboard. I also choose to be an virgin because i am based K selected. Also I choose to be socially awkward and compliant IRL because that is the glue that holds civilization together.

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LMAO…there is going to come a day when you wish everything you said still remained true.

stupid bitch trying to be sly "i'm a female" and use Zig Forums as her fucking blog in an attempt to gather orbiters. begone thot

I grew up around african women. Men were agggggressive like all men are and were cool as long as you stood up for yourself. Afrcian womens stood up for you until you could do so yourself. Always good to me. Called me "perdy wyboi". Still ams tbh.

blacks are more aggressive
females are more aggressive

you're welcome

Probably high levels of testosterone. That and low intelligence.

Headphones. Don't make eye contact with the savage animals. Start looking for a new job.

Good enough for me. Let's publish it.

IQ differences, and probably also time preference, however that is measured.

I reccomend dropping Java and learning javascript to go with your HTML and CSS. Learn to write Node/Express/Angular web apps

Frameworks are for faggots. You're recommending learning irrelevant shit over core fundamentals.

I'm just trying to get her a job, pleb. If she lands something, she will have the rest of her career to learn more advanced concepts.

Marxist blank slate theory that denotes we all have the same potentials, but we're shaped by our immediate environment. Wrong. Evolution exists. Genetics exists. No circumstances will make a black person like a white person. Immediate environments are a reflection of those who live in that environment, they are not a reflection of the environment.

It isn't high testosterone by itself that causes aggression, as any former /fraud/ like myself will tell you. It's the mix of high testosterone, high estrogen, and low IQ that makes you an aggressive, emotional, and unthinking animal.

Having regulated my own hormones I can attest that having high-test/low-estrogen made me feel very in-control and certainly not aggressive in a negative manner. High-test/high-estrogen on the other hand feels like what I imagine a PMS'ing woman feels like mixed with male anger and physicality.

In any case, look up statistics about IQ and criminality because that is the chief cause of 'nog behavior, with high levels of estrogen and testosterone in their women just exacerbating the problem.

Only because a higher percentage of them are athletes since that's the only way they can get into college since they have lower IQs. Athletes will almost always have highest test than non athletes; especially if they use roids which plenty of college athletes do. When you look at the general population you find that black have equal testosterone, but higher estrogen than whites