Latest Holocaust reparations

Holocaust survivors receive reparations for deportations on French trains

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Nope, they will turn up agaian and acain and again.

The eternal French Frog strikes again

Jan 16 2019
Tens of billions owed.

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Nov 2018
Time for the Dutch to pay up.

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So, they can go to an (((American))) judge to extort millions from a foreign country? Yes, Land of the Free home of those lying swindling Jews.

What if you're a descendant?

My name ends with Borg but I want to lie say it ended with Berg.

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I want to add that my family were Jewish that fled Germany AFTER ww2… totally not German soldiers :^3


Feb 7 2019

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Kikes will use this as a rational to give niggers reparations. Because descendants of the holycaust get reparations, that means descendants of slavery get them too. Well, not indentured servants, of course, wouldn't want to give whitey a pay out for nothing.

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Sure they CAN. Won't do any good because it is out of their jewisdiction.

Bills in Congress
It's insane

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another extortion under the sun, this is how the jew has fun

another facet of the scam to research is the right to return, where they believe land should be compensated to them because historically part of the diasopra settled there. the zeal at which they peddle this, their claim supersedes any governmental authority, no it's not a material affair but a moral and spiritual one.

jesus christ…

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passed the house Jan 11 2019

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Became law in 2018, major league shakedown!

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This one isn't new user, thesis 5 years old. They're already on to a new country, trying to suck blood from them. the irony in all of this of course is that the guys who were POWS for the nips and actually from this nation and used as slaves for mitsubishi and other big jap companies couldn't get a dime in the 90s, and Madeline Albright's state department even filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the Jap companies.

Wow these holocaust survivor sure do live long enough lives after such horrible treatment for so many years! What a curse oy vey!

That sums it up.

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Damn, that's a lot of money. Wish my grandparents had been on these trains too.

USA is an occupier of the whole world.