THE NORMIE PROBLEM : Why Zig Forums and other chans must expel them

Once, during the early 2000s up until around 2011, chans were obscure and their existence was unknown to most normal people I.E. people who actively participate in this Jewish society. The bluepilled masses were in the dark about the growing strength of white nationalism, race realists and historical "revisionists" meaning people who actually study history.

From above, their enlightened benefactors dropped redpills ; these benefactors organized large covert campaigns to do so, and could do this because their bases of organization were not well known, their language and terms were not understood.
Newcomers were few, and whenever revealed told to lurk, usually for 2 years. Normies had to either soak up information and board culture, or be reprimanded. This was accomplished through directed insults, forceful shitposts, and moderation if necessary. Newcomers, like immigrants, either became one of us, or undermined the board by spreading their inferior cultural values, polluting userbases by bringing even more of their own kind with them IF ALLOWED TO DO SO!

But, after 2011, chans started allowing more and more normies. Chan culture became mongrelized through mixing with values, ideologies and tropes from mainstream society. The userbases also became similarly mixed, tainted with normies and the shills who began showing up, realizing the growing activity and popularity on chans. People stopped safeguarding board culture, in favor of cultural enrichment. The old saying "lurk for 2 more years" became less and less common, and incentives for cultural integration less and less prominent.

Just look around, at the state of this format. Most imageboards no longer create organized campaigns, and experience constant sliding, endless thread spam with topics of miniscule value. 4chan is moderated by filthy SJWs, and board culture is effectively dead ; Zig Forums is comparatively young, but owned by US government assets who clearly want us to become another halfchan. In fact, we're mostly there already………………

Where did the old guard of chans go? Gone, extinct. Mods do not care. But we must fight. If normies are allowed to stay here, and destroy this format, all hope is lost. The chans are spiraling down every day towards rock bottom. Course correction is required, lest we die off or become Redditized. Moderators and BOs need to be ousted, overthrown and replaced with conservatives who will protect our values. Time is running out, the big election shill campaigns are just around a corner. We need to build a fucking wall around Zig Forums and expel normies.

If we fail, 2020 election shilling will break this board's back. We must fight to protect our values, which serve as a foundation for real life activities. WHY ARE PEOPLE HERE SHILLING FOR THE US GOVERNMENT AND PRESIDENT?

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You are part of the problem.

Bump for the truth.


Without chan culture, the format would have died a decade ago. Just like the greater culture around us dying from pollution of it's values, so are chans. We once waged large psyops campaigns against our enemies but now imageboards are rendered impotent, because those very same values which allowed them are dying off.

Their called imageboards Mr. Old friend

Get out. You don't belong here.
Codemonkey allows them. You cannot change this. You will do nothing. Your thread is meaningless.
That's what happens when you get banned for saying it.
You can't do anything. You're banned for trying.
Good. It's already reddit.
They're paid to, and protected by the website owner. You can't do anything about this.

Jesus christ, normies like you only come here to post nonsensical trash like . If mods wanted to protect Zig Forums and allow us to thrive, you'd be banned.


but you're already here

If mods wanted to protect Zig Forums and allow us to thrive, they would allow free speech at least on /b/

Lol everyone knows we say normal pals

You can't do anything about this.

If you think Zig Forums is Reddit already, why are you here posting? Traitor. Backstabber. Not all hope is lost yet. There are methods of fighting back. We can revive the old ways.

WN retards fall yet again for the Jew thread.

Oh just fuck off with this obvious subversion. Zig Forums has White Nationalist values. Go somewhere else.

White Nationalist values?


Keep trying Jew.



Stop saying normie.

It's fucking normalfag you unbearable cunt.


You realize "normies" have been co-opted for some time now right?

Ever posted anything of actual value? See, this is the problem with letting plebs stay here.

They think it's like Reddit, except without downvotes. Like Facebook, except anonymous. And they think it's just a place where they can drop their loads of shit without any retribution whatsoever - no bans, nothing. It's time to stop them treating chans like a dumping ground, some kind of videogame.

Surrender is not an option. We will find a way to save this format. Naysayers aren't aware of a better time, and have no reference point.


Wanna know how OP is a faggot?

He uses "normie" instead of normalfag like a trumpcuck.
He says imageboards were obscure in 2010 (maybe to Gen X and Boomers).
He uses the term "redpill.

And the golden turd…….

Blow your brains out, faggot.

Letting them shit up the board and move in isn't the same as converting them. Not even close. The bluepilled, unwashed and unenlightened masses FAR outnumber us, which is why the only way to convert them is keeping them outside our walls. Allowing unlimited, unmoderated immigrants from other sites to come here is killing board culture and drowning out those in the know.

Let's see here. If you had a small nation, with a tiny population, with a certain value system, then flooded it with a tsunami of immigrants with a different value system, which one would win : The value system with few proponents and believers, or the much larger amount?
Come on, this is basic stuff.

This board will be fully shilled and on the trump train come 2020.
There is nothing you can do about it either unless you are NEET and are prepared to use multiple VPNs to shill harder than anyone ever has before. But at that point you have just become the thing you hate most.

Stop trying to control everything and just let go.
The west has already fallen.
Arguing on this shitty fucking board isn't going to save it.

If you really want to save the west, take up arms and start killing the politicians that are selling out your societies.

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You're part of the problem nigger.

Okay, i'll address this. Normie will leave my vocabulary. Imageboards were comparatively obscure back in 2010, as compared to now when everyone knows about them. Back in those days they weren't constantly flooded with slide threads, shills and people with inferior values I.E. normalfags who refuse integration and bring heinous cultural pollution.

Mostly I care about the election because chans are filled with Republicans and Democrats at this point who scream about Trump, Ocasio-Cortez and other mainstream topics. Putting on blindfolds and ignoring this problem won't solve it.

Wouldn't it be easier to make a new board on this website where normies/niggers will get banned for posting and let this board fall into another /qresearch/?

"Regularfriends" is the common parlance.

Get out. Now.

This site is hosted on DoD servers due to Qlarp.

Yes and no. Zig Forums is a well established board, and most new ones end up dead, abandoned. But over time I'm guessing it would grow, though has a point : Controlled opposition mods can simply delete it. They own the entire place after all and clearly want another halfchan.

The world is your imageboard faggot.
Get out and shitpost IRL.

Which shitty exodus site do you own?

I'm considering doing that. But without an organized base for operations, we are all individuals. I only have so much effectiveness alone.

Shut the fuck up. It is well known. It is proven. You're worthless, completely oblivious.

Most importantly, we stopped asking for the proofs…

how about we start removing you OP?

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Where's the proof?

It's going to take a while for me to find it, but I have it on this hard drive.

You can tell new-fags from old-fags because old fags will always include an image in their post. They understand that this is an image board first and foremost. New-fags just shit some text out and hit post because text posting and farming (You)s is more like reddit where they came from.

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thanks for admitting you lied.

I don't know which is gayer, the two fags in your file or you.


Want me showing you the archives?

You mad because Ebolachan got another 500?

4chan. Not Zig Forums. Zig Forums is infinite captain of the host of the royal arch.

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He's a mason, while FBI are masons too that doesn't make Jim Watkins FBI, mason.

Form a legible sentence next time. So you trust a Freemason to own Zig Forums, huh?

None of that is proof. That's shit about 2ch and Hiroshimoot. You played yourself again.

Zig Forums is a place for truth, and to convert normalfags by opening their eyes.
That said, larpers need to be expelled as well as retards.

U.S. Army Recruiting Command

Education Fort Knox

"Station Commander"

At the time the top award in recruiting command USAREC

Nothing to see here, move along.

Literally retarded.

KYS and fuck your little copypasta too.
Trump 2020
Keep Commies Triggered

We can easily start shilling a new Zig Forums on here if we wanted this would either get chodenigger to change the rules so this place would not turn into a ghost town or leave it to it's demise. We can easily go to other chans that are right now empty for the taking that has Zig Forums's which is always a plus or invade meguca. But making a board here is much more easier than simply going to another chan for many reasons. If this board can survive 2016 with kampfy banning and with kampfy gone and all trump niggers left since they could not handle arguments and this board still survived the elections.

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The problem with a new board is that whoever ends up being the BO will turn it into a hug-box for whatever "truth" they dictate just like Kampfy.

OP is correct. As someone who lived thorough all 4 mass migrations to cuckchan (07-2016) and the Exodus to here I can say with certainty Zig Forums is probably doomed to cuckchans fate in 2020. Those who don't follow rules 1&2, bringing the enemies to our den roll destroy our cultures and identity.

So what is your suggestion? Nothing?

Well if we complain or debate the board owner he will probably change he does not want to his visitors early.

Funny joke!

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To leave early*

Shilling a new Zig Forumsboard on here is our best bet if this place ever goes to hell.
/polk/ and /zenpol/ are also viable options.

this thread is full of niggers

Ever seen a mirror?

/3rdpol/ and fascist but they are more talking about ideologies so probably not, we got so many for migration.
/polk/ and /zenpol/ are both good once we start leaving to user's board after he is shilling it here numbers will be going down so fast chodenigger will get a panic attack.

Well one or two options must be decided upon, and actively promoted then.

My suggestion is to make Zig Forums irrelevant by killing our enemies and righting the world towards the natural order. It should be the goal of everyone here, but most people just want to sit around and fellate the orange zionist and debate semantics about fences and walls.


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They are many Zig Forumsoptions but rather keep it to just two to make if simple rather than having 5 gorillion choices. Also because they are good boards for redpills.

Any faggot who still needs "redpills" can fuck off back to cuck-chan.
Yourself included.
The time for redpills is over.
Its do or die faggot.

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You wouldn't be able to post that without Zig Forums and chans. Imageboards serve, or once did serve as a bastion for this. But if we don't act soon, the era of chans will end, replaced by normalfag social media. Or barely alive zombie chans.

No. Proof.

Can anyone even Triforce anymore???????

What's the point of that post? Please clarify.



annoying faggot.

So what? Jim Watkins is completely innocent? Got evidence?

Lurk for 20 years


I'll admit I came here in 2016. There, I admit it, I won't pretend to be an oldfag. I lurked for 2 years. At least I don't spam about orange man and GOP VS Dems.


I got permabanned for life very recently for loliposting on cuck/r9k/. What the fuck happened to that place man.

I posted my proof. So where is your proof? Got evidence of my evidence being false?

Imageboards started to hit the mainstream vocabulary when chanology happened. So you're off by about 2 years

You have no evidence. nothing you posted has anything to do with your initial claim. I don't need to prove a negative.

Well I don't know what else to say. My main point still stands, imageboards and chans are declining rapidly and rock bottom is within sight. Mods arent preventing this, they let immigration from anywhere to continue, unabated.

Neither do i, senpai…pools closed

Nigger this is strait facebook-tier garbage.

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All lolis are banned on 4chan.
Furry stuff is banned too
MLP is banned on all board except /mlp/

Something about Jim Watkins just isn't right. He has an alias named John Cherney who runs The Goldwater, a pro-Trump news site.
Different images and information shows him alternately living in Nevada, the Philippines, and some other places if I recall. I posted proof of Zig Forums collecting user data and IPs.

Something is just very wrong about this place. Watkins is very spooky.

Talking shit about the heebs gets you banned ass swell

Pic related

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Here is this more your taste?

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How many years are you going to shill this?

Is this you?

So it sounds like to me like there is only two options here: either full shut it down on every "dissenting" opinion that doesn't fully conform to the established board ideology, leaving it a ghost town circlejerk of about 15 active posters, or allow every opinion outside of obvious bait/trolling/spam like how Zig Forums is now. Is there no middle ground where we could let ideas in, see if they stand up to criticism and then decide whether to ban or allow from that?

Why don't we just do this? Endchan, nextchan, nanochan, maaaaaybe even lainchan could all be used for that. The only problem I'm seeing here is that for some reason the vast majority of migrations fail, most likely due to anonimity of posters and therefore difficulty to congregate and organize effectively (as we see in the recent mewch > spacechan migration attempt). Surely there are people on here well familiar with IRC channels where /ourguys/ congregate and could recruit via those? Just some food for thought, sorry for blogpost.

Are you saying nothing is suspicious about his military service, aliases, and also how he seized control of 2chan as proven in my images?

Keep trying to deny how spooky he is.

I got warned before for posting some objectively positive facts about Jews lel.

Their /b/ and /v/ had and probably still have loli porn threads. And the image I used was used by me and others before the 4channel split faggotry without anything happening.


dont think too loudly.