The Communist that love children

I wonder what you guys would think of having Pedosexual’s in The Far-Left
Are they comrades or are they not?

Should The Far-Left support Age of Consent reform and Pedo acceptance?

I am interested in you guys opinion considering the subject.

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Pedos are far more obsessed with their pet issue than terfs or trannies and will betray any org they are a part of to the lolberts in exchange for underage pussy. Should be shot on sight.

Sexuality isn't a class issue and has no bearing on being a comrade. Rape isn't a sexuality.

Hella fucking down.
It's something like a third of the populace or more, so frankly, you're fucked without it; tag up on them and your movement is dead. Meanwhile, this world really IS for everybody, there is no one who is not an invited participant in planet earth, free to live their life.
I'll be a bit pissed if it doesn't come with toddler and childrens' liberation, though. Then again, I'll be pissed with any "left" that doesn't come with that.

Hey, you, mods!
Though they're not really clogging up the catalog too severely, the frequency of these spoopy sex threads is still very irritating and IMHO lowers board quality:

Oh, or better yet, just a broader liberalism cringe cyclical.

Consent doesn't matter. There's nothing wrong with sexing someone without their consent, because they will enjoy it too. Women orgasm from rape all the time!

Rapists are the most oppressed sexual identity!

OP is a fag

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Fek off

Maybe like an idpol cyclical or something.

I like the DSI position.
"Are you voting for socialism or against the AoC?"


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You never experienced rape did you?

I'm a huge fucking faggot who likes drinking the cumlube out of dragon dildos btw

I'm making a point about how insane OP is. I haven't been raped but I was sexually abused as a kid.

I've experienced lots of rape

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I met someone who was sexually assaulted by a member of the opposite sex, once.
Are you a heterosexual?

Socialists should reject all forms of morality

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I support, OP.

You have definitely met more than one person who was sexually assaulted.

No if they can't handle letting people have sex with animals then they can't handle consent. If people and their law cannot consent to adult sex then they definitely can't consent to child sex. They are mentally disabled from consent

So, it's okay for me to punch you if prison rape happens?

If that’s true then I disavow what happened to you but you don’t have to ridicule me I am not here advocating literal child abuse
if anything I think there should be a more harsh punishment for adults that force themselves on children but I am not talking about those in this subject here we are talking about your average Pedo who doesn’t want to rape.

I support this, though.
If it doesn't look like a rodeo, you're good.

You're gonna need to explain that line of logic.

Same as yours :

Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?

it's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin Zig Forums maymays, this one is the readl deal.

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Absolutely not. But I support your right to do so if that's your thing.


The OP image isn't just advocating for accepting pedos who don't rape. It's specifically advocating for adult-child sex on the grounds that children "receive pleasure" from it, which is an argument that also gets used by apologists for rape between adults.


You are such a clever person literally epic [Sarcasm]

I mean, the Christians have an ex-gay thing for homosexuals who don't engage in homosexual acts.
Are you on that program - i.e., a ticking-timebomb future-prison-rapist? Or are you just a rapist?

ME ME ME. It's always about you fags and your feefees
I wonder why no one is asking the children about their opinion?
It's like they are living props or something. I am thankful to get through childhood unraped. Going through the internet made me realise just how fucking lucky I was and I wish for all the children to grow up unraped, imagining they are knights, pirates and shiet before real life confines their creativity in schedules which they get at their educational prisons where all the fun is taken out of science and knowledge and instead you are getting drilled and judged.
The given names, the religion all seem so silly, but life finds a way to fuck you up, so you can go fuck yourselves for not having anything better to do than fantasising about fucking little children.

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I agree with this, but take the opposite opinion.

Sex between adults is not the same as sex with children. I don't mind pedos if they don't fuck with kids.

I don't mind fags as long as they don't have gay sex. That makes them a rapist.

Dude. Join the violent absolute anti-idpol train. Let these fucker's blood spill.

I think the literature is that they make up nearly 20% of the far left. Islam went inside and recruited the prisoners but even they left the pedos be as they don't like the PR that comes with reminding the age of the prophets wife– a wise choice we should all follow.

So if kids are just as able to want sex or consent to sex as adults, then where are the toddlers propositioning adults for sex?

You'll be disappointed, because seriously, no kid who is alright wants to fuck creepy windbags

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Rocket Fucking Science here

It's like the feminism shit. Every now and then the FBI intern assigned to us switches up topics and tries to slide good content and consensus crack. Theory isn't particularly controversial and it's no secret the board has a lot of brainlets.

hi Zig Forums

t. OP

No such thing as Thoughtcrime, lad, but I agree that this isn't the time or place for OP's noncery

Can you blame them it’s just a not much talked about subject for The Far Left

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Yep. Welcome to image boards.
Other popular types of threads that get literally thousands of replies in minutes include lgbtbbq++, race stuff and feminism.
That's because most people here are from anglo cuntries and anglo cuntries simply cannot ignore idpol shit.

More like

I'm also against bullying Jews or Muslims, as an example. Do I now have a completely-impossible-by-paradox religion, now?
"Nigger lover" gets old, and was tired from the start.

The problem is that if you ignore it, you let them make it appear that the opinions aren't contentious.

…usually using them as a masturbation post as casually as their sippy cup or a stuffed animal.
Now, when you broaden your consideration of children's consent beyond JUST sex, you'll start to get a little more woke. EVERYONE is a someone, no exceptions.

Also I'm a falseflagging niggerfaggot from le reddit who can't into using boards because I'm too busy fapping to anal vore and being retarded

I actually posted it because I wanted to check what Leftypol would think but chanboards seem to be quite random when it comes to communication

Varies wildly. Folks in your image (ToB) are explicitly nazi-branded though.

Support. Everyone or no one.

I am indeed more experimenting with chanboard system then I know how to use it but you just seem to abuse my lack of knowledge it’s what only weak trolls do
I hope you are proud of yourself

Literally why can’t it be as easy as on Rule 34 with tagging others

See the double arrows there?
Two arrows = hotlink to post. One arrow = greentext quote.
What got abused is called "namefagging," and that dynamic is why most folks are user.


Hello Body Odour. Eurasia and Eastasia are just as bad as Oceania.

Maybe something like a sage stall speed, wherein a thread can be anchored if sages reach critical mass. Some danger of being a hugbox if it's automated, so maybe we can ask the mod and try to prevent samefagging that way. What does Zig Forums think of this?

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Okay then no names only user got it

They are all shit, but shitty in different ways

More like "to the helicopter dudes, just to see you dead."

Kids rubbing their genitals on something because it feels pleasurable doesn't translate to informed consent. The reasonable response to that is to talk to the kid about boundaries. Overt displays of sexuality in a child is often a sign they were abused.

Just click on the fucking post number and it puts the link in your reply field.

The classic is to sagebomb it until it hits bump limit. Bonus points if you derail with dubs.

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Doesn’t seem to do it (Could be because touch screen)

hi faggot OP and/or Zig Forums

(Okay it’s works)

But no it wasn’t me if anything I try to stay out if it because I wanted to see the general opinion

Also there is a good chance this thread is a Bluehat falseflag, they're trying to ban drawings. Again.

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Damn, so close

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Don’t you have anything better to do?
I am running a experiment here psst go away!

That would explain the posts demanding an idpol hate regime under one world government…

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So fucking close, but no Hyberian blessing for you either

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I talk to myself because I'm a schitzoid and I have a skiltaire for a headmate because I've fucked so many dogs and fursuiters

I am going to ignore you from this point onwards.


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Sexual activity involving others isn't simple masturbation.


Hi OP. ur a faget

Thanks : /

I'm a massive fucking faggot who unironically likes Minions and I'm still too buttfuck retarded to understand boards. Please either ignore me or fuck my face

OK, now you have gone too far

Well at least the mods can do something right.

His trolling actually does me nothing but if he wants to spend his time that way…

trips of truth

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In anglo countries it would be a total waste of time.
Their culture and overall mentality is still heavily influenced by past religious puritanism that sees sex, just normal sex itself as something dirty and taboo and the best part is that they don't even notice it because they can't see it from inside their bubble and if you point it out they will dismiss you as talking non-sense even if the evidences are overwhelming.
Now pretty much everywhere else is way more chill about this sort of stuff and only have laws and stuff regarding it because of how american imperialism forces its culture everywhere, but if their imperialism fall someday then all the retarded laws everywhere will get relaxed.

Rolled 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1 = 9 (6d2) (Checked)
mods = gods

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All adults were children and can remember what it was like, though.
I remember talking about this in my early teens with my friends. We thought sex with an older woman would be great if she looked nice.
However, my mum said to things to me that were creepy. I know worse things have happened, and I was never physically abused, but it was still nasty. You feel compromised and not able to say anything back. She's your mum; you're dependent on her.

Who was it said "they fuck you up, your Mum and Dad"? Philip Larkin? Well he had a point.
So I would say, it depends. If there's free choice, fine, if you're beholden in some way or in a weaker position then no.
Just like in other situations.

Then again, sometimes you get stories in the press where a female teacher has had sex with a male pupil and has been prosecuted. Technically, it is abuse, but inevitably the teacher is as hot as fuck and you feel like you can't blame either one. Sometimes boundaries get pushed and the only crime is the punishment!

It’s indeed true that Angelo nations are very bad with sex but this kind of bad is not sustainable because this anti-sex culture has in general a bad mental health effect on people because sex is in our nature and the suppression of it is damaging
the Angelo view on sex is doomed to be eventually be overthrown in a sexual revolution

Publicly-funded research for a cure or therapies for this should be part of the mental health drive.



Under no conditions will this population be allowed to harm children without punishment.

I didn’t want to drop my answers on this but I am going to burt the myth that Pedo is a thing that can be cured.

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Anglo sex ideology isn't just anti-sex, it's also pro-rape. The anglosphere justifies institutional rape fucking constantly. Rape in prison? Rape by priests? Rape by politicians? Rape by famous athletes? Rape by celebrities? Haha funny joke! Only some of these are starting to change. The Anglo view of sex was propagated by the Church and used to justify the fixation those sick fucks had on hierarchical and abusive sexuality.

I actually haven’t seen it that way yet but it does make sense.

So, just make up a new topic every time your lies are called out?

Examples include bitching about "pedophiles" to bury the term "hetero parent," while maintaining a runaway retrieval system, for instance.
Also, if you spycam what happens to you, that video and anyone who sees it gets disappeared and "families are reunited."
Yeah. You're a great person, bro.