What to do with climate change and biodiversity loss, pol?

Too many people consuming too much resources.

Everything's on the table, speak your mind.

Extra points if it's practical.

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Sterilize the non-white population.

Introduce Ebola to India and China.

Ebola isn't working fast enough.

Yes, sadly too many resources are being wasted for elevating the third world out of the mud via foreign aid and welfare. Slice it off, we have to. It is our only planet.

Global warming doesn’t exist. Fuck yourself.

Depleted uranium munitions is perhaps one of the most idiotic things ever.

They will find a cure even if takes 20 years. Reversed.

It's body fluid borne. Not really contagious outside literal shitholes.

Any numbers on first world gdps compared to foreign aid?

Chances are your fat ass consumes as much as a whole herd of niglets. Keep that in mind.

Yes it's a conspiracy of a thousand scientists to get grant money.

Confident and retarded at the same time I see. No cure.

Follow Linkola’s advice. It’s as simple as that.

The global wa-, erhm climate change is a scam, but reducing pollution is important. I don't really care directly about those poor turtles with nylon on their neck ;(((( since I don't really know the impact, how serious it is, etc. Also in my country we can't buy a sixpack with those crappy plastic container because beer comes in bottles, packed in paper box or 24pack in a container you can bring back to the store.
Waste reduction. That is the key every Zig Forumsack should do. Make boycott against (((stores))) with disposable plastic bags or those where you buy meat, cheese, etc. in disposable bags/containers, hurt (((them))) while you can be more progressive than those "progressive" libtards.
I bought glass food boxes at ikea (I know, (((ikea)))) and say goodbye to plastic (and xenoestrogens) in your food.

Just what we needed

great thread. well-constructed exposition and poignant argument. one of the best in the catalogue

Fuck off, yid.

Negligible radioactivity and toxic, but so are lead and tungsten.

What is all the fuss?

Ok. But how?

Lol good luck with that

Very valid argument. Brb gotta gas myself.

Figured we could throw shit all day like chimps, or have a word about what ultimately matters. The root cause.


The answer is to quit importing so many people from 3rd world shitholes. If you think it's hard trying to get your average Joe to cut back on gas then good luck convincing someone with an IQ of 70 not to keep wasting resources. Their pollution is already bad enough in their own countries, we don't need them making ours the same.

Foreign aid is completely wasted though. Most of the time it doesn't even reach people, it just sits in a container rotting. Even when it gets to where it's supposed to go, they never improve.
You should also consider the fact that while some autist might not contribute much to society, he isn't acting as a downright menace. The same can't be said of your average relocated Somalian.

Incidentally, this ties back into what was saying. Who do you think are the biggest groups of mindless consumers? Besides women, I mean.

What exactly did you expect would be the reaction? Shitty OPs are one of many reasons 4um Zig Forums went to shit.

The economy depends on importing cheap labor to function. Existing, expensive workers are a no go.

The right has to choose between leashing capitalism or a melting pot.

Then it's a shitty economy that doesn't serve its people.
Odd choice of words but I agree. Corporatism has caused enough problems.

I suspect this issue is one of economy, rather than the environment. North America has much to lose to desertification, Russia and China have much to gain from a warmer climate. It makes sense for western powers to want to keep the climate cooler.

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If you want to save the planet and the animals eliminate all non whites and then some whites too. I think we can get the whole shabang down to around 500k max global population.

Oh but before anyone crys about how cruel that would be it doesn't have to be violent I never said that you just sterilize them vets do it to cats and dogs all day every day it's a cheap in and out almost painless procedure.

Just offer the right rewards and people will be lined up around the block to have their tubes tied.

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gex video on 3rd world pollution when?

You mean jews,and non-whites mainly from China and India.

Climate change is something that is indeed happening,but there are two questions that are important to answer how this topic should be dealt with.
Is it permanent?
And how much is climate change impacted by man?
I believe that it is something cyclical and that man's impact is negligible,biodiversity on the other hand should be protected as it is our duty to protect the beauty of this planet.

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co2 is turned into oxygen by plants, this also helps the plants grow. more plants means more oxygen.
why do we bottle co2 and try to limit our output of it?


Wipe out china.

You have to go back.


This to be honest. There really is no other solution. Never has been, never will be. We need to go for it without relenting, because despite how bad it is now, it could really get MUCH, MUCH worse.


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