All 31 NHL teams host a pride night this month

21 teams marched in pride parades in 2018.

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Who the fuck cares?

Because in the Midwest, hockey is one of the most masculine sports.

Another great sport ruined by faggotry pushed by greedy kikes.
Fucking why?

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From Michigan; hockey is retarded. Don’t care.

Ice hockey was the last non-queer sport on Earth.

god damnit satan why. the last white male dominated sport being subverted before my eyes.

Why has pride replaced shame? Shame is useful; guilt and pride are useless.

What fucking faggot or kike put this shit in?


Hockey is for subhuman Scandis and Slavshits.

This, one of the most white male dominated sports is now getting pozzed up the neghole. They don't want any "problematic" safe havens for white people anymore. The thing is, is that by pozzing and shitting up the bread and circuses these kikes are stirring up a shitstorm something fierce. The kikes doubling down on their "accelerationism" and hegelian dialects is what made that turbo cuck Jordan Peterson freak out and try to fracture as many Nationalists as he could. Sadly though it was whites who mostly fell prey to his faggotry.

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Like the red flag gun bill introduced in Michigan, it was absolutely a jew and a fag behind this.

About 2 years ago they were pushing the nigger angle in a huge way with all 3 niggers in the league constantly in the spot light.
So naturally…..

I’m amazed at how there’s a sportsball thread on Zig Forums. Why don’t you nigger worshipers bring /sp/ back and fuck off there?

ugh I don't watch sports but shit like this is just another reason not to. A entire nation of "tough" guys openly celebrate and promote fucking each other up the ass,ugh it's enough to gag a maggot.

as pointed out, the entire league only has 3 fucking niggers in it. The loss of white spaces where white people are allowed to congregate is significant unless you yourself are not white.

Anal sex. Where bacteria your body wants to expel lives. Putting your dick inside that. Getting AIDS. Being a worthless human of no value whatsoever. This is what they are promoting.

Oh, that hasn't stopped. Consider this steaming pile of insta-revisionist history:
(apologies, video unembeddable)

Bet they're not doing this in Russia.

All sports are nigger sports.


well aint that fuckin gay


Kys nigger. Filtered.


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Normalfags. Which makes a good 88% of North American population.
They vote your next kike at the office.

WLP was right again.

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A lot of people keep underestimating the effect one person can have by just going for it. Jews do this all the time. It doesn't matter what the "odds" are, what matters is who is going to stop them. Furthermore, the amount of attempts normalizes the topic in general.

This follows the principle of, if you give them an inch, they will go a mile. Jews are pushing faggotry everywhere and now no one can name when faggot pride became normalized. Conversely, jews have to work extremely hard to keep stigmatizing things like white nationalism even though it's steadily gaining popularity. To break the stigma, all one has to do is keep pushing for it.

The other element that works in our favor is everything jews sell is inherently taboo; therefore, restigmatizing what jews push is extremely easy.


Come on guys y'all are better than this.

Unfuckingbelievable. First it was the pink ribbons for the jewish scam organization plastered all over everything, then it was the kneeling nogs, now it's just straight up promotion of faggotry.

The silver lining is that sportsball (and sportspuck) is a waste of time, and no self-respecting White man should be watching it or spending money on it. If this doesn't wake the idiots up we can shame them for being faggot-worshippers.

There was a time, when society was more calm and settled, when we could get away with having petty diversions like Hockey. But today the situation is too dire. We need all hands on deck. Whatever helps to redpill these faggot sportscucks and get them to cancel their cable packages can't be all bad. And if it instills in them a burning hatred for those responsible, so much the better.

this isn't progressive enough, they need to have sex with each other on the ice after scoring a goal

It is, they are bringing Indians amd nogs to the games for free.

meant for

The NHL, particilatly, the Leafs, have always been pedo-friendly.

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A bad pun or are you trying to make a serious connection?


Reminder that this image is absolute bullshit and WLP openly condemned people who advocating "fighting in the streets" as degenerate skinheads. Here he is saying it on tape:

Reminder that Seejtards, Satanists, Masonfags and Mansonfags are feds, retards, or shills in that order. Anyone who wants you dead or in prison does not have your best interests at heart.

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What do the esoteric immigrants of 8/pol/ think?

Did Q predicted this?

Hockey? More like Hogay.

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I'll be checking these Nero christkike-burning trips. These sportscucks have this shit coming. I'm glad I stopped watching any of that shit long ago. All sports were originally wargames. If you want to play sports, you should be clearing houses or fields. Fuck these casuals. #KKK

lelz , worth

You really shouldn't post here if you're underage, or perhaps you can go for the gold and try to link in some other irrelevant shit while you're at it?

retarded fat incel detected
probably got bullied by hockey players in highschool

You act like the players wanted this, or even most of the owners. This shit is just being done because it has to. Hockey is the last sport that is truly based and redpilled, and some people want to ruin that.

most normal fucking human beings are obsessed with sports
all sports besides hockey are filled with mutts and negroes

satanic trips verify this is devilish.

we are being ripened for sino-soviet conquest

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red shoes are a masonic meme

Haha Boston Bruins, yah bunch of Queaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssss

> Goes on to defend players involved because (((owner's))) fault
> Last 'redpilled' (((sport))); explain exactly?

Seriously who the fuck is THAT much of a cuckold that they wear another man's name and number on their back or head?

No, it isn’t.

lmao I remember people like this in high school and to a lesser extent college, very insecure people who never amounted to anything…always mad at the athletes for succeeding academically and physically…spoken like a true faggot.
But no, I'm sure I'm wrong and you're some 250lb 6'5" Poon Destroyer making 200k a year with a wife and two children beloved by his family and friends alike. I'm sure you're the next great genius to save us all from the Jews.

Going balls deep into a White woman's ass is as close to being in heaven as it gets.

No one will ever believe you.

These are paid jewish shills.

Way past that.
Video: Hockey Night In Canada Punjabi Edition (has been a national broadcast for years).
Photo: Movie poster for Breakaway (aka The Speedy Singhs); kind of a leaf version of "Bend it like Beckham".

As above.

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Men care

It's not about the sport, it's about the pozing of normal society.

Now hockey is cucked and the league is pro-faggot. Thank canada, and by thanks, I mean fuck you.

Buy one hockey stick, get an extra-large bottle of anal lube free!

Blame Brian Burke. He is pushing this shit with the help of the NHL because of his faggot dead son.

And there goes my support for the NHL.

Only if she's a virgin, who hasn't dated a non-white.

One of those books should be Imperium.

Also, the point being made is that fighting in the streets in big marches and demonstrations is pointless. It's not a condemnation of fighting altogether.

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What would the pride hockey sticks look like?

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My country's football teams did this several years ago. Every single team participated, bar none, signalling that I should immediately sever any ties with the football competition. I've not watched a game since.

This is what the (((alphas)) of western society do. Psychologically destroy their children and conduct jewish psyops for shekels and roastie vag

Omega galactic Aryan empire now. Slaughter the (((alphas))). Give the betas back their property rights and rebuild the 3rd Reich

I am amazed no one itt has pointed out the obvious force behind hockey faggot night in canada.

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every time

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They're trying to faggotize hockey now? Fucking kikes, man. And the NHL is the sports league of the White man. Yet another Jewish-led attack on the White man.


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What about if a dude gives anal to a woman?

The Russian Federation is still a ZOG, nonetheless.

Lol, they literally have to pay and bribe non-Whites to try to get them interested in hockey.

Hockey was getting kiked even decades ago, though. I'm old enough to remember when there weren't advertisements on the sides of the rinks everywhere, and players didn't retardedly fight each other at every opportunity. It was a much more gentlemanly, yet masculine sport prior to the mid 1990s, then it just became intolerable to watch after that.


Every single time.

Trips duly confirm.

Lacrosse is next, mark my fucking words.

Always kill faggot abominations.

Please don't give (((them))) any more ideas.

the password for this post is inclusivity