UK, YES! One click on "terrorist materials" online punished by 15 years in prison!

UK, YES! One click on "terrorist materials" online punished by 15 years in prison!
One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

It will be an offence to view terrorist material online just once – and could incur a prison sentence of up to 15 years – under new UK laws.

The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill was granted Royal Assent yesterday, updating a previous Act and bringing new powers to law enforcement to tackle terrorism.

But a controversial inclusion was to update the offence of obtaining information "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism" so that it now covers viewing or streaming content online.

Originally, the proposal had been to make it an offence for someone to view material three or more times – but the three strikes idea has been dropped from the final Act.

The law has also increased the maximum penalty for some types of preparatory terrorism offences, including the collection of terrorist information, to 15 years' imprisonment.

But the government argued in the impact assessment for the 2019 Act (PDF) that this "would not capture a situation where a person viewed such material over the internet without obtaining a permanent access to it", such as by streaming or viewing it online.

It said that the existing laws didn't capture the "nuance" in "changing methods" for distribution and consumption of terrorist content – and so added a new clause into the 2019 Act (PDF), making it an offence to "view (or otherwise access) any terrorist material online".

This means that, technically, anyone who clicked on a link to such material could be caught by the law – and rights groups are concerned about the potential for abuse.


How will the merchants controlling the UK define terrorism?

Well it's already "terrorism" in the UK to put up pro-white stickers - just ask the ex National Action members who are currently in jail (one of whom was almost assassinated by ZOG by being stabbed in the neck during his first week in jail).

A cartoon frog is classed as "hate speech".

Waving bacon at a mosque is also "hate speech" (a crime punished by death in jail).

Y'all kids wanna see what a Bolshevik NVKD style government looks like? You're looking at one.

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So people are going to literally post links to troll and people will get punished for it. This fucking country.

it's not terrorism, it's my religion. -t muslim
This is only to target white men anyway.

Fake thread and bait. Kill yourself OP. everyone sage this

Good thing a've bought a dozen VPNs

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restless leg syndrome, they have medicine for that

what line of thinking is behind all this uk safety madness? or is 'terrorism' an excuse to forcibly control people's access to information the government? seems very china/north korea

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I downloaded the Siege audiobook in London the other day. Am I fucked? I'm a Spaniard

Kids will learn why link shorteners were a stupid fucking idea as you can never trust where something goes.

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When the second English civil war is over they're going to have to scrap the whole legal code with the amount of shit like this it's filled with.

they micro-manage and plea down everything. this is just the standard tyrannical government tactic of being able to hold 15 years over your head if you ever start seriously trying to be a terrorist and trying to hide as if you just looked it up for lolz.

we are aware already we live in a tyranny. welcome to pol. this is nothing new to us.

The Bong fears Tinyurl.

And to think the Magna Carte orginated with these cuck's great ancestors.

Want to get on a government watchlist for free?

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nobody needs to "seriously consider being a terrorist" in the UK, they just need to look at badthink that has already been designated "terroristic" by the UK government and the 15 years hangs over their head.

Found the UK government agent

UK government could be effectively trolled by non-UK anons spamming their police Twitter accounts with naughty websites.

I feel like I've been on watchlists for years anyway.

I was thinking of doing this.

You have nothing to lose but your chains and a few sock accounts


Looks like they realy fear some revolt. Yellow vests maybe for begining? Will this trigger them? UK is already 1984 experiment.

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Hahaha. You dont like your right wing gov methods?

Tories are (((Redsheild))) whores, Labour are (((Communist))) whores nya~

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Jews are busy in the UK

>(((right wing)))
Is it take a newfag to Zig Forums day today or something?

bong nationalist fags cry about NA to this day when NA was the best thing to come out of that stinking country in decades

As much as I love Europa and the Fatherland, the UK…I am so glad to be living with the 1st amendment despite all of our problems.

Fucking based! I can't wait until a Zionist president does the same and protects the American people from immigration material.

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I'd link a few sas manuals but they exceed file size limits.

Fuck off jew, what are you trying to hide by obfuscating links?

The meme terrorism will only increase. Beatings will continue until morale improves.

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brit/pol/ is a cess pool that is still waiting for Farange to save the nya~

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I thought the Nationalist Action Nazi tards were going to do that?

Jews have no ideology except their supremacist one, they just use any to get there, i guess its shill day here, every day.

In this sense, Jews know the truth. Power is an end unto itself nya~

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there's an idea, considering people have gotten into trouble for quoting religious texts

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Reminder to newfags, you can add filters under options.

We should start hiding links to ISIS stuff all over the internet.
Could be pretty funny and expose just how ridiculous this law is.

First the came for you when click on boms
Then they came for you when click on nyaggers
Then there was nothing left to click on because Zig Forums full a shills

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No, its dumb. Its animal "kill and eat and shit", more advanced beings have more than that, actual goals or ideals. Jews are like parasites, they may successfully subvert and kill the host, but they wont create art or civilisation.

This won't be used against Islamists in the slightest, only whites.

Tommy Robinson: "if there was a war tomorrow […] I would be there fighting on the front line for Israel"

Pathetic drunk.
Drunkardness is really the thing that killed England. Fuckers don't know what else to do. They don't know how to socialize without alcohol.

I like how in the UK suggesting a hideous man in a wig is a man is terrorism. Let's see how this race to the bottom plays out.

Did you torrent it by any chance? I think I may have seeded it to you. I always use a vpn when I torrent, you should too. When you torrent you can see the IP addresses of your peers, some torrent clients put a little flag next to each ip address to tell you which country it's from. Make sure the vpn doesn't take any logs and allows torrents like PIA and nordVPN. Don't worry I'm not gonna dox you or anything I don't even remember your IP address.

Great priorities there, Bongs.

Zig Forums is about to enter its golden age

So the (((islamists))) will use the Briton’s ips to click and blackmail them into paying the demands. How clever!

Wanna know how I know that you are not from here?

dont look brits

old and busted: using CIA vault7 viruses to plant CP on ultrakike's PCs

new hawtness: planting the complete Criterion Collection catalog of ISIS movies on faggy shitlib Britbong traitor's PCs and then notifying the cucks at MI5 and Special Branch and Scotland Yard.

never forget kidos, think not what work you must do for your Police State, rather, think of how to make your Dystopian Orwellian Nightmare work for you.

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let's say someday soon there's another Syria style coup where CIA creates and funds and arms ISIS 2.0.

such as in Turkey, which is now home to the most ex-ISIS fighters and which provides safe harbor to AQ leader Joulani and which is the biggest sponsor of State terrorism second only to Israel.

let's say this ISIS Reborn reboots Al Furqan media and begins pumping out multiple propaganda movies per week.

but now it's illegal in the UK to watch any of them, even if you just want to stay informed about what the fuck is really going on in the world and if you just want to understand the true svale of the threat from RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR.

Brittania is just gone. this law has nothing to do with imprisoning the tens of thousands of pro-ISIS jihadis already in Britainistan, such as ISIS recruiter Anjem Choudary who is now a free man, and everything to do with censoring the right wing from communicating about just how bad things really are. next time Tommy Reubenstein shows a clip of some ISIS suicide trucker-stabber murder spree to enflame his Zogcuck fan base, then it'll be him going to prison for 15 years. ironically, the jihadi murderer in the film clip will be freed on parole after just 3 years, and he will regularky go visit Tommy in prison.

i no longer have any hope for the UK. they are too far gone now. if they could be saved, it woukd have already happened. now i only care about one long term goal for the UK. cutting our tether to them, before they destroy us with them, and rearranging the chess board to somehow get Russian tanks in Trafalgar Square. somehow forcing Russia to annex the UK is the only hope to save the cucks from themselves.

But how do they know who views it?

Gov sponsored honeypots? ISP tracking?

100% this. t. Non-alcoholic Brit with no social life

Porn licenses. They will be forced on everyone as a means of tracking internet usage, even for things that aren't porn. Even if you don't want one, the normiest of normalfag sites will be blocked for "adult content" so your choice will end up being no internet or porn license. And once you click a bad goy site, well, terrorism is a severe crime, mate…


That's exactly what I was thinking about, imagine sending links to "terrorist" as they call it material to leftists and their ilk.

You know this will never be used on a sand nigger. This is for bad goyim.


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Just reading an article that those returning from joining IS, only 10% got any sort of legal consequences. Yet the Jews locked the National Action guys.
Just make sure to get your "porn loicense" in April and be registered with ZOG so they can really track you in realtime more easily.

Come on now. They're not actually going to enforce it evenly. They'll just use it to go after wrongthinkers. It's not like they go after people who pirate movies, because it would be too much work. They're just adding to their playbook another excuse to go after those who don't bow before ZOG.

they can't contain the torchad

Theyve finally put a stop to islam and antifa. I can sleep again.

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Doesn't browsing Zig Forums constitute 'terrorist materials' in the UK ?

You're on 8/pol/, you're already on a watchlist.
Maybe I can get on another one though.
Maybe if I organize a Hezbollah Islamic Neo-Nazi united front coalition I can get on every watchlist in the world.
I'm pretty sure we have the same laws in leafland anyways, we just have a publishing ban so you never hear about the people that get vanned.

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I'm not trying to hide your brain, but I bet no one could ever find it. Reread my post until you understand it, if that's still legal in your shithole country.

Any dissenting opinion constitutes terrorism to these people, PewDiePie videos are terrorist propaganda to these people, they are simply terrified of criticism and exposure.

So this is tiananmen square tier, where you can just btfo a british person by posting a link to a right-wing website?

No, I just got it from American Vanguard Forums

That hit hard. Booze and football are two big cancers that plague the British.

One click on Zig Forums and you get 15 years

Wew laddie ain't that some shit

At this point there is no reason not to go all in and just become an actual terrorist.


I hope it collapses sooner

If muslims do it, that's not even terrorism, just part and parcel of living in the UK

You're also forgetting the drug problem as well. But I feel your pain as well, drinking as most brits do is complete degeneracy and is often encouraged.

I fear a revolt is far away, sure the elements are there in that people generally are poor and miserable but they still have enough to get drunk on weekends and cocaine fueled degeneracy.

Even parts of Britain wish for that to happen as well.

Anyone wants to troll UK police, make fake accounts and post hate speech content under UK flag

But they aren't British nationalists.

Just do this, send links to (((journalists))) and such.

Why don't brits just kill their govt tbh. Their military is a fucking joke and their police and feds are like what maybe a few thousand?

They're both the same people.

The ideology that jews force upon everyone is Bolshevism, and it has been that way since christianity

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Reading this post gave me brain katana

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Maybe just Larp as muslims and attack police and other not so white muslims.

Drinking is curse of any country. It is like legal meth. UK looks more like prison island than nation. Empire ruled by jews. Not they don't need british goyim so it is just 1984 experiment. And it works well for them.

Fucking user, wtf. Don't be new.

lel. bongs in jail for 15 years for watching james bond movies
you can't spell cuck without uk.

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Shhh, no peace now, only justice.

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Makes me wonder if theyre banning books now too.

Oh my God it's the new fucking rickroll,
But now eurofags go to jail instead.

Christmas came early this year

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And the best thing is we have shit that would fall under this on our Zig Forums board
Make sure you don't click on any of those infographs posted there bongs

There was a leak a few years ago of the list of phrases and subjects that would getting you on the watch list for an alphabet agency (I've forgotten which one), basically any form of trade or self sufficiency even gardening and canning will get you on the list.