What the fuck happened?

pre-WW2 American fascists:

post-WW2 American fascists:

No really, what the FUCK happened?

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The word is 'populace'. Maybe if you weren't a nigger you'd be literate in English.

I mean it is understandable why so many people are being drawn into these pre-war ideologies. They have seen everything else fail miserably in their lifetime and have been pretty much forbidden from investigating the alternatives - except the State has grown fond of communistic idealism spreading throughout the Middle Class youth because they see it as an avenue for easy manipulation and even easier D&C. But the National Socialist ideology is the one that has been ostracized for so long that they have Streisand effected it back to life - intentional or otherwise. Can't really blame Natsocs for being disillusioned with everything else at least with Natsoc they get to keep their ideals.

They killed/silenced/financially destroyed the ethnic europeans running the former groups, and had jews run the latter.
When you have legitimate Europeans running an organization, you will know, for it will exude excellence. We like things pretty, neat and organized. That's our nature. Jews like things weird and oblong.

Just look for organization versus lopsided chaos, you will know who runs what.

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would never in their wildest dreams imagine niggers and women voting and holding power over them
would never in their wildest dreams imagine men would have to pay half their shit in divorce and be on the hook for alimony and child support for years on end
would never in their wildest dreams imagine living in a country that wasn't 90%+ white
would never in their wildest dreams imagine having to fight multiple middle eastern wars for a single jewish occupying state

live in a country where non-whites and women hold enormous political power and elected office, have special rights with affirmative action and discrimination laws
live in a country where women own your ass the minute you're dumb enough to get married or have a child with them
live in a country where children are less then 51% white
live in a country whose primary foreign policy agenda is ensuring the safety of Israel

Jews. Kill yourself.

Everything nazi on the internet is a honeypot made by jews. Associating yourself with nazism is like smearing yourself in shit and apply for a job. The jew is all too happy that you're shooting yourself in the foot like this.

One could make the case that Rockwell started the neo-nazi movement by targeting the outcasts of society.

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Try harder.

Did you even look closely at the first pic you posted where they have swastikas on the fucking banners you utter idiot?

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OP is another magatard boomer plaguing this place.

American spirit goyim.

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lol women could vote by 1920 and nigger males after the civil war

Try harder kike.
That is not gonna convince and the fact you are spamming this in many threads goes to show you are a shill don't like it? Go back to cuckchan they have bigger inflience than we do were just an irrelevant board on a darknet site.

QTDDTOT, nigger.

Okay (((Anglin))) we heard you two years ago in 2017. You can go back to your kike site and suck (((Weev))) off now. No one will ever take you seriously again after you tried to cut the movement in half and purge all the working class whites.

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Learn some proper formatting of your messages. Have a gift, a few capitalized letters and lines

W W L - - -

Damn I forgot to use sage.

The CIA pushed neo-nazism.

We push national socialism.

oh boy, the one anti-nazi spammer finally man his own thread. good now i can global filter you

Here is the real reason
During times of triumph, people of strong character are drawn to support the ideology out in the open. This produces very dignified events like your first pic.
But "Nazism" lost the war and thus became a "fringe" ideology. Fringe ideologies tend only to attract the fanatics and the downtrodden. Not to be classist, but it's a fact that "lower classes" tend not to be capable of producing great works or great events. And since we lack leadership, we simply cannot accomplish what we once were able to do.

You saw the same thing happen with communism. After WW2, communist organizations were everywhere and well organized. They attracted many "upper class" individuals to support them. But with the collapse of the USSR, communism became a fringe ideology that only attracts losers and fanatics.

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The FBI and COINTELPRO happened. The former has long ties with jewish groups since their very founding. When people can't be who they are they act out in bizarre ways in protest. This itself is a reflection of jewish schizophrenic psychology, which shouldn't be that hard to understand given we live in a jewish controlled world for the last 100 years.

The fringe right after WW2 were and are useful idiots. That is all.

Not tired of winning my fellow pedes.

Reminder that OP is a deradicalization shill and has a bad habit of making one post then IP hopping to make it seem as if there is consensus.





The GAB really is just an offshoot of the NSDAP with an American twist. He should've posted the Silver Legion instead.

Please don't use sage as a downvote. Call people faggots as a downvote. Sage is a polite, friendly thing to do. Filthy gaijin.

How about this: You're a butthurt faggit who's so far up his own ass ideologically that you need to think everyone who disagrees with your precious beliefs is a shill.
Right wingers ceased to be a significant political force thanks to FDR and WW2 and never recovered from that.

After the start of WW2 all national socialist movements were taken over by CIA and sabotaged, because the ZOG feared national socialism.

They all got CIA mindfucked.
Just because you get to say kike on the internet doesn't mean you aren't being actively manipulated by the same forces you think you're fighting