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this is the only part of the bill that really matters considering the emergency powers declaration. this is the part that would be productive to focus on while we wait and see what happens with the national emergency.

Meaning they can't just dump the fucking anchors. They have to go with them.

pick one.

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That means none of the money in that bill can be used for that purpose. It doesn't mean blanket amnesty. is correct.

wait a minute i just noticed this as well. i keep thinking about how this is just an appropriations bill and how those really don't affect anything not controlled by the money the bill is appropriating. that means that this bill's jurisdiction is fairly limited considering the total amount spent on immigration enforcement on a yearly basis.

michael tracy is a progressive lefty isn't he? or am i confusing him with someone else. i've always said we can do a pincer motion with the far-left when it comes to attacking jewish influence. the far-left hates them too. it's the center where the jews built their hive.

Kushner shills working overtime I see.

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You are incorrect. It only means FOR THAT ACT; "Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019", not every act of Congress to ever exist.

(((Trump))) pulls another fast one.

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Thanks BASED Trump for always stabbing us in the back!

Some republican said that the wall spending is a complete waste of money.

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There is no political solution only physical solutions enacted by we the people.

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Is this a poison pill implanted deliberately?


Kushner and company sat down with democrats and gave them everything they're degenerate minds wanted while getting a shitty 1.3 billion for fencing in limited areas. These restrictions to when and what can be used for a barrier include wording which stipulates these restrictions will stay in place regardless of where funding is allocated from i.e. declaration of emergency.

(((Trump))) knows what he's doing.

No. It says that anyone who is with an unaccompanied minor or related to an unaccompanied minor can't be deported.

So basically they are going to send over their 9 year old daughter, she gets raped along the way, then the rest of them can come over and have deportation immunity because a child was snuck in. Its encouraging human trafficking.

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that is not true. and if you're so sure it is, provide evidence so we can be sure too. otherwise you're just talking out of your ass.

you're overthinking it. this bill just includes all of the necessary blocks to prevent trump from doing anything with the money APPROPRIATED BY THE BILL other than what the bill explicitly says he can do with it. all of the other money being spent on immigration enforcement can still be used in other ways than those typified in this bill. the bill ONLY has jurisdiction over the funds it appropriates. that's how an appropriations bill works.

Coal burner Ann is right

Ann confirmed for too stupid to read the bill too.


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Shes almost always right.
Shes extremely smart, and doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about her.
Plus she has a dick.

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Lets do it!

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Based niggerfucker that can't read the bill is smart, wtf I love coal now.

I know who I'm voting for in 2020.

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leave your whore mother out of this

That all you got? Pitiful, even for a low IQ kike that can't read legalese.

Trump put his Jewish son in law working with the Koch brothers, who helped him get nigger reform through, to negotiate this deal. What do think user? Is it poison if its deliberately negotiated by all sides? Or what the white house actually wants?

she's trying to scare trump and the republicans into cucking on it. she's hoping you'll fall for it by pretending the 2nd amendment doesn't exist and playing on your fears that the government doesn't care about the constitution. if they were gonna take them they'd have done it already. clearly they know it won't be anywhere near that easy.

It all must be true, thanks user!!!!

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It was amusing last week when some WoW eceleb was getting arrested for child trafficking; I kept thinking 'why aren't they calling it abnormal migration'.

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remember this gem?

The letter goes on to list the 20 violent crimes that would be eligible for early release under the bill:

-Trafficking cocaine or methamphetamines, even if convicted as a kingpin (18 U.S.C § 841(b)

-Strangling a spouse or an intimate partner (18 U.S.C. §113(a)(8)

-Trafficking fentanyl, except in rare cases (18 U.S.C. § 841(b))

-Providing or possessing contraband, including firearms, in prison (18 U.S.C. § 1791)

-Felonies committed while in a criminal street gang (18 U.S.C. § 521)

-Escape of prisoners (18 U.S.C. § 751)

-Rioting in a correctional facility (18 U.S.C. § 1792)

-Importing aliens for prostitution (18 U.S.C. § 1328)

-Assault with intent to commit rape or sexual abuse (18 U.S.C. § 3559(c)(2)(F))

-Threatening to murder a congressman, senator, or government official (18 U.S.C. § 115(a)(1)

-Drug-related robberies involving assault with a dangerous weapon (18 U.S.C. § 2118(c)(1)

-Violent carjacking resulting in serious bodily injury (18 U.S.C. § 2119(2))

-Stealing immigration documents for the purpose of keeping an immigrant in slavery (18 U.S.C. § 1592)

-Attempt or conspiracy to engage in human smuggling (18 U.S.C. § 1592)

-Failing to register as a sex offender (18 U.S.C. § 2250)

-Arson (18 U.S.C. § 81)

-Blackmail (18 U.S.C. § 873)

-Domestic assault by an habitual offender (18 U.S.C. § 117)

-Hate crimes (18 U.S.C. § 249)

-Assaulting a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon (18 U.S.C. § 111(b))

He is, but he goes hard on AIPAC and it's fun to watch.

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Goddamn that's enraging.

Who hired the staff?

This is how Trump operates.

Still not tired of wining

Still not tired of bait.

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Man, the frog really does fucking hate you my man.

Why do I come here anymore? Is obvious this placed is controlled by neo nazis who unironically supported jewish puppets like dudley pelly, pierce, rockwell, and shit memes like moonman. trump is the only one fightinfg zog
8/pol/ is dead is time to abandon this place.

Before they infect 4chan.

Love that bait.

Why do you come here?
You come here to LARP and shitpost, when you aren't busy moderating the board.

This reeks of Kampfy bullshit.

Not at all, it's going to be done a piece of pie at a time.

Too obvious kampfy

Do you have the link to the full bill? If so, please provide it, user.

Lmao die angry, kike.

There was a pdf in the last thread and you can view it online along with all the other bills passed on the house website.
Stop asking to be spoonfed.

Say the Stormfaggot who has never done anything for Whites in his entire life.

You guys need to stop if you can't convince us on hitler being jewish you can't convince us that rockwell. And pierce being a jew.

fixed version

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le happy trump

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Did you just ip hop nigger?
Do not worry were going to convert more to national socialism and wanting great leaders like hitler because were the ones giving out any discussion and arguments.
You on the other hand only gives out insults.

At least Reddit doesn't have kosher Neo-Nazis.

This only stops when we MAKE it stop.

Than go

y'all Trump supporters belong on R*ddit with your best buddies, the Democrats. Real voting has never been tried

Different user faggot. You smoked too much meth?

1. No one cares what you have to say, admitted jewish shill.
2. Your phrase is redundant.

But no one will, user.

Only thing that didn't make me physically ill.

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Funny you fags never hardly bash the Democrats.


Don't bother. Same person has been doing it forever.

Suckstart a shotgun you pathetic turkroach

Wait for him to call you a discord tranny

This is fucking proof this board is controlled! Nothing but people who claim to be oldfags hiterlites who only cares about the swastika I am not the shill you guys are, also for the user thinking rockwell and pierce not being jewish.
They are jewish.
Rockwell was a confirmed glow in the dark just like patrick little.

dems are your favorite piniata, whenever they get broken the media gives you satisfaction. runs a new story on tv about their worst enemy le republican rayciss

dems love you for being a punching bag. the very sight of orange man makes them furious.

two party jew party system, kikestein.

Fuck back to reddit you fucking faggot. No one believes your pathetic drivel.

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It's reserved for that rare occasion a nigger gets charged with a hate crime. That isn't for Whites who gun down a violent animal in self defense and call him a nigger in the heat of the moment.


Holy fuck you people are so fucking desperate.
Calling hitler (insert) lie now you are coming after every person Zig Forums likes you are a failure go back to shilling on cuckchan.

Yea dude. Zig Forums bans any of that shit instantly because if they dont the board would just turn into another Zig Forums

Fuck you MAGgot.

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Better call in the backup faggot, no one agrees with your insanity. Just stop posting and spamming every single thread, but I know you won't since you're paid to do it.


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These faggots must have some contortionists living in their heads.

but what if he doesnt build wall

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Did he sign it? I see Sarah Sanders saying he will, but is it already signed?

What a fucking disgrace.

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This is a losing battle against you shills and for the record I am leaving this board and going back to 4chan at least that place still likes trump and has common sense and you are just as cancerous than reddit this board reached it's peak to 2016-middle of 2018 now all you care about is
You people are far from redemption and this board is another honeypot and anyone with a sane mind should abandon this place for 4chan this place nothing but filled with fringe shit none of you care about whites and I bet you will be responsible for killing a million more. All ypu care about is larping.

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