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Why do lefties hate Fascists? Fascism seeks to protect workers from corporatism with establishments like a minimum wage and a national worker's union, but still keeps business in charge of production so long as they benefit the state and community. Fascism is ultimately about protection of the native National lower and middle class from a Jewish upper class that seeks to displace and exterminate Whites. (This by no means implies fascism is a white only system, in fact Oswald Mosley states that all races in their own separated fascist nations that aid themselves and eachother is best for the world)

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Fascism doesn't have a coherent definition.
t. Mussolini, inventor of fascism

Fascism purports to solve the contradictions of classs society and capitalism but it’s only solution is class collaboration, which not only doesn’t stop exploitation but actually enables it.

Fascism represents class collaboration and when in power crushes the revolutionary and reformist worker's movements opposed to the bourgeoisie.

So capitalism?
Fascism is not so much a system seperate from capitalism as much as it is capitalism that has shed it liberal skin
Dosent exist.
Odd that never happened then

Useless Idiot

Ever heard of the Rothschilds? Goldbergs? Bergsteins? Sanders?

Ever hear of the Waltons? The Thomsons? The Mars? The Cox? Beggorah, it's a sassanach conspiracy!

that's not a "jewish upper class" that's a few cherrypicked rich people who happen to be jewish. Those people are in power because they have wealth not because of their religion.

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Yeah. Replace the jewish bourgeoisie with snownigger bourgeoisie. What's not to love about that?

Fascism is merely capitalism with white idpol merged in. Even nazbols aren't these dumb.

You clearly don't understand how Fascism works then, Read these:

The Doctrine of Fascism
The Fascist Manifesto
A Squire's Trial
The Awakening of a not socialist

Hi FBI, is a hotbed of subversive activity

Check out this thread for a jewish communist frankfurt school analysis of fascism.

This reply all board /thread/

According to the U.S Census Bureau, 45% of Jews are in the top 1% wealthiest Americans, despite being only 0.2% of the population, and you dare to tell me that the Jews are not the rich elite capitalists that are responsible for oppressing workers?

Source? I'm finding very different numbers.

Also, 25% of the Wealthiest 400 people on Earth

Yes, when I ask you for a source, just keep spouting more unsourced shit at me, that'll do the trick.

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all cats are mammals but not all mammals are cats. It wouldn't matter if 99% of the wealthiest people on earth were all jewish because the problem isn't their Judaism but the fact that they are capitalists who own the MoP.


Fascism and Big Business, an anti authoritarian book on Nazi's and Italians by an ancom. Now I never bothered fully reading the book but I decided to do some research on that page. I might have fucked this up but I went to the resources page for "241-272" because the page is 263. However Guerin (The ancom) cites a speech that is either lost to time now, was fake news in his day, or is hard to find now since I can't find anything on a Speech given by Hitler in October 1, 1934 where he says "The living standard of countless Germans is utterly insufficient." not can I find the quote elsewhere, if he did say it he likely was using it as a way to tell them to seize more Jewish property but so far I can't find a single speech with that date.I even Google translated the quote, Hitler straight up never said that. He also cites a book which is now lost most likely by Andres Nin Perez which is quintessentially like citing your best friends previous essay in your own. But that aside Temps cites an August 12 1935 report from Der Angriff. Der Angriff in general is hard to find but I might fuck my own computer into oblivion just to source check and see if Goebbels ever did admit this by downloading an archive of it. Problem is I can't speak German properly Shameful I know but I'll see what I can do. However the strange thing is that modern economics agree wages went up during the Nazi era in Germany. However that's speaking for the era not for the years between 1933 to 1935. I'd have to look deeper into this but yes right now I'm alluding to Guerin not having done enough research and getting a lot wrong.
Look up Clyde Winters, a unapologetic Afrocentric who believes whites never came into existence until 1300 and even then blacks still ruled Europe. Guess what he has a masters and used to work for a university. Being a scholar and having written a book doesn't make anyone's argument more valid than yours ever as long as you can hold up yours.

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Also why haven't the mods taken the thread down yet, we have this thread every week because fascists keep thinking it's okay to openly debate this and kill other threads. Didn't we have a containment thread for this and Zionism? What happened to that Space?

read Jonas Nilsson's book

AKA a scaremongering myth that doesn't address the issue of oppression from a ruling class that could be any race depending on the country.

This is an impossibility as Mussolini's next quote will demonstrate.

We hate fascism because it is an extreme promotion and deification of imperialism, colonialism, and warfare. (And the capitalist military industrial complex that aids it.)

It calls for perpetual conflict and conquest which it claims makes men more masculine and promotes tribalism and calls for the subjugation of foreign cultures and races.

So while liberal and socialist systems can co-exist due to fundamental principals that emphasize the equality of all and international cooperation, fascist systems which fundamental pushes for racial superiority, perpetual warfare, and enslavement can not by definition.

We hate fascism because it is diametrically opposed to equal rights, the voice and power of the proletariat and promotes a super bourgeois ruling class. And a social structure not driven by morality or the greater good but promotes the behavior of bullies, backstabbers, and extreme social darwinism where selfishness is rewarded.

Hang on now I never bothered to read OP's post because I didn't want to bother with him just with Guerin's book but wow I should have, he said a lot of retarded shit.

Capitalism retard.
Mussolini straight up let the capitalists keep their land and exploit the people.
Nazism also isn't fascism.
Is that why Mussolini let Jews into the fascist party?
The eternal Anglo said a lot of things, but Mussolini wasn't pro ethno states like Hitler was. You don't even have a proper idea of what fascism is and thus is right.
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Can someone post that poster of a black woman Fascist Italy had telling soldiers to bring one home to Italy? It was around 1933 or so, I've been trying to find it but no luck.

Fascism is morally opposed to capitalism retard
Again, Oswald Mosley contradicts you

"Morally opposed" doesn't mean shit when you actually do it.

Without socialism's effects any moral opposition or even "attempts" fall flat.
Anglo Capitalist contradicts nothing. He says something but it doesn't apply to everyone. Stop lumping in two different ideologies together.

Oswald Mosley was leader and founder of the British Union of Fascists, not a capitalist

Fascism does have socialist effects. Fascism was designed as a workable form of socialism. Benito Mussolini designed Fascism after his originial Socialist beliefs.

Does it eliminate private control over the means of production? Does it establish a dictatorship of the proletariat? Does it break the M-C-M commodity production cycle? Does it distinegrate class distinctions? No, it does not do any of those, and that is why there is definitively nothing socialist about it.

Yeah social democracy is socialism too.
Unions mean fuck all without dependence on the government they are in. Mussolini failed and Anglo-Capitalist is undecided since he literally never went after politics. Fascism ain't socialism unless it begins to allign with more requirement Mussolini failed to meet.

Let's go down those one-by-one:
Fascism takes a united approach to this. Private control is still allowed, but it is reviewed by the state to ensure that workers and the general populous is benefited by the existence of the private ownership, otherwise everything is turned over to the state or destroyed.
This is something that Fascism does in spades. Fascism establishes a dictator with powers devoted to aiding the community that will be replaced in the case of death or being voted out by the council.
In Fascism most M-C-M systems are broken and people who rely on them, like merchants, are forced to find other professions.
Class distinctions are disintegrated in Fascism not by establishing an all-class, but by uniting all lower, middle, and upper class citizens to the benefit of the state. By this ends, the oppression caused by the upper class is destroyed, as their wealth is devoted to the state, and the oppression of the proletariat is ended as their work is devoted to the state, and the state is designed as a national union to protect them. To these ends, Fascism is ended


Mosley was a politician. The UBF was a political party.

Mods=Gods for finally anchoring this. Next we need to make a containment thread then delete all threads like this one.

Consider this a containment thread.
If someone gets anchored for bringing up a source of debate that doesn't align with the circlejerk norm, it usually isn't a good board

Waste of trips. No shit he was but never on the level of Il Deuce or Hitler.

Abiding by Marxist standards which you foolishly agreed to Fascism doesn't abolish private property which is the key to Marxist socialism and you just straight up tried wording your opinion to match his. You clearly have no clue what you're on about or how to respond to anyone itt due to mindset. Go.

I'm more inclined to Georges Sorel's proto-nazbolism than Mussolini or Hitler, OP, and i think you can learn from that. Reflections On Violence deserves more attention.
Most ethno nationalist movements would have a great chance should they adopt true anti capitalism positions. Working with the bourgeois will fuck you in the long run, especially if you want a self sufficient country. Hitler should've purged the bourgeois, not just regulate them.

Right wing liberals and libertarians have infested nationalism to the point where they just spout nonsense like "let's privatize healthcare just to own the left" , hence they've became jokes and good controlled oppositions for Porky Goldberg. Not to mention, most of the corporations they gladly boot lick are in favor of open borders and mass migration as cheap labor. Trump proved it, with "as long as they come in legally" and the damage control from the 4d chess libertarians is just fucking funny.

I know the anarchists and democratic socialists will always complain about "muh state", but that's to be expected from red liberals larping as the working class while they shill for champagne socialists. Some of them in Europe support the EU , and any actual socialist can call out that bullshit.

Agreed, Fascism should take a more anti-capitalistic position.

I'm morally opposed to the death sentence, but I'll guillotine every dumb fascist I can find.

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I think OP was referring mostly to social values, rather than just economics. But yes, Hitlerism natsoc allowed private property as long as it worked for the volk's interests.It did not eliminate privatization.
Socially, it opposed everything about liberalism or libertarianism, and it was anti consumerist.
I will say that fascism is more of a social ideology, than economic, as there are forms of fascism that restrict private property, such as Sorelianism ones.

Ahhh, he was refering to "social capitalism"…

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Liberalism, neo liberalism and (right wing) libertarianism are compatible with capitalism, are they not ?
No need to be upset user, put that gun down. I didn't say your image was fake. You're a tankie, we're pretty much cousins aside from some differences.

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Yes, and so is fascism and nazism.

As much as i'm not a Hitlerist or Musolinist, i heavily doubt they were pro liberals, when they pretty much purged the liberals alongside the communist factions. This is like Steven Crowder saying Hitler was a "liberal progressive" type of silliness.

Ah, don't deny it user. You just need a few screws regarding ethnic and national values in. It's not like we're anarchists or democrats, we're authoritarians.
I'm judging that by your tankie flag, unless you're just an ancom larping as a tankie.

I don't give a FUCK if they were "anti-liberals", if they are still pro capitalism and reactionaries then they can go suck a thousand cocks.
Yeah why would someone purge communists and socialists. Hmmmm.
You're trollign me right?
Authoritarian is a meaningless buzzword. I stand for the defense of the working class revolution by any means neccesary, same as anarchists. I'm just smarter. Read some Lenin and Stalin and you'll realize you and I have nothing in common.

I agree there, just know the differences between them.
Nope, i wish. That moron Crowder compared liberalism to fascism and socialism

Most anarchists would kill you the moment they got their chance. There's a reason they got purged by tankie movements. You'd rather side with me when Porky collapses rather than some ancom or Trotskyist .

So do i , just by racial standards. I won't pretend to be a civic nationalist / multi racialist. White liberals and capitalists are as bad as the big business that promote mass migrations and want to destroy the native working class of my country. That's all.

Okay? So long as your snowflake movement still enforces private property, it's a garbage movement and will ultimately stand with the rulling class against the filthy communist hordes.
You're the moron trying to compare fascism to socialism.
Tankies and anarchists have in many instances fought side by side against the capitalists, neither have fought with fascists against capitalists.
I would prefer to fight with marxists, but I'll take what I can get. I can not get fascists, because fascists are capitalist bootlickers. Show me a single example of fascists trying to eliminate private property.
So in other words, you do not.

Did you read anything i wrote above ? i'm not a hitlerist or italian fascist, i'm a nazbol sorelian, i don't give a fuck about entrepreneurs or privatization.
When did i do that ? are you mentally ill ?
Georges Sorel, but he was not a full on fascist. My point was that the original proto fascist movements that were more left wing were inspired by him. Sorel was anti capitalist to the point of violence, and even praised Lenin.

Guess if i don't prioritize your foreign somalian workers over the ethnic workers of my country , i'm not pro working class ? Sorry but this is either Porky shitposting, or you don't fully know english. If you did, you'd knew i was just explaining the social differences(not economics) between liberals and fascists. You need to learn some social ques and better english.

Okay I did misunderstand you, because I thought I made it quite clear that I don't give a fuck about the "social differences" between the capitalist ideologies. Sorel was a fucking retard untill he came out in support of the Bolsheviks, and at that point it makes no sense to call yourself a "nazbol" or what the fuck ever. The USSR was a union of over 100 nationalities. How does that fit with your ethnic bullshit?

You are an absolute basket case. The Soviet Union was unified at gunpoint. Fascism is not capitalist. Mussolini opposed capitalism. Hitler opposed capitalism. The only people who still claim that fascism is capitalist people who quote Guerin, and Guerin.

He was anti capitalist and pro marxism before the bolsheviks got out of the diapers, but ok, keep sperging out.

First of all ,we're not talking about the USSR, second of all, my country is not a "la creatura" paradise. Yeah, i know ,there are other countries aside from Russia and America, that are actually almost homogeneous and not compsoed of over 100 nationalities, shocking. (even then, Russia had a large nr of whites, despite being multi racial)

I swear, you're not even a proper tankie, it's almost as if an ancom is shitposting.

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Sorel rejected Marxism quite early.
Doesn't sound like a Marxist to me.
I thought we were, as you were trying to claim tankies and nazbols were "cousins", so we should compare the USSR to what nazbols proclaim to want.
Well, Hitler wanted to exterminate Russians for not being white. It's really only in recent history that Russians are considdered white, and that's pretty much just because fascists are running out of good white guys to jerk off to.
It's almost like you have no idea what a tankie is. It's almost like you believe everything liberals said about the USSR and decided it was a good thing.

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I never claimed to be pro russian. When i mentioned tankism, i only talked about the ideology which is almost similar to nazbol, not about Russia itself. Ideologies are not exclusive to certain countries.
Are you actually a tankie that wants tankism for his own country, or just simply a Stalinist Russia fan ? I want nazbol for my own country , not for Russia, i'm not russian. Do you get it now ? I don't even know how we jumped from political ideologies to countries.

The majority of statistics and citations Guerin pulls from Le Temps, which is a highly reputable newspaper with an archive stretching back all the way to the Nazi era. Just because it's hard to find for you doesn't mean it never happened.


Blatant lie. Even if you disregard everything from Fascism and Big Business, the Wages of Destruction easily refutes this notion. Hell, even the fucking BBC refutes it:

tl;dr you're wrong so kill yourself

This is undeniably true though

Alright excuse me I confused it with the introductions book from Perez.
So can you pull up the news paper for me? The one specifically from August 12 1935 citing Der Angriff's own report saying that wages went down? Or just the Angriff's original report? What about Hitlers October 1 1934 speech?
Different sources give different things but we're looking for statistics not summary.
Probably true but that's really not saying much.
Definitively but believe it or not it was less than Britain's was at the time.
No need to get uppity.

You absolutely insufferable faggot, here you go. I looked up the archives for Le Temps and found the August 12 1935 daily.

Part of a sentence:

"des ouvriers allemagne touchent moins ce 30 marks par semaine "

Translated: German workers receive less than 30 marks a week

Fascism and Big Business's Claim: More than half of the German workers makes less than 30 marks a week.

The newspaper included some figures before that phrase that I translated so it corresponds exactly.

BOOM done. Now kys for being a dumbass fascist trying to rehabilitate the third reich's horrible economic record.

As for Der Angriff yes the book cites Der Angriff as well so you'd have to look at Der Angriff for that other stat. As for Hitler's speech, fucking hell you know the book's first version was written in 1936 and the author started writing it 1934 right? The author couldn't exactly upload proof of a Hitler speech on radio to soundcloud or something what the fuck was he supposed to do other than to date it?

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I don't see it in that image but I'll take your word for it because I don't understand the image. Where did you get your Le Temps archive?
I'd have to see what the rent rates were for workers at the time to see how many marks in relation to their payment were given, there must have been high debt at the time then.
Fair enough.
Then that's still a falsifiable claim. But I do recall some website saying Hitler gave a radio speech on that day I'd have to look it up.

Yeah no I can't find a single mention of that speech.

Mussolini isn't the inventor of fascism.