He won't sign it

top kek


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You discord trannies and demonrats shills are full of shit.

Didn't you say you would fuck back to cuckchan?

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you act like actions matter, he could tell all of his voters to head out tomorrow, turn in all their guns, give their daughters to the bulls and get castrated and most of the mouthbreathing retards that make up the trumpparty would do it because he said so

Give the pedes some credit, he'd also have to say something they liked on twatter.

/r/the_donald is in meltdown because of this, don't write all the normies off

The The_Donald types woke up but the mods are deleting comments.

most people that say they are going out with rifles are dumb blowhards that won't do shit

Will you do shit? They're less knowledgeable than you about the kikes but they're just as impotently angry. Get enough of those guys and shit starts happening

reported tranny

I wont get banned you retarded faggot, go back to 4chan like you promised.

Retarded boomer cuckservative confirmed. Go back to the conservative treehouse and jack off about how many layers of chess Trump is on. Keep trusting the plan, because you're clearly so stupid you'd be nothing of a detriment to whatever side you're on.

It's all a shit show.

Trump is simply engaging in vindictive reaction at this point because he and his kike puppeteers genuinely thought they could swindle White America back into supporting a wider conflict in Syria, with Iran, and with Venezuela. None of this is materializing.

Stop trying to DnC BASED Trannypedes.

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Don't let these retards fool you, it's just 10 shills spamming mindless pro Trump messages in all threads while screeching about
They stick out like a sore thumb and are completely alien to this boards culture.

Difference is I'm not larping online about shooting people in the streets, just making fun of blowhards on reddit that are.
You see this attitude all the time in the gun community, lots of LARPing and lines in the sand muh civil but as soon as anything gets real they cave and repeat the process, anyone that says to actually do anything is le FED.
Mcveigh who kills a bunch of nobodies and not even one ATF agent? A hero to 4k types, Roof, who actually iced a anti gun senator? le ebil knagtzee dems are da real racists they didn't want the slaves having guns why would baste minorities vote for gun control if its racist?

I'm really kind of intrigued as to how MAGAniggers are going to spin this one.

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Based on their reaction to Trump's full Neocon State of the Union they're running high on libtard tears. Only one moment in his speech really caused them to stop which was saying he wanted them to come legally, then Pelosi continued to be a distressed retard the rest of the speech.

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Fellow pedes !!!